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Sisters who found each other on Facebook after both looking for their father meet for the first time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lisa McLean, 33, had dedicated most of her adult life to searching for her long lost father after he disappeared when she was nine-years-old.  But four years after her story was first published she will now meet him after he contacted her via Facebook on Saturday, (28/11).  Mother of five, Lisa was astonished to find half-sister Rebecca Parton, 24, from Doncaster in October 2016, after finding each other through Facebook.  The sisters who realised they had both been searching for the same man for the majority of their adult lives are now incredibly close with Rebecca being a bridesmaid at Lisa's wedding last year.  The pair who spent years scouring social media in a desperate bid to track down David Riggs, 53, instead found each other and a further half-sibling.  Contacting the pair over Facebook in December 2016 after seeing their story online Amy, 28, from Doncaster, is now in regular contact with the sisters and hopes to meet her father for the first time this week.  Lisa from Nottingham had first ignored a friend request and message from father David on Saturday afternoon - not realising he was who she had been looking for.  But after receiving a call from sister Rebecca’s fiancé James, who urged her to answer the message and told her the news that her father had finally been found.

A 17-year-old girl has been adopted after spending ten years in care and living in 24 different foster homes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Akyra Holstein met her mum Katie, 28, when she came to her home for respite care in March last year. The pair hit it off instantly, and when she could no longer stay with her foster placement, Katie took her in so she could finish high school. Before they met, Katie had fostered 16 children, but she’d never looked after a child over the age of six.

A woman is breaking the stigma of choosing to get sterilised - so now celebrates each child free year with a cake

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kara Jankowski, 36, said sex with her husband Alex, 34, is like "being kids in a candy store" now she knows she won't get pregnant. But proud Kara said people have branded her "selfish" for her decision and some are appalled, even asking her "but who will look after you when you are older". But the child nutritionist said she has no regrets - and is speaking out to break the stigma of not wanting kids. Kara, from Davenport, Florida, said: "Growing up in St Albans, a small town in West Virginia, having kids is kind of what everyone does.

'World's loneliest elephant' arrives for new life in Cambodia

An elephant, once dubbed the world's loneliest, has arrived in Cambodia after being rescued from a life of misery in a Pakistani zoo. Among those who welcomed Kaavan was the pop star Cher, who paid for a legal team to fight for his release. Kaavan spent 35 years in a barren, substandard zoo enclosure, living in isolation after his mate died in 2012. In Cambodia he will live in a wildlife sanctuary and roam in open space with a large herd of other elephants. While many travellers around the world are grounded by the coronavirus pandemic, Kaavan behaved "like a frequent flyer" on the journey from Pakistan.

New E-bike helps Parisian emergency doctors move faster through congested streets

Paris, France: A range of e-bikes have been created for Parisian emergency doctors to help them move faster through congested streets...French e-bike retailer Ecox has partnered with WPP agency, Wunderman Thompson Paris, to create the 'ambulance on two wheels'. Designed exclusively for doctor's needs, the first fleet of Emergency Bikes were deployed in early September. As Paris is one of the most congested cities in Europe emergency doctors found themselves being stuck in traffic and response times were increasing. To combat this issue, Wunderman Thompson Paris concepted, developed, and partnered with Ecox to create a new solution: „the first urban proof medical vehicle, an electric bike designed by and for doctors.” The Emergency Bikes have been designed and tailor-made exclusively for doctors on emergency calls. The e-bikes have a large volume insulated box to carry medicine, they are built with an aluminium frame, and include other innovative technology such large anti-puncture tires, a GPS tracker which can be located in real time and a USB connection to connect any device. Other key features of the compact sized e-bike include an optimised motor power (75 Nm), extended autonomy with dual 500 Nm battery to drive up to 160 km, reflective wheel bands to be seen in traffic, a 140 dB horn and long range LED signalling for emergency driving.

One of the earliest known photographs of Charlie Chaplin is up for sale after being discovered by auction house

***EXCLUSIVE*** Staff at East Bristol Auctions discovered the photograph, which shows Chaplin aged just fourteen, following a routine consignment. ‘It was really exciting find,’ says Auctioneer Andrew Stowe ‘at first I didn’t recognise him, and presumed it to be some other ‘Charles Chaplin.’  But when I looked closer at his face – it was unmistakably him’.  The real photographic postcard comes from one of Chaplin’s earliest stage performances – playing ‘Sammy’, a small role in the play ‘Jim, A Romance of Cockayne’ in which he appeared from 6th July to the 18th July in 1903. ‘The fact that this photograph of Chaplin exists is incredible – after all, he only appeared in this play for just twelve days. Given that over a century has passed since it was taken, this item just shouldn’t exist. The fact it has been autographed by Chaplin is the cherry on top.’

Woman whose skin became inflamed and flaky and lost the ability to walk for three months after stopping using steroid cream for her eczema hopes her story will warn others about dangers of the topical cream

***EXCLUSIVE*** CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: This woman had to quit her job and was bedbound for three MONTHS - after she became hooked on eczema steroid creams that left her red raw. Account executive Samantha Saunders (32) from Cape Town, South Africa, suffered with mild eczema as a child and was prescribed topical steroid medicated cream at the age of 14 to help soothe her skin. However, Samantha's skin became progressively worse and doctors prescribed her with stronger and stronger creams until she was smothering herself with the topical steroids multiple times a day to provide some relief from the intense itching. Samantha found that the creams stopped working after a couple of years yet doctors still continued to provide more potent steroids. She was warned that she would need to use the creams for the rest of her life to control her eczema. By the time she turned 32, Samantha’s life was revolving around her skin and she felt as if she couldn’t live without steroid creams. Wondering if the medication was making her skin worse and struggling to cope with the regular flare-ups, Samantha decided to go cold turkey and stopped using the creams in July 2020. Her body immediately came out in a rash and after researching it online, she realised she was suffering from topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) - a condition which causes burning, stinging and bright red skin for long-term users of topical steroids after they halt usage. Samantha followed the no moisture treatment method - a regime discovered by Dr Kenji Sato in Japan which advises drying out the skin to treat TSW so the skin can relearn how to moisturise itself. To do this, she had to limit her showering to once a fortnight, water intake to one litre a day and used no moisturiser. Samantha's skin turned red and flaky, causing her severe pain as it burnt up. In the first month without topical steroids, her face swelled dramatically and she suffered intense cold sweats, insomnia, fatigue and depression. She was bedridden for three months and had to rely on her husband Mike (34) and mother Jackie (65) to care for her - even helping her go to the bathroom when she couldn’t walk due to inflammation on the legs. Samantha couldn’t recognise herself in the mirror when the skin on her face burnt and oozed, she had to quit her job to focus on her recovery. After five months of withdrawal, Samantha’s symptoms are finally dwindling - though she is aware full recovery will take some time. Other sufferers report that it took up to five years before their skin had healed. Now, Samantha is slowly emerging back out into the world after five months at home and has shared her story on social media to connect with other people suffering from TSW. She hopes to serve as a cautionary tale of what can happen as a result of topical steroid use.

Boy, 4, beats rare kidney cancer which was only detected after tripping over his Toy Story Slinky Dog

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Alfie Powell tripped over the coiled middle of the Toy Story character and his mum Emma Holden, 31, rushed him to hospital when he repeatedly cried over back pain. To her shock, doctors found that Alfie had a Wilms' tumour and the little lad was diagnosed with stage two kidney cancer.

A beach-goer who went to rescue a person he thought was drowning in the sea was shocked to discover a stranded baby dolphin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alex Marcoulides, 35, was walking with his fiancé Lisa when they spotted a figure splashing about in the distance that looked in trouble. The keen environmentalist ran over to help but when he got closer he realised it was not a human but was instead a baby dolphin that had got stranded on the shoreline. Alex was then filmed desperately trying to rescue the creature by gently rolling it towards the ocean.

Spalding basketball candle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fledgling scent and style authority, cent.ldn, is now following up with its signature AF1 CANDLE by revealing its new - SPALDING BASKETBALL CANDLE. Weighing in at roughly 2700 grams, the unique piece of functional homeware comes with a clear stand and mimics a Size 3 professional basketball. Available in a variety of scenes, the custom made candles are hand-poured and crafted in London with 100 percent coconut wax and cotton wick. Focussed on quality, cent.ldn ensures that each OG SPALDING BASKETBALL CANDLE is eco-friendly, biodegradable and vegan with a 100hr+ burn time. Priced at 171 Dollars, the OG SPALDING BASKETBALL CANDLE is set to release November 29 on cent.ldn's website.

Staff at a stately home have found a collection of nude postcards dating back to the early 1900s which had been hidden in this secret compartment in an antique desk

***EXCLUSIVE*** The saucy snaps were found during routine housekeeping by workers at Temple Newsam House in Leeds, West Yorks. The "cheeky" French postcards were hidden inside a compartment made to look like a book standing upright on the vintage desk at the 500-year-old mansion. Maya Harrison, principal keeper at Temple Newsam, said: “This is definitely one of the more unusual finds that the team at the house have made and not something we’d normally expect to discover but it certainly did give us all a laugh.

New model army

In recent months, private militias across the country have reacted angrily to pandemic lockdown measures, and they have shown up in force at anti-fascist and Black Lives Matter protests. New Mexico has been keeping its eye on unlawful militias, ever since the so-called New Mexico Civil Guard began appearing at demonstrations against police brutality and colonial monuments. In a civil suit aimed at stopping the militia, the state wrote the group ''usurped law enforcement authority,'' noting that ''New Mexico law forbids unregulated private security forces and unregulated paramilitary organizations because they are not accountable to the people, they pose a threat to public safety, and they encourage rather than deter or quell violence.'' However, there's no easy solution to the country's dangerous and growing militia problem.