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Samsung unveils stunning 110-inch MicroLED 4K TV

***EXCLUSIVE*** Samsung has just announced a massive 110-inch (2m.80) television made with its MicroLED technology. Switching it up from its modular versions of the display tech, previous MicroLED displays required assembly, this 11-inch TV comes as one unit. This television is able to display 4K resolution and 8 million pixels using micro-sized LEDs, and has a run time of 100,000 hours (roughly over a decade). The television also has a function where you can split the screen into two separate 55-inch displays.

Teaching under olive trees

Syrian displaced children in one of the camps learn under olive trees due to the lack of a school or tents for teaching, as they stayed all summer learning under the trees, but now in winter their suffering increased due to the bitter cold and storms. Which made teachers have to stop teaching when the weather is rainy and there are storms, and according to statistics, there are a large number of Syrian children who have been deprived of their right to education because of the war and bad conditions.

Mangrove forests in Red Sea Province, Egypt

RED SEA: Egypt's national project to expand mangrove forests along the coast of the Red Sea is meant to improve the environmental conditions, address climate change risks and achieve economic gains, an Egyptian official told Xinhua in a recent interview. Funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and implemented by the Desert Research Center and Red Sea Province, the project was launched in April with the aim of turning the coastal area into an outstanding tourist attraction, said Sayed Khalifa, director of the Mangrove Planting Project in Red Sea Province.