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Protest Against The ''Global Security'' Law In Paris, France

Pro-Democracy Protest In Bangkok

Anti Abortion Protest In Warsaw, Poland

Pope Francis Celebrates Mass With New Cardinals

Trump Returns To The White House With Family

Huge Mudslide Engulfs Sardinia Town Of Bitti

Father Christmas Arrested In London

Pierre Garroudi Flash Mob In London

Trump Speaks To Armed Forces

Galeries Lafayette Re-Open For Christmas Shopping In Paris

Polio Vaccination Campaign In Yemen

China-Made Tesla Arrival In Belgium

Residential Area Fire In Manila, Philippines

Black Friday Shopping In New York

Ancient Tomb Discovery In Luoyang, China

Muqtada Al-Sadr Protest In Baghdad

Dead Sea Sinkholes

1.5 Million Sit China’s Civil Service Exam

Hobart Yacht Race In Australia

Fireworks Festival In Pattaya, Thailand

Christmas Tree Lighting In Lithuania

Former PM Funeral In Sudan

Water Diversion Project Under The Qinling Mountains

32nd Annual Monkey Party Festival In Lopburi, Thailand

Street-Library & Pantry In Australia

Chinese Liquor Moutai