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Baby battling rare disease gets vital bone marrow transplant thanks to miracle donor

***EXCLUSIVE*** Reign Miller-Hardy has hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, a condition where his immune system attacks healthy tissues and organs. The one-year-old was diagnosed in August after being rushed to hospital over fears he had an ear infection - or coronavirus. A search then launched to find a bone marrow transplant, with an initial scan of the worldwide database returning no results.

Partially blind woman studying to become a makeup artist

***EXCLUSIVE*** A partially-sighted young woman who lost a further 30 percent of her vision after a horror car crash has trained to become a makeup artist - and hopes to one day open her own salon. Jerri Mather, 20, says that nearly losing her life in a car accident in July this year made her realise that she had to follow her dreams of becoming a beautician. She was born partially-sighted and is also red-green colour blind, and had always felt anxious about what careers she could venture into. But following the accident five months ago, in which a speeding car being followed by police smashed into a taxi she was a passenger in, her vision deteriorated from 50 percent to 80 percent.

Meet the Oasis superfan who has spent THOUSANDS on band memoribillia including life size cut outs of the Gallagher brothers - and his fiancee isn't even a fan

***EXCLUSIVE*** John Smallbones, 45, fell in love with the band back in 1992 and was devastated when the brothers went their separate ways. Over the past decade, window surveyor John has spent thousands of pounds on Oasis merchandise including vinyls, clothing and life size cutouts of both Gallagher brothers. He's even got Oasis tattoos and has named his business 'Wall of Glass' after the popular 2017 Liam Gallagher hit with a van plastered in stickers dedicated to the boys. His home is covered top to bottom with Oasis memorabilia, much to the amusement of his extremely patient fiancee Elaine, 46, who isn't even a fan of the band.

Super memory cop

***EXCLUSIVE*** There remains no hiding from our super recogniser PCSO Andy Pope - and he’s even managed to identify wanted people who were wearing face masks! The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t prevented PCSO Pope from continuing to pick out crime suspects during 2020. And this summer the 43-year-old sailed through the 2,000 mark for the number of suspects he’s identified - even managing to spot some suspects while they were wearing face coverings. His talent for remembering faces has been a vital tool since 2012 and he is already eyeing up the next target of having spotted 2,500 within a decade. Andy regularly patrols in and around transport hubs and the surrounding areas as part of the Safer Travel Partnership team.

Nature and Wildlife Photographers Living World competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** A red deer caught in a beautiful Scottish snow shower has taken first prize in an international wildlife photography competition. Musician Phil James, 26, beat of hundreds of other snaps to take the top honour in the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers Living World competition. Other top pictures included a bloodied polar bear moments after feeding on a seal cub and a beautiful close-up of a bee resting in the photographer's garden. Winner Phil, from Staffordshire, said: "It was taken up at Alvie Estate in the Cairngorms, Scotland - on a very cold February day.

Gold coin of Oliver Cromwell struck in 1656 is to be auctioned for an estimated £150,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extremely rare 364-year-old gold coin depicting Oliver Cromwell has emerged for sale for £150,000. The 50 shilling piece showing a side-portrait of parliamentarian Cromwell was struck in 1656 by Thomas Simon, his chief engraver. On the reverse is a crowned shield and both sides have Latin lettered abbreviated legends around their edges.

Land Rover that converted into his very own mobile gastropub

***EXCLUSIVE*** A classic Land Rover that chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall converted into his very own mobile gastropub has sold at auction for nearly £30,000. The 4x4 dates back to 1982 and but was transformed by the TV personality for his mid-1990s for his show 'A Cook on the Wild Side. It now offers breathtaking cooking, sleeping and bathroom facilities, making it the perfect vehicle for a charming weekend away.

Toy fire engine has sold at auction for an eye-watering £10,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare toy fire engine has sold at auction for an eye-watering £10,000 - more than five times its original estimate. The red Matchbox is an incredibly rare pre-production replica model of a MAC 12 engine routinely seen at airports. Only a handful are known to exist with this one spending much of its life with British collector Mike Linham.

Damselfly smiles

***EXCLUSIVE*** This amazing close-up photo shows the moment a damselfly appears to look happy as it stares straight into the camera - almost seeming to smile for the shot. The striking photo shows the tiny insect's vivid blue eyes popping out of its head, and its fine hairs standing on end, as it rests on a blade of grass in the early morning. The macro picture was captured on the riverbanks of the Po River in Pomponesco, northern Italy, by Italian photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, 45.

A rare 'novelty' Christmas cracker made out of silver has sold for £1,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 12ins long silver gilt model with a removable side was fashioned by French luxury goods business Cartier in the 1960s or 70s. It was discovered during a house clearance at a deceased estate. The cracker sparked a bidding war when it went under the hammer with auctioneers Whittons, of Honiton, Devon.