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A five year old boy has raised almost $10,000 for the homeless this Christmas by MEDITATING

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bond Hill, of Brooklyn, New York, has been meditating since he was just 18 months old and on December 20 he will zone out for 20 minutes to buy toys for children in homeless shelters across the Big Apple. The pint-sized guru meditates for five minutes every morning but admitted that he has never managed 20 minutes before. The youngster set himself the goal of raising $2k for the Coalition for the Homeless holiday toy drive, but raised double that amount in just 24 hours. So far his GoFundMe campaign has collected $9,595 in donations with another ten days to go until his meditation marathon. Bond's father Treis Hill, 42, the owner of an apparel company, said that his son was inspired to start the fundraiser when he realized other children would not receive gifts this Christmas.

Hairdresser who took pride in her long dark locks proudly shows off her bald head after coming to terms with her alopecia which started when she was pregnant

***EXCLUSIVE*** BURTNWOOD, UK: This hairdresser was left HAIRLESS after pregnancy caused her luscious locks to FALL OUT. Aesthetic practitioner Victoria Morgan (41) from Burntwood, UK, grew up with long black hair and from the age of 13, began working as a hairdresser. As such, hair had brought much joy into Victoria’s life but that changed after Victoria fell pregnant with her daughter Valentina-Rose (2) in July of 2018. Victoria attended a scan six months into her pregnancy and unknowingly ran her fingers through her hair whilst sitting in the waiting room. Having grown up with such long hair, Victoria was used to some hair loss, but she noticed the clumps were larger than usual. For a while, Victoria went on as normal but soon noticed more extreme hair loss in the shower too and suspected she may be suffering from alopecia. By the end of her pregnancy in October 2020, Victoria struggled to hide her growing bald patches but just when she thought she’d hit rock bottom, the hair began to grow back. For the next four months, Victoria enjoyed her usual thick locks, but the shedding started once more and by May 2020, Victoria had made the decision to shave her hair completely. Victoria was diagnosed with alopecia areata which means her eyelashes and body hair fell out too. The sudden change in appearance came as a shock. Victoria had lost her sense of identity and feeling like her life was over, she went to see her GP who put her on anti-depressants. The tablets were very much a turning point and as time went on, Victoria gained the strength and confidence to accept and eventually celebrate her new look. Encouraged by her husband, Cameron (39), Victoria began sharing her story on social media where she hopes to erase stigma around female baldness.

This lizard has his own cookbook and it’s utterly adorable

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lenny, a one-year-old central bearded dragon, can be seen with tiny pots of soup, miniature biscuits and dinky cheeses in his debut book ‘Chef Lenny: Cooking for Humans.’ The cookbook was the brainchild of Lenny’s owner Valerie Musser, a chef and lizard lover from Redmond, Washington. “It was my quarantine project,” said Valerie, 37, a mom-of-three who ran a small catering business before the pandemic hit.

This is the world's first robotic KITCHEN which can cook 5,000 recipes from scratch - and even do the washing up

***EXCLUSIVE*** The automaton was designed to mimic the movements of human hands and it was even modelled after 2011 Masterchef winner Tim Anderson. It can retrieve ingredients from the smart fridge, adjust hob temperature, use the sink to fill pans and pour, mix and plate up just as a human cook would. But unlike a human it won't complain about doing the dishes. To find its way around it uses a combination of sensors and optical cameras to map ingredients, cookware and utensils within the kitchen. Subtle markers on handles and pan lids help the robot orientate the stainless-steel pots, pans, and utensils while its optical system spots dropped food and cleans up before and after cooking. An integrated UV lamp zaps germs left on surfaces. It took six years and the work of an international team of 100 engineers, designers and three award-winning chefs to come together. Manufacturer Moley Robotics doesn't say exactly how much their robot chef and integrated kitchen will set you back because every installation is different.

A smart ring could spot Covid-19 even when there seem to be no symptoms, according to a new study

***EXCLUSIVE*** Researchers say the gadget can detect fever when it isn't noticed by the patient themselves and when they don't have a cough or any other tell tale signs they contracted the disease. They now hope the devices could be used in an early warning system and replace unreliable thermometer readings and eliminate the need for patients to wait for symptoms to occur - which might never happen in as many as 70 per cent of cases. The study was carried out by a team from the University of California San Diego (UCSF).

Polyamorous wife reveals her husband is happy for her to 'marry' her girlfriend who lives with them - even though he doesn't have sex or a romantic relationship with the other woman

***EXCLUSIVE*** HAMBURG, GERMANY: Despite already being MARRIED to a man, this woman got engaged to another woman after falling in love with her in a crossfit class - but her husband doesn’t mind as long as she is HAPPY. Personal trainer Saskia Michalski (27) from Hamburg, Germany, got married to her husband Marcin (31) in 2017 after the couple met two years earlier and fell deeply in love. Never even entertaining the thought of a polyamorous relationship, the lovebirds built a strong and happy marriage and were content with the love and affection they shared. In November 2019, Saskia met marketing professional Lui Michalski (27) in one of her crossfit classes and the two immediately realised that they were attracted to one another, despite Saskia being closeted about her pansexuality at the time. Not wanting to be dishonest or unfaithful to her husband, Saskia knew she had to tell him about the feelings she and Lui shared, despite being terrified of how he might react. To her surprise, Marcin was overwhelmingly supportive, wanting above all else for his wife to feel happy and loved even if this meant inviting another woman into their marriage. At the start of 2020, the trio formed a „V” throuple with Marcin and Lui both forming romantic and sexual relationships with Saskia, but not with each other. Whilst for some couples this would spark jealousy, the trio claim they have avoided this as they all believe that love is not a limited resource. They have also made a promise to one another to immediately discuss any negative feelings as soon as they arise to avoid any misunderstandings. In June 2020, after just five months of dating, Saskia and Lui got engaged and whilst they can’t legally be married and share a surname, they hope that they will be able to tie the knot in 2021.

Britain's oldest Christmas tree fairy lights have been lit for the 51st consecutive year - without a single bulb ever being replaced

***EXCLUSIVE*** The illuminations have taken pride of place at the home of Ross Farr-Semmens, 41, who inherited them from his mum Vina Shaddick after she died two years ago. The lights were bought for just £3 from Woolworths by Vina in 1969 and have been adorned the plastic tree every Christmas since. News of the successful lights switch on comes just days after Britain's oldest Christmas tree - that survived the Blitz - went on display for 100th time The two-foot high tree cost two shillings (10p) when it was bought from Woolworths in 1920. It is now back on show at the home of Kay Ashton, 66, in Sheffield, Yorks., with the original decorations and sparse branches that are held together by sticky tape and wire after it was damaged by a bomb during the war.

Fish and chip shop has created the world's largest pig in blanket - a huge 2ft sausage wrapped in more than 200g of bacon, battered and deep fried

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fish and chip shop has created the world’s largest pig in a blanket - a huge 2ft long sausage wrapped in bacon, battered and deep fried. Dino Papas, 29, said that the massive “hog in duvet” - as it is dubbed - will make even the greediest gluttons’ dreams come true. The 4,000 calorie festive feast weighs over 2lbs and will satisfy all of your pork cravings in one sitting - if you manage to chomp it all down. Dino has been running Papa's Fish & Chips with his brother George, 28, for a decade - but the business has been owned by the family since 1966. He said they hoped the comically large pigs in a blanket would bring some Christmas cheerfulness after a dreary year marred by the pandemic.

Video grab from the spellbinding footage of a group of BASE jumpers leap from a cliff face in the Lauterbrunnen area of the Swiss Alps - on broomsticks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Magical footage shows the moment a group of BASE jumpers leap from a cliff face on broomsticks in an attempt to visualise real life 'Quidditch' from Harry Potter. To commemorate their 500th jump together French BASE jumper Antony Newton and friends were inspired to try to recreate the classic wizard game of Quidditch after partaking in a marathon of the Harry Potter films. Antony filmed himself on his GoPro headset atop a 200m sheer drop in the Lauterbrunnen area of the Swiss alps. As Antony mounts his broomstick and leaps from the cliff you can see his wizarding companions following behind in a fashion that would make even Professor Dumbledore proud.

Chicken-sized dinosaur found in Brazil had peacock-like mane and needles sticking out of shoulders

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning chicken sized dinosaur found in Brazil had a mane of yellow and brown fur down its back - and long 'needles' coming out of its shoulders. The bizarre creature is the most elaborate ever discovered. The flamboyant features were used to dazzle mates and intimidate predators. They shed fresh light on how birds such as peacocks inherited their ability to show off. It has been named Ubirajara jubatus - indigenous Indian for 'Maned Lord of the Spear'. The weird neck spurs are unique in the fossil record. They were made of keratin - the protein that makes hair, skin and nails - and a small sharp ridge ran along the middle.

A plug-in hybrid jeep which uses a battery motor to give it a zero -emission range of up to 26 miles - the same figure the average British motorist drives per day

***EXCLUSIVE*** Coventry is the best place in mainland Britain for plug-in car owners to charge their vehicles - but it lags behind the OUTER HEBRIDES overall, research has revealed. Analysis of latest available government data revealed there is currently one charging device for every 15 plug-in cars registered in the UK. But in Coventry, there is one device per 2.3 registered plug-in car owners. EV and plug-in hybrid owners living in the Outer Hebrides are better off though - with the Na h-Eileanan Siar local authority having one charger for every 2.13 cars.

Cluster camps for displaced persons in northwest Syria

Idlib, Syria. Residents of the Al-Karama camps for internally displaced persons in the northwest of Syria. The camp cluster, which is located in the Idlib countryside near the town of Atmeh on the east of the border with Turkey, is one of the oldest built in the country since the Syrian conflict erupted in 2011. It hosts a large population of displaced people affected by the Syrian crisis, especially from the Hama and the Idlib countryside. With the conflict still ongoing the camp's residents prepare to face the advent of the winter season with its harsh weather conditions. The Covid threat only add to the many challenges faced by the displaced Syrians living in the camps.

Artist honours 'life on the line' NHS workers

Liverpool, United Kingdom: A series of paintings of NHS workers who have put their ''life on the line'' during the pandemic pay ''tribute'' to their bravery, their creator has said. Aliza Nisenbaum used photos and Zoom calls to create portraits of nurses, doctors, porters and a hospital chaplain for Tate Liverpool. She said they were about how workers ''balance life'' on the front line. Nisenbaum, who is known for her bright, large-scale portraits of people and community groups, created the works in her New York studio, using video calls and photographs to get to know her subjects. A spokeswoman for Tate Liverpool said many of the works depict the sitters ''alongside things that have given them support and hope through this difficult time, such as pets or musical instruments''. Nisenbaum said during the course of the conversations, ''I realised how their jobs are really a vocation of service, because this was something they were putting their life on the line for. ''I tried to think about how they balance life and how they deal with things like being parents.'' The sitters come from many different parts of the NHS on Merseyside and include a professor of outbreak medicine who helps advise the government on Covid-19, a student who has followed in the footsteps of her family by becoming a nurse and a doctor who became a father during the first wave.

Master of crafts: Nixing pottery inheritor

NANNING, China: As one of the four famous potteries in China, Nixing pottery is made of peculiar purple clay found on both banks of the Qinjiang River in Qinzhou. Before firing a piece of greenware, craftsman forms the clay into designed shape after complicated processes including milling and screening, and carves flowers, figures or landscapes onto its smooth surface. In the firing process, the minerals contained in the clay, such as iron and zinc, will finally give the finished work colors, without addition of any pigment. In 2008, the firing technique of Nixing pottery was added to the national intangible cultural heritage list. Lu Jingping, 60 years old, hailing from the city of Qinzhou, has dedicated himself to the making of Nixing pottery for about four decades. His hometown Qinzhou has a pottery-making history that stretches back to roughly 1,300 years ago. Love for drawing and pottery since childhood enabled Lu to enter the Nixing pottery factory in Qinzhou to embark on his career in 1979. His talent and hard work were noticed by Yan Zhaoming and Li Renping, the then well-known ceramic artists from whom Lu learnt not only the skills but also the art of pottery making. In 2010, Lu built his own pottery workshop. His adherence to time-honored pottery making methods and passion to pursue premium products enable his creations to gain a market share and draw throngs of customers. "Although the production is complicated, time-consuming and laborious, it's worth it," he said.