Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Cheeky Cambridge students bare all as they pose naked on rooftops, in the street and even in the library in battle for 'best bum'

***EXCLUSIVE*** All students are un-named. Not even a pandemic and two national lockdowns have stopped students at the top university from stripping down and baring their backsides in the Best Bum contest, run by student newspaper The Tab. The cheeky contenders have come up with some creative ideas to show off their tushies against the best backdrops in Cambridge - from the famous Bridge of Sighs, to the stunning King's Chapel. Two of the students, Alice and Elsie, have gone for a festive theme, wearing nothing but Santa hats as they drape a string of fairy lights over their bare bodies.

The world's most well-travelled Teddy Bears

***EXCLUSIVE*** These adorable teddy bears could be the world's most well-travelled cuddly toys - as their photographer owner has chronicled their adventures in 27 different countries. Christian Kneidinger, 57, has been travelling with his teddy bears, named John and Bob since 2014 - and his taken them to some of the world's most famous landmarks. The teddy bears have dressed up in traditional Emirati clothing to visit the Sultan's Palace in Oman, and have braved the cold on a glacier on Lofoten Island in Norway.

'Mind-Blowing' handmade model fairground rides discovered in British garage sell for thousands at auction

Phone and internet bidders battled to own an „extraordinary” handmade working model fairground rides and trucks which had been languishing in a Derbyshire garage for years. The rides, which each took two to three years to make, were the work of Derby man Patrick Burton. They went under the hammer at Hansons Auctioneers in Derbyshire, England on November 24 and made a combined hammer total of £4,380. The biggest battle was fought over a Noah’ Art caterpillar ride which was contested to £1,900 - more than double its £700-£1,000 estimate. A chair-o-plane ride reached £1,000 and a Cake Walk sold for £600. A further lot consisting of fairground trucks and an organ sold for £880. The intricate models, made piece by piece by the late Mr Burton, from Chaddesden, were all part of „Pat Burton’s Model Fun Fair”, the name he painted on his colourful creation. His son Michael Burton, a 58-year-old joiner from Chaddesden, Derby, said: „Dad made models for more than 40 years. He started in his 30s with horse-drawn carts and wheelbarrows, that sort of thing, then moved on to fairground rides which he built for 32 years. After he died at the age of 73 in 2003 the rides ended up in a garage for nearly 20 years. We wanted them to go to a good home and be enjoyed again. Dad used to show them at steam fairs around Derbyshire.”

A brave nine-year-old boy has been hailed a hero after he saved the life of a little girl who was drowning in a pool while on holiday

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brave nine-year-old boy has been hailed a hero after he saved the life of a little girl who was drowning in a pool while on holiday. Young Frank Emsley was enjoying a sunny afternoon at the hotel swimming pool in Tenerife when he noticed the young girl was motionless underwater.  The quick-thinking youngster swam across as he thought she’d been under for longer than he could hold his breath and became concerned for the unnamed child's wellbeing. When he finally scooped her out of the water she was “completely blue” and foaming from the mouth. He described the “terrifying” moments as she gurgled water in a desperate attempt to breathe before he could help her out of the water. He shouted for her parents who carried her out of the water before a lifeguard performed life-saving CPR on the child. She was then rushed to hospital and thankfully was unharmed and able to leave the hospital after a short period of observation. He said he’s thankful he was there or she could have “never returned” from the holiday, and hopes he’ll meet her in the future as he feels like he’s her “guardian angel”.

2020 Historic Photographer of the Year Awards

***EXCLUSIVE*** Skydivers over the Great Pyramids of Giza and a Welsh farmhouse are just some of the astonishing pictures from the 2020 Historic Photographer of the Year Awards. The awards called on photographers to capture “history all around us”, in the form of historical places and cultural sites around the world. Astonishing images of civilisation’s most iconic landmarks, including the Taj Mahal, Pompeii and the Palace of Versailles are just some of the historical sites featured. But the Overall Winner out of thousands of entries in the worldwide competition was awarded to Michael Marsh, for his sombre picture of Brighton Palace Pier, captioned  “standing in the full force of weather and time”.

A four-year-old girl is feeling festive as she approaches her first proper Christmas without cancer treatment - and also has a sibling on the way

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Lily-May Betts was diagnosed with a brain tumour November 2017 and started treatment over the Christmas period at just one years old. She has spent the last three years battling cancer with chemotherapy and has finally finished her treatment, just in time for Christmas. This Christmas will be an especially exciting one for young Lily, from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, who is due to become a big sister over the festive period as well. Dad Stephen Betts said: "Christmas last year was spent with me rushing around all day trying to get Lily out of hospital, where she’d been for the last two weeks having treatment and suffering from side effects – it wasn’t a traditional, relaxing Christmas. "This Christmas, we are welcoming a new member to the family – Lily has a little sister on the way – and we are very much looking forward to a Christmas together free of chemotherapy, treatment side effects and hospital rooms.

A mum who told her deaf daughter she was too young to have her ears pierced invented earrings which can be attached to her hearing aid - and has now turned it into a business.

***EXCLUSIVE*** Claire Wilkinson was against her daughter Zahra having her ears pierced - because she's only eight. Zahra has roughly 60 to 70 per cent hearing loss in both ears, and has been classed as moderately to severely deaf since the age of three. Her attempts to simply dangle her own earring off of Zahra's ears failed miserably so she used her jewellery skills to come up with a solution.

A craftsman who is one of the last people in the UK to carve horn and antlers for a living believes the 5th Century tradition still has a future

***EXCLUSIVE*** John Lacey, 64, has been carving implements such as spoons, knife handles and whistles, for nearly 40 years. He learnt his skills from father-in-law Cameron Thomson, 95, who started a workshop in Lawers, Perth and Kinross in 1959. Dad-of-two John has worked there for 36 years and fell into it by accident.

An elderly couple have spent the last month transforming their home into a real life Candy Lane for Christmas - featuring a brilliant light parade and a sweet shop

***EXCLUSIVE*** Couple in their 70s have transformed their house into a candy themed light parade for Christmas while isolating due to coronavirus Greatgran May Proctor, 70, and her husband Rod, 72, spent hours each day toiling away to magically turn their estate into a light parade to bring the “magic of Christmas” to their home. The festive couple have been decorating the Santa’s grotto at their grandchildren’s school for years - but sadly due to Covid those plans were cancelled. But the joyous pair were undeterred by the setback and decided to go “all out” with this year’s decorations. Their street in Leeds, West Yorks., has now been renamed “Candy Lane” and features thousands of magical Christmas lights as well as a sweet shop for children to enjoy.

A man is nursing a poorly red squirrel back to health - with digestive biscuits and fruit smoothies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Noel Hawkins, 50, was alerted to the tiny critter after a school pupil found it injured by the side of the road in Ullapool, Scottish Highlands. He took it in on November 12 and him and his partner Janis Patterson believe the creature - which they named Ted - may have been struck by a car or fell from a tree, as he has an injured paw. It is feared Ted may have suffered brain damage in which case he will be kept as a pet.

Workers making pottery

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers create thousands of golden clay pots and leaving them out to dry in the sun. Around 3,000 of the pots are made here on a daily basis using a unique yellow soil. This natural colouring is part of a traditional process done only by the people of the Pal community of Hinduism in Bogra, Bangladesh.

Sealed with a kiss - pair of seals embrace on a beach

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sealed with a kiss - two seals appear to smooch on a beach. The pair touch whiskers as waves crash on the sand behind them. Up to 6,000 grey seals can be found gathered on Horsey Gap beach in Norfolk, England, where they congregate to give birth and mate during the winter months.

Lion rolling around

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lion appears to take life a little less seriously than the rest of the pride. The amusing image was captured by Min Li in The Maasai Mara Wildlife Reserve in East Africa. Min said, "Another pride had hunted down a wildebeest for their breakfast and this group was watching - waiting to get a taste of the scraps. One of them looked impatient, laying on the ground as the others looked on."