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Two women who found out they were sisters on Facebook while searching for their long lost dad have finally been reunited with him after 24 YEARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lisa McLean, 33 and Rebecca Parton, 24, found each other on social media by chance while searching for their father David Riggs.  The total strangers spent years searching the internet desperately trying to find their dad before eventually finding each other by an amazing coincidence in 2016.  But 24-years later the sisters have finally been reunited with their dad after he saw their online appeal four years after it was released.  The emotional introduction took place only a week on Sunday (06,12) after dad David sent the girl's friends requests on Facebook last month (28/11).  The pair have since forged a close sisterly bond with Rebecca even being a bridesmaid at Lisa’s wedding last year and expressed their amazement and disbelief at their dad finally getting in touch all these years later.  Dad David, 53, from South Shore, Blackpool, has now finally been reunited with his two daughters for the first time in over two decades.  The former Blackpool pier maintenance worker described how he feels like he’s won the lottery and is the happiest man in the world after all these years without them. 

The largest Living Nativity in the world

Matera it is one of the most fascinating and oldest cities in the world. The caves that have been carved out of the rock are a spectacular landscape that, from the 1993, has been recognized by theUnesco come World Heritage. The Living Nativity represented in the Sassi of Matera is the most popular festival. The title of the Living Nativity is “All in that instant” with the participation of actors who create scenes from the daily life of Judea two thousand years ago. Each year provides a different theme always in suggestive locations that will remember the most important moments of the Nativity. Images that accompany the participants and visitors on an inner journey made of faith and spirituality.

Brother and sister hatch 12 chicks from box of Marks and Spencer quail eggs

***EXCLUSIVE*** This amazing video footage shows two very excited children who have hatched TWELVE chicks from a box of quail eggs from Marks and Spencers. Ray Moorhead, seven, and his sister Pearl, four, decided to experiment with a box of 24 quail eggs by putting them in an incubator on October 27 to see if any would hatch. Their mum Emily Moorhead, warned them it was unlikely for any to hatch and was surprised when she heard chirping from the incubator two and a half weeks later. To their amazement, TWELVE of the quail eggs had hatched and now their home in Bromley, south-east London, is filled with a dozen chirping chicks.

‘Temperature stickers’ could detect fever in seconds – and help spot potential Covid cases

***EXCLUSIVE*** A sticker which can test your temperature and detect changes within seconds has been launched to help diagnose people suffering from coronavirus.  The innovative 24p disc changes colour when applied to the forehead of someone who develops a fever. A cross on the The Visual Temperature Indicator (VTi) turns from green to red when it detects a temperature of 38 degrees or higher.  This will provide an easy new way to monitor symptoms of coronavirus, flu and other conditions.

A collection of five gold rings has been made out of old tech - including discarded laptops, baby monitors and mobile phones

***EXCLUSIVE*** Designers made the 9ct gold and 925 silver rings by hand, using the precious metals recovered from parts of old gadgets which had been thrown away. It is estimated around 95 tonnes of gold, silver and palladium - equivalent to £857 million - could be recycled from unwanted electricals each year. Not-for-profit organisation, 'Material Focus', teamed up with sustainable jewellers, Lylie’s, to create the rings as part of their Recycle Your Electricals https://www.recycleyourelectricals.org.uk campaign - and they’re being given away.

Cancer-stricken boy, 4, gets the perfect Christmas present – £270,000 to pay for pioneering treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** The mum of a cancer-stricken little boy has received the "best Christmas present ever" after raising a whopping £270,000 to pay for pioneering treatment in the US.  Laura Stephenson's adorable four-year-old Oliver was diagnosed in January with neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer that originates from immature nerve cells. The cancer, which affects only 100 children in the UK each year, spread to Oliver's skull, eye sockets and bone marrow - leaving the Stephenson family desperate for help. A crowdfunding page was set up on their behalf to offer financial support as and when it was be needed, which has now accumulated a staggering £269,741. Since January Oliver, from near Wakefield, West Yorks., has undergone chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell treatment and a bone marrow transplant.

Festive fundraiser, 46, who was threatened with £10,000 Covid fine by killjoy police for putting up Christmas lights display is allowed to switch it back on after angry backlash

***EXCLUSIVE*** A festive fundraiser who was threatened with a £10,000 fine over his 'covid rule-breaking' Christmas lights display has been allowed to switch them back on again after a U-turn by police and council bosses. Officers previously claimed Trevor Payne's full-blown festive lights - which he puts up each year to raise money for mental health charities - were drawing 'large gatherings' outside his home in the Tier 3 area of Cheslyn Hay, Staffordshire. The 46-year-old turned off the lights after being told to expect a maximum fine of £10,000 if the crowds who turned up to see the illuminations continued to gather on the roadside and his driveway. However the father has now been told he can switch his seasonal display back on, following an embarrassing U-turn by red-faced police and council bosses after an angry backlash from the public. Town hall chiefs are now asking families to enjoy the lights by driving past them in their car along Kestrel Way, with visitors are banned from walking on Mr Payne's driveway and asked to donate to a mental health charity online.

The £180million floating fortress superyacht that runs on batteries, comes with two pools and an Imax cinema - and has a military-grade PANIC ROOM

A £180 million eco-friendly superyacht that runs on batteries has been built, and it comes complete with its own IMAX Cinema and a military-grade panic room. Designed by Berlin-based design studio T. Fotiadis Design, the 311ft Ultra2 is said to have „ultra quality in both style and eco-friendliness”. The vessel, which comes with a state-of-the-art safe room and two swimming pools as well as the IMAX cinema, is said to have „inviting and luxurious” interiors, with the designers having used only the „highest quality materials, fabrics and furniture”. According to T. Fotiadis Design, „Cabins and public spaces will be trimmed in T. Fotiadis” recognisable signature use of the highest quality interior materials, fabrics and furniture.

The origin of the Christmas crib

How many people know the Christmas crib is a Franciscan invention? The first was built by St. Francis in the little town of Greccio on the side of a hill in the Rieti valley. Spending Christmas there in retreat Francis wanted to recreat the circumstances of the Saviour's birth so as to meditate on them. While Mass was being offered, at which Francis was deacon, the statue of the child came alive and all were deeply touched and consoled by the grace of God. From these humble beginings springs our practise of having a crib in our churches and homes. Something which must delight the little poor man of Assisi.

Meet the girl boxer, seven, whose spars and jabs have earned her an Instagram following of 10,000 people

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pint-sized athlete Ruby Tucker may stand just 4ft tall but she is already well on her way to achieving her dream of becoming a professional boxer. The featherweight trains with her dad Kijuan Tucker, 36, four times a week and in her downtime hones her sparring skills by studying Youtube videos of boxing's all time greats. The South Brunswick, New Jersey native started boxing when she was just three and said that her favorite thing about the sport is the opportunity to land some blows on her dad.

Tornado and storm cell apear over Italian port

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photos show a tornado forming above the lights of a city, as lightning also strikes in a supercell storm.  The dramatic scenes took place above the Italian port city of Trieste Monday night, where three centimetre hail was also reported to have fallen. The photos were taken by weather photographer Marko Korosec, who also works as a forecaster for extreme European weather page Severe Weather Europe.

Christmas baubles during lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bristol Blue glass was started in 1988 to re-establish a glass making tradition in the city which had been lost for 60 years. Each piece is hand blown and hand made using the simplest hand tools. The exquisite glass orbs are therefore unique and retail for up to £30.