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Captivating pictures show naked models disappearing into nature – but can you spot them?

***EXCLUSIVE*** DALLAS, TEXAS, USA: The breath-taking series of images featured painted people as they appeared to blend effortlessly into the beautiful backdrops of some of America’s most stunning National Parks. In the mind-bending collection, models who have had their bodies expertly painted by hand can be spotted as they camouflage into the likes of the Reflection Lakes at Mount Rainier National Park, Biscuit Basin Thermal Pools, Yellowstone National Park and Oxbow Bend in Grand Tetons National Park. The incredible displays are the work of acclaimed body painter Trina Merry (40) who is currently based in Dallas, Texas, USA. For her latest project, Trina was inspired by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic lockdowns that have seen many people spend more time in nature. Trina has travelled the world painting people into famous landmarks and locations but after shielding since March, she yearned to get outdoors and indulge in her talent and passion of bodypainting whilst visiting places she had never been able to explore before. Trina and her 11 models, who wore KN95 masks for the shoot, braved freezing temperatures and early starts - arriving at the location before sunrise to start painting, which took around an hour and a half - to make her vision a reality. The shoots took place over the course of one month.

Young brothers’ world record for the longest distance travelled at sea by a toy boat

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of young brothers who sent a Playmobil ship on a record breaking trip around the world are hoping the toy could be picked up in Florida to be recharged. Harry Ferguson, eight, and brother Ollie, 11, set the world record for the longest distance travelled at sea by a toy boat, with their pirate ship ‘Adventure’ and are hoping to set another record with Adventure II. The first toy boat floated across the North Sea and the Atlantic to the Caribbean, and was launched from Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, covering 3,773 miles between May 2017 and May 2018, but it’s tracker died off the coast of Barbados and it was lost at sea. Their dad, Mac, 46, helped the boys add a counterweight to the boat to help it stay upright and it was filled with polystyrene to help it stay afloat.

Ex-Miss England becomes hero scientist helping Oxford University produce Covid vaccine

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dr Carina Tyrrell, 31, won Miss England back in 2014 and came fourth in Miss World the same year but has spent the last year fighting against the clock to help find a vaccine for COVID-19.  Exchanging her crown for her laptop Dr Carina Tyrrell MA MB BChir MPH has worked as part of the Oxford University team spearheading research into making sure the vaccines are safe to be rolled out to the British public.  Now the former pageant winner originally from Geneva, who lives in Cambridge alongside her partner has warned the public not to get complacent and carry on wearing masks and social distancing even though the vaccine is being rolled out.  It comes after 800,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine arrived in the UK and began being distributed to 50 hospitals across the UK with 90-year-old Margaret Keenan being the first person in the Uk to receive it at 6.30 yesterday morning (8/12).

Meet the circus-ready BUDGIE who spends a full SEVEN days a week perfecting his ball-balancing skills

***EXCLUSIVE*** YOKOHAMA, JAPAN: In the incredible footage, the seven-inch long Lutino budgie rolled back and forth as it balanced atop a tennis ball much to its own amusement. In another clip, the budgie dived onto the ball as it appeared to sit on top of an automated robot vacuum cleaner adding to the difficulty of this impressive skill. The Lutino budgie known as Mame (2) belongs to content creator Hiromi Hojo (51) from Yokohama, Japan. When Hiromi brought Mame a tennis ball to play with, little did he know that Mame would become an Instagram sensation with over 16,000 followers. Budgies are smart creatures and are thought to understand grammar to the same level as a seven-month-old child hence their ability to mimic human speech.

LightsFlare Photo Awards

***EXCLUSIVE*** VARIOUS: The winners of the LightsFlare International Photography Awards have been announced. In one image, Bangladeshi photographer Ashraful Islam Shimul captured workers harvesting dried fish in Kolkata, India, earning him the second-place runners up prize in the „Aerial / Drone” category. In another, Indonesian photographer Dikye Ariani showed a mother common tailorbird as it fed an insect to its young, near Jakarta, winning Dikye a first-place runners up prize in the „Wildlife / Macro” category. The LightsFlare International Photography Awards aims to seek out and showcase emerging photographers who display the world’s „eccentricity, variety, beauty, and even ugliness” through the camera lens. This year, the competition received over 4,000 entries from 44 countries across the globe.

Moment Red Squirrel kills rodent after face-off on tree branch when it dared to intrude on its territory

***EXCLUSIVE*** These dramatic photos show the final moments of a young rat which dared to traipse on a red squirrel's territory. The shocking scenes unfolded on the branch of a tree when two rodents had a face off - and the rat plunged five feet to its death. The rat, believed to be around a year old, had imposed on the red squirrel several times, before the squirrel 'let him have it' and bit the aggressor causing it to plunge to its death. Grandfather-of-one Jock Elliott, 72, was stunned to watch the violence unfold in peaceful Blairgowrie, Perthshire.

Boy, 3, left to die on the streets because he was accused of being a ‘witch’ makes incredible transformation

***EXCLUSIVE*** A boy abandoned by his parents because they thought he was a witch has undergone a remarkable transformation. Disturbing images taken nearly five years ago showed a badly malnourished three-year-old, who had been left to fend for himelf on the streets of Nigeria. In January 2016, Danish philanthropist Anja Ringgren Loven saved the youngster, who was later named Hope, after his family abandoned him on the streets of over fears he was a "witch". But today the young boy, who despite all odds survived his traumatic past, is now a thriving seven-year-old. This is all thanks to the charity Anja founded — from which he was named — called the Land of Hope.

Former RAF Regiment gunner is now earning his stripes as a gay adult film performer and currently earns between £30,000 and £40,000 a year

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of Britain's top gay porn stars believes his Scottish accent has been the key to his success - and injects drugs straight into his penis to ensure he can perform under pressure. Marc McAulay, 29, went from being an RAF gunner to pursue porn fulltime and is tipped for 'best international actor' at the industry's equivalent of the Oscars, which he hopes will launch a career in America - where his accent is a desirable attribute. He is regularly asked by directors 'how strong is your Scottish accent' as he prepares for kinky shoots, and is in the top 14 per cent of subscribers on X-rated site Justfor.fans. As a shy teenager, Marc studied Law for two years at university before joining the RAF in Lossiemouth, which he left in 2014.

Curious lion bats remote camera making it look like it's taking a selfie

***EXCLUSIVE*** A curious young lioness plays with a camera after discovering it attached to a remote controlled vehicle. Swiping at it with her large paws, she treats it like a domestic cat might a mouse. The pictures were taken in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, by photographer Leighton Lum who had originally hoped to get shots of the pride's 'majestic' male.

Creepy abandoned hospital

***EXCLUSIVE*** MARYLAND, USA: A photographer has captured what remains of a creepy hospital left abandoned for decades. One image showed a decaying makeshift operating room, complete with a rusted surgical table, empty medicine bottles and an oxygen tank. Another evocative photo captured an empty wheelchair at the end of a long hallway that had been left to degrade over the years. The extraordinary photos were taken by Maryland-based photographer Chris Hall (21) who has had a keen interest in capturing abandoned buildings on camera since his first visit to an abandoned asylum in 2016. The New York-based hospital, first opened its doors in 1905 and was used to treat patients with tuberculosis, which was responsible for 15 per cent of all deaths in the United States at this time. With successful treatments for the bacterial infection discovered in the late 1940’s, the hospital closed its doors in 1961. Chris used a Sony A7rii to capture his work.

A mum has created a magical Winter Wonderland window display for her chronically ill daughter - who has been discharged from hospital just in time for Christmas

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Erin Sadler is just seven years old - but has spent much of her short life in hospital battling a range of life-limiting conditions, including liver disease, inoperable heart disease, and chronic kidney failure. Erin, from Colchester, Essex, has already undergone a whopping 112 blood transfusions in her life, and last year suffered a heart attack which caused her heart to stop for 16 minutes.

This lavish church conversion with automobiles hanging from its walls has been featured on British detective drama Lewis and could now be yours for £1.15M

***EXCLUSIVE*** MIDDLESEX, UK: St Johns Church is a quirky church conversion in Uxbridge, Middlesex, UK. It comprises four bedrooms, five bathrooms, kitchen, drawing room, mezzanine sitting room, galleried area, conservatory, cellar and a triple detached garage. The former Anglican church, which dates to 1837, was renovated into an impressive home by Angel Guerra who bought the property in 1999. The unusual property has kept some of its original features including pews, fonts, and stained-glass windows. The property would make the perfect space for entertainment with the altar steps currently hiding a wine cellar and cold room. The house features modern touches such as a spacious walk-in wardrobe with a shoe storage carousel, floating staircase, a mezzanine sitting room which currently houses a cinema area, and an all-glass conservatory. The former church has been used as a backdrop for several films and television shows including ITV detective drama Lewis.The property sits on half an acre of garden and is currently on the market with Chewton Rose for Ł1.15 million.

A 13-year-old boy has become Britain's youngest digger driver

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jamie Currie has loved diggers since he was a little boy and dreams of owning his own company. The dedicated schoolboy aced his test to get a Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) Red Card, making him a trained operator, but he cannot work on commercial sites. Jamie said: “I’m really happy and proud to have my CPCS Red Card.

World's first polar bear themed hotel

Harbin Polar Park invests 100 million yuan to build the world's first polar bear hotel where visitors can enjoy 24-hour polar time accompanied by polar bears in Songjiang district, Harbin city, northeast China's Heilongjiang province. It is the first polar land themed park combining animal shows, polar land sights and an interactive experience into one.

Hong Kong ultra wealthy in their high-rises

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photos show the vast skyline of Hong Kong - one of the richest cities in the world. It is home to the second highest number of billionaires and the third highest monthly rent prices in the world. The island's striking skyline is made up of a mixture of towering residential and office buildings. The photographs were taken by photographer Julia Wimmerlin, who took them from Victoria Peak on the island, and Kowloon Peak on the mainland.

Five-bed Spanish-style villa sells for £1m - but you'll never guess where it is

***EXCLUSIVE*** The gorgeous property is reminiscent of a seaside mansion in a Costa Del Sol travel guide, with its magnificent arches, balconies and swimming pool. However, the breathtaking property is in fact situated in suburban South Yorkshire on the outskirts of Sheffield. The house is thought to have been erected in the 1970s and once had the hilarious name ‘Costa Bomb’ - a comical nod to its Meditarrenean architecture and high price tag. Unfortunately a sign carrying the name was taken down some years ago after the dwelling was purchased by a new owner.  Anyone interested in purchasing a slice of paradise will be left disappointed though as the property just sold for a whopping £1,295,000 through estate agent Purple Brick.

Knitted creations during cold winter in Shanghai streets

A group of "loving mothers" knit colorful "sweaters" for the building columns, railings, seats, and trees in the Shanghai International Fashion Center, making the city more beautiful and warmer in Yangshupu road, Yangpu district, Shanghai, China.

Lavazza and Smeg collaborate for new coffee machine

***EXCLUSIVE*** Italian brand Smeg has teamed up with Italian coffee brand Lavazza for a co-branded machine. The '50s-inspired appliance makes brewing easy, being compatible with Lavazza's coffee capsules. Spotlighting Smeg's distinct retro look, the collaborative A Modo Mio arrives in a rounded exterior with chrome accents throughout. Available in three shades – ivory, red and black – both brands' logos are placed at the front of the design. Priced at 266 Dollars via the home appliance brand's online store.