Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A Lego-mad couple have used lockdown and the pandemic to create a stunning model of one of Britain's most beautiful cathedrals using a staggering 400,000 plastic bricks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Every year for the last 26 Mike Addis, 62, and wife Catherine Weightman, 57, have created a sensational Lego creation in time for Christmas. Previous creations have included a six-foot-high Dalek, and giant knutcracker and a polar bear. This year the couple from Huntingdon, Cambs, have just finished their project - a 12-foot-long, four-foot high model of Ely Cathedral, Cambs.

Meet the pampered pooch whose owner has built him his own Santa Grotto - complete with a stack of presents worth £2,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Owner Alisa Thorne, 52, spent a week turning her garden summer house into a Winter Wonderland for her six-month-old pup Fabio.  She spared no expense on gifts for the lucky pup including a custom-made Swarovski crystal bowtie worth £600 and a £130 Cavalli onesie to add to his 800 item ‘fur-dorbe’.  Alisa bought the Chinese Crested Powder Puff in July 2020 and splashed out nearly £1,000 on a ‘puppy party’ where she gifted him a Swarovski bow tie worth £600 and a £160 convertible car.  She considers Fabio to be her 'baby' and will take him out for walks in his own pushchair around their hometown in Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales.  She has splashed out more than £12k on the pooch in total and the pair recently appeared on the BBC Two show '12 Puppies and Us'.

World's largest free-floating iceberg that's the size of Delaware is breaking apart - and could stop seals and penguins getting food

The world’s largest free-floating iceberg, known as A68a, is breaking apart as it drifts towards South Georgia island. Satellite imagery on Monday showed cracks along the sheet of ice, but by Tuesday two new icebergs calved from A68a – just days after a large chunk broke off from its northernmost section. The two new icebergs have been named A68e, which measures 33 nautical miles, and A68f that stretches 14 nautical miles. Scientists are monitoring the massive iceberg to see if it grounds in shallow water, which could cause issues for penguins and seals on the island that search for food in the surrounding water.

A cat has it's own bedroom made for it by owner

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cat-crazy Anna Mikulich has made her pampered pet its own bedroom - complete with a hand-made bed, Christmas tree and chandelier. Mrs Mikulich, 35, built her six month old feline Finn his specially made room in an attempt to stop him sleeping on her pillow every night. The wedding photographer says he threw herself into the unusual project as she had more time than usual on her hands due to it being a quiet year for weddings. The mother of two, from Basingstoke, Hants, said: "Finn spends most of the night with us, trying to take over our pillows or laying on top of us.

This man decorated his Christmas tree 300 TIMES and the result is brilliant

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kevin Parry, 33, decided to make a festive stop frame animation of his tree being decorated, which involved four excruciating days of placing ornaments and shooting still frames. “It took four full days to make the entire thing, morning to night, about ten hours a day,” said Kevin, a professional animator from Toronto, Canada. “I started with a bare tree and then one picture at a time I just decorated it. “I have to say this was definitely the most tedious video I’ve ever made, it was the same feeling every frame, there were no ups and downs to it, no excitement.  “There must have been about 350 frames and I used about 500 ornaments to make it.

Own a classic Jaguar car this Christmas for a fraction of the price - and size

***EXCLUSIVE*** Classic car fans who are unable to afford their dream Jaguar this Christmas have now been offered the perfect alternative at a fraction of the price - and size. The Amalgam Collection, of London, have started production on a perfect replica of the iconic Jaguar XKSS dating back to the 1950s. The only difference between the model and the real thing is that the newly built motor is exactly one eighth the size. The model is still significantly cheaper than the £13.5m needed for an original XKSS. Instead, it costs £10,350.

Charming letters written by Princess Diana to a friend who helped her through tough times

***EXCLUSIVE*** A collection of charming letters written by Princess Diana to a male confidant who helped her through times of personal crisis have been put up for auction. Diana's 'warm and caring' correspondence with Roger Bramble covered the period of her divorce from Princes Charles and the Andrew Morton's biography which revealed she had attempted suicide.

Very moo-ving: Calf and cat are best buddies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Very moo-ving. A cow and a cat make strike up an unlikely friendship as they cosy up to each other. The calf licked the cat's fur as the animal sat still and the new friends were also seen walking around together. The affectionate pair were snapped by photographer Justin Anantawan in Maasai Land, rural Kenya.

Piercing orange eyes of artic fox stand out in snowy landscape

***EXCLUSIVE*** Piercing orange eyes of an Arctic fox stand out against its white coat and its snowy surroundings as it stares at a photographer. The image was taken in the valley of Thorsmork in southern Iceland by professional photographer Joe Hall, 32. Mr Hall, who is from London but lives in Reykjavik said, "This is an Arctic fox in the white morph - they transition to this colour from their summer colour, however some do remain in the blue morph all year round." "For a fraction of a second, I managed to catch the fox staring at me. It was a powerful moment, one which I won’t forget too quickly. The Arctic fox is like a ghost, especially in winter. It moves silently and can rarely be seen."

A man was amazed when he pulled out 19 World War Two grenades from a river on only his second magnet fishing trip

***EXCLUSIVE*** Che Williams, 42, made the incredible find on the River Tame near Sutton Coldfield, Warks., on Friday (18/12). After having no luck fishing for pike, he switched to his £15 magnet to try to find a lure he had lost previously. He mistook the first grenade for a door knob then kept hauling out the military explosives.   He eventually called police who cordoned off the area and bombs experts found all of them were safe.

Dozens of workers cram onto small boat during fishing festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** Don't rock the boat.......Dozens of passengers cram onto a crowded boat on their way to a fishing festival. The fishermen carry polo fishing baskets, made from bamboo. The bi-annual Polo Bawa festival involves 150 to 200 people, and the fishermen sing songs together while they fish. It occurs in the Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh, where these photos were taken by Mohammad Hedayet Sarker.