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Couple are raising their daughter, 2, in the back of a converted bus after selling their belongings to pay off $20,000 in debt and leaving their rental home for a life on the road

***EXCLUSIVE*** JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA: This couple got rid of ninety-five percent of their belongings and paid off Ł15K of debt to live in a converted bus. Owner of video production and marketing company, Watson Creative, Will Watson (32) and his wife, communication and marketing manager, Kristin Batykefer (30) from Jacksonville, Florida, USA, first met at work in 2013 and became friends. Romance blossomed and the couple were married in 2018 and welcomed their daughter, Roam (2) into the world in September that year. In 2017 the couple were living in a three-bedroom house that they rented. Working from home and travelling a lot for their jobs left the couple yearning for more adventure in life. They decided to downsize their belongings by 95 per cent with the aim of being able to live a minimalistic lifestyle and convert a bus into their dream home on the road where they could work and explore new places simultaneously. After looking for six months, Will and Kristin found the perfect vehicle to convert into their dream home, a 1992 retired Air Force bus which they have affectionately named Juan. Over 18 months, the couple spent Ł22,504 ($30,000) buying and converting their blank canvas of a bus into a beautiful home, complete with a fully functional kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower and living room. The pair sold and donated most of their belongings and whilst they don?t know how much money they were able to raise, Kristin was able to pay off an incredible Ł15,000 ($20,000) of university and credit card debt. The family have been travelling fulltime around the USA and Canada since April 2019 and have clocked up an enviable 30,000 miles along the way ? they say the best thing about this way of life is the freedom it affords them and that they never have to pack to go away as they?ve got everything they need on hand in their bus home.

Disabled girl, 6, thanks Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot who sponsored her and inspired her to battle on

***EXCLUSIVE*** A disabled girl of six has thanked the Wonder Woman star who sponsored her and inspired her to battle on. Carmela Chillery-Watson, who has a muscle-wasting disease, brought movie actress Gal Gadot, 35, to the edge of tears in a special video shown on TV. Gal called Carmela “my real Wonder Girl” in a tweet in September. The youngster had just completed a 300km walking challenge dressed as her favourite superhero to raise over £15,000 for Muscular Dystrophy UK. The star donated £3,442 to the effort, and when she appeared on BBC’s The One Show this week, Carmela sent her a video message. Dressed as Wonder Woman, the youngster said: “You help me fight on living with muscular dystrophy and inspire me to do my exercise daily to help me stay strong.” Mum-of-two Gal, star of the new Wonder Woman 1984 movie, said: “Carmela is a true Wonder Woman. “She doesn’t let anything stop her.”

Chocolate Trains

BRUSSELS: Photos show chocolate sculptures at the Choco Loco exhibition at the Train World Museum in Brussels, Belgium. The Choco Loco is an exhibition at which chocolate sculptures inspired by train-related subjects are displayed. Like the railways, Belgian chocolate owes its international reputation to the industrial progress of the 19th and 20th centuries. This exquisite cocoa-scented exhibition presents about twenty original chocolate sculptures of railway-related subjects created especially for the exhibition. These sculptures, inspired by the railway world, resonate with the authentic locomotives and the dazzling decor of Train World.

Award-winning photo captures a brown bear on the hunt for its dinner at BUDAPEST FOTO AWARDS

***EXCLUSIVE*** VARIOUS: The winners of the Budapest International Foto Awards 2020 have been announced. In one image titled ?Dimenticato in Italy,? gold-prize winning Brit photographer Cara Macnally captured a once grand Italian theatre that has long-since been abandoned. In another titled ?We Worship The Body,? silver-prize winning Italian photographer Giuliano Berti showcased two traditional Kushti wrestlers during a fight in northern India. The Budapest International Foto Awards support and showcase the work of emerging and professional photographers from across the globe whose images capture unique stories, locations, and points of view ? introducing them to Budapest?s resident artistic community. The top prize of ?Photographer of the Year? was awarded to Kenyan photographer Eduardo Lopez Moreno for his image ?In the Wrong Place at The Wrong Time ? Accidental Victim of Drug Gangs.? As the title suggests, the image ? which was taken in Jalisco State, Mexico ? features a recently deceased man who whilst drunk, became caught in the crossfires of two rival drug gangs.

Naked Students Calendar

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEWCASTLE, UK: A group of hunky university rowers have stripped off in the name of charity for their 2021 calendar which is guaranteed to set pulses racing this new year. Members of the Newcastle University Boat Club (NUBC) have been pictured displaying their muscular torsos against the racks where the boats are kept when not in action, and their pert derrieres as they posed with oars and stood at the water?s edge. Other steamy photos featured in the fun calendar showed the men concealing their modesty with a very strategically placed wellington boot. This year, the students have got their kits off for British Rowing?s charitable foundation 'LOVE Rowing,' which aims to deliver inclusive rowing programmes to communities that are underrepresented in the sport.

Stunning pictures in Nature Photographer of 2020

***EXCLUSIVE*** WORLDWIDE: The winner of the 2020 Nature Photographer of the Year competition has been announced. In Italian photographer, Robert Marchegiani?s overall winning image ?Jurassic Park?, he captured a giraffe as it strolled through the forests of the Nakuru National Park, Kenya. Canadian photojournalist, Jo-Anne McArthur captured a lone Eastern grey kangaroo amongst the devastation of the Australian wildfires in her image ?Hope in a Burned Forest? which won the ?Man and Nature? category of the competition. Highly commended images in the ?Underwater? category of the contest included English photographer, Paul Goldstein?s ?Big Blue? which recorded a 35 tonne sperm whale as it swam through the ocean off Sri Lanka. Dmitry Kokh?s ?The Ice Grin? captured a smiling seal as it navigated the water with its friend. The competition?s panel of five judges had to choose from a record-breaking 19,547 images, coming from over 95 different countries.

Queen Mary's dolls house crockery that's an exact replica of royal chinaware is set to fetch up to $45,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** This Winter, an extremely rare miniature dinner service commissioned in 1922, as a gift to HM Queen Mary for the worlds most famous doll’s house at Windsor Castle will star as a highlight of the Thomas Goode auction at Sotheby’s]. Open for bidding from 22 December through to 8 January 2021, with an estimate of £20,000-30,000.  Considered “the largest, most beautiful and most famous doll’s house in the world”, the five foot-tall house with working electricity, silver bath taps and flushing lavatories, was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens in the early 1920s as a gift for HM Queen Mary, Queen Consort to HM King George V of the United Kingdom; the British Dominions and Emperor of India and grandparents of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

The phone box that residents of Prickwilliow village in Cambridgeshire have transformed every Christmas for the past ten years

***EXCLUSIVE*** A socially-distanced Santa has appeared on a disused phonebox - as the eight-foot tall red box has been turned into a giant Santa head complete with face mask. The old phonebox has been out of use since 2010, and was inaugurated as an art gallery in the same year, with small, fun painted designs occasionally appearing on the outside. But this year local artist Cary Outis, 68, went big for Christmas - and made over the whole box, draping it in a canvas painted with Father Christmas' face on it, wearing a face mask.

The Best Department of Defense (DoD) Photographs of 2020

DOD in Photos: 2020 This collection showcases the work of U.S. military photographers in 2020, when U.S. service members continued to conduct around-the-clock training and operations worldwide to ensure the nation's security, even while responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

A woman who had her 100th birthday party plans ruined by the pandemic said it was a day she would “never forget” - after she was surprised with more than 600 cards

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jean Cricthon was left in tears after carers brought bags full of birthday cards, as well as flowers and chocolates to her home for her centenary celebration. She had originally planned to invite family and friends around for a big party but sadly due to Covid those plans were cancelled. But her carers, who visit Jean four times a week at her home where she still lives alone, decided to post a card appeal on social media to mark the special day. Just a day after posting, they received their first card and they didn’t stop coming for two weeks to the point they lost count after 600.  Children from Towngate Primary Academy in Ossett sent her hand drawn letters, while a chef sent her her favourite meal - roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and trifle for dessert. In the heartwarming moment, Jean is seen welling up on her birthday on Dec 12 as the carers open and read her every single wish she received. 

Frankenstein Manor

***EXCLUSIVE*** SUSSEX, UK: Live in the house once owned by Mary Shelley's rich uncle-in-law, who was said to have funded her lifestyle - for just Ł2.25M. Marshalls Manor in the heart of Mid Sussex, UK, is a Grade II listed high street property with six bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, drawing room, reception room, cloakroom, study/garden room, conservatory, basement and cellar. The outbuildings include a stable cottage with its own bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and kitchen as well as garaging for five cars with space for a home office or studio above. The 17th century manor house was once home to Captain John Pilfold, an officer of the Royal Navy. He is known for commanding the ship HMS Ajax under Horatio Nelson?s division at the battle of Trafalgar whilst he was only a lieutenant. Captain John Pilfold?s nephew was the English romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Shelley?s best-known work was 'Ozymandias.' He visited the property frequently to see his uncle. John Pilfold funded Shelley?s lifestyle after he retired from the navy in 1815. His nephew married author Mary Shelley who is best-known for her novel Frankenstein. It is likely that Mary Shelley visited the property often too. The property, which has living accommodation that spans over 5,000 sq. ft, is on the market for the first time in 40 years. Marshalls Manor is currently on the market with Jackson-Stops for Ł2.2M.

This semi-pro wrestler who ballooned to a staggering 565 pounds after his divorce has lost over 300 pounds, and he’s finally fit enough to get back in the ring

***EXCLUSIVE*** This semi-pro wrestler, who used to eat a whole deep dish pizza for dinner every night, has lost over 300 pounds and is finally fit enough to get back in the ring. Brad Czankner, 40, says he was in decent shape until 2014 when he started to pile on the pounds.  “My ex-wife was a baker,” said Czankner, who lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  “I was eating a lot of confections and we would eat a lot of fast food.”

Royal hunting apartment

***EXCLUSIVE*** BROMLEY, UK: This award-winning mansion was visited by Edward VIII and Napoleon III for hunting weekends - and a luxury apartment inside the property could be yours for just Ł2M. ?The Repton? in The Mansion at Sundridge Park, Bromley, UK, was named after the landscape designer Humphry Repton who designed the gardens of Sundridge Park. It comprises two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two reception rooms, a dressing room, kitchen, dining room, terrace, a patio, wine cellar, double garage, and a garden flat. Residents of the Grade I listed property also have access to the communal gardens, championship-quality golf course, private parking and 300-acres of parkland. The property has won several awards including the 2019 Evening Standard Award for 'Best Apartment' and the 2019 Evening Standard 'Special Commendation for Outstanding Architectural Merit.' The Mansion, which was designed by Buckingham Palace architect John Nash, was once owned by the Bishop of Rochester. The property was also visited by Edward VIII and Napoleon III frequently for game-shooting weekends. The property incorporates The Mansion?s original solid timber, circular wine cellar as well as other original features such as restored shutters and windows, fireplace, ceilings and wall panelling. The period apartment spans two floors and covers over 3,500 sq. ft of living space. It is currently on the market for a guide price of Ł2M.

Hare-larious faces: Hare ponders and waves at photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mountain hare pulled some hare-larious faces at a photographer in the Scottish Highlands, making for some brilliant pictures. Photographer Karen Miller, 49, was walking through the Cairngorms when she spotted this very confident hare, which started pulling funny faces at her camera. She said: "It looked like it was waving, or doing a high-five.

Drying strips of red fabric

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of workers lay out strips of cotton to dry in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi journalist Mominul Islam Momin, 38, took amazing aerial photos showing the vibrant colours of the red-dyed fabrics drying in the setting sun. This is an example of the booming textile industry in Bangladesh's Narsingdi district, with around 500 workers laying out the strips of dyed cotton to dry.