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New Banksy Covid-inspired grafitti of woman sneezing on side of semi-detached Bristol home ‘worth £5million’

A new Covid-inspired Banksy mural of a woman sneezing out her dentures on the side of a semi-detached home could be worth £5 million, an art dealer said. The artwork, thought to be a nod to the Covid pandemic and a possible warning from Banksy to wear a mask, appeared on the side of the house in Totterdown. Banksy confirmed the work on his Instagram account this afternoon, explaining it is named "Aachoo!!" Sprayed on to the side of a semi-detached house on Vale Street, the work shows a woman in a headscarf, dropping her bag and walking stick as she sneezes her dentures out. The co-founder of MyArtBroker.com - which has more than 25 years of experience of art dealing and specialises in Banksy's work - believes it could be worth millions.

A hero rescuer who has dedicated his life to helping others is now in desperate need himself after being struck down by three life-threatening illnesses

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stuart Tyrer, 55, from Telford, Shropshire, a volunteer for West Mercia search and rescue team (WMSAR), has dedicated thousands of hours to helping others but now finds himself needing help.  On November 30, Stuart was rushed into hospital after coughing up blood and suffering from a very high temperature.  Stuart known to friends and family as ‘Cavey’ was found to be suffering from pneumonia and after more tests diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism - meaning the rescuer had a blood clot on his lung.  But unfortunately, this was only the start for the 55-year-old as he was five days later diagnosed with COVID-19 and took a turn for the worse.  Now on constant oxygen to help keep his lungs inflated he has been left unable to pay his bills and faces a long period of recovery.

This stunning drone footage shows more than fifty SANTAS taking to the sea on paddleboards and kayaks for charity

***EXCLUSIVE*** The large gathering of Father Christmases was designed to replace the usual Santa Fun runs that had to be cancelled this year due to coronavirus. A total of 57 Santas went out onto the water and raised a total of £1,300 for Cornwall Hospice Care. The event was organised by Beccy Constant (corr), 47, who noticed an advert from the charity about not being able to host its usual fundraising fun run. She decided to host her own charity event and invited people to dress up as Santa and go paddling off the coast of Mevagissey, Cornwall.

One of the busiest maternity wards in the world

Philippines, Manila: A mother keeps her newborn child in the neonatal ward of the Jose Fabella Hospital, also known as "baby factory". This is one of the busiest maternity wards in the world and already has an even higher birth rate due to the Corona pandemic.

Fisherman lands monster 9lb goldfish that measures 15-inches long

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fisherman was astonished when he caught a massive GOLDFISH weighing 9lb - 15 times the average size. The "Frankenstein" fish is about 15 inches long and was discovered during a routine fish survey.  It leapt out of the 65-acre lake while the fishermen were electrofishing, because it was too big to be paralysed by the small voltage.  Ty Houck, 49, and his team temporarily stun the fish so they float to the surface to be counted at Oak Grove Lake in Greenville County, South Carolina.  The director of greenways, natural and historic resources at Greenville County Parks, Recreation and Tourism board, was there when the mammoth fish was caught.

Knitted Christmas tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** A grandmother has brought festive cheer to her village by KNITTING a Christmas tree - which stands at over six feet tall and is made out of 200 patchwork squares. Helen Knevett, 64, was struck by the idea after seeing a similar knitted tree on Pinterest at the beginning of this year. And when lockdown began in March, grandmother-of-seven Helen saw it as the perfect opportunity to get a head-start on the festive knitting project.

The face behind the CPR dummy used to practice resuscitation and save millions of lives around the world could have been a young woman who drowned in Paris more than 100 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** 'The Most Kissed Girl in the World' as she is known, was pulled from the River Seine in the late 19th century and a mask was made of her face that went on to be used on training mannequins. After being dragged from the water, the pathologist who performed an autopsy on the body was so captivated by her beauty he had her face preserved as a plaster death mask. Over the following years, hundreds of copies of the mask were sold as trinkets throughout bohemian Paris. These death masks reached many homes across Europe and decades later were used for the development of a realistic training aid to teach mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a doll that became known as Resusci Anne. This mysterious woman, whose real name is still not known, came to be dubbed with many monikers herself - L’Inconnue de la Seine or the Unknown Woman of Seine, the Mona Lisa of Seine and Resusci Annie.

Casa Crusoe - House that belonged to family of man who rescued the original Robinson Crusoe

***EXCLUSIVE*** A house which belonged to the family of the man who rescued the original Robinson Crusoe is on sale for Ł1.1m. The five-bedroom property was owned by Captain Woodes Rogers' family, who rescued adventurer Alexander Selkirk from a desert island and who Daniel Defoe based his character on. It is only the second time in 300 years that the quirky property in Lympsham, Somerset, has gone on the market. The house was built in 1715, originally constructed as a Somerset longhouse but was flamboyantly extended in 1866, with crenellations and a tower, to look like a mini castle.

First edition of Charles Darwin's seminal work On The Origin of Species has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare first edition of Charles Darwin's seminal work On The Origin of Species has emerged for sale for ÂŁ100,000. Only 1,250 copies were initially printed in 1859 of his pioneering study outlining the theory of evolution. It is recognised to this day as 'one of the most important books in the scientific canon'. This surviving copy, in its original binding, is going under the hammer with US based auctioneers Nate D Sanders.

Magical Aurora Borealis

***EXCLUSIVE*** The stunning beauty of one of nature's most spectacular events has been captured in this series of spell-binding images. Every winter in parts of the northern Hemisphere the sky is illuminated by a dazzling, celestial light show. The Northern Lights - also known the Aurora Borealis - is caused when cosmic radiation hits electrically charged particles in the earth's atmosphere. The spectacular results have been captured in a series of 25 images selected in the Northern Lights Photographer of the Year competition.

Country house with secret 58ft fairytale tower surrounded by wildflower meadows could be yours for £1.3m

***EXCLUSIVE*** This ordinary-looking home on the market for ÂŁ1.3m hides a secret at the back - a fairytale tower with 360-degree views. Biscombe Hill House is just a typical country house from the front but its quirky 58ft tower would not look out of place in a Rapunzel movie. The property, near Taunton, Somerset, was built in the 1930s but the tower was added by the current owners on a whim because they wanted somewhere to stargaze and look at nature. The rural property has 32 acres of land including its own bluebell woods and two wildflower meadows.

Service medals of a Royal chef who cooked the Queen's wedding breakfast are being sold

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chef Gabriel Tschumi served four successive monarchs, including overseeing George V and Queen Mary's First World War rationing arrangements. Under his watch they were only allowed to have meat three times a week as they played their part during the Home Front effort.

Cauliflower and Raddish harvest

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aerial shots show millions of cauliflowers and white radishes arranged at a market. The market covers an area of around 2km, where the vegetables are sold and packed into jute sacks ready for transportation. The produce is grown all over northern Bangladesh, and the pictures were taken in Shibganj, in the Upazila district of the country.

One of London’s most unusually-shaped properties has gone on the market for £650K

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of London’s most unusually-shaped properties has gone on the market for £650,000. The Nook, in New Cross, Lewisham, is a five-sided new-build two-bedroom property with a triangular bedroom. The semi, which backs onto a basement flat, was built on part of a garden in the Telegraph Hill Conservation Area. Built on one level, the house is accessed via stairs to its front door from the street.