Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A 21-year-old who had never rowed in her life before January has set off on a journey to become the youngest woman to race 3,000 miles solo across the Atlantic

***EXCLUSIVE*** Super fit Jasmine Harrison is taking part in the Talisker Atlantic Challenge, a gruelling challenge which will see her row across the world’s second-largest ocean on her own. The swimming teacher hopes to complete the race in around 70 days, and expects to drink about 10 litres of water each day while burning off more than 5,000 calories.  She set off from La Gomera in the Canary Islands at 10.30am on Saturday (Dec 12) and will be rowing in the open sea for months until she reaches the finishing line at Nelsons Dockyard in Antigua. She is one of eight people who are attempting the race solo, while a dozen teams will be competing in either a pair, trio or in four.

Hugs Bunny! Jester the giant 20lb rabbit who loves watching STRICTLY on TV is so big he has his own bedroom

***EXCLUSIVE*** Animal lover Lyn Hobson, 60, and her giant 20lb pet rabbit which has its own bedroom, is pursuing a career in modelling and loves watching Strictly. Lyn said her bunny Jester, which weighs the same as three chihuahuas, is “like a child” to her and that the 18-month-old is “spoiled rotten” with everything he could ever wish for. Jolly Jester has free roam of Lyn and her husband’s house near Scunthorpe, North Lincs., and enjoys the comfort of no less than three different beds dotted around the property. Lyn said her beloved pet follows her around all day long and is perfectly happy doing as she does, especially if it means sitting on the sofa and watching Strictly Come Dancing. The retired chef posts pictures of Jester on his own social media pages and has been inundated with messages from new fans, including an author who writes about rabbits. Since then the Continental Giant, one of the largest breeds of rabbit, has modelled for the front cover of an educational title and as the lead character in a children’s book.  Lyn is hoping the appearances will kickstart Jester’s modelling career and she has created a profile for him on a website which he could be selected for further work from.

Mother and daughter who unwittingly took a WWII grenade home from beach escape death as it EXPLODES in their kitchen

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum and daughter are lucky to be alive after a wartime grenade they found on the beach exploded in their kitchen sink. Jodie Crews and eight-year-old Isabella first thought their discovery could have been a fossil or old bone and appealed on social media to help identify it.  Jodie, 38, said: "I posted photos on fossil and archaeology sites and had lots of replies but no one suggested it could be a grenade. "One woman thought it looked like whale vomit and said I could find out by poking it with a hot pin. She said a puff of white smoke would come out."  Instead, Jodie and her daughter received the shock of their lives when the grenade suddenly burst into flames in the dining room of their council house in Deal, Kent.

Ugly Christmas masks

***EXCLUSIVE*** People all over are trading in their ugly Christmas sweaters for ugly Christmas masks, and the results are hilarious. The intensely decorative face coverings are springing up all over the internet - to maintain holiday spirit while also safeguarding against COVID-19.  McKinley Mickelson has been selling ugly Christmas sweaters on her Etsy TheFestiveTaco since 2016, but she knew that this year it would be different. “This year, as I was getting so excited for the holiday season, I realized that I wouldn’t be attending any big parties or group events due to our current circumstances,” said the 23-year-old from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

This mum spotted her daughter's dirty sock on the bathroom floor, but instead of picking it up, chose to turn it into an art exhibit!

***EXCLUSIVE*** Xep Campbell, 45, first added a museum-style sign naming the piece 'The Forgotten Sock', to tease her daughter Kestrel, 10, who, instead of picking up her washing, created a plinth for it! Thus began a quiet game of one-upmanship, where a set of toy animals were added to appreciate the art in the Washington bathroom, and, eventually, so did the notorious monolith! The now infamous sock was dropped on November 26, but it wasn't until about six days later that the exasperated mother reminded her daughter of her responsibility in the most creative way possible.

Schoolboy cheated death after he ate a small 'sweet like' button battery from a remote control

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eight-year-old cheated death when a battery he swallowed started burning the inside of his throat where it was lodged.   Lucas Brookes, from Nuneaton, Warks., accidentally gulped down a cell battery from a remote control he’d been tasting on his tongue. Mum Tessa Brookes, 39, said her son sparked panic when he ran into her room and said: “Mummy, I think I’ve swallowed it.”  She said: “If he hadn’t have said anything to us and gone to sleep it could’ve been a completely different story in the morning. “He could’ve died. I didn’t want to think of the chances.”

The longest serving Santa in UK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ray Hulse, has been playing Father Christmas since he was just 18 and has been spreading yuletide cheer to people of all ages for well over half a century. He has distributed thousands of gifts to gleeful kids to make their Christmas dreams come true since 1962 and raised over £50,000 for charity. Ray says he has always loved Christmas and was determined to spread the festive joy as much as he could and will even keep going until his 100th birthday. He created his first grotto at a simple Ford garage and since then has appeared in hundreds of supermarkets and schools across his home county of Shropshire.

Teacher who was dismissed by doctors when she complained of flu symptoms had deadly sepsis that left her with rotting legs - and all ten toes had to be amputated

***EXCLUSIVE*** MICHIGAN, USA: Flu-like symptoms ended up being DEADLY for this mum after she developed sepsis that left her with rotting legs. In early March 2020 primary school teacher, Skeeter Hockett (42) from Michigan, USA, went to the doctors after suffering from flu-like symptoms. Told by medical professionals that she did not have the flu, Skeeter returned home. Over the next few days Skeeter’s condition worsened so she went back to the hospital where she was told that she had developed double pneumonia. Once again Skeeter returned home to recover. By the night of March 14, Skeeter’s condition had deteriorated so badly that she was vomiting, coughing up blood and her temperature had risen to 103.5 degrees. The trip to A&E that Skeeter made the next morning was the last thing she remembered before waking up from a coma two weeks later. When she awoke, doctors told her that she had developed sepsis in both of her legs. Sepsis is a life-threatening condition, in which the body’s immune system overreacts to an infection and starts attacking itself. Skeeter was told that both of her legs required amputation, as gangrene - a condition where a lack of blood circulation causes body tissue to die - had begun to set in on her toes. After overhearing doctors say there was a „heartbeat” in her legs, indicating that blood was still circulating successfully, she managed to plead with them to delay the amputation to see if her body could successfully grow healthy tissue. Skeeter spent the next 42 days in hospital, being closely monitored, unable to see any visitors due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In late April, Skeeter was finally able to return home to her son Wilder (13) and daughter Adaira (7), where she began her long road to recovery.

£44 million worth of MDMA hidden in a digger

***EXCLUSIVE*** Five men have been arrested after £44million worth of MDMA was found hidden in a digger being shipped from the UK to Australia as part of a "global conspiracy". Three men were taken into custody in London and two in Western Sydney when police seized more than 70st (450 kilos) of the class A drug popular with clubbers around the world. The haul of narcotics were being shipped over 10,300 miles from Southampton to Brisbane earlier this year. Australian Border Force officers found the hidden drugs when an X-ray revealed the anomalies in the heavy machinery on March 15.

Day in the life of a Mermaid

HARBIN: From 2010 on, Liu Lan works underwater over four hours a day as a "mermaid" performer, a job much more demanding than it looks. To qualify for the job, one must have diving skills and, in rare occasions, cope with sudden attacks from underwater creatures. Taking shower for at least four times a day makes Liu's skin vulnerable, and, for the safety of sea animals, shower gel and skin care products with chemical elements are strictly not allowed in her work. Born in the 1980s in Jiangxian County of Shanxi, Liu learned swiming from her father and worked as a swimming coach while in college. A "mermaid" performer has to meet strict standards, such as good body shape and physical wellness. However, the lack of professional training organizations has led to a shortage of talents. An internationally qualified "mermaid" performer, Liu finished training tasks for over 400 "mermaid" lovers and performers as well as 161 "mermaid" coaches with international certificates.

Steve Job’s and Apple memorablias are up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** An array of other memorabilia related to Jobs’ career. This includes a fully operational Apple-1 Computer with its rare original box (pictured) signed by designer Steve Wozniak. Additionally there is an Apple keyboard signed by Jobs and Wozniak that is estimated to sell for over $30,000. Also on offer are Wozniak’s Apple rainbow glasses, estimated to sell for over $1,000. The letter, signed by the former Apple honcho, offers him a position with NeXT Computer Inc. on November 14th, 1991. The two-page typed letter offers him the title of President of Chief Operating Officer, a $250,000 salary, and an extensive list of benefits including 660,000 shares of NeXT’s common stock. “Above the signature line is typed: "I accept this insanely great offer !!!” "Insanely great is a famous Jobs-ism that was used to introduce the Macintosh,” explained a rep. from Boston-based auctioneers, RR Auction that are holding the sale.

A stoat pulls acrobatic moves off before making it's catch

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stoat-ally mad - an acrobatic stoat somersaults through the air.  The excitable animal chased birds on the windless morning and later caught a rabbit. After making its catch, it dragged its prize to a nearby rabbit hole, away from other predators such as foxes and buzzards.  The pictures were taken at Marazion Marsh, Cornwall, by keen amateur photographer Bob Sharples.

Jay-Z's cannabis brand monogram launches first round of products

***EXCLUSIVE*** JAY-Z swings our attention to one of his latest business ventures in Monogram — a legal cannabis imprint that just debuted its first line of products. This launch follows just behind the rapper and entrepreneur's newest appointment as the Chief Visionary Officer for TPCO — another legal marijuana-focused brand based out in California. For this inaugural batch, JAY-Z delivers a range of cannabis flower and joints, all of which are indoor-grown. The products are available right now on the Monogram online shop, and they range from 40 to 70 Dollars.

Long-eared owl plays peek-a-boo with photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** An owl appears to play a game of peek-a-boo with a photographer by peering out from behind a tree. The wild, long-eared owl seemed to be curious about the camera after spying it in woodland near the small village of Diessen, the Netherlands, where these photos were taken by keen amateur photographer Albert Beukhof. The 44 year old, who also works as a landscape architect, said: "There were two owls sitting on the tree, but when I walked towards them one flew away.

LED lights illuminate climbing route

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bright bolts of colourful light snake their way across mountains and cliffs.  The striking images were created by a rock climber who wrapped LED lights around his body before capturing long exposure shots of his route. Luke Rasmussen took the photos in the deserts of Nevada, in the United States, and admits that his method of 'freezing time in a moment' is unusual.  The 28 year old photographer said: "Wearing a sweater full of lights and climbing through the darkness of night is certainly a different experience than most climbers will get.

Coloured fabrics and thread drying

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of colourfully dyed threads are hung up to dry across an area the size of a football field. The vivid images come from the Narsingdi region of Bangladesh, an area heavily reliant on the textile industry. The photos were taken by keen amateur photographer Sabina Akter.