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I spent £17k on boob jobs to boost my confidence, but implants left me so sick I thought I’d die & now I can’t have kids

***EXCLUSIVE*** KAMLOOPS, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA: An abusive ex encouraged this woman to get BREAST IMPLANTS which left her feeling as if she DYING for eight years - now she is unable to ever have children. Entrepreneur and stay-at-home mum, Shelby Kennedy (34) from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, decided to undergo a £3,700 ($6,500) breast-implant surgery in 2012 after a divorce and abusive relationship left her confidence and self-worth at an all-time low. The surgery, which increased Shelby’s breast size from a 32C to a 32DD, was a success and Shelby felt sexier than ever and like a „new woman”. However, just three months later, Shelby began to feel tired, depressed, and started to regularly develop large cysts on her ovaries. She was provided with prescription opioids to help with the pain whilst the cysts ruptured, but the issues were far from over. Shelby continued to suffer from painful periods and cystic acne. It wasn’t until late 2012 that Shelby linked her symptoms together and was diagnosed with endometriosis – a condition of the reproductive systtem in which the tissues become scarred or diseased. Endometriosis soon took its toll and Shelby had an ectopic pregnancy removed meaning the pregnancy had developed in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. Fearful of the path she was on, the next few years held very little hope for Shelby as she went on to lose a further three pregnancies. Alongside husband Tyler (36), Shelby underwent IVF treatment and gave birth to daughter Mackenzie in 2015. During the pregnancy, Shelby’s pain disappeared but when her daughter turned one, the symptoms soon returned.

A man who was homeless as a child has given away 2,500 Thanksgiving meals this year

***EXCLUSIVE*** When Rob Adams was 11 years old his family were forced to live in the back of a pickup truck, getting the odd night in a motel if they were lucky. “I was the oldest of four siblings and my parents struggled to make ends meet,” said Rob, 49, who is now a successful real estate agent in Riverton, Utah. “Our main meal of the day was school lunch and there were many nights when we didn’t have any dinner.” One Christmas a local family donated their home to Rob and his family for two weeks while they were out of town for the holidays. When Rob’s family arrived they found the fridge and cupboards chock full of of food, including turkey, homemade pies and vegetables. 

First Palestinian female taxi driver in Gaza

Palestinian Territories, Gaza City: Palestinian Nayla Abu Jubbah, 39, the first female taxi driver in the Gaza Strip, gets into her car to work. Abu Jubbah is the first female driver to start a women-only taxi service in the conservative Islamist Gaza Strip, where women enjoy the same legal rights as men to drive, but taxi driving is considered as a men only job.

This woman picked up a mysterious illness whilst living in the Middle East that caused a brain tumour - and it's left her with facial paralysis so severe that she'll NEVER smile again

***EXCLUSIVE*** OGDEN, UTAH, USA: When interactions and communications expert, speaker, and author Jodi Orgill Brown (44) from Ogden, Utah, USA, suffered with dizziness when she was out jogging in June 2008, she thought it was because she wasn’t very good at the sport. As the months went on, Jodi developed debilitating migraines and bouts of vertigo. In April 2009, Jodi was finally diagnosed with a brain tumour after initially not thinking her symptoms were linked and being persuaded by her husband, Tolan (49), to go back to the doctor. Jodi’s brain tumour was located between her right auditory canal and brainstem and it is unknown what type of tumour she had because pathology reports determined it was unidentifiable. Jodi lived in Israel and travelled the Middle East in 1996 and doctors suspect that she picked up an autoimmune disease, or similar, whilst there which resulted in the tissue growing on her brain. In May, Jodi underwent surgery where 80 per cent of the tumour was removed but due to the proximity to her brainstem, the operation was not without complications. Jodi’s nerves were damaged which lead to facial paralysis, hearing loss, pneumocephalus which is the presence of air in the cranial cavity, and a cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) leak - a condition where CSF escapes through a small hole in the area surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Jodi spent 35 days in hospital where she had two further brain surgeries before being discharged. Adjustment to life after surgery was difficult for Jodi and she struggled with the fact that people saw her as being weaker due to her facial paralysis. Coming to terms with facial paralysis has been one of the most difficult things about being a brain tumour survivor for Jodi.

Anorexia survivor, 18, who weighed just FOUR stone and was left bedbound for two months makes incredible recovery

***EXCLUSIVE*** SHETLAND, SCOTLAND: This woman’s weight plummeted to just FOUR stone causing her hair to fall out and leaving her BEDBOUND for two months as she battled anorexia - but she's unrecognisable now. Ellie Spofforth (18), from Shetland, Scotland, grew up loving food and baking for her family. But in primary school, bullies picked on her and said she was the biggest girl in the classroom. She grew self-conscious of her body and by the age of 12 started restricting her diet by going vegan. She steadily cut more and more foods out until she was eating just one small meal a day. She was diagnosed with depression and anorexia nervosa at the age of 13. The unhealthy habits grew and by 16 Ellie was vomiting her meals up every day, being careful not to alert her parents, and walking up to 30,000 steps a day. Ellie hid her dramatic weight loss until baggy clothes and wore ankle weights and a weighted vest for when she was weighed by doctors. She was eventually detained under the mental health act in March 2018 and held in an inpatient unit in Dundee, where she ended up staying for a year. Unfortunately, Ellie found the experience detrimental and picked up bad habits from other patients, including banging her head against walls to distract from the inner turmoil of having to eat. She was discharged in March 2019 and struggled more than ever, but still hid her struggle from her family. By July her weight had plummeted to just four stone and clothes were hanging off of her. Her hair started to fall out in handfuls from the lack of nutrients in her body, while her arms grew fuzzy hairs in a bid to keep her frail body warm. Fearing she may not survive, Ellie wrote her mother, Cheryl (56), a note confessing her true weight and how she had been concealing her disordered habits.

Newly-engaged couple who found themselves both falling in love with the bride-to-be's friend reveal they've formed a throuple after she ditched her boyfriend to be with them

***EXCLUSIVE*** BAD CAMBERG, GERMANY: Just months after getting engaged this couple invited a THIRD person into their relationship - and STILL plan to get married even though trolls tell them it will never work. Media management student Larissa Mader (24) and vehicle painter Patrick Friedrich (31) from Bad Camberg, Germany, have been a couple for the past six years. On January 4, 2020, they decided to take their relationship to the next level and got engaged. However, just months prior to this, in December 2019, Larissa met nurse Laura Hinsche (24) at a friend’s birthday party and the two became close friends. With Larissa introducing Laura to her long-term boyfriend soon after their engagement, the trio began to realise that they had a growing mutual love for one another. Despite none of them having considered polyamory before, in April 2020 Larissa and Patrick invited Laura to form a throuple after both deciding that Laura would bring even more love and intimacy into their relationship. Laura split with her boyfriend at the time in order to join their new relationship. Luckily, their families have been largely supportive of their decision to enter a three-way relationship, wanting the best for them however unconventional this may be. Despite this, their relationship hasn't always been easy and the throuple broke up at the end of May 2020. They put this down to a lack of communication causing needless misunderstandings, leading to all three feeling left out of the relationship at one time or another. Whilst Larissa and Patrick remained engaged, their feelings for Laura never went away and in August 2020, the trio reconciled and decided to give their polyamorous lifestyle another shot.

Woman consumes 9,000 calories on cheat day - including six doughnuts for breakfast

***EXCLUSIVE*** BONN, GERMANY: You would never believe this woman ate up to NINE-THOUSAND-CALORIES per cheat day - the same as an adult lion - by looking at her super svelte size eight figure. Business owner, student and content creator Livia Adams (25) from Bonn, Germany, has over 54.6K followers on Instagram and 196K subscribers on YouTube where she shares mouth watering content of her incredible cheat meals and days. Whilst Livia has a healthy relationship with food now and enjoys foods she likes without guilt or obsessively counting calories, it hasn’t always been this way. In 2014, Livia, who describes herself as a foodie, struggled with depression which left her feeling indifferent towards the foods she ate and so she would restrict her eating patterns to just 500 to 600 calories per day. Over time, Livia started to recover from her depression and in turn started to enjoy life and the food she had previously denied herself all over again. In 2017, Livia found food freedom and started to share videos and pictures of herself enjoying delicious cheat meals online as part of a balanced lifestyle. On average, Livia has one cheat day per week where she focuses on enjoying the foods she eats and does not focus on calorie intake. Donuts and pasta dishes are Livia’s favourite foods to eat on a cheat day and she estimates that on these days she could eat anywhere between 5,500 and 9,000 calories per day. A typical cheat day consists of: six donuts for breakfast, burger and fries for lunch, a pizza or a sandwich with fries or onion rings and a milkshake for dinner, and crisps, muffins, cake pops and nuts for snacks. At 5ft 8in, Livia is a UK size 8 to 10 and weighs 10-stone. She doesn’t put pressure on herself to workout but exercises six days per week to stay in shape.

Lioness rescued from 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic's facility treated at Oregon State

***EXCLUSIVE*** CORVALLIS, Ore. — Doctors at Oregon State University’s veterinary hospital on Monday treated a lion rescued from “Tiger King” Joe Exotic’s Oklahoma facility in 2018. Chobe the lioness now lives at the WildCat Ridge Sanctuary in Scotts Mills, Oregon. The lioness was brought in for a CT scan at the Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Staff at the WildCat Ridge Sanctuary recognized the warning signs of the infection, which can have complications if left untreated. A white Bengal tiger at the sanctuary had the same infection a few years ago and was also treated by Townsend at OSU.

Tank-like robot autonomously handles jobs around the garden

Gardening is therapeutic for many people, but there are still some jobs we'd rather not do. Fortunately, there's now a tank-like autonomous robot that can help. The Yardroid is a robot gardener that uses artificial intelligence to perform mundane garden tasks autonomously. Unlike a basic lawn mowing robot, the Yardroid can perform multiple tasks such as leaf blowing, irrigation, pest control, weed control, lawn mowing, and even security. With the help of computer vision and AI, this gardening robot will mow your lawn in a planned path. The technology behind the Yardroid takes photographs of the garden so that users can instruct the machine where to target and what tasks to undertake. If users are nervous they can use an application on their phone to control and operate the tank-like robot. Yardroid has two 1 quarter litre tanks that holds both weed and pest killer chemicals. It recognises weed plants and classifies pests from insects and birds using its camera and artificial intelligence program. After that, it sprays the minimal amount of chemical on the particular target. The fully-equipped garden helper also has some unexpected features. Yardroid has an LED light to scare off large animals, and it also has the ability to refill its water reserves, which can also be used against larger animals. A solar-powered valve can refill the water reserves, and it will drive itself to undertake this process.

A Missouri family came home to find a barred owl had made itself quite at home to the corner of their living room on Wednesday November 18

***EXCLUSIVE*** George Sells, 50, posted a video of the moment he found the bird of prey after returning from picking his children up from school in St Louis. The former newscaster said: “I came back from picking the kids up from school at about 1 o’clock and I heard a noise from another room. “It sounded like a person so it was quite unnerving.

A variety of sabers from Star Wars films such as The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith are up for auction in London next week

***EXCLUSIVE*** Over 110 Star Wars items including a Stormtrooper Blaster from Return of the Jedi and suit from Disney's The Mandalorian will be sold - as part of a wider range of film memorabilia worth over 4.4 million. The collection of iconic sabres have been made available by Stunt Coordinator Nick Gillard, responsible for teaching many Jedi actors the ways of the force in the three Star Wars prequels. The ex-stuntman highlighted the physical demands of training actors such as McGregor and Hayden Christensen, who played the role of Anakin Skywalker in two of the three prequels.

Meet Kee Kee the cat who has an annoying habit of bringing home underwear - including pants, socks, knickers and a BIKINI

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cheeky cat has has left its owner red-faced by bringing home underwear - including pants, socks, knickers and a BIKINI.  Kee Kee, a seven-year-old tortoiseshell, has brought home piles of men and women's undies. Owner Georgia Careless thinks her pet regularly sneaks into nearby homes via open windows, doors and cat flaps. Georgia, 21, of Wells, Somerset, says the cat also brings home juggling balls and shuttle cocks.

Padded cells, peeling walls and abandoned wheelchairs: Inside deserted Irish 'Asylum X' where 'curable lunatics' were once dumped by their families and forced into straitjackets

***EXCLUSIVE*** Creepy images have revealed the infamous Irish asylum that tortured homosexuals and treated the mentally ill with lobotomies for two centuries before finally closing its doors just SEVEN years ago. In one image, three leather-clad doors stood open in the maximum-security wing of the asylum leading to padded cells which once held patients considered to be high-risk. In another, human bones remained in a bathtub alluding to the horrors that once took place within the asylum’s walls. The images were captured by hobbyist urban explorer Cathal Henry (48) from Dublin, Ireland, who is better known online as Uncharted Ireland. Located in the west of the country, the building is referred to by urban explorers as Asylum X. Cathal captured the images on his Canon 5D Mark II camera over four visits - the longest of which lasted for nine hours. Asylum X originally opened in 1833 to house 150 patients but over the following century, the asylum system grew exponentially in Ireland and by the 1950s, Asylum X was home to over 2,000 patients. This brought the population of the local town up to 6,000 meaning a third of the population was considered „mentally insane”. Asylum X was notorious for its barbaric „treatments”.

Cave explorers conduct surveys in impressive caves across Turkey

***EXCLUSIVE*** A team of explorers venture through a series of incredible caves filled with huge stalagmites and underwater lakes. The adventurers are carrying out tests in the subterranean world to work out how old the caves are and how they were formed. The intriguing images were captured in caves across Turkey by amateur photographer Ertuğrul Kulaksizoglu.

A charity cyclist left for dead after being mowed down by a drink driver on Land's End to John O'Groats challenge says he FORGIVES the man who almost killed him

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jean-Pierre 'JP' De Villiers, 39, is a coach, motivational speaker, athlete, and author, but his life came crashing down when he was hit by uninsured drink driver Stephen Evans. JP was completing a charity bike ride to raise money for brain cancer charity the Addie Brady Foundation when he took a detour through Ilfracombe, Devon. As he cycled down a steep hill, JP was hit Evans coming the opposite way and the force of the collision shattered his bike, broke both his legs, sent him flying off the road and down a hill. JP, from Rugby, Warwickshire, said: "I was cycling across the UK raising money for charity, and on the eighth day coming down from Scotland we realised we were short of miles.

Brutal moment jaguar sinks its teeth into a flailing 80lb caiman before dragging it into the undergrowth

***EXCLUSIVE*** PANTANAL, BRAZIL: The brutal moment a male adult jaguar clutches an eighty-pound struggling caiman crocodile in its jaws has been captured on camera. The footage showed the 200 pound big cat, known as Mick, using its strong bite to drag the reptile away from the edge of the river bank. The crafty caiman made one last bid for freedom and successfully managed to wrestle itself from the jaguar’s jaws, scuttling away towards the safety of the water. However, Mick the jaguar soon leapt upon the caiman's back and sunk his three-inch-long fangs deep into the reptile's skull, crushing it in the process and securing his dinner. The amazing footage was captured by Abigail Martin (30) from Afton, New York, USA, who founded the Jaguar Identification Project - a non-profit organisation whose aim is to construct a database of individual jaguars in order to better understand their behaviours. Abigail captured the intense altercation from just 20 metres away in the northern Pantanal region of Brazil which is home to the highest density of jaguars in the world. The struggle lasted just under a minute before the big cat captured his prey. Unfortunately, recent fires in the Pantanal jaguar corridor have meant that 600 of the estimated 2,000 jaguars living in the region have been injured or killed.

British Ecological Society’s photography competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wolf killed in a fight for dominance and a bearded leaf chameleon were just two of the winning shots in the British Ecological Society’s photography competition. The stunning photos, taken by international ecologists and students from around the world, capture all kinds of plants and animals to celebrate the diversity of ecology. Subjects range from a standoff between a roadrunner and rattlesnake, flamingos feasting at sunset and baby octopi emerging from their egg sacs. This year’s categories included, Up Close and Personal, Dynamic Ecosystems, Individuals and Populations, People and Nature, Ecology in Action and The Art of Ecology.

Sound the horn! Antelopes lock horns as they battle infront of cars on the road

***EXCLUSIVE*** A motorist is forced to stop his car as he comes across an unusual hazard in the road - two antelopes fighting. The two males can be seen fiercely battling by locking horns in front of the car. As the antelopes fought it out, the onlooking driver seized the opportunity to snap photographs from his phone.

Two giant marmot are set to provoke fury after they were installed this Christmas

***EXCLUSIVE*** A council which infuriated residents of an affluent market town by replacing the traditional Christmas tree with a giant skiing marmot is set to provoke fury again - by installing TWO of them this year. The most controversial festive illumination of 2019 is poised to cause double trouble this time as the two 16 foot models are lit up by thousands of LEDs. Last December the installation of a single 'embarrassing' marmot in Alton, Hants sparked arguments, with many locals angry at the council's decision.