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A kindly ten-year-old boy has made it his mission to bring 100,000 meals to people in need by Thanksgiving

***EXCLUSIVE*** Orion Jean has started the 'Race to 100k Meals' with the goal of providing people facing food insecurity with brown paper bags decorated with positive messages and filled with nutritious meals. Though monetary donations are accepted, it is preferred that people donate a 16 ounce water bottle, two tangerines or an apple in a Ziploc bag, a granola bar and an apple sauce pouch or tuna packed into a brown paper bag with a kind message written on it. Orion, from Fort Worth, Texas, USA, said: “Looking around and seeing so many people that don’t have opportunities, meals and resources, and these people are people that look like me and are my age. I know can help.”

Meet the mum with THREE sets of twins – who is swarmed with lewd messages from breasttfeeding fetishists posing as women in need of breast milk and men asking to be fed

***EXCLUSIVE*** SEATTLE, USA: Medical student Misty Lang (38) from Seattle, USA, is mum to Alex (12), Lexie (12), Calista (10), Nash (8), Lacie (8), Phoenix (3) and Lana (3). The busy mother-of-seven shares pictures on social media of her breastfeeding her youngest children, Phoenix and Lana. Misty can pump more than 40-ounces in one sitting, which is more than she needs, and so Misty decided to start donating her excess milk in 2008. When she advertised that she was donating milk, she received an influx of messages from „volume chasers” - people with an attraction to women producing excessive amounts of breast milk. Misty considers it sexual harassment and says some men have posed as women or fathers whose wives need breastfeeding advice in a bid to get close to her - with one even pretending to be a research scientist. She believes it is partly due to her having large breasts and being able to pump so much milk in one sitting, calling it „their wet dream come true”. Misty receives dozens of messages a week on Instagram, with one man even offering her Ł3,700 to breastfeed directly from her. She says her response to such messages depends on her mood and the content of the message. Often, she blocks inappropriate messages, but she has replied to some in the hopes of better understanding their motive. Misty believes some of the men are sexualising breastfeeding whereas others are seeking an emotional and maternal relationship, possibly due to childhood trauma. Although she finds sharing breastfeeding pictures more off-putting following the response, Misty is passionate about helping other women and normalising breastfeeding.

Life on one of the world's most remote set of islands which are still inhabited only by its original tribal settlers has been captured in a series of stunning photographs

***EXCLUSIVE*** The "extremely isolated" Marquesas Islands are one of the world’s most untouched civilisations, with its inhabitants blissfully still relatively unaffected by the developed world. The islands are dotted in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 1,400km (880 miles) from the nearest popular tourist destination of Tahiti, in French Polynesia.

Meet the green-fingered woman who has saved five thousand pounds in three years by FORAGING for food

***EXCLUSIVE*** OXFORD, UK: Meet the green-fingered woman who has saved five thousand pounds in three years by FORAGING for food - and she says it has helped stave off Covid. Forager Justine Gens (28), from Oxford, UK, grew up in a family of natural healers from France who created medicine out of plants. After experimenting with natural remedies growing up, she started foraging more in her twenties to source medicinal plants but soon found the huge number of edible plants that were available. Justine realised she could largely sustain herself by foraging for food and when she moved to the UK in 2017 found a host of local plants, including various types of mushrooms, fennel and burdock roots that she makes into chips. She also forages fruits like pears and figs, as well as herbs including sage and thyme. Justine eats a largely plant-based diet and gets most of her food from foraging or growing them at home, but otherwise shops locally for items like flour, grains and citrus fruits. She lives in a caravan on a farm and estimates her spending including rent and excess food to be Ł100 a week. Over the past three years living in the UK Justine says she has saved an incredible Ł5760 by foraging for most of her food. Justine focuses on having a low-waste approach to food and is concerned about the effects of mass food production on the environment. She believes that, in foraging food, there will always be a use for all the parts of the plants that have been collected. Justine makes a „bone healing ointment” using the root of comfrey, whilst it’s leaves and flowers are used to make a plant fertilizer. As well as eating her findings, she also has a home „apothecary” where she creates natural remedies and products based on what she can find seasonally.

An incredible collection of over 900 pieces of movie and TV props and memorabilia are to go up for auction - and are expected to fetch up to a whopping £4.5 MILLION

***EXCLUSIVE*** The live auction, held by leading TV and film memorabilia company Prop Store, is expected to be one of the world's largest auctions of its kind. The instantly-recognisable props up for grabs were used on hit films series including Star Wars, Batman, Superman, Back To The Future, The Matrix, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

First-time mum left 'destroyed' after flesh-eating bug caused C-section scar to explode

***EXCLUSIVE*** A first-time mum has said how she was left "destroyed" after a flesh-eating bug caused her c-section to EXPLODE in the shower. Deanna Hirrell, 26, gave birth to baby boy Kalub by c-section, but just a couple of days later her scar burst open while she was in the shower. She phoned her midwife who she claims told her to rest in bed - but took herself to hospital a few days later when it started to "smell of death". Doctors discovered she was suffering with necrotising fasciitis - a potentially fatal infection that eats away at the skin, muscles and fat.

Badly cracked Chinese vase discovered under table tipped to sell for thousands at auction

United Kingdom: A rare blue and white vase spotted under a Midlands table could sell for £30,000 at auction - despite cracks aplenty and visible glued repairs. But it could have been so much more. In good condition the large Chinese lantern vase would have fetched £700,000 at auction, according to Hansons Auctioneers. Despite its ailing appearance, Charles Hanson, owner of Hansons, realised the potential of the 18inch high pot thanks to its Chinese pedigree. He said: „It’s bursting with Eastern promise. It dates back to the period of Emperor Qianlong, circa 1735-99, which makes it a rarity and potentially extremely sought after. It was languishing under a table in a living room. I spotted it during a routine house visit I undertook in Leicestershire to assess a range of antiques. In good condition its auction estimate would have been in the region of £600,000 to £700,000.” The vase, lot 182, is due to be sold in Hansons’ Fine Art Auction on December 7 with a guide price of £15,000-£25,000. Featuring contrasting shades of cobalt blue, the lantern vase is decorated with a herd of deer, including a red stag and blue doe, amid a mountainous landscape with pine trees and rock work. The neck of the vase has parallel bands depicting cranes and clouds, Lingzhi prunus, fruiting peach branches and ruyi head motifs. Use of copper red in the decoration make it exceptional.

A trans woman who kept her identity secret for 16 YEARS has told of her relief at opening up and telling her fiance she was born physically male

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jamie Pandit, now 32, has lived as a woman since the age of 16, but had only revealed her past to close family, after years of bullying in her teens. But when she met now-fiance, Phil Silva, 38, on Bumble, they hit it off instantly and she knew she wanted to reveal her past. After a month of dating - and already saying 'I love you' and being intimate - she plucked up the courage to tell him she didn't used to present as female.

One of the world's largest amethysts - which is as tall as a GIRAFFE - is expected to fetch a whopping £308,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 14kg gemstone stands at a whopping 5m x 2m and boasts various hues of lilac, rose and blue depending on how the light shines on it.  The geode, which originates from Uruguay, also has very rare yellow hemispherical calcite crystals within it, boasting its value to £225,000-£308,000 ($300,000-400,000). Amethyst is a semiprecious stone that is often used in jewellery and is the traditional birthstone for those born between 19 January-19 February.

Meet Jamoca, the robot dog newly released

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 1 metre long, 70kg machine shows off it's impressive skills by walking on across a set of uneven poles. The robot can walk, run and jump as well as this trick with quincuncial piles - which are used by those learning Kung Fu to teach better balance. A Tencent researcher explained that compared with other quadruped robots in the world, Jamoca is the first to challenge walking in smaller foot-space and at higher altitude. Addressing this combined challenge, Jamoca must be able to understand the arrangement (position and height) of the cylinder piles, choose the best footing position, while walking steadily and accurately, which requires very good perception, planning and control capabilities.

Legendary Apple 1 computer with period accessories set to fetch £300K

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly rare Apple-1 computer has emerged for sale in it's original box, which is signed by designer Steve Wozniak, for £300,000. The machine is incredibly rare and includes one of just 200 circuit boards that Apple founder Steve Jobs and his associate Wozniak designed in 1976. It was recently restored to its original state by an industry expert and ran for eight hours solid, proving that it still works faultlessly.

Fast food fanatic scoffs a staggering 60 kebabs in 30 days – totalling 120,000 calories

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fast food-obsessed dad consumed a staggering 120,000 calories during one month after taking on a challenge to eat a whopping 60 kebabs in just 30 DAYS. Des Breakey, 34, embarked on the bizarre menu after "accidentally" eating 39 kebabs over the course of a month earlier this year and wondering how much further he could go. Since November 1 he has eaten a chilli sauce-soaked kebab with salad and a naan for lunch and dinner almost everyday - and has only put on eight pounds while doing it. Although that may sound like hell for some, it's quite the opposite for Des who said the meal, renowned for being unhealthy, is his "favourite food in the world".

British company has invented a device that can convert classic Mini cars into all-electric vehicles

***EXCLUSIVE*** Classic Minis can be made into all-electric vehicles thanks to a conversion kit developed by a British firm that replaces the engine of the iconic car. Wiltshire-based Swindon Powertrain says that the £9,000 kit — which includes an electric motor and gearbox — can be fitted by most amateur mechanics. Also required, however, are a battery as well as a AC-DC converter and charger — which are sold separately, for £16,000 and £1,950, respectively. At the moment, the conversion system is designed specifically to fit the engine bay of a Mini — but could be adapted in future to aid any classic car, the designers said.  The development comes just a week after the UK Government announced that the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles will be banned from 2030 onwards.

A DIY project went terribly wrong for this mum after she suffered an allergic reaction that left her with a burning ballooned face

***EXCLUSIVE*** LEIDEN, THE NETHERLANDS: A DIY project went terribly wrong for this mum after she suffered an allergic reaction that left her with a burning ballooned face that she had to run under the cold tap every FIFTEEN MINUTES - and it took over a week to improve. Waitress Linda Abbey (36) from Leiden, The Netherlands, has been making and selling artisan jewellery online for the past 12 years. On September 27, 2020, Linda decided to make pendants out of epoxy resin for the first time. Linda wore latex gloves as the safety instructions on the box requested and worked with the resin for roughly two hours - pouring it into jewellery moulds in order to make her pendants. That evening, Linda noticed a small itchy spot next to her eye but thought nothing of it. By the morning however, Linda had suffered an allergic reaction to the epoxy and awoke to find that her left eye had practically swollen shut and a rash had developed across her arms, hands, and face. With Linda having no recollection of the epoxy ever coming into contact with her face, she believes that it was the fumes of the chemical alone that caused these adverse side effects. Calling in sick to work, Linda hoped that the swelling would go down after taking an antihistamine. However by the evening, the burning sensation that Linda had felt all day was only getting worse. After calling an emergency doctor, Linda was prescribed some even stronger antihistamines, but her condition only deteriorated.

Boomtown Rat - weapons used by British secret agents behind enemy lines in WWII for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A chilling collection of concealed weapons used by British secret agents behind enemy lines in World War Two has sold for close to Ł43,000. The deadly items which belonged to Dunkirk veteran Arthur Muggeridge included a slasher French Franc coin - a medallion which concealed lethal blades. There was also an exploding rat - a taxidermy rodent stuffed with explosives - for blowing up a German armament factories.

Sketches showing some of Princess Diana's most iconic outfits emerge for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rare sketches by Princess Diana's wedding dress designer Elizabeth Emanuel of some of the late royal's most famous outfits are to go on sale. The seven drawings include two designs for Princess Diana's wedding gown, as well as a series of sketches of some of Diana's most famous outfits. Elizabeth created the pen, ink and wash illustrations to keep for herself as a memento of her work with Diana. The sketches are expected to fetch up to £1,000 each, and will go on sale in London in December. 

Family celebrate after a damaged vase they inherited from their late mother sells for a record

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family are celebrating today after a damaged vase they inherited from their late mother sold for a record price of £462,500. The 20ins tall Chinese porcelain, known as a 'heavenly globe vase', was unknown to the descendants of the woman who died this year aged 100. They found it while clearing out her London home and sent a photo of it to an expert at Chiswick Auctions to see if it was valuable.

Historic 200-year-old windmill transformed into stunning three-bed home on sale for £945k

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredible Grade II listed windmill that has been transformed into a cosy home is on the market for £945,000. The windmill dates back to the early 1800s but was converted into a three-bedroom home some time ago. Jo Rogers and her family moved into the windmill when her parents purchased it and the surrounding buildings in 2002. The mill last worked in 1892, when the business was moved to the village's watermill, and the sails were removed in 1917 after they were damaged in a gale. The stunning property now has a large reception room with bedrooms above and the option of using one bedroom as a study in the upper floor of the windmill. There is also access to a roof terrace with far-reaching views of the surrounding countryside.

Salacious painting highlighting the role of Asian prostitutes discovered during a house clearance

***EXCLUSIVE*** A salacious scroll painting highlighting the role of Asian prostitutes during the golden age of trade has been discovered during a house clearance. The 3.5ft long scroll which dates from the early 19th century shows two Japanese concubines in discussions with two Dutch traders. It includes text which states 'thou sell thy body of five foot' to 'satisfy the worldly desires of all creatures'. European merchant sailors in the 17th and 18th century would spend up to five days in brothels in the Far East during trips as trade boomed. The scroll has emerged from a deceased estate in Hampshire and is going under the hammer with auctioneers Woolley & Wallis, of Salisbury, Wilts. It is tipped to fetch ÂŁ10,000.

Lucky topi defied death when it OUTRAN a cheetah with almost DOUBLE its speed

***EXCLUSIVE*** MARA NORTH CONSERVANCY, KENYA: In one image, the 340-pound topi bunched up its hind legs as the cheetah tried to latch its claws in. In another, the topi put several feet between itself and the 158-pound cheetah leaving it in the dust as it made its escape. Aerospace industry worker Kevin Rooney (54) from Cheltenham, UK, was in the Mara North Conservancy, Kenya, when he captured this super speedy 10-second chase from just 100 yards away. Kevin captured the images on a Sony A9 camera using a 200-600mm lens. Cheetahs can run at speeds of up to 75 miles-per-hour making them the world’s fastest land mammal. On the other hand, topis can only run at a maximum speed of around 43 miles-per-hour but thankfully, that proved to be enough on this occasion.

Pretty listed castle tower close to the Scottish coast is on the market for offers over £395,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 450-year-old Craigcaffie Tower is a stunning historic castle with lots of period features in an unspoilt rural area near the coastal town of Stranraer in south west Scotland. At the top of the tower are two castellated sentry walks, accessed from one of the bedrooms and from the landing, with stunning views of the surrounding countryside and coastal area. It has original fireplaces, solid oak floors and beamed ceilings, a barrel-vaulted kitchen and a stone turnpike staircase.

Workers amongst thousands of drying incense sticks

***EXCLUSIVE*** A worker crouches amid hundreds of bunches of brightly coloured incense sticks. The bright red sticks, which cover more than 200 square metres, are left to dry in the sun before being taking into a workshop and infused with fragrance. The locals use a mixture of cinnamon powder, rice husks and sawdust to produce the sticks. Amateur photographer Dình Chính Nghiem took the pictures while visiting the small village of Quang Phu Cau, near Hanoi, in Vietnam.

Seals limber up in yoga and stretch poses

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of seals appear to limber up on a beach and stretch themselves out in yoga-like poses. The grey and harbour seals come onto the sandy shore to rest before heading back out to sea to hunt. Professional photographer and nurse Brigitte Storms spotted the flexible animals in the Bay of the Somme in France.

Meet the millionaire model who bought 925 acres and swapped catwalks for herding cattle

Catwalk star Mandy Lieu has bought a 925 acre Hampshire estate for Ł28 million. She explains why and how she is bringing her bounty to London with The Good Plot, a new farm shop and restaurant. Mandy Lieu at her restaurant The Good Plot in Westbourne Grove.