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Retired fertility doctor ‘may have fathered thousands’

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who ran an online DNA test is claiming that a revered fertility doctor used his own sperm to inseminate her mother and “hundreds, or even thousands” of women without their knowledge. Jaime Hall, 60, of Traverse City, MI, approached the doctor in January of this year and claims that he admitted to parenting a multitude of babies, both as a sperm donor in the late 40s and in his medical practice as an OB-GYN in Detroit, MI. In the early 50s Jaime’s parents Joyce and Barry Brown visited Dr. Philip Peven OB-GYN, at the Grace Hospital in Detroit, Michigan for help conceiving.

A kind-hearted 14-year-old saved Christmas from disaster for one family - after reuniting parents with a wallet which contained all their cash for their children’s presents

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mother of an autistic teen has told how ‘proud’ she is after her daughter reunited parents with a lost wallet - which contained all their cash for their children’s Christmas presents. Kind-hearted Rhiannon Parkinson, 14, saved one family’s Christmas from disaster after handing in a wallet she found outside a local supermarket - despite friends tempting her to keep it for herself. The teen spotted the wallet on the floor outside Sainsbury’s Crosby, in her hometown of Liverpool, while on her way to school on 9th December - and didn’t hesitate to hand in the bulging wallet.

Vatican is ridiculed for its 'comically awful' nativity scene with figures likened to the Daleks and Darth Vader

The Vatican has been ridiculed for its 'comically awful' nativity scene with the figures being likened to the Daleks and Darth Vader. The 20 ceramic statues were set up in St Peter's Square by officials on Friday and include an astronaut and a character wearing a warrior-like helmet with skulls on it. In a critical article from The Catholic Herald titled 'The Vatican's Embarrassing SciFi Creche' one writer branded it 'comically awful'. The figures are spaced out on a minimalist stage with no hut, trees or other background features that normally characterise Nativity scenes.