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The real life 'Elf on the Shelf', who dresses up as Santa's little helper and creates mischief in a series of videos which have had thousands of views

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the real life 'Elf on the Shelf' who dresses up as Santa's little helper and creates mischief in a series of videos which have had thousands of views. The traditional craze sees parents pose a naughty toy elf in various positions around their home every night to trick children into thinking Father Christmas is watching. But mum-of-two Christina Hutson, 50, has taken it a step further and has been dressing up as an elf herself. Her husband Jason, 46, films himself catching her in the act - being naughty and causing havoc - and she posts the funny videos on Facebook for others to see.

The new housing project, named "Presence in Hormuz" on the island of Hormuz, off the south coast of Iran

***EXCLUSIVE*** These strange clusters of candy-coloured, gumdrop-shaped buildings are actually HOMES - where inhabitants of a tiny, Middle Eastern island will soon live communally. The island of Hormuz, off the south coast of Iran, is just 42 square kilometres - but its beaches are home to 12 clusters of these dome-shaped houses. The unique, pastel-coloured communal homes dot the sandy coastline of Hormuz, standing out in textured peaks and bulbs that are immediately eye-catching from the waters of the Hormuz Strait. And the picturesque project, titled "Presence in Hormuz", will soon be catching people's eyes worldwide - as the architects are laying out upcoming plans for the homes on Instagram.

Paul Newman's Rolex “Big Red” Daytona sells for $5.5 Million USD

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paul Newman’s Rolex „Big Red” Daytona, consigned by his daughter, Clea Newman Soderlund, brought in a staggering $5,475,000 USD. at Phillips Auction. This watch now holds third place in terms of the highest auction price for a Rolex. Passed down to his daughter, Clea Newman Soderlund comments: „He wore the watch nearly every day until he gave it to me. He was photographed wearing it on numerous occasions as was I. It has been a treasure of mine for almost thirteen years. To me, this watch shows my mother's tolerance of his continued passion for racing and reflects the enduring love between them which remained for another 25 years until his passing.”

A stage director is living in a tent in his garden to ensure his theatre company can carry on with their nativity shows

***EXCLUSIVE*** Barry Boyton is the Director of Oddments Theatre Company, who have been touring their festive productions around the country. The 59-year-old will be spending the next ten days living in a tent in his garden to prevent transmission between himself, his family and his cast. The four actors starring in his production are also living together in their own ‘bubble.’

Sweden's Icehotel reveals its new one-of-a-kind suites for 2021 and a 'frozen forest' ceremony room for intimate weddings

The first images of Sweden's Icehotel for 2021 have been released - and it looks as amazing as ever. Each year since 1989, the Icehotel has been built and rebuilt using just snow and ice in the village of Jukkasjarvi, 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle next to the shores of the Torne River. This year, artists have created six one-of-a-kind suites in what is being billed Icehotel 31, which will stand until April 11, 2021 - when the hotel melts. A further six ice suites and a 'frozen forest' ceremony room - 'for intimate weddings and other celebrations' - have also been created in Icehotel 365, a permanent part of the property that is open all year round.

State of collapse: Lebanon on the Brink

Lebanon has spent the past year moving from one crisis to the next. It's been just over four months since a pair of explosions ripped through Beirut, leaving the city reeling. The government resigned after waves of public indignation at the negligence that led to the blast. The explosion that destroyed Beirut's port and wrecked large parts of the capital and came at a time when the country was reeling under a crippling economic crisis amid the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The explosion killed at least 204 people and injured more than 6,500. With no support from the government, a collapsed economy that has made financial hardship a normal part of life, and a spike in coronavirus cases that has overloaded hospitals, the Lebanese have been left to fend for themselves. The World Bank, the UN and the EU recently announced a humanitarian fund for the reconstruction of Lebanon.

Louis Vuitton releases new Gradient Blue wireless headphones

***EXCLUSIVE*** Louis Vuitton has continued to expand its line of Horizon wireless earphones, following up the „Black/Neon Green” colorway with a new „Gradient Blue” design. Referencing the colors of the sky, the latest Horizon earphones move from light blue at the base to a darker blue at the top. The asymmetrical design also features two Monogram flowers, with a pointed flower appearing on the left and a round-shaped flower on the right. These touches are finished in a mirror-polished steel, contrasting against the colored acetate of the rest of the earphones. The „Gradient Blue” Horizon earphones come complete with a stainless steel charging case, inspired by Louis Vuitton's Tambour Horizon watch. Other features include optimized Bluetooth connectivity, an induction charging mode and two different audio experience options. The „Gradient Blue” colorway is due to release at Louis Vuitton stores on 15 January 2021. No Pricing yet

Bears in ferocious water fight

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two huge grizzly bears launch into a ferocious battle as they fight for the right to fish salmon. The 50 stone males bare their teeth and grapple with each other in the water as they brawl over territory. The images of fight were captured on the Tahumming River in Canada's British Colombia by retired firefighter and amateur wildlife photographer Wayne Duke.