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Perfume influence by Mario Bros. video game character is launched for Christmas

Want to smell like Mario the famous plumbing video game character this Christmas? Two unisex fragrances, Eau De Plumber and FPS (First Person Scent), have been launched, especially for fans of gaming. British video games store GAME says this is their foray into luxury perfumery, and, what’s more, they boast: „Both fragrances have been expertly curated and crafted by some of Basingstoke’s leading perfumers.” The first fragrance, Eau De Plumber, has been painstakingly blended with deep, toadstooly undertones, with high tones of peach and daisy. FPS, the grenade-shaped scent can be described as „best appreciated from thirty feet away” and „slightly gunpowdery”, and is a celebration of the love of popular FPS games. Both scents are extremely limited and priced at £19.99 for a 200ml bottle.

School for people with special needs in Syria

SYRIA: Pictures taken at a school for people with special needs in the town of Al-Jinah in the countryside of Aleppo show children with special needs being trained in karate under the leadership of instructor Wasim Stout, who carries a black belt in karate. Wasim works with training to integrate a certain number of disabled children with a similar number of healthy children, in order to help the handicapped to integrate into society and to stay away from autism. Wasim started his project in the city of Aleppo seven years ago after he was affected by the vision of many people with disabilities due to the war, then he transferred this project with him to the countryside of Aleppo after he was forcibly displaced from his city.

Comparison images show how Watch Dogs: Legion’s virtual London looks just like the real thing

London: NVIDIA has published a gallery of like-for-like images, comparing iconic landmarks from the London-set video game Watch Dogs: Legion to their real-world counterparts. The in-game photography was captured while running the game with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card (with the highest possible graphical settings), demonstrating the capability of NVIDIA’s new 30-series graphics cards to deliver a truly life-like virtual London in Watch Dogs: Legion. The in-game photography also benefited from NVIDIA’s ray tracing technology, which simulates the physical behaviour of light to bring an authentic cinematic-quality to the game. They were further enhanced with NVIDIA’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology, which uses artificial intelligence to boost image quality while improving in-game performance.