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The $1.5 million facemask

Israel: A luxury jeweller has created a $1.5 million facemask. The prestige PPE is described as „fully functional” and features 250 grams of pure 18k gold, set with 3,608 natural black and white diamonds. Yvel, the Israeli luxury jewellery brand, say that, with a total weight of about 210 carats, it is the most expensive mask in the world. Designed to be wearable, it features a slot to insert a disposable N-99 mask, which provides protection from Covid-19. Designed by Isaac Levy, founder and owner of Yvel, the mask was commissioned by a Los Angeles-based businessman and art collector. He has been a customer and friend of Yvel for many years and placed his initial order as an act to help support Israeli industry as well as Yvel’s 150 employees in Israel and the United States during the pandemic. The order required an intensive production process to ensure the mask was compliant to safety regulations and could be completed on time. This project was entrusted to 25 of the company’s top artisans and diamond setters who were carefully selected to carry out the extraordinary assignment.

Hero dog who saved troops fighting al-Qaeda in Afghanistan receives animal Victoria Cross

***EXCLUSIVE*** A retired Military Working Dog (MWD), who suffered life-changing injuries while supporting British Forces fighting Al Qaeda, has today been awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal* for his bravery and devotion to duty. During the 2019 operation, four-year-old Belgian Shepherd Malinois, Kuno, and his handler were deployed in support of specialist UK and host nation forces on a compound raid against a well-armed and aggressive enemy when they came under attack. Pinned down by grenade and machine-gun fire from an insurgent, the assault force was unable to move without taking casualties. Without hesitation, Kuno charged through a hail of gunfire to tackle the gunman, breaking the deadlock and changing the course of the attack, allowing the mission to be completed successfully. During the assault Kuno was wounded by bullets in both back legs. He was given life-saving treatment by his handler and by medics in the back of a helicopter.

Woman had a TOE transplanted onto her hand after being born with no fingers - now she’s on a mission to prove that being different is beautiful

***EXCLUSIVE*** PLYMOUTH, UK: Personal trainer Olivia Chapman (22), from Plymouth, UK, was born without fingers on her right hand and had surgery at the age of two to transfer one of her toes onto her hand. Ever since, she has been able to use the toe as a finger in order to pinch and means she faces fewer physical barriers. Between the ages of two and eight, she had several reconstructive surgeries to stretch the thumb bone. Growing up, aspiring model Olivia was very self-conscious of her appearance and would hide her hand in her pocket or handbag to avoid unwelcome stares and questions. When people asked what had happened to her hand, she told outlandish tales of shark bites and crocodile fights to make it seem „less scary” and make light of the subject. After splitting from her ex-partner in June 2019, Olivia had a newfound sense of independence and decided to embrace her limb difference once and for all. She started wearing short sleeves, practised handshakes before job interviews and took pictures where her right hand was clearly visible. She shared the pictures on Instagram and felt an „immediate sense of relief and self-acceptance”. She soon found she was passionate about limb difference advocacy and joined the online community, sharing her story with various public accounts and encouraging others to embrace their own differences. Now, Olivia is hoping to break into the modelling industry and improve representation of people with limb differences, as well as focusing on her personal training career. She says she is happier than she ever thought she could be after accepting her body and seeing the beauty in her differences.

A husband and wife discovered a stash of antique coins worth a staggering $25,000 in their new home in Columbia, South Carolina

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Munford, 46, was astonished to open a drawer in his new house last month and find two cases full of coins from the 19th century. The cases contained 46 gold liberty $5 coins and 18 Morgan silver dollars. Liberty gold coins were issued from 1849 to 1907 while the Morgan dollar coin was minted from 1878 to 1904. James, an army veteran, and his wife Clarrisa, 46, who runs a catering business, were later told that the coins were worth $25,000.

Meet the pub drinker that can't wait for boozers to reopen - a HORSE that likes a pint

***EXCLUSIVE*** The horse - called Midnight - loves a daily cider and a bag of crisps at the Meynell Arms with owner Jessie Sale. Thankfully pubs are due to re-open soon and the 33-year-old Dales Gelding can get back in boozer in Burton-on-Trent, Staffs. Jessie, 21, is a third year student at the University of Salford and can't wait to get back to day drinking with her horsey pal.

"Panda-Mie" takes lockdown ironically

Hessen, Frankfurt/Main: The owner of this restaurant in downtown Frankfurt calls his room-filling installation "Panda-Mie", where instead of human guests, giant plush panda bears sit at the set tables. While he is only allowed to offer his food for take-away in the Corona-Lockdown, interested parties have the possibility to buy one of the plush bears for 150 Euros to support the restaurateur.

Meet Britain's youngest champ boxer - a five-year-old who already holds FIVE world records

***EXCLUSIVE*** Caden James only took up the sport a year ago but is already punching above his weight and stepping into the ring with children much older than him. The youngster has also got a heavyweight social media following with thousands of supporters on Instagram - including boxing stars David Haye and Dillian Whyte. Caden, nicknamed 'The Tornado', came from a troubled background and spent some time in care. But he now lives happily with dad Stuart - who credits boxing with improving his son's confidence. The youngster currently trains in a gym three times a week, also working out at home between sessions. And he is already sponsored by several brands - even trying his hand at modelling for one clothing supplier.

Disney gives new peek inside exclusive Star Wars: Galatic Starcruiser hotel

When Disney’s first Star Wars-themed hotel opens in (hopefully) 2021, your family will be able to board a spaceship near Disney’s Hollywood Studios and not touch the ground again for two nights — or at least, that’s what it will feel and look like. Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., where guests will live aboard a starship for a two-day, two-night immersive adventure. This mock-up of a starship cabin shows the well-appointed accommodations guests will experience during their stay.

Man went all out to cheer up his neighbours by decking out his house with a huge Christmas display – including 25,000 lights

***EXCLUSIVE*** Iain Fleming, 35, lit up his house at the start of the month with sparkling bulbs and festive figures in a magical display that uses more than 100 plugs. Dad-of-three Iain has created the amazing show of lights for the last ten years, raising £9,000 for charity in the process. He started the tradition 10 years ago with just six light bulbs but has amassed around 25,000 over the years.

Fearless tiger attacks world's deadliest bear in battle of the predators at Indian reserve

***EXCLUSIVE*** MAHARASHTRA, INDIA: SEE THE moment a six-hundred-and-sixty-pound tiger launched an attack on the world’s DEADLIEST man-killing bear. In one image, the Bengal tiger knocked the 300-pound sloth bear to the ground as it temporarily gained the upper hand. In another, the six-foot-tall sloth bear stood back up and began swiping at the tiger with its claws and teeth causing the big cat to retreat. Photographer, naturalist, and tour leader Arpit Parekh (33) from Palghar, India, captured the incredible images in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, India. The rare encounter took place 1000-yards away from Arpit’s vehicle - lasting an intense 30 minutes. Sloth bears may have an adorable furry façade, but they are the deadliest bears around. The most notorious of this species was known as „The sloth bear of Mysore”. Shot in 1957, this particular bear killed 12 people and mauled two others. Arpit captured the images on his Canon EOS 750D camera using a Canon 55-250mm lens.

A trove of fossils that are millions of years old, dinosaur eggs, a mammoth tusk and a rare giant Japanese crab are being auctioned off for thousands of pounds

***EXCLUSIVE*** The haul of ancient artefacts includes the 200-million-year-old fossil of a Coelacanth Painten - or 'Lazarus' fish because it seemed to disappear then emerged again millions of years later. Once believed to have been extinct for almost 70 million years, scientists were stunned when a coelacanth fish was discovered at an open-air market in South Africa in 1938. Live specimens of the creature were later found, leading the species to be classified as a Lazarus taxon due to its seemingly miraculous rediscovery.

The Karate Cub keeps mum busy

***EXCLUSIVE*** THE KARATE CUB - Showing their Kung Fu moves. Energetic cheetah cubs keep their mother busy as they bounce around. The adult female can be seen putting up with her three month old cubs as they jumped up at her and rolled around together playfighting. The heartwarming images of the cheetah family were captured at the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya by photographer Fabrizio Bignotti, 57.

Britain's smallest detached property which has gone on the market for £275,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rose Cottage, in Knighton, Leicester, is just three metres (13ft) wide and seven metres (26ft) high and covers 338 square feet over two floors.  The cosy residence, which is about the width of a tennis court, was built in 1900 and was sold at auction last year after its elderly resident passed away. The property fetched £155,000 - less than half the average £379,000 for a detached UK home - when it went under the hammer in September 2019.  A property developer snapped up the premises, in one of the most desirable areas of Leicester where house prices average over £300,000, before renovating the tiny house. It is now back on the market after being “thoughtfully modernised throughout” - with the front lounge being extended and a patio laid in the back garden. The 120-year-old two-bed house also has a new roof and central heating system along with a newly-fitted modern kitchen.

A pair of notebooks written by Charles Darwin worth millions and containing his iconic 'Tree of Life' sketch are feared to have been STOLEN from a university library

***EXCLUSIVE*** The two red notebooks were used by Darwin in the summer of 1837 to first develop his theory on evolution, the origin of humans, and classification by descent. The ideas jotted within the notebooks, including Darwin's famous 'Tree of Life' sketch, would later become part of his most famous work, On The Origin Of Species, published in November 1859.

A rare alibino squirrel rummaging around in leaves and trees in Edinburgh

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dad captured extraordinary pictures of a rare albino squirrel posing for pictures outside his house - where it has become a regular visitor. Richard Waugh, 51, was thrilled when he spotted the white squirrel scampering around outside his flat in Edinburgh. Dad-of-two Richard said he sees the ultra-rare critter - which he has named Lexy - a couple of times a week and sometimes scatter nuts out for her.  He snapped pictures of the cheeky squirrel rummaging around in the leaves on Saturday (Nov 21) – and said she often poses for photos.

Inquisitive burrowing owl

***EXCLUSIVE*** This tiny burrowing owl tilts his head in curiosity as he spots a photographer taking his picture in the small town of Diessen in the Netherlands. The cute moment was caught by photographer Albert Beukhof. Mr Beukhof said “This little owl, spotted me a few times. Perhaps he could see his own reflection or the surroundings in the reflection of the lens of the camera.” “I have never seen this happen before so it was very funny to watch.”

Woman underwent life-saving weight loss surgery after her physician warned her to lose weight or die - and you won't believe how she looks now

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, USA: Pharmaceutical manufacturing technician Natalie Vargas (31) from Los Angeles, California, USA, had always struggled with her weight due to a lack of exercise and her love for food and partying. By age 28, Natalie weighed 22st 2lbs and wore size 4XL clothing. She was told by doctors that she was at serious risk of developing life-threatening health conditions including type 2 diabetes and was heading for an early grave if she didn’t lose a significant amount of weight. Shocked by this news, Natalie lost 3st 8lbs over the next two years by following a strict diet and exercise regime. Natalie swapped her hamburgers and fries for grilled chicken and vegetables and even began to visit the gym twice per day doing a combination of cardio and weights to shed the pounds. However Natalie's weight loss efforts lasted just 18 months after a recurring knee injury, caused by her weight put an end to her new routine. Natalie was left wondering if she would ever be able to lose the weight required to avoid seriously damaging her health. On visiting her doctor, Natalie was presented with two options: to have knee surgery in order to repair the damage caused by her weight, or to consider weight loss surgery in order to alleviate the pressure her weight was putting on her knee joints. Despite the terrifying thought of undergoing weight loss surgery, Natalie understood that it was her one true chance to lose the weight required to lead a long and healthy life. On September 6, 2019, Natalie underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy - having 80 per cent of her stomach removed in order to reduce her appetite.

The milky way is observed in different continents of the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** This beautiful series of photographs shows the Milky Way as seen from different continents around the world. Photographer Hua Zhu travelled the globe over the course of four years to capture the starry night sky from already stunning locations. The medical professor visited picturesque landmarks in the USA, Kenya, New Zealand and China, including the Great Wall in Beijing. Chinese Dr Zhu, who lives in New Jersey, USA, said he meticulously planned the trips by researching when the Milky Way would be on show.