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Meet the real-life Elastigirl - the ‘bendiest girl in the world’ - who can bend her spine in half BACKWARDS and contort her body into all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Liberty Barros,12, first realised she had the special talent while watching popstar Rihanna bending backwards in a music video. She tried the stunt herself, then aged just ten - and suddenly realised she’d bent so far her head was touching her bottom. Parents Raam, 32, an ex-teacher, and Elisette, 33, who home-schools the children, were amazed at their daughter's natural talent, and have helped her hone it so she now rivals contortionists worldwide.

Record-breaking British mountain climber has scaled Kilimanjaro for the third time aged SEVEN - and even took her favourite teddy bear

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ashleen Mandrick has been smashing records since she could barely walk - and is already the youngest to reach the Everest base camp.   She was the youngest girl to complete the Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal in December 2019 and the youngest to have climbed Monte Rosa.  She also became the youngest girl to have climbed Kilimanjaro in 2019 at the age of just six years old.  Ashleen next wanted to climb Pico de Orizaba in Mexico but Covid-19 scuppered her plans.  So she set her sights on 5,895m Mount Kilimanjaro once again for a third time - this time via the Kenyan side of the mountain.  Amid heavy snow Ashleen reached Gillman's Point and Uhuru Peak on December 20 with brothers Martin, 11, Nicolas, 12, and mum Victoria.  Proud doctor Victoria, 46, said she even took her favourite toy bunny rabbit all the way up to the peak.

A mum with two wombs has given birth to triplets - with two babies grown in one and a sibling in the second

***EXCLUSIVE*** Melanie Bassett's rare pregnancy is believed to be the first of its kind in the UK. The 32-year-old found out she had double the anatomy when she was pregnant with her first daughter Phoebe, three. Melanie fell pregnant just eight weeks after she and husband Ben, 33, welcomed their son Blake, now one.

A 13-year-old Texas boy has raised nearly $6,000 to give 61 homeless children Christmas presents

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jaxson Turner raised $5,900 through GoFundMe, Facebook and other social media platforms to supply children at The Samaritan Inn in McKinney, Texas with new sneakers, coats, socks, toys and a hot meal for the holidays. “I think we need to help them because so many families during this pandemic are losing their jobs or their houses and moms are already worrying about being homeless,” Jaxson said. “Why should they worry about Christmas for their children too?”

2,000-year-old ancient Roman fast food takeaway uncovered by archaeologists in Pompeii

A 2,000 year old ancient Roman fast food takeaway shop has been uncovered by archaeologists. The snack bar was buried under tonnes of volcanic ash but has now emerged and provided a fascinating insight into daily life. Known as a thermopolium, or hot drinks counter, the takeaway would serve chicken, rooster and duck to hungry clients. Food was even found inside some of the jars at the site in Pompeii, a Roman city near Naples, buried when nearby volcano Mt Vesuvius erupted in AD79. Frescoes on the takeaway counter can still be seen and show images of animals which would have been on offer either grilled or roasted. Another fresco shows a dog on the elad which archaeologists say is a warning to would be thieves. Experts digging at the site even found fragments of snails, pigs and goats in pots which would have been cooked in a Roman style rice paella.

This woman has fed over 4,000 people in her community with lasagna in a two month period

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sam Peavy, dubbed “Sam the Lasagna Lady, has been donating pans of lasagna to her Virginia community since the end of October, as a way to spread love this holiday season. “To bring them some joy and a little love we just bring them some lasagna to say ‘hey we’re all in this together,’” said the Norfolk-based chef and author [who declined to give her age]. Sam began by donating lasagna to the fire department as a thank you for their services. She has since teamed up with the fire department and the Women’s Club of Norfolk to get meals to homeless shelters, families that have lost their homes to fires, people who have suffered during the pandemic, the local church and senior citizens homes.

A man left unable to walk or talk after being attacked has shown signs of a miraculous recovery after using a new medical app

***EXCLUSIVE*** Joe Shaw was in a coma and needed surgery to reconstruct his skull after being viciously assaulted by 24-year-old Liam Bayliss near a nightclub in 2018.  After the attack, Joe was left with brain damage as well as a bleed on the brain and at first could only communicate by blinking.  He had to have half of his skull removed and was fed through a tube following the assault in Ramsgate, Kent.  Joe, who worked as a self-employed plasterer, lost the ability to talk, walk and carry out basic tasks.  But resilient Joe is working hard to regain his independence, with his family and friends rallying round to help him.  Earlier this year, Joe was able to communicate by speaking certain phrases and pointing to letters on an alphabetic crib sheet.  He was also having to rely on a hoist to move around his home, which had been specially adapted to suit his needs.  But after just a week of trialling the new 'optokinetic stimulation' app, the 26-year-old found himself making incredible progress.

Meet the schoolboy who is the doppelganger of Home Alone's Macaulay Culkin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ten-year-old Evan Annable's uncanny resemblance to the child actor has earned him countless comments from strangers on the street.  But it's not just looks the two have in common as young Evan appears to be following the same career path, having starred comedy film Swimming With Men (2018) and appearing on a recent Sony's Tiny Pop advert.  Kitchen assistant mum Andrea, 42, from Swanwick, Derbyshire, said: "To be honest we get it so much I'm sick of it.

'Miracle' baby who wasn't expected to survive turns four on Christmas Day

***EXCLUSIVE*** A girl who doctors believed would not survive her birth has defied the odds and celebrated her fourth birthday on Christmas day.  Brave Joanne McKenna was given just a three per cent chance of survival by doctors before her birth and her parents were told she would likely die soon after. Mum Ruth Mothersdale, 28, and dad Tom McKenna, 30, were heartbroken as doctors advised them to terminate the pregnancy. At 14 weeks, a scan revealed there was no water in the amniotic sac, but their baby had a clear heartbeat. Weekly scans revealed waters weren’t developing and at a consultation at 20 weeks the couple were dealt a devastating blow as doctors advised a termination.  After deciding to continue with the pregnancy, Ruth, who was due in February, went into labour on Christmas Day 2016 and baby Joanne arrived early, weighing 4lb 11oz.

Green fingered man has cultivated so much fruit and veg in his flat’s shared garden during lockdown that he hasn’t been to the supermarket for eight months

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man who isn't running to the supermarket to stockpile - thanks to his tiny urban patio garden which has kept him fed for nine months. This green-fingered man has grown so many vegetables in his tiny urban patio during lockdown -- he hasn't been to the supermarket in eight months.  Alessandro Vitale, 29, has grown chilli peppers and mint on his windowsill for years, so was delighted when he moved into a flat with a shared garden last year. He set to work transforming half the 8x5m patio area into a growing haven, created a wall trellis for herbs out of recycled water bottles, and installed planters and a greenhouse.

An incredible display with 89-ACRES of holiday lights is helping kids with critical illnesses this winter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A giant mushroom, an ice-cream palace spaceship and a giant upside down toy box all illuminate the night sky in Kissimmee, Florida as a part of ‘Night of a Million Lights,' which actually contains over three million lights.  Give Kids The World, a non-profit that provides vacations for children with critical illnesses and their families, opened the dazzling display in November and will be holding it until January 3. Proceeds from the event will be used to support the granting of children’s wishes when the village reopens on a limited basis January 17, 2021 after being closed for 10 months due to COVID.

Miracle triplets celebrate first Christmas

***EXCLUSIVE*** Miracle triplets born prematurely during the Covid-19 pandemic are about to celebrate their first Christmas. Willoughby, Rafferty and Emmeline were born at 29 weeks, on May 28, weighing between 2lb and 3.5lb. They were whisked into intensive care as soon as they were born and were kept in hospital in both Gloucester and Bristol for eight weeks. Their mothers, Shelley Davis, 35, and partner Sarah Bell, 33, were unable to see their children for more than two hours after their births. Before they were born, Ms Davis, whose waters broke at 27 weeks, spent three weeks in hospital in isolation due to Covid-19 and was told she might lose one of the babies if she went home.

'I had Covid and now all food tastes like death and smells the same as urine'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has told how Covid has totally scrambled her senses so now coffee smells like car fumes, toothpaste tastes like petrol and chocolate is too disgusting to stomach. Sarah Govier, 44, caught the virus in May and like many others lost her sense of smell.  But months after it came back she was struck by a bizarre new symptom - a total distortion of her sense of smell, and therefore taste.  The mum-of-two said nearly "all food smells rotten" and she's lost weight because she can barely bring herself to eat some of her favourite meals.

Woman's rare condition means she cannot sit up without breaking her spine

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who is so ill she can't sit up without breaking her spine and isn't even touch her head due to a rare condition needs £750,000 for a life-saving op. Jenny Rowbory, 34, is severely unwell with complications from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder which causes hyper-flexible joints. She has been bedridden for 15 years, and due to the issue with her connective tissue her skull can dislocate by itself, and her vertebrae snap out of place. Her family hope to raise enough money to send Jenny, from Aberangell, Wales, to the United States for surgery, but they need to raise £750,000. Ann Rowbory, Jenny’s mum, said: “Jenny is in screaming agony 24/7, but unable to scream.

A new species of mineral has been discovered by scientists who analysed a rock mined in Cornwall 220 YEARS ago - and now named after the county

***EXCLUSIVE*** The mineral was discovered by a team of scientists from the Natural History Museum in London including mineralogist Mike Rumsey. He was studying a rock taken from the Wheal Gorland mine in St Day, a former mining area near Redruth. The new mineral, which is dark green in colour, has been named kernowite after the south west county, after the word Kernow - the Cornish word for Cornwall.

Baby gives ‘thumbs-up’ from womb to mum-to-be during first scan

***EXCLUSIVE*** Holly Giles, 33, was at her 20-week scan earlier this month when her unborn baby appeared to raise its thumb. Teaching Assistant Holly said the sonographer allowed her best friend to take a photo as she had never seen anything like it during her career. The cheeky baby can be seen appearing to raise its arm and thumb towards the ultrasound scanner during the scan at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston on 9 December.

Workers weave baskets by hand

***EXCLUSIVE*** Villagers sit and weave intricate baskets by hand in a quiet courtyard. Workers in this Vietnamese village have been making the bamboo containers this way for the past 200 years. Amateur photographer Đình Chính Nghiêm, who captured the images in the Thu Sy commune in the Hung Yen province of Vietnam, said a skilled worker will take less an hour to make a whole basket. The 23-year-old, from Dong Anh Town, in Hanoi, Vietnam, added: "The baskets are used for many purposes such as fishing, keeping chickens, and decoration.

Soggy leopard cub shakes itself dry before cuddliing up to mum

***EXCLUSIVE*** A leopard cub shakes the rain off its fur before cuddling up to its mother. The newborn sent raindrops flying as it shook its head from side to side on a tree branch. The cub appeared energised by the rain and encouraged his reluctant mother to play. These photographs were taken at the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya by wildlife photographer Leighton Lum.