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Brutal yet beautiful: 2020's most stunning wildlife images

***EXCLUSIVE*** VARIOUS: This year's most brutal and beautiful wildlife images have been revealed - including a 1200-pound cannibalistic crocodile and a decapitated penguin. A year filled with lockdowns and pandemic gloom, 2020 has also been a time where people have turned to nature for an escape - and in these pictures it is clear to see why. Cheerful images showed a pair of Scottish dolphins performing a series of acrobatic tricks off the coast of The Black Isle near Inverness, Scotland, and boisterous gannets as they dive bombed after a tasty mackerel snack off of Shetland. Another thrilling shot revealed the heart-stopping moment a pregnant impala leapt majestically through the air to miraculously escape a ravenous cheetah unscathed in Kenya, while another captured a stunning bald eagle as it took off with its catch in Alaska, USA. Some of the spectacular images showed how predators of the animal world will stop at nothing for a meal as a 770-pound leopard seal brutally ripped off the head of a penguin in Antarctica and a large adult crocodile turned to cannibalism as it munched down on one of its own in South Africa. Other highlights included a pair of bullfrogs as they tossed through a ditch in a hilarious topsy-turvy battle in Polokwane, South Africa, an eastern screech owl in incognito mode against a tree trunk in Massachusetts, USA, and a greedy 400-pound lion who decided to nab not one but two impalas for dinner at the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The ten most exquisite properties listed on the market in 2020 have been revealed

***EXCLUSIVE*** VARIOUS: The ten most exquisite properties listed on the market in 2020 have been revealed - including a house with its own indoor skating park and a mansion with a Ferrari showroom. Staying at home has been the theme of the year and many of the properties featured make that a doddle with their impressive leisure facilities on site. The end of terrace St Clements Hall in Terrington St. Clement, Norfolk, UK, boasted its very own indoor skate park with skate bowl, 13-feet vert wall and quarter pipes and was on the market for Ł240,000 with Attik Estate Agents. On the market for a cool Ł1,000,000 with Strutt & Parker was Ponden Hall in West Yorkshire, UK. The 17th century detached Grade II listed property is said to be inspiration for Thrushcross Grange in Emily Bronte?s Wuthering Heights. The luxury 10-bedroom mansion where Prince Harry once stayed in 2010 also made the year?s highlights. For an incredible Ł20,000,000, the sprawling 14,000 square-feet Cove Spring House in Barbados is a perfect example of sleek contemporary design. Other properties that would mean you?d never get bored during lockdown were the Ł30,000,000 mansion in Sydenhurst, Surrey, complete with its very own bowling alley, cinema and gym ? on the market with House Partnership, and Knightsbridge townhouse that once entertained Pablo Picasso on the market for Ł12,950,000 with Sotheby?s International Realty.

Man has just begun the last leg of an epic 2,500 run - between all 92 football league grounds in England and Wales

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nathan Richardson, 29, is aiming to become the first person ever to achieve the remarkable record. Nathan’s lung-bursting adventure has seen him visit stadiums from Carlisle to Crawley while traversing Dartmoor and the Pennines along the way. He began at Manchester United’s 70,000 capacity Old Trafford and has gone on to visit iconic stadiums such as Anfield and Stamford Bridge, which both contain over 50,000 seats. Meanwhile Nathan has also pitched up at tiny grounds like Burton Albion’s 7,000 capacity Globe Arena and Grimsby’s modest Blundell Park.

A man nearly died after drinking double the recommended daily amount of water and flushing all of the salt from his body - in a bid to cure suspected coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** Luke Williamson, 34, lost almost all of the natural sodium from his system by taking on too much fluid - which nearly proved fatal. The civil servant thought he was suffering with Covid-19 during the first lockdown so began drinking four to five litres of water a day. But the increased volume caused water intoxication, meaning his body's salt levels became dangerously low - leading to a collapse in the bathroom. Luke believes it was only the quick reactions of his wife Laura that saved his life during the incident at their home in Patchway, Bristol.

Germany’s ‘Nazi hunter’ aims for last 11 prosecutions as lifetime of work draws to a close

***EXCLUSIVE*** Germany’s ‘Nazi hunter’ aims for last 11 prosecutions as lifetime of work draws to a close. Thomas Will has been described by the German press as the “last of the Nazi hunters”. From an office in the historic city of Ludwigsburg, just north of Stuttgart, he heads a team of prosecutors who are working to track down the last surviving perpetrators of Nazi war crimes and crimes against humanity, and bring them to justice while there is still time. But in a year in which Germany marked the 75th anniversary of the start of the Nuremberg trials,Mr Will admits his team is fast running out of suspects who are still alive.

Inside a once spectacular mega mansion belonging to a famous rapper has been revealed after it was left abandoned due to HURRICANE KATRINA

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW ORLEANS, USA: Shocking footage from inside a once spectacular mega mansion belonging to a famous rapper has been revealed after it was left abandoned due to HURRICANE KATRINA. Photographer and YouTuber Cater Banks (23) from Oklahoma, USA, who goes by the name BigBankz on social media, visited the stunning 11,000 sq. ft. New Orleans mansion which once belonged to rapper and record producer Bryan Williams - better known by his stage name ?Birdman.' The house was damaged as a result of hurricane Katrina in 2005 which killed over 1,800 people as it swept through New Orleans. As such, the house is estimated to be worth a very reasonable Ł740,000 due to the risk of natural disasters and flooding. Footage from inside the pearly white mansion built in 1990, which previously belonged to NFL star Pat Swilling, shows two staircases flanking each side of the main entrance hall. The five bedroom property boasts two hot tubs, a sauna, a private cinema, an elevator, a swimming pool and a garage with room for four cars. The enormous master bedroom contains a jacuzzi with a built in fireplace. The house has marble flooring and glass doors throughout and even contains a glass room with a private bar inside. On the top floor of the three storey building is a purpose built studio area once used to produce and record music. Birdman, who married singer and actress Toni Braxton in 2016, recently sold his Florida mega mansion for over Ł8 million. He has hinted on social media about a possible return to his former New Orleans home. The mansion was even featured in the music video for Birdman and Lil Wayne?s 2005 song Neck Of The Woods.

Girl, nine, is one of the world’s youngest published authors after writing novel during lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ellah Louise Ramsey fell in love with writing when she met her favourite author Frank English, after he came to her school to give a talk. She started her own writing using a laptop she got from Santa last Christmas - and was inspired to have her first full book published during lockdown. The schoolgirl wrote to Frank - who has written 23 books - on Facebook and sent him the first few chapters of her novel The Magic Whistle and the Tiny Bag of Wishes.

This artist has spent years perfecting the knack of making detailed images with SAND

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jerry Chen, 32 of Ontario, Canada, has been making his sand creations since 2017. Though the idea may seem complex, Jerry says that it’s a simple concept similar to traditional arts.  “It’s basically a glass bottle and I put all the sand into the bottle,” he said.

Flappy ending! Young owl misjudges flight and lands on top of its sibling's head before toppling face-first into a wall

***EXCLUSIVE*** These funny photos show the moment a young owl misjudged its landing - and ended up settling on top of its sibling's HEAD. The off-balance young bird can be seen swooping down with its wings outstretched, ready to land - right on top of the other, unsuspecting owl. There is a moment of apparent confusion from the clumsy young bird as it tries to find its footing, before the owl underneath topples over, leaving the bird on top face down on the stone wall.

Squirrels hit the slopes

***EXCLUSIVE*** These squirrels look like they're about to hit the slopes and go skiing. The rodents were photographed standing on tiny skis and holding onto poles in a snowy back garden. Photographer Geert Weggen managed to capture the charming images after smearing nutpaste on the poles and hanging food above the skis to tempt the squirrels. It took him weeks of waiting to get the right pictures outside his house in the Swedish village of Bisgarden.

Red fabric drying

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers lay out hundreds of metres of red fabric so it can dry under the sun. The material covered more than 100 hectares on the field as it was laid out in neat rows. Professional photographer Azim Khan Ronnie captured the drying process in Narsingdi, Bangladesh.