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Teen survives after having the entire bottom half of his body amputated

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teenager who lost his entire lower body in a horrifying forklift accident has defied the odds and shocked doctors who repeatedly told his family that he would die. Loren Schauers, 19, from Great Falls, Montana was driving a forklift across a bridge when he veered off, plummeted 50ft and was pinned to the ground beneath the four ton vehicle. He remained totally conscious the entire time - and look down to see his right arm had exploded and everything below his hips was completely squashed. The young labourer made the brave decision to let medics perform hemicorperectomy surgery - where everything below his waist was amputated - to save his life. Doctors told his devastated girlfriend Sabia Reiche, now 21, he wouldn't survive, and she said goodbye to him SIX times, fearing he wouldn't live another day. But miraculously he pulled through. The pair had only been together for 18 months when the accident happened but said the turmoil brought them closer together, and they got engaged this year.

Painting dog

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Popely creates the masterpieces by dabbing away at the canvas with a brush held in her jaw.  Owner and art agent, Himali Sondhi, taught the pooch how to paint and claimed that Popely picked up the skill in just 30 minutes. “I like to break behaviors down into nice simple steps,” Himali, 30, a Melbourne Australia-based dog trainer said.

A woman who survived a Nazi assassination attempt, a horror plane crash, breast cancer and coronavirus over the course of her life has celebrated her 100th birthday

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dementia-sufferer Joy Andrew celebrated the magnificent milestone with fellow residents and members of staff at the care home where she lives on Sunday (Nov 22).  Sadly her daughter Michele Andrew, 57, wasn't able to attend due to the circumstances and Joy wasn't able to celebrate properly due to feeling under the weather.  She did however receive a birthday card and personal message of congratulations from the Queen, as is tradition in the UK for those who reach triple digits like Joy.

New eco superyacht is covered in solar panels

Poland: A new yacht wears its eco-credentials on its sleeve - by being covered in solar panels. The 60 Sunreef Power Eco is a versatile eco-responsible motoryacht offering complete freedom of customisation. This luxury craft is equipped with the latest innovative technologies to achieve maximum energy efficiency and great performance. Poland’s Sunreef Yachts’ proprietary state-of-art solar power system on the 60 Sunreef Power Eco covers up to 68,6m² of surface on board, extending the solar energy generation to 13kWp. Solar panels are fully-integrated with hull sides, superstructure and curved areas all over the yacht. The vessel uses cutting-edge electric engines powered from the dedicated ultralight battery bank for silent and vibration-free cruising. With green features including wind generators and eco-responsible finishing materials, the 60 Sunreef Power offers a 360° sustainable cruising experience.

An 11-year-old girl who is blind and has difficulty walking has successfully completed 100 laps of a boating lake over three months

***EXCLUSIVE*** Teyah Ferry, from Perranporth in Cornwall started the charity walking challenge in August, and completed the final three laps on Saturday. She has raised more than £3,000 for the Guide Dogs. Earlier this month she was partnered with her own 'buddy dog'. Her mum Charlie Penna said her daughter was "an inspiration". Each lap of the lake is about 200m and took Teyah about five minutes to complete.

A proud mum creating an adorable Christmas advert featuring her two-year-old son working in their family shop

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Lincoln Norris has captured the hearts of customers with his Christmas video - with many claiming it’s already the best festive ad of 2020. The adorable clip starts with the tot hard at work in the store, scanning shopping, while wearing a uniform his gran handmade for him, and asking customers ‘cash or card.’ Lincoln is seen stacking shelves and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in the 90 second video, filmed at the Ayton Mini Market, in Ayton, Scottish Borders.

A group of well-meaning tree surgeons have hilariously missed the mark with their comical lumberjack poses for a charity calendar

***EXCLUSIVE*** Marvan's Tree and Landscape Services, based in Ramsey, Essex, have decided to bare all in their semi-nude 2021 calendar, raising money for mental health charity Mind. But the cheeky lads may have fallen short of the burly, 'lumberjack' photos that might be expected of a tree surgeons' naked calendar.

Watch owned by Elvis Presley has emerged for sale for £50K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A gold watch owned by Elvis Presley has emerged for sale for £50,000. The King of rock 'n' roll was said to be very fond of the timepiece and was pictured wearing it while meeting Tom Jones. But this didn't stop the generous superstar from gifting it to his personal valet Richard Davis, who was responsible for picking out many of his famous outfits, in the early 1960s.

A metal detectorist is celebrating today after a rare 2,000-year-old Iron Age coin he unearthed sold for a world record £88,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 'Caratacus' gold stater, depicting Britain's first freedom fighter who fought the invading Romans, was found in a field in Newbury, Berks, last year. It sparked a bidding war when it went under the hammer with Chris Rudd Auctions, of Norwich, Norfolk, achieving a record price for a Celtic coin. The coin shows Caratacus as a naked warrior on a stallion, holding a javelin and shield, with the inscription CVNO confirming he was a son of Cunobelinus, Old King Cole. It was struck at Calleva, which is presently known as Silchester in Hampshire, shortly before Roman emperor Claudius invaded Britain in 43AD. Caratacus resisted the Romans for almost a decade, mixing guerrilla warfare with set-piece battles. He was known as the Roman's most wanted man before he was captured in 51AD.

An obese mum lost half her body weight during lockdown after hearing she'd be more likely to die if she got Covid -- leaving her kids without a mum

***EXCLUSIVE*** Size 22 Emma Forrest-Leigh, 46, weighed 18 stone when the pandemic hit the UK and was terrified when she realised it made her very vulnerable. Determined to beat the bulge, she watched Boris' government daily virus updates to "scare" her on track, and keep her away from wine, meat and sweets. And over the last six months she has shed HALF her body weight, slimming down to a healthy nine stone, and a svelte size 10.

Retired film projectionist sells hundreds of movie posters he saved from the bin

***EXCLUSIVE*** A retired film projectionist has sold hundreds of movie posters he saved from the bin for £34,000. The unnamed vendor worked for a film company that showed new releases in town and village halls in rural Somerset during the 1970s and '80s. For every movie he was sent one or two advertising posters to pin up outside the venues.

The world’s ultimate car has been unveiled - and it’s an environmentally-friendly family estate boasting British beauty and German brawn

***EXCLUSIVE*** A survey of 2,000 adults revealed the front of the car should resemble the striking Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, a Midlands-built sports car with a top speed of 211mph. But the rear would be from an Audi RS6 Avant, the ultra-desirable German estate. However, while these two cars are notorious for their loud exhausts and big petrol engines, the dream car, ideally in black, would be a quiet plug-in hybrid which can be driven through London without having to pay the Congestion Charge.

Real glassy home - London home with a giant glass roof has gone on sale for £2.275m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A London home with a giant glass roof next to the one formerly lived in by Samantha Cameron’s special adviser has gone on sale for £2.275m. The property, in Shepherds Bush, West London, was converted from offices but before that had been a laundry for West End Hotels and was a ball-bearing factory during the war. The new owner will acquire four double bedrooms, a giant kitchen, breakfast and family room, two shower rooms, an en-suite bathroom, a roof terrace and a study on a mezzanine floor. Outside there is off-street parking and a roof terrace.

A woman who shed a whopping 100lbs with the help of a gastric bypass is now working as a MODEL

***EXCLUSIVE*** Taylor Ragano, 30, used to tip the scales at 220lbs but she now weighs a svelte 127lbs and swapped her massive size 20 wardrobe for petite size four clothes. The incredible body transformation gave Taylor, from Arlington, Virginia, the confidence to study for a master’s degree and become a model.  In high school, the student and part-time model never thought she was smart enough to get into college. “I was in special education classes through high school,” Taylor, who is 5ft 3in.

Royal standards for the last German Kaiser and his wife found in archives

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of Royal standards for the last German Kaiser and his wife have been found in the archives of defunct travel agents Thomas Cook. The flags were used for the couple's tour of Jerusalem in 1898 which the British holiday firm organised. Liquidators for Thomas Cook are now selling them to raise ÂŁ6,000 to help pay off creditors.

Unseen sketches of Nelson and his mistress Lady Hamilton have emerged for sale for £12K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of rare, unseen sketches of Admiral Lord Nelson and his mistress Lady Emma Hamilton have emerged for sale for Ł12,000. The bust-length pencil portrait drawings showing the cuckolded hero in uniform and his lover wearing a turban were made by artist John Downman in 1802. The 6ins by 4.75ins artwork inspired works which were exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1809 with the title 'portraits of a naval commander and a lady of quality'. They originally belonged to Downman's daughter Isabella Benjamin, who sold them to a private collector in 1825. Another collector, Henry Vaughan acquired them and they have remained in his family's collection ever since. The sketches are now going under the hammer with auctioneers Charles Miller, of London.

Wildlife photographer captures charming images of leopard cubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Masai Mara, Kenya: These charming images of hard-to-spot leopard cubs were captured in Kenya’s Masai Mara this month (Nov) by British wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein. He explains: „Tiny leopards are hard currency on any safari but we were lucky to spot three separate Reserve mothers with their young, ranging from five months down to barely two. As I left, I was aware of three mothers heavily pregnant in Olare and Mara North Conservancies; which bodes very well for Christmas if our Foreign Office and transport minister allow us to travel.”