Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Company launch robot friend for your pet

Described as a 3-in-1 pet companion, the Rocki features a pet feeder, camera, and pet toy all rolled into one package. The $199 device, available from late January, is designed to keep an eye on your cats or other pets while away. Rocki can be remotely controlled through the Rocki app anywhere, supporting an automated snack feeder, a swappable toy, and a video connection. The platform employs all-directional wheels, so it can play a few movement-based games with pets.  Rocki holds fifteen servings of treats to be dispersed on demand. The treats go through the toss chamber and lands one to two feet in front of Rocki. Feed pets on demand through the Rocki app. Rocki moves across all types of home terrain without sweat and finds your playful cats in no time. The night vision camera is extra useful when you heard noises in the living room at night, but do not want to leave the bed. Rocki is currently available for pre-order.

A couple are spending their first Christmas with both their miracle twins - born TWO years apart

***EXCLUSIVE*** Karen and James Marks had their first child, Cameron, two years ago, while their second child, Isabella, arrived earlier this year. But the two youngsters are considered twins as they were conceived on the same day, at the same time through IVF, from the same batch of embryos. And the family say they are looking forward to enjoying their first Christmas with Isabella, although bizarrely it will be their third with her twin. Karen, 33, of Taunton, Somerset, said: "It's kind of funny to think about. 

Cartier launches home decor objects and accessories for the festive season

***EXCLUSIVE*** Following up on the launch of its new Clash de Cartier jewelry line, Cartier has now unveiled a full range of „Art of Living” home decor objects and accessories for the festive season. The lineup celebrates some of the house's most iconic collections, ranging from Diabolo to Panthère. Kicking off the list is a series of Christmas tree ornaments featuring Cartier's panther motif inside the bauble. Another design shows the feline holding the luxury brand's signature red box. Staying consistent with the holiday theme, a snow globe is added to the mix along with a Diabolo wooden block game. Additional standouts include porcelain trinket trays, as well as music and jewelry boxes to house your most precious items. Cartier's „Art of Living” collection is available via the brand's web store. Prices on request

Quavers superfan becomes first to try its new retro flavours as they get set to hit shelves in the New Year

London: Adele Keeble from Melksham, Wiltshire has beaten over 500 hopeful snack fans to become the first person in the country to try Prawn Cocktail and Salt & Vinegar flavour Quavers in almost 10 years. The 52-year-old mum of one, who works as a Software Asset Manager, has also been rewarded with a lifetime supply of the floaty light snacks. To secure the opportunity, the superfan declared her love of the curly snack and the retro flavours via a poem, telling Walkers: „Quavers flavours are a joy to eat, flavour and texture hard to be beat. Calorie counting or a midday snack, it always leaves you wanting another pack. Let's go quackers for Quavers and the flavours that are coming back. Hoping they’re in my stocking this year from Santa's sack.” Adele Keeble from Melksham, Wiltshire said: „I’ve loved Quavers for as long as I can remember, and the Salt & Vinegar and Prawn Cocktail flavours were my absolute favourites so when they disappeared from the shelves, I was devastated. When I found out they were making a comeback in the new year and I could be in with the chance of trying them before anyone else, it was a no brainer - I did everything I could! What’s more, I can confirm they taste as good as they ever did. Despite everything else this year, it’s been the best Christmas present!”