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Real-life Rapunzel whose hair is six-feet long spends £75 on haircare products a month to keep it in top condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** DNIPRO, UKRAINE: Meet the real-life Rapunzel whose six-foot-long hair has caused her to get inundated with DMs from 'creepy' guys asking to SNIFF it. Lawyer Alona Anufriieva (31) from Dnipro, Ukraine, started growing her hair at the age of 12, aiming to grow it to her waist. It took her three years to grow her hair to waist-length and then she decided to continue growing it. In total it took twelve years to reach six feet. Alona gets a trim every few months but her hair is now past her feet and she spends Ł75 ($100) a month on coconut oil, shampoo and conditioner to keep it thick and healthy. She has also gone through ten hairbrushes in a bid to maintain her healthy, thick locks, but finds they break after just six months of use. She even gets stopped in the street by little girls who call her Rapunzel and want to touch her hair. Alona believes long hair is a sign of a powerful woman and hopes her two-year-old daughter Mira will grow hers when she is older. Although she insists it never gets in the way of parenting or work, Alona’s hair often falls on the floor so she plaits it or piles it into a bun. She feels her incredible hair makes her unique and says men love it - especially her husband Stanislav (34). But the attention she gets isn’t always so flattering, with creeps on Instagram wanting to sniff, touch and even buy her locks. She blocks requests immediately but her posts are flooded with comments from men wanting to play with her hair and begging her to never cut it.

Covid-19 donor volunteer

Abie Rohrig had just turned 18 when he told his mom he would be donating a kidney to save a stranger's life. Her answer: No you're not. He did it anyway -- the organ went to a man about his age -- and his mom was so inspired she went and donated a kidney herself. So Rohrig expected her to understand when he told her that, for the benefit of humanity, he may volunteer to become infected with Covid-19. It turns out "she's more worried than she was about the kidney thing," said Rohrig, now a 20-year-old college student who lives with his parents in a New York City apartment. Rohrig is one of more than 16,000 people -- most of them young adults -- who have signaled their support for a controversial method of speeding up the development of a vaccine by intentionally infecting dozens of volunteers. Abie Rohrig’s mother, Elaine Perlman has already donated a kidney, says he's willing to be exposed to the coronavirus as part of the search for a vaccine.

Meet the couple who introduced their BEST FRIEND into their relationship just THREE MONTHS after meeting her to form a THROUPLE

***EXCLUSIVE*** FLORIDA, USA: Meet the couple who introduced their BEST FRIEND into their relationship just THREE MONTHS after meeting her to form a THROUPLE ¬ but they insist there’s no jealousy. Nanny, Tia Burt (21) from Florida, USA, met couple of one-year Tayla Means (25) and Philip Barr (27) online in October 2019 as they sought to make new friends. The trio met in person a few days later and soon became inseparable, spending all of their free time at Tayla and Philip’s house bonding over TV and chatting endlessly. After three months of friendship, Tia realised she had feelings for the couple and decided to tell them. She was relieved to learn they felt the same and they realised they were stronger as a threesome than a duo. Tia had only been in monogamous relationships before and was hesitant as she didn’t want to feel less important or loved in the relationship, but Tayla and Philip assured her they would all be equals. In March 2020 she moved into their house and they invested in a king size bed so they could all sleep together at night. The threesome insists there is no jealousy in their relationship, with the key being spending time as a three as much as possible so no-one feels left out. Their families have been accepting, but when they are out together the throuple hold hands and constantly attract stares from other people. They are now planning to tie the knot in a commitment ceremony in a few years and hope to start a family together. They started sharing their love publicly in July 2020 by starting an Instagram page documenting the beauty of their partnership and helping to normalise polygamy.

Inside the Christmas Warner Bros Studio tour Harry Potter film set - with pictures revealing the new snow-covered Diagon Alley

***EXCLUSIVE*** New pictures reveal the Christmas version of the Warner Bros Studio Tour London Harry Potter film set – which features a spellbinding snow-covered Diagon Alley for the first time. The cobbled stones and shop fronts of the magical shopping street have been draped in layers of filmmaking snow as part of the annual Hogwarts in the Snow transformation. During the filming of the Harry Potter movies, Warner Bros Studio Tour London says that many different types of 'snow' were used, each selected for its 'ability to crunch underfoot, float like falling flakes or glisten in the light like ice, but never melt'. The same techniques have been used by filmmakers to give Diagon Alley its festive makeover. In addition to Diagon Alley, the Hogwarts castle model, a fan favourite, has also been transformed with a dusting of snow again this year. Warner Bros Studio Tour London explains that during filming a member of the crew climbed aboard an elevated work platform and 'sprinkled a mixture of granulated paper and grains of salt onto the model by hand with a sieve - like dusting sugar onto a cake'. It says that the same process takes place at the Studio Tour every festive season.

Harry Potter book set to be sold for 50p in car boot sale now expected to fetch £50k

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare Harry Potter first edition - heading to a car boot sale in a 50p box - could sell for £50,000 thanks to a stroke of luck. And that means one of the best Christmases ever could be on the way for 59-year-old Blackpool mum Karen Rumsey, her bride-to-be daughter Charlotte, 28, from Preston, and sons Callum, 27, a bricklayer now living in Rugby, and IT specialist Cameron, 25, who also lives in Rugby.  Charlotte had been helping her mum clear out items in her home when they struck gold – a first issue hardback copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, one of only 500 in the first print run published by Bloomsbury in 1997.  But they have been so shocked by the discovery Charlotte said they were still pinching themselves: “Things like this don’t happen to normal families like us. Our friends are delighted for us.”  The book is due to be sold by Hansons Auctioneers on December 11, an auction house renowned for uncovering Philosopher’s Stone hardback first editions. The last one it sold in October 2020, posted to its books expert Jim Spencer in a tea towel from Luxembourg, realised a hammer price of £60,000.

Amazing $600 M megayacht inspired by a shark

A jaw-dropping concept for a $600m million mega-yacht inspired by a shark has been unveiled. The 501ft long and 112ft wide Prodigium features fin-like structures and windows that echo the toothy grin of the marine predator. The vessel, designed by Lazzarini Design Studio, is spread over six levels and also takes inspiration from Roman architecture. A spokesperson says: „We estimated a cost of approximately 300m euro for the construction that would take about 28 months in one of the most bravest shipyard of the world. That’s the price needed for the construction, to client will be about 500m euro.”

This is the moment a dying grandma saw her granddaughter as a bride when she surprised her with a visit knowing she wouldn't live to see her wedding

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer captured the moment a sick grandmother opened her eyes and saw her beloved granddaughter as a bride for the very first time in her home in North Carolina. Bethany Boykin, 25, donned her wedding dress for Dot 'Honey' Beaman, 87, when she realised that she would not live to see her wedding day in November. She called on close friend and photographer Taylor Dail, 27, who '"immediately dropped everything" to arrange the shoot on July 14 in Wilson, NC.

Bond car offered at Bonhams auction

London, United Kingdom: 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 convertible which had starring role in classic Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service offered for first time at auction at Bonhams, estimate £100,000-150,000.

Family’s hilarious Christmas tradition - recreating traditional Christmas cards with a ‘dark twist’- such as enacting Santa and Rudolph’s murders

***EXCLUSIVE*** The hilarious pictures show the creative Christmas scenes ‘with a dark twist’ that the family have created over the past eight years - from enacting Santa and Rudolph’s murders to pretending to carve up their son for Christmas dinner. Dad Martyn, mum Sally, both 41, and their sons Sam, 11, and Joe, eight, photograph themselves in festive scenes, but each has a more sinister vibe. 

This adorable footage shows the moment a Dalmatian took to passionately bellowing his favourite tunes while playing the PIANO

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dexter spends a few minutes each week perfecting his craft and singing his favourite songs on the keyboard. Sadly, the shy pooch normally stops playing as soon as owner Esther Mason, 43, walks in - but she finally managed to catch him in the act last week. Esther said the talented two-year-old is by far the “best pianist” in her home and even made neighbours wonder if her young daughter was learning to play after hearing his songs. In the video, the self-taught mutt is seen standing with perfect posture as he belts out impressive notes while dramatically hitting the keys of the piano. with his paws. Esther thinks the soulful dog was particularly passionate because she'd left the Cats soundtrack score lying on the piano. Esther, from Jersey, said: “He’s been playing the piano for a while, I barely ever get to see it but my neighbours have asked me a few times if my daughter is learning the piano. 

Cadet collects crisp packets to make sleeping bags for the homeless

***EXCLUSIVE*** A sixteen year old Army Cadet from March, Sergeant Rhyder Cameron-Wickes, is completing the Volunteering aspect of his Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award by making sleeping bags to help homeless people- from empty crisp packets. This idea, called the Crisp Packet Project, was invented by Pen Huston in 2019 as a means of providing cost effective protection from the cold to homeless people. Foil lined packets are melted together with an iron, on low heart, to form large sheets.

A bold woman is raising thousands of pounds for mental health by cycling around London completely naked

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kerri Barnes, 25, cycled past London's Covent Garden, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace wearing nothing but glitter across her chest.  Braving the cold and prying eyes from strangers, she has so far raised an impressive £8,000 for Mind charity which experienced its largest ever increase in helpline calls during the nation's first lockdown. Kerri, a partnerships manager for a tech start-up, felt compelled to act after seeing shocking mental health statistics and tragically losing her cousin to suicide.

Two lonely otters have found love - after Tinder-style dating profiles were set up for them

***EXCLUSIVE*** Asian short clawed otter Harris had been left single after his partner of four years Apricot passed away recently. His keepers at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, in Gweek, desperately wanted to find him a new partner so set him up on "Fishing for Love." He 'matched' with Pumpkin, who was also left alone by the death of her partner, Eric, at Sea Life in Scarborough, Yorkshire.

Video grab from the incredible footage of Jae Milez who has made a name for himself by mastering the art of cycling on a normal bike - with just ONE WHEEL

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tireless Jae Milez has made a name for himself by mastering the art of cycling on a normal bike - with just ONE WHEEL. Professional bike rider Jae, 22, takes to the streets everyday without a front wheel and literally pops a continual wheelie.  Incredible footage shows thrill-seeking Jae riding through traffic, skate parks - and even in a grocery store - showing an insane amount of concentration and skill.  Jae, from Dyckman, New York, USA, is often seen riding around the City and shares 'sightings', sent to him from followers, on his Instagram page.

A baker has sparked a global craze for decorating chocolate oranges after creating edible Christmas-themed gnome-like figures complete with edible fur and hats

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cake decorator Chelle Holmes, 42, has previously turned the traditional Christmas treat into edible unicorns, pumpkins and even the Grinch using her icing skills. And this year orders for her first three batches of grey, bearded edible "gonks" - gnome-like characters that she sells for £10 each - sold out in just 40 minutes. Chelle now has to make 150 of the five inch high figures in time for Christmas, with painstaking accuracy and attention to detail. She uses icing for all of the intricate decoration to make the fur, beard and woolly hat that the festive favourites wear. Chelle began decorating chocolate oranges in icing a few years ago and posting pictures in various online cake decorating groups.

Subway unveils 6ft pig in blanket sub sandwich

London, United Kingdom: Subway has today unveiled a 6ft version of their new Pig In Blanket Sub - the largest festive sandwich on the high street. The XL Sub will feed up to three households who, under new guidelines, will be now able to meet up during the five-day festive period as long as they remain in their „Christmas bubble”. It’s also perfectly sized for an office Christmas lunch. A savoury festive treat like no other, the 6ft Pig In Blanket Sub - aka the 6ft „Tiger Pig” - includes 36 delicious pigs in blankets, 64 slices of American cheese, 24 slices of tangy red onion, 96 slices of juicy tomato and 96 slices of mixed peppers, all laid on a bed of spinach on a plaited roll of Subway’s brand-new crusty tiger bread and drizzled with their famous Southwest sauce. For a sweet treat the Christmas season-only Chocolate Orange Cookie and Mince Pie Cookie are now available individually or as a new 12-cookie family selection box.

'Britain's naughtiest dog' having chewed through eight sofas, two dining room tables and 10 remote controls - costing his owners nearly £9k

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple claim to have 'Britain's naughtiest dog' after their hound chewed through eight sofas, two dining room tables and 10 remote controls - costing nearly £9k. Boxer Cooper first destroyed his owner Jill Kirkham’s cuddle chair when he was just 12 months old and has since gone through seven more.  Jill, 54, and her partner, Steve, 60, who is retired, have shelled out thousands to cover the cost of the damage caused by their destructive dog.  Now, at five-and-a-half, Cooper has finally started to 'calm down' and has yet to pull apart the couple's ninth sofa.

Critically endangered cuban crocodile eggs hatching

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiny crocodile hatchling emerges from an egg. The new arrival is part of a conservation project focused on replenishing the declining numbers of the species. When they first hatch, the Cuban crocodiles are as small as 30 centimetres, but will later grow to upwards of two metres when they are released into the wild. The photos were taken at the Criadero de Cocodrilos conservation site in Playa Larga, Cuba, where between 500 and 700 crocodiles hatch every year. The photos were taken by Savannah Boan, who works for Gatorland Global, based in Florida in the United States.

Bristol's most festive house has turned on it's lights

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lee and Paul Brailsford have been bringing Christmas magic to Brentry since 1994, when they first decorated their mum's house in Trevisa Grove. Now in its 26th year, the annual tradition which lights up the neighbourhood has raised over £74,000 for Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal, which supports sick children and their families at Bristol Children’s Hospital. On a normal year hundreds of people from all over the city gather in front of the house to watch the lights being turned on. But this year Lee was by himself as he flicked the switch on his 50,000 bulbs as the city is under Tier 3 Covid restrictions.

Children’s festive drawings 'light up' Britain in giant 5G light display

Bristol, United Kingdom: With many traditional Christmas lights, fayres and markets cancelled this year, Vodafone has created a new twist on a Christmas classic, with a 5G-powered light display, bringing to life Christmas drawings from children across the UK. Vodafone will donate £1 for every card designed to charity Barnardo. It’s easy to get involved, just create your festive design, take a picture on your phone and share on social media using #ConnectTheMagic. The images will then be sent back via the same social media platform you used to submit your illustration, via the comment or original tweet. The huge 23 x 16 metre light display, which is made from 1600 bulbs and taller than the famous letters of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, has been installed on the side of Cabot Circus shopping centre in Bristol. The designs will be live streamed every evening in December between 5pm and 9pm, and can be watched live via the Vodafone hub. Participants will automatically receive digital images of their creations up in lights to be used as Christmas e-cards, no stamps required.

Bangladesh boat race

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dozens of rowers sit shoudler to shoulder along the length of the boat as they compete in a boat race known locally as 'Nouka Baich' down the Ghaghat River in Gaibandha district, Bangladesh. The long thin boats, which are between 70 feet to 120 feet long, can reach speeds of around 20 mph and each boat can hold 80 to 100 people. Thousands of locals line the river bank to watch the traditional boat race in Bangladesh, and the winners of the races are given various prizes including cash, televisions, cows, buffaloes and even goats.

Lone zebra crosses river with wildeebeasts

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lone zebra joins a herd of wildebeest crossing a river. They are embarking on the great migration which begins in April each year. The animals - more than two million zebras, gazelles and wildebeest - then return on their 1,800 mile round trip in November.