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Woman trolled for embracing moustache and unibrow - but says it has boosted her confidence

***EXCLUSIVE*** COPENHAGEN, DENMARK: This woman refuses to shave off her moustache or massive unibrow even though men stare at it like it's a „third head” because it helps her „weed out” potential love interests. Tutor Eldina Jaganjac (31) from Copenhagen, Denmark, grew up in a small city where everyone was expected to fit in and look similar. As Eldina got older, she grew frustrated by the fact that women are expected to spend more time and money on maintaining their looks through hair removal than men are. In March 2020, Eldina decided to stop plucking the hairs in between her eyebrows and removing the hair on her upper lip, realising she only felt less feminine when they were fuller because of societal expectations. Eldina doesn’t care what she looks like or what other people think of her anymore but admits men have shouted „pluck that” at her in the street and she notices men staring at her eyebrows like she has a „third head”. Despite this, Eldina believes that men only pass comments on her looks based on their own insecurities because it leads them to question what it means to really be a man. When it comes to dating, Eldina believes that her unibrow and facial hair is a blessing as it means she gets to weed out any „conservative” potential suitors who are put off by her look straight away and in turn she receives more positive attention.

A mum has told how her identical twins were left fighting for their lives due to a life-threatening condition which left one baby nearly DOUBLE the size of his brother

***EXCLUSIVE*** Even though Emmett and Sebastian Murphy are identical twins, they looked far from the same when they were born. A prenatal scan at 23 weeks revealed they had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome - where identical twins share a placenta unequally. In the womb, Sebastian was getting too much blood and nutrients, while tiny Emmett wasn't getting enough - a potentially fatal situation for them both.

A 10-year-old has embraced her fuzzy "baby hair" caused by a rare genetic condition which means her locks are impossible to brush

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shilah Madison Calvert-Yin has had a halo of fluffy hair since she was a baby and has been teased by bullies who said it looks like "she's stuck her finger in a power socket". She has uncombable hair syndrome - her hair shafts are heart-shaped and missing a protein which makes it sit straight. When she was younger, Shilah cut off her hair herself out of frustration - but now embraces her unique do.

Every little girl’s Christmas dream? A giant unicorn is heading to auction

A big, bold and bright unicorn is going up for auction in time to make a Christmas dream come true. The dramatic object, which stands 8ft tall on its plinths and features real horse hair, was commissioned as a statement piece by the seller and has been on display in a coffee shop in South West London. Created by an artist as a piece of modern taxidermy, it features detachable swan-feather wings and is mounted on a metal plate which in turn sits on marble plinths. Its dimensions from the tip of its horn to its base is 200cm but that rises to 245cm when measured to the bottom of the plinths. Its width from wing tip to wing tip is 188cm and its length is 170cm. The one-off piece is set to go to auction at Hansons London on December 12 with an estimate of £10,000 to £15,000 - and it’s the first unicorn ever consigned into its Teddington Auction Centre.

Squirrels working on a covid vaccine, social distancing and on lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two clever red squirrels seem to be going nuts for a Covid vaccine in these funny photos - as they peer through a makeshift miniature MICROSCOPE as if doing research. The hungry squirrels were photographed posing with a series of lockdown-themed props - including inside a small wooden cage, holding a thermometer, and behind a red and yellow stop sign reading 'Lockdown'. The pair were even spotted doing their 'research' for a Covid vaccine - as they peered inside the miniature scientific microscope replica.

The ‘1999 Pokémon Base 1st Edition #4 Charizard trading card’ currently on track to sell for $500,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** This individual Pokémon card is set to sell for a record-breaking half a million dollars. The ‘1999 Pokémon Base 1st Edition #4 Charizard trading card’ is currently on track to sell for a whopping $500,000.  If it earns the predicted price it will become the most expensive Pokémon card ever sold, by double the current record holder. The rare holographic card, which features the Charizard creature, a fictional flying lizard, will be sold as a part of Goldin Auctions’ Holiday Auction.

Couple spend £23k transforming van into mini hotel – with fully working tiled bathroom and kitchen

***EXCLUSIVE*** EAST YORKSHIRE, UK: This couple have spent Ł23K transforming a VAN into their own portable HOTEL - but admit they've hardly used it due to Covid-19. Agricultural workers Sarah Gray (28) and husband Robert (39) from East Yorkshire, UK, struggle to plan holidays in advance due to their working commitments in the agricultural industry. For several years, a relaxing stay in a faraway hotel has been somewhat of an unattainable dream - until now. The couple decided to take matters into their own hands purchasing a Ł10,500 Mercedes sprinter van which following an incredible Ł12,500 renovation, has become their own personal and portable hotel on the road. Now, Sarah and Robert - along with their dogs Walter, Ellie, Reggie, and Patty - can take off wherever and whenever they want. Converting a van required Sarah and Rob to learn several new skills including wiring and contending with the vehicle’s weight limits, but they were more than up for the challenge. The couple began by installing solar power (Ł1,200), plumbing and heating (Ł2,000), insulation and sound deadening materials (Ł300), and wiring (Ł400). With utilities in place, the couple moved onto panelling the interior (Ł1,000) and laying down flooring (Ł300) before inserting their bathroom (Ł1,200), kitchen (Ł1,000), windows and seating (Ł1,200), and bed (Ł350). Tools for the project (Ł300) and new wheels (Ł1,650) completed the costs. Not only has transforming the van opened a new realm of possibilities for the couple, but it will also save them money on hotel rooms in the long run. Having completed the project in March of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic may have halted Sarah and Robert’s travel plans for now, but they’re excited to take the van out on the road to France, Spain, Croatia, and Italy when unrestricted international travel returns.

Emerald ring Elvis Presley gifted to the wife of his karate instructor has been sold 50 years later

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extravagant emerald ring Elvis Presley gifted to the wife of his karate instructor has been sold 50 years later at a British auction house. The 14 karat gold band was given by the King to Leilani Parker, whose husband Ed was one of his karate instructors. She kept it throughout her life and it has now been sold by her daughter.

Picasso on a postcard! Charming Christmas dinner scene sketch drawn by founder of Cubism in message he sent to a friend in 1919 emerges at auction for £30,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An original work by artist Pablo Picasso in the form of a sketch of a Christmas dinner scene on a postcard has emerged for sale for £30,000. The charming work was hastily drawn by the Spanish painter in 1919. The pen and ink drawing depicts a table with a plump turkey in the middle of it surrounded by two wine bottles, four glasses, two bunches of grapes, bread, bananas and a pear.

He ain't heavy - A pet dog saved his brother after cliff fall

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pet dog saved his brother by cushioning his fall as they tumbled down a 100ft cliff together. Lenny and Joey, two black Labradors, plummeted over the edge of the seaside cliff while being walked by owner Hayley Dunster. They bounced down the steep and rocky cliff face before Lenny landed first on a ledge 40ft down, suffering a broken leg in the process. Joey followed immediately behind him but had a soft landing by falling on top of his sibling.

A mum has been left on her hands and knees scrubbing furiously after her toddler got creative with a tub of Sudocrem and decided to decorate the living room carpet

***EXCLUSIVE*** Crazee Cardy, 21, had only turned her back briefly to wash the dishes but that was all it took for her mischievous daughter Bleu-Lilly Re to get her hands on a tub of Sudocrem. The 18 month old toddler had been watching TV that Monday morning [November 30] and decided to copy one of her favourite characters, Mr Tumble, when he started painting a picture. Unfortunately for Crazee, Bleu-Lilly's paint was the antiseptic cream and her canvas was the living room carpet of the rented property the family had only just moved into.

China's last gunmen tribe Basha

Basha villagers lead their peaceful life by practicing centuries-old customs in Congjiang county, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Guizhou province, 24 November 2020. In the deep forest of Guizhou province, a mysterious branch tribe of the  Miao nationality named Basha live in Congjiang county, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Guizhou province. Basha men wear a hair bun, a Waist knife, and carry a musket. Their guns have been specially approved by the public security organs. It is praised as "the last tribe of gunmen in China".

LEGO Group launch immersive experience in London's Covent Garden

London, United Kingdom: This festive season, the LEGO Group reveals what A Really Cool World it could be if it were imagined through the eyes of a child, with the launch of an exciting, immersive experience. Families will be able to step straight into a brick built world inspired by the 2020 LEGO Holiday advert, which sees a bespoke reimagining of the iconic song What a Wonderful World remastered to celebrate the creative and colourful outlook of children. The advert can be viewed here: https:www.lego.comholiday. From 5th December, families in London will be able to visit Covent Garden and have their creativity ignited as they explore the wonders of A Really Cool World. The re-imagined song lyrics, which include „I see sausage trees, I see them bloom, my horse is blue, this guy goes zhoooom”, have been brought to life in brick-form and are set to surprise and delight kids and adults alike. Creativity is encouraged around every corner, from the moment families step through the colourfully lit A Really Cool World archway, to when they spot a sausage tree, show off their best dragon-slaying princess pose or enjoy some dancing on the LEGO DOTS dancefloor.

High-tech 'message in a bottle' experiment shows how plastic pollution in rivers can travel almost 2,000 miles in just three months

***EXCLUSIVE*** A high-tech 'message in a bottle' experiment has shown how plastic pollution can travel thousands of miles in just weeks. British researchers put GPS and satellite tags in plastic bottles in the River Ganges and the Bay of Bengal. The maximum distance tracked was 1,768 miles (2,845 kilometres) in just 94 days. The study, led by researchers from the University of Exeter and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), was conducted as part of the National Geographic Society's Sea to Source: Ganges expedition. Lead author Dr Emily Duncan, of the Centre for Ecology and Conservation on Exeter's Penryn Campus in Cornwall, said: "Our 'message in a bottle' tags show how far and how fast plastic pollution can move.

Aliens may have once lived miles beneath the surface of Mars, research suggests

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Red Planet may once have harboured aliens... miles beneath the surface, according to new research. Life on Mars was most likely to have emerged deep underground - as tons of thick ice was melted by geothermal heating, say scientists.  This would have been up to four billion years ago when the sun was about 25 percent dimmer than it is today.  Single cell organisms began thriving on Earth - despite the star's reduced power. The paradox has been put down to insulating gases or magnetic solar storms.  The same phenomenon might have happened on Mars - fuelled by radioactive decay processes within the rocky world.

Treasure trove of over 350 Chinese ceramics amassed by a British collector has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A treasure trove of over 350 Chinese ceramics amassed by a British collector has emerged for sale for £200,000. The impressive collection of Asian and European antiques was put together by the late businessman and anthropologist Roger Moss OBE. He would visit curators all over the world to acquire the pieces which he displayed in his Yorkshire Dales farmhouse.

Hidden cache of Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson's production puppets & props sell for £203K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A huge hidden cache of Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson's production puppets, props and scripts have sold for £203,000. They had belonged to the late John Bell, a driver and handyman at Bray Studios in Berkshire where the special effects for Anderson's shows were filmed. He was given hundreds of mementos by a senior director at Anderson's production company as they had no storage facilities for them. The archive was uncovered following Mr Bell's death last year and went under the hammer with auctioneers Ewbank's, of Woking, Surrey. The sale sparked worldwide interest as it was feared many of these treasured items had ended up in a skip.