Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Man spent over twenty-two thousand pounds covering his face and body in puzzle piece shaped tattoos - but now he wants to have his ears, nose and FINGERS amputated to complete his look

***EXCLUSIVE*** ESSEN, GERMANY: Former elderly care home worker, turned body modification artist, Benny Winter (27) from Essen, Germany, was unhappy with the way he looked growing up. Believing that his outer appearance „didn’t match his soul”, Benny suffered terribly from depression as a teenager and at one point, even contemplated ending his own life. Deciding that changing his appearance could significantly improve his mental health, Benny began to transform his body when he turned 17. He began with tattoos that covered his hands, arms, and neck but he's since also progressed onto having his face covered in jigsaw piece tattoos in 2018. Most recently in 2020, he decided to travel to Switzerland to have his eyeballs tattooed as well - turning them completely black. He has also undergone a tongue splitting procedure in which the tongue is sliced two inches down the middle using a scalpel which each half of the tongue being sewn back up separately to resemble that of a snake. He has also had his teeth removed and replaced with metal dentures. In total, Benny’s body modifications have cost him over Ł22,000 but he believes it has been worth every penny since without these drastic changes, he may well not have been here today. However, not everyone is so accommodating to Benny’s new look with people on the street calling him a „freak”, „sick” and „disturbed”. He has even had strangers say that he deserves to be shot as he is a danger to kids.

Luxury designer flogs cheeky Christmas tree baubles shaped like boobs and bums for £95

***EXCLUSIVE*** A luxury designer is flogging cheeky Christmas tree baubles that look like boobs and bums. The “pornaments” and “boobles” are being sold at £95 for three by Anissa Kermiche. They come in silver, gold and pearl and have been sculpted, cast and moulded in clay before being hand-glazed and fired in a kiln. The decorations are being sold online and have gone down well on social media. London-based Anissa, an acclaimed designer whose work and jewellery are sold worldwide, told: “We wanted to bring a bit of fun to the classic Christmas decoration.

These photos show the remarkable recovery of a boy who made worldwide headlines when he was left to starve by his family because they thought he was a WITCH

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hope was aged two when he was found starving by the roadside in the state of Akwa Ibom in Nigeria, where he had been abandoned. It is thought his community blamed bad luck on the devil possessing him - turning him into a witch - so he was abandoned. Emaciated and fighting for his life, he was taken in by Anja Ringgren Loven, now 42, and a photo of her holding a water bottle to his lips went viral.

Stunning images from international RSPB photography competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** This picture of a hassled kingfisher trying to feed his two chicks has won an international bird photography competition. Snapper Ravi Parvatharaju, beat off entries from all over the globe to land the top prize in the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers Bird Photographer of the Year 2020 in aid of the RSPB. Other stunning pictures of our feathered friends included a lone penguin in the Falklands surrounded by chicks, a huge vulture with wings outstretched being chased away by a jackal and two camouflaged nightjars on the forest floor in Madagascar. Ravi, 58, a consultant Neonatologist at Homerton Hospital in east London, who lives in Woodford Green, said: "I took this picture at RSPB Rye Meads nature reserve in Hertfordshire.

Man collects up 65 dumped trolleys and gets struck with them after shop doesn't accept them back

***EXCLUSIVE*** Former supermarket worker Bernie Lucker has admitted he is off his trolley - after collecting 65 abandoned shopping carts and storing them all on his patio. The exasperated father of three found 30 of them lying around near his house in just one evening and decided to take them home. And in the three weeks since he first started, the 65-year-old has more than doubled his collection, much to his wife's bemusement. He is now hoping the trollies - which measure 260 feet when lined up - will finally get taken off his hands, after repeatedly contacting Tesco to get them picked up.

Haunting pics show lost Russian base with 1,000 tanks, jets and choppers left to rot following collapse of Soviet empire

***EXCLUSIVE*** MOSCOW, RUSSIA: A photographer has captured what remains of the Soviet Union’s once great military might in a series of incredible images. One aerial photograph shows at least one thousand tanks which have been abandoned in the far east of Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Another reveals two MiG-23 fighter jets which have been left to rust for 25 years at a disused former-Soviet airbase. The images were taken by photographer and social media manager, Lana Sator (31) from Moscow, Russia, as she travelled across the country uncovering the most fascinating forgotten relics of the fallen communist state. Lana captured the incredible scenes using a Sony a6000 and a DJI Mavic Pro drone. The fall of the Berlin wall in November 1989 signalled the official end of the Cold War and led to the breakup of the Soviet Union into 15 sovereign states in 1991. Russian military enthusiasts can now even pick up a WW2-era T-34 tank for around Ł150,000 pounds, although fortunately their military capabilities are removed before sale.

Woman has a crippling rare skin condition that causes her face to balloon and leaves her feeling like she is on FIRE

***EXCLUSIVE*** SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Business owner Katie Preston-Toepfer (35) from Sydney, Australia, was just nine years old when she noticed itchy hives forming all over her body. Her family assumed it was an allergic reaction to something and the marks soon faded. As she grew up, Katie once again started to notice her skin would regularly flare up and hurt. When she was 14 years old, sport became a particular irritant to her skin causing it to burn and ache causing a rash to develop. Katie's parents took her to the GP in 2000, where she told she could be allergic to her own sweat. Katie got a second opinion from a skin specialist who couldn’t find anything wrong aside from a few moles and freckles that needed monitoring. However, Katie continued to suffer with the rash regularly and it began permanent leaving marks on her skin. Little by little, her entire body became marked with the „spots”, which would flare up rather than come and go as they had during her teens. She showed her doctor the marks in 2006 who recommended another specialist. This time, she was diagnosed within 20 minutes with mastocytosis and had a skin puncture biopsy taken, which involves taking a sample of skin to test it for a specific condition. Katie was diagnosed with cutaneous mastocytosis which means the skin has an increase in the number of mast cells causing lesions on the skin which can also form on the body and blister. She had ultraviolet blue (UVB) treatment which involves exposure to ultraviolet rays to elp reduce inflammation, but Katie was concerned about the risk of skin cancer so stopped. Instead, she now takes sodium cromoglycate capsules, H1 and H2 blockers, vitamin supplements to help her absorb nutrients, and carries an EpiPen at all times.

Heart-stopping moment a marsh harrier swooped in and snatched a one-pound tasty duck takeaway

***EXCLUSIVE*** KESHOPUR WETLANDS, GURDASPUR, PUNJAB, INDIA: THE HEART-STOPPING moment a marsh harrier swooped in and snatched a one-pound tasty duck takeaway has been revealed. Incredible images of the shock quack attack showed the 21-inch long bird of prey as it launched an ambush on an unsuspecting wading duck. Despite the duck’s best efforts to resist being snatched, the 28-ounce harrier grabbed its next meal by the head and flew off. The pictures were taken in Keshopur Wetlands, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India, by civil judge and hobby wildlife photographer Vishesh Kamboj (38) from Ferozepur, Punjab, India, using his Nikon D500 camera. According to Vishesh, the struggle took just 30 seconds and he witnessed the act of nature from 164-feet away from the action. The western marsh harrier is a large bird of prey with a wingspan of around four-feet often found in western Eurasia and Africa. It typically feeds on small mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and frogs.

The 'Godfather' of T-Rex: 230million-year-old remains of Erythrovenator that is the oldest relative of legendary prehistoric meat-eater are unearthed in Brazil

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 'Godfather' of T Rex who lived 230 million years ago and is the oldest relative of meat eating dinosaurs has been unearthed in Brazil. Named Erythrovenator, it was about six and a half feet long with razor sharp teeth and claws. The bizarre looking beast was also covered in bristles. It is the most primitive of its kind ever discovered. Palaeontologist Dr Rodrigo Muller, of the Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil, said: "It is one of the first theropods.

Birds battle over fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of cormorants fiercely battle each other for a fish. The four birds flocked around another which had made a catch. Following the brief scuffle the victor emerged and swallowed the trout whole. The photographs were taken at the Ed R. Levin County Park in Milpitas, California, on the West Coast of the United States.

Bird drinks waterdrops from icicles

***EXCLUSIVE*** A long-tailed tit looks to be suspended in the air as it takes a drink from an icicle. The thirsty bird flew up to the icicle hanging from a tree branch, and drank the water from the bottom as it melted. The tits are known to take turns drinking from the icicles during the freezing winters. The photos were taken in sub-zero temperatures by George Swift in Hokkaido, Japan.

Colourful fabrics in Batik village

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aerial shots show rows of colourful fabric drying in the sun. The dyed cloth is arranged on patches of grass to dry for up to six hours. Around 500 people in the village work making the hand-made made garments, which are then sent to markets both in and out of the country. The photos were taken by Mohammad Hedayet Sarker in the village of Batik in Narayanganj, Bangladesh.

The Death Star-ling: Birds form forbidding black orb in sky as solo sparrowhawk sweeps in for attack

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning photo shows nature in action - a sparrowhawk attacking a murmuration of starlings. The snap was taken by enthusiast David Smith, 64, during a recent trip to a wildlife reserve in Northampton, Northants. An amateur photographer, he waited for an hour for the show to start - before capturing the perfect image. The picture was taken on Thursday (26/11) at Storton's Pits, at around 4:15pm - just as the light was fading for the day.