Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A student has told how she's funding her studies and making £600 a month -- selling worn undies and tights

***EXCLUSIVE*** MelKim Brown, 30, sells dozens of pairs of her worn pants and tights to pervs from all over the world who get off on owning used undergarments. She got the idea when she innocently sold some second hand Halloween masks on eBay - and got a random request offering her £15 in exchange for worn Marigold gloves. Since then nearly 20,000 have checked out her shop in a matter of months - and the physics undergraduate at the Open University said demand is so high she barely has to do any laundry. Mel from Newcastle said: "I usually wear them for about two days and just go about my daily life; go on walks and go for a run, but sometimes I get requests. "I have been asked to put on some tights and do jumping jacks - that was very slippy so was a bit of a health and safety risk!

Christmas-mad couple spend £20k transforming their home into festive DISNEYLAND with fake turrets & thousands of lights

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dan and Mark Extance have converted their property in Tintinhull, Somerset into a winter wonderland. Stunning pictures show their magical display, which includes reindeer, thousands of lights - and a castle. The pair have been decorating their home in an elaborate fashion for the past three years as a way of raising money for charity. The couple have been doing the display for the last six years to raise money for charity after Dan was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2008. They said they’ve spent £20,000 on the display over the years, but have raised around £40,000 for charities from people coming to see their home.

Mom-of-five, 29, who lost two fingers in a horrific accident on her Washington farm says the severed digits were left in melted ice for hours by medical staff who did not know what they were doing

***EXCLUSIVE*** WASHINGTON, USA: This woman chopped off two of her fingers in a gruesome woodworking accident and claims she has been left in constant pain after her digits were left to soak in MELTED ICE for hours by hospital staff who had no idea what they were doing. Farmer and mother-of-five Natasha Baggett (29) from Washington, USA, is a huge DIY enthusiast. As a keen member of a ?buy nothing? Facebook group, Natasha was asked by a local mum in May of 2019 if she would be able to make a laptop table for her wheelchair-bound disabled son. Natasha happily offered to make the table and began work on the gift. With just one final woodcut to go, the table saw that Natasha was using suddenly kicked back sending the piece of wood she was working on into the air. As it came down, it landed on Natasha?s right hand, forcing it onto a rotating saw. Natasha?s index finger was completely severed, her middle finger was hanging on by a small piece of bone, and the top of her thumb had been sliced off. In a state of complete shock and whilst bleeding profusely, Natasha grabbed her phone to try and dial the emergency services but with her thumb mangled by the saw, she struggled to unlock it. After five minutes, Natasha finally managed to call an ambulance but living in a rural farmhouse, it would be 30 minutes before anyone would arrive. Natasha squeezed her fingers together as tight as possible to try and reduce the amount of blood she was losing, but over time began to feel light headed.

Man breaks world record for the most weight deadlifted in 24 hours

***EXCLUSIVE*** A gym owner has claimed a backbreaking new world record after deadlifting an eye-watering 675 tonnes in just 24 hours - or the weight of three and a half blue whales. Herculean Sam Murphy, 31, took only an hour-long break as he lifted an average weight of 65kg a staggering 8,533 times over the course of the challenge. In total Sam, who runs a gym on the Isle of Man, lifted 520,072kg - smashing the previous Guinness World Record by 20,000kg. Sam said the agonising pain was worth it, as so far he has used the challenge to raise an impressive £4,500 for Movember to raise awareness for men's mental health.

A heavily pregnant mum who caught Covid-19 nearly died and lost her baby - and had to give birth while in a COMA

***EXCLUSIVE*** When she began struggling to breathe, doctors were forced to place the mum into a coma to save both her and her daughter’s lives - before delivering the baby from the comatose mum at 28 weeks. Four months on, after a terrifying start in life, the miracle baby is finally safe and at home with her recovered mum and family. Mum Blanca Rodriguez, 32, said: “Covid-19 is not a joke. It nearly killed me.

Single dad adopts 13-year-old after he’s abandoned at hospital

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man from an abusive home who began fostering children to 'give something back' before he adopted a white son has started an initiative to provide encouragement to disadvantaged kids.  Peter Mutabazi, 47, grew up in an extremely poor family in Uganda, Africa, and spent his entire childhood suffering verbal and physical violence from his abusive father. He ran away from home at the age of 10 and lived as a street kid, doing odd jobs for money and scrounging what food he could from people at the markets in Kampala.  But thanks to a kindly family Peter turned his life round and, after settling in America, was determined to do some good and give kids in similar curcumstances a chance in life and began fostering.

Bale art

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jolly cartoon characters including Garfield, Snoopy and Eeyore greeted drivers from the sides of bales in a bid to cheer people up during the coronavirus pandemic. The characters were painted freehand by talented farmer's wife Fleur , 49, who spent a day painstakingly illustrating 15 bales of spring barley. Donald Duck can be seen wearing a Santa hat and holding a Christmas card, while Rudolph reclines on his side grinning. Garfield looks miffed as he clutches a candy cane which has had all the colour licked off it by Odie, and both of them are wearing Santa hats.

A nightdress and stockings worn by Queen Victoria have emerged for sale after more than 120 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** The two incredibly personal items were worn by the iconic monarch in later life, when she notoriously gained weight comfort eating after the death of her beloved husband Albert in 1861. The pieces of clothing, which date to the late 19th century, belong to a private collector, who has decided to put them up for auction with Kerry Taylor Auctions.

A family have been landed with a staggering £20,000 vet bill after yobs KICKED their cat -- forcing them to cancel Christmas

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Mitchell family said cat Smudge went missing for 24 hours and limped home in agony with catastrophic injuries. Vets diagnosed blunt force trauma to her abdominal area, most likely caused by being kicked from underneath, so hard she had been lifted off the floor. Five weeks on, Smudge is still fighting for her life after her wounds re-opened and the family have been left with a £20,000 vets bill for the moggy's treatment.

Unicorn puppy

***EXCLUSIVE*** This precious unicorn puppy was born with an extra tail on its forehead, which earned him the name Narwhal. Narwhal is the face of a rescue center for special needs pups called Mac’s Mission, in Jackson, Missouri, created by dog-lover Rochelle Steffen. The adorable pooch, named after a species of horned whale, came to the shelter in 2019. “From what the vet could tell, he absorbed a twin in utero which is where the extra tail came from,” explained Rochelle, 44, who runs Mac’s Mission entirely from public donations. “We are fortunate that it is just the tail and that it does not wag, a.k.a. it does not have any bones or nerves. “The tail is just there and does not pose any threat to him so we don’t want to put him through surgery trying to remove it.

A motoring enthusiast has bought back his vintage MG nearly 30 years after he swapped it for another car

***EXCLUSIVE*** Steve Ellams, from Leeds, West Yorks, first purchased the British Racing Green MGB GT Jubilee in 1990 and owned it for three years. He lovingly restored the 1975 motor to the highest of standards and spent his weekends taking it to motor shows all over the country.

Super squirrel flies through the air

***EXCLUSIVE*** A red squirrel imitates a superhero as it flies through the air with a nut in its mouth. The athletic 'super squirrel' was caught on camera leaping to collect nuts in a woodland clearing. Keen amateur photographer Jens Stahl, 52, took these photos near the Dutch town of Berghem.

A holidaymaker has told how her face swelled up so much she couldn't see after she got sun poisoning -- thanks to cheap €10 sunglasses

***EXCLUSIVE*** Joanne Mason, 40, picked up the specs from a beachside shop in Lanzarote, while on holiday with her husband James, 41. She had no idea anything was wrong until she took them off to enjoy a drink in a pub - and her husband was shocked to see her eyes and nose had started to bulge. A trip to the chemist did nothing - and the next day when she woke up, her eyes were so swollen she couldn't see a thing.

A six-bedroom home on one of London’s most prestigious squares has gone on sale for £17.5m

***EXCLUSIVE*** The immaculate 5,100 sq ft home is on Carlyle Square, one of the most desirable garden squares in Central London, and located off the King’s Road in Chelsea. The award-winning gardens can only be accessed by the residents of the square and were the site of the annual summer party held by broadcaster David Frost, who lived two doors down from the property. His parties attracted many notable people from British and international society, politics and broadcasting. Set over six floors, the house has many clever touches that make the most of its space and location as well as an elegant and private garden.

Mother and daughter tigers fight after the younger animal tried to share its parent's territory

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer has captured an epic battle between a tiger mum and her daughter over territory. In one image, the 350-pound tiger mother clapped her paws around her daughter’s face as she attempted to push the troublesome teen away. In another, the young daughter temporarily gained the upper hand as she pushed the mother down to the ground, but she was soon back on the defensive. Photographer Chandrabhal Singh (45) from Pune, India, captured the rare territorial fight in Ranthambore National Park. The brawling mother and daughter duo fought it out just six yards away from Chandrabhal over the space of a minute. Since the year 2000, habitats occupied by tigers have shrunk by 93 percent due to growing urbanisation and habitat destruction. India is thought to have around 3,000 wild tigers left - a third of what it had four years ago. The images were captured on a Nikon camera using a Nikkor lens.

Basket making

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of freshly handwoven baskets dry in the sun before being exported around the world. Workers weave the baskets from Kans grass, typically making three to six each day of various shapes and sizes. Once finished they are left out in the sunlight for two or three days so that the moisture from the grass evaporates. They are then shipped from Bogra, Bangladesh, to the likes of USA, Australia, Britain and elsewhere in Europe, usually selling for £8 to £20.

Balancing Inle fishermen

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fisherman balances precariously on the edge of his boat on Inle Lake, Myanmar, demonstrating a technique dating back to the 12th century. The image was captured by photographer Istvan Kadar who said, "This lake in Myanmar is famous for rowers masterfully balancing on one leg. Photos of such hardworking fishermen are plentiful, but most are staged. Of course, there are many "real" fishermen plying Inle Lake with traps in order to bring home the catch to their families." "The 'model' guys have figured out another way to make a few dollars off the lake—posing for tourists for tips. They wear traditional, colourful clothing and perform amazing acrobatic shows; their sense of balance and the strength required to pose is quite remarkable."

Dinner dispute

***EXCLUSIVE*** ZIMANGA PRIVATE GAME RESERVE, SOUTH AFRICA: See the moment three jackals had a TWO-HOUR scrap over dinner - with an audience of ravenous VULTURES watching on. In one image, a hungry 22-pound jackal happily walked along with intestines hanging out of its mouth having just scavenged his dinner. In another, the jackal was joined by two of his pack who attempted to challenge him for the food before finally, several vultures joined in on the action. Photographer Seyms Brugger (42) from Johannesburg, South Africa, captured the incredible two-hour-long food fight in the country’s Zimanga Private Game Reserve. Seyms stood just 11-yards away as he photographed the action on his Nikon D850 camera using a 200-400 F4 lens. Jackals are scavengers and tend to hunt for carcasses in pairs although they will also hunt larger prey like antelopes and gazelles if the need strikes. They run at speeds of just 10 miles-per-hour but utilise their curved canine teeth when making a kill.