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A homeless student having completed his over 500 mile and 16-day plight from Virginia to Massachusetts - raising $170,000 for a homelessness charity

***EXCLUSIVE*** Student who lived in his car with just $6 in his pocket managed to secure a place at a top university - and walked 500 miles to get there. Gordon Wayne, now 20, became homeless when he finished school after his parents split up and there was no room for him to stay with family. He spent his savings on a car to live in and lived off promotions for free McDonalds food while sleeping in car parks for more than a year. But hardworking Gordon managed to complete enough community college classes to get a scholarship at university.

Woman posing nude outside prestigious museum at sunset is crowned winner of 'Best Bum 2020' contest

***EXCLUSIVE*** The winner of The Tab's 'Best Bum' competition has been crowned, after dozens of brave University of Cambridge students shed their clothes for the annual competition. A long-haired history student named Athena, whose name comes from the Greek goddess of war and wisdom, has claimed the top prize with her cheeky snap. Her winning entry was taken during the 'golden hour' when the sunset shone on her bottom as she leaned against a pillar outside the prestigious Fitzwilliam museum in the city. Other University of Cambridge competitors came up with some creative ideas in their year's competition, using some of the city's most famous landmarks as backdrops.

Meet the daredevil explorer who says he is witnessing climate change first-hand

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALASKA, USA: Meet the daredevil explorer who says he is witnessing climate change first-hand after venturing into deep glacier caves where ice is melting at a rate of up to SIXTEEN FEET a day. In one image, David traversed a two-foot-wide slot in the ice using a headlamp to provide light in the otherwise pitch-black darkness. In another, he admired the glistening sunlight as it danced off the ice from the comfort of a hammock set up in a small ice cave pocket. Photographer David Crane (32) from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, developed an interest in glacier exploration after a trip to Alaska in 2015. After immediately becoming fascinated by the unmatched beauty of glaciers, David underwent glacier safety training and has been frequenting the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska ever since. A typical day of exploring consists of an eight-mile trek before David even reaches the glacier. Once he?s arrived, he spends up to six hours exploring the one-degree Celsius ice caves. There are 34,000 sq. miles of glaciers in Alaska and in the summer, they?re currently melting at a rate of between five and 16-feet per day. David captured the images on Canon 5D MK III and 7D cameras using a 24-105 F/4 lens.

'Magical' monolith appears on Isle of Wight beach leaving locals 'dumbstruck'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Crowds of beach goers on the Isle of Wight were today astonished at finding something rather out of the ordinary on the sand - an alien like monolith. Hundreds of locals flocked to Compton beach on the island to marvel at the mysterious construction, which stands at around 8 feet tall and was first spotted yesterday afternoon. Similar constructions have appeared over the past weeks in America and Romania, with the first appearing in a desert in the Utah desert in the United States. Though the Utah monolith was later removed, it has been replicated on Compton beach, in Freshwater, though its origins remain unknown.

Retirement home seniors can hug family members

RSA embrace room COVID19 retirement home Castello Seniga seniors can hug their families. The administration of the RSA was the first to decide the location of the inflatable hug room in Lombardy, a gift for guests and family members during the Christmas period.

This is the moment a couple who had been trying for a baby for eleven years discovered they were expecting a boy - in the UK's biggest ever gender reveal

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nicola and John Stewart-Pope were about to give up hope of ever having a family when she fell pregnant. The 40-year-old actually thought she was going into early menopause when she began feeling very sick all of a sudden, but John, 38, urged her to take a pregnancy test. They won the opportunity to have the UK's biggest gender reveal - the Radio City Tower in Liverpool would turn pink for a girl or blue for a boy.

Dumped puppy becomes police sniffer dog

Surrey, United Kingdom: A puppy rescued by the RSPCA after being abandoned in a bucket with his siblings has grown up to become a „crime-fighting hero” after being trained by Surrey and Sussex Police Dog Unit. Four six-week-old cocker spaniel pups were found dumped in a blue bucket and left in the front garden of a home in Redhill, Surrey, on 14 July (2019). The RSPCA was called to rescue the dogs after they were found by the shocked homeowner and were taken in by the charity’s Millbrook Animal Centre, in Chobham. The puppies were almost bald due to severe mange, had chronic eye and ear infections, and were extremely malnourished and underweight.

A woman who wanted to thank NHS staff for their life saving work on the frontlines has baked a massive 6ft cake of a nurse hugging Santa

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rosie Dummer, 53, spent two entire weeks painstakingly preparing the jaw-dropping cake which served up 1,200 portions and weighed more than 30 stone.  She was asked to prepare a cake for Channel 5’s Amazing Cakes and Bakes, which is set to air later this month, and wanted to create a fitting tribute to the heroic frontline staff.  The mum-of-four said she completed the cake in “record time” after spending up to 16 hours a day over two weeks moulding, crafting and sculpting the stunning cake. The 6ft tall creation features a life-size Santa sharing a wholesome embrace with a nurse. The chocolate cake titled “a hug for Christmas” is soaked with orange syrup and each of its 17 layers is filled with a chocolate orange frosting. The cake was presented to staff at the Royal Bolton Hospital on Dec 4 and fed 1,200 hungry stomachs. 

Ancient vase that was feared to have slumped in value by £685k because of its cracks fetches £200k at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Chinese vase which was accidentally smashed during a 1950s hunting party has fetched £200,000 at auction – despite being valued at only £10,000. The 250-year-old blue and white Qianlong lantern vase would have been worth up to £700,000 in mint condition, and it was feared the damage had removed much of its value. But despite its numerous cracks and visible glued repairs, the rare pot ended up selling for 20 times its estimate when it went under the hammer at Hansons Auctioneers in Etwall, Derbyshire, yesterday.

A desperate mum is fundraising for a life-changing 'Iron Man' arm - so he can hold both her children's hands

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tanya Cattran, 28, was born with a right arm that stops just below her elbow. During her life she has had several "cosmetic" prosthetic limbs that she described as like "medieval torture devices." But the mum-of-two said she is now hoping to raise £10,000 to buy a robotic Hero Arm that she believes will transform her life. She said she will not only will she be able to complete everyday tasks such as cooking and chopping - but will be able to take her children out together safely on her own. Currently she either has to be accompanied or has to take them out one at a time, as she can't hold both of them when crossing busy roads. Tanya, of Exeter, Devon, said: "I was born without a right arm as it stops just below my elbow.

A madcap prison guard has shaved a Christmas tree into his chest hair to raise cash for charity

***EXCLUSIVE*** Richard Padley, 30, dyed the design green and even decorated it with colourful baubles which he had created on his dad-bod.  He is raising money for cancer charity Se7en Signs of Hope in honour of his friend and colleague Mike Jelfs who died of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in December 2018.  Richard and Mike both worked as prison officers at HMP Hewell in Worcestershire before he became ill.