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Christmas-obsessed woman dedicates room in her home to the holiday

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman with a festive obsession spent £8k dedicating an entire room to Christmas decorations which she keeps up all year round - even though her husband is a ‘real life Grinch’ Heather Shayne, 32, is a Christmas fanatic who has a ‘Santa room’ bulging with £8,000 worth of Christmas decorations - which she keeps up all year round. The sales assistant, who lives in St Louis, Missouri, with her husband Daniel, 50, keeps more than 1,000 decorations in the room - despite the fact Daniel is not a fan. Heather calls landscaper Daniel her “real life Grinch” as he grumbles about the room - but she has no intention of taking the decs down, and she adds to the extensive collection every year.


A twelve-year-old coped with going BALD during lockdown by illustrating more than 100 drawings for a fantasy book based on his life

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Mason-Carney started to notice his hair disappearing prematurely last Christmas but tried to hide it from friends at school. The brave youngster then lost huge chunks of it to alopecia during the first national lockdown. But to come to terms with his drastic change in appearance, James focused on finishing illustrating a book with over 140 quirky drawings he started when he was nine years old.

A young Californian woman spent months pretending to be a fairy to bring joy to a four-year-old girl who was feeling lonely during quarantine

***EXCLUSIVE*** In April, while out on a walk through her Culver City neighborhood, Kelly Kenney stumbled upon a fairy garden created by a kid named Elaina who was feeling lonely during quarantine. “I had gone for a walk late at night and found the garden and immediately wanted to be part of it,” said Kelly, a professional photographer [who declined to give her age].  “I have always been passionate about children's creativity and keeping that spark alive for as long as possible.”

Smallest church in the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** South Africa, Van-Reenen-Paß: The "smallest church in the world". The house of worship, which looks more like a model version of a church, stands on a plot of land measuring 15 by 15 metres. But with Corona came social distancing - it makes the church the worst possible place for a contemplative gathering.

Engineer in high heels becomes an Instagram hit

***EXCLUSIVE*** Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart: Mark Bryan, an American engineer living in Germany is breaking the fashion sterotypes, showing that not only women can look great in heels and skirts but men too. He started posting his outfits on Instagram and since then has become a viral sensation.

Nativity play addresses racism and destruction of the Amazon

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brazil, Rio De Janeiro: A Christmas nativity play in the southern district of Gloria addresses racism and the protection of the Amazon rainforest. The Church of the Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus exhibits a nativity play each year that addresses contemporary issues. This year, Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus, are portrayed as black people in a devastated Amazon region. The angels are illustrated using indigenous figures.

A student who was forced to flee the country after being bullied at school is hoping to beat the bullies by taking part in the Miss England finals

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rheanna Cartier, 17 from Kingham, Oxfordshire is hoping to win the wildcard round to gain a place in the finals next year and be in with a chance of winning the competition.  After being badly bullied at school she decided to leave the UK and attend a school in Denmark for the year at only 13-years-old.  The teenager after being bullied by pupils at her school was left suffering from low self-esteem, lack of confidence and was incredibly shy.  But she is now hoping that her story and journey to beat the bullies will inspire other victims and help raise awareness and money for charity.  The real estate diploma student is hoping to win the wildcard round after the Miss Oxfordshire title has already been won and show the bullies that they can no longer stop her doing things.  After spotting the advert for the competition online back in October this year the teenager submitted photos and a biography of herself.

''I can'' disabilities bicycle race

Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territory: Palestinian amputees take part in Bicycle race during an event in al-Nusairat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip on December 21, 2020. Sweeping Israeli restrictions on the movement of people and goods, at times exacerbated curb access to assistive devices, health care, and electricity essential to many people with disabilities. Chronic power outages in particular jeopardize the rights of many people with disabilities who need light to communicate using sign language, or need equipment powered by electricity to move, including elevators and electric mobility scooters.

Love knows no borders

It started, for Julie Arps (American) and Lynt Harris (Canadian) like many modern relationships do, with a smile and then a swipe. But the fairy tale ended when the coronavirus pandemic forced the Canada and U.S. governments to close the land borders to all nonessential visitors. When Julie first messaged Lynt on the dating app 'Plenty of Fish', the world around them was growing increasingly unrecognizable due to the pandemic. Currently, Canada prohibits most foreigners from entering the country for nonessential travel. The government relaxed the rules to allow foreigners who do not have COVID-19 to visit immediate family in Canada, including spouses and common-law partners. Now thousands of unmarried committed couples are demanding Canada's government give them exemption from the travel restrictions too.

Christmas gift cottage

***EXCLUSIVE*** Retired schooll teacher Michele Yougn from Whittlesford in Cambridgeshire had just had her house thached and decided to do somthing a little fun for the village so she had a big ribbon with a bow put around the house with a gift tag with the words Merry Christmas Whittlesford.