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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson rare Miami football card sells for $14.000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** It comes as no surprise that the pandemic has driven the card market to boom. However, it might be unexpected to hear that The Rock has made a comeback to the football world, only this time in the form of a rare trading card. Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s University of Miami football card was given a Gem Mint 10 grading by PSA and sold for 13 988 Dollars by PWCC Auctions. Although short-lived in comparison to his WWE and Hollywood career, The Rock was a promising defensive tackle who was part of the University of Miami's 1991 national championship team. With The Rock’s growing popularity, the rarity of the card, and the added bonus of near-perfect condition memorabilia, the card's price was an unanticipated surprise.

Fashion influencer who fell in love with a hunter reveals she's been branded 'disgusting' for swapping style selfies for snaps of her posing with trophies they've shot as a couple

***EXCLUSIVE*** LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, USA: Meet the fashion influencer who fell in love with a HUNTER and now shares their kills on social media - but her followers aren’t sure about her „disgusting” new passion. Influencer and blogger Kristyn Higdon (28) from Lexington, Kentucky, USA, was perhaps originally favoured by her followers for her lifestyle and fashion tips but over the past four years, Kristyn has interwoven a new passion of hers into her online content - hunting. Both Kristyn’s father and grandfather are keen hunters too, but it was fiancé Chad (33) who introduced Kristyn to hunting - and it’s an activity that’s bought the couple closer together. Using a double tree-stand set up, the hunting duo have mastered their tag-team tactics but most of all, hunting provides them the chance to spend quality time together. Like many hunters, Kristyn is keen to show that hunting is an important act of conservation. Animal herds such as deer need culling in order to control population numbers. Without this control, the species? available vegetation and habitat could be overwhelmed. To convey the importance of this, Kristyn began posting hunting content to her social media feeds and blog. Initially, she was met with the resistance she expected. Naysayers commented, „You are a disgusting excuse for a human. Hopefully, one day soon karma finds you,” and „meat is murder.” Supported by fiancé Chad, Kristyn continued to persevere and soon noticed a new flurry of responses. Whilst some remained sceptical – „I could never kill an animal myself, but I sure do love some venison after my dad goes hunting” - others gained a new outlook telling Kristyn that they understood hunting in a way they didn’t previously. Kristyn and Chad plan to continue their happy hunts for many years to come and are due to get married in December 2021.

Stucking animals of 2020

***EXCLUSIVE*** While 2020 felt like a difficult year, it hasn’t all been doom and gloom. Our animals have provided comfort, joy and happiness while we endured lockdown uncertainty. As well as the companionship of our wonderful pets, animals have also provided us with some laughs, including those who got themselves into a-moo-sing situations and needed a helping paw from the rescue teams at the RSPCA. From a lizard found in a bag of potatoes in Whitley Bay, to a deer who travelled up escalators to get stuck on the rooftop terrace of Oxford’s Westgate Shopping Centre, an owl rescued from a Grandfather clock in Bolton, to a bat who travelled hundreds of miles to Hartlepool hiding in the boot of a new car; animals do the funniest things! So, just to cheer you up after this challenging year, here are 20 of the RSPCA’s funniest animal rescues during 2020.

This brave five-year-old has been forced to learn how to walk THREE times in just a couple of years after being struck down by a rare cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Isla Mansfield was diagnosed two years ago after her joints became so painful she couldn't climb the stairs. She had four rounds of intense chemotherapy to rid her body of the cancer which attacks tissue and creates tumours all around her body. Each time - once in 2018 and twice in 2019 - treatments were so strong she was left too weak to walk for weeks at a time.

These wrestlers train for SEVENTEEN HOURS a day – starting when they are just SIX years old

***EXCLUSIVE*** KOLHAPUR, INDIA: Photographer Srivatsan Sankaran (30) from Chennai, India, spent two days in Kolhapur, India, where he captured these incredible images of the region’s Pehlwani wrestlers. Also known as Kushti wrestling, the practice of Pehlwani was thought to have originated during India’s Mughal Empire which lasted from the 16th to the 19th century. Although the exact origins are unknown, the fighting style could be over 500 years old. Participants of the sport are known as pehlwans and join an akhara - a training school - usually during their teens although some fighters are as young as six years old. A typical training day consists of exercise, running, swimming, weightlifting, and many hours of wrestling. The entire routine lasts for around 17 hours a day beginning at three in the morning.

Music with 300.000 volts: Famous pop songs played on Tesla coils

***EXCLUSIVE*** The feat of electrical engineering was created by Fabricio Franzoli, a 26-year-old student from São Paulo, Brazil, who loves nothing more than tinkering with 300,000 volts of electricity. Fabricio is the founder of a Franzoli Electronics, which began as “a hobby and passion for music, science and electronics” but quickly became a priority “over everything” else in his life. Tesla coils, invented by Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla in 1891, have been used as a visually thrilling way to conduct experiments ever since. “Since my childhood I have been passionate about electronics and electricity,” said Fabricio. “When I first became aware of Tesla coils in 2007, I decided that I had to do that…because I was so fascinated.”

A couple who cancelled their wedding FOUR times because of coronavirus restrictions finally tied the knot - despite a last minute snow storm threatening the ceremony

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paramedics Rob Stewart, 30, and Beth Griffin, 25, managed to say their vows at the fifth time of asking in a "fairytale" wedding on Sunday (27/12). The pair had previously seen their big day scuppered during the Covid-19 pandemic on four different occasions after they planned to get married in spring.  Their original wedding date of March 25 was cancelled as a result of Britain's first lockdown.

A schoolboy suffered a collapsed lung and eventually needed open heart surgery -- after he choked on a piece of popcorn

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jordy Gordon, now seven, was tucking into the snack when he choked and unknowingly inhaled a kernel, obstructing his airways. His mum took him to hospital when he couldn't stop coughing, wrongly suspecting he had a chest infection. Scans revealed one lung had completely collapsed thanks to a tiny piece of popcorn and he was kept in for treatment.

Brave Joshua's two-year battle against brain tumour the size of a ping pong ball

***EXCLUSIVE*** An inspirational 15-year-old lad who went for a routine hearing test discovered he had a brain tumour the size of a ping pong ball - and had to spend almost 400 DAYS in hospital. Brave teenager Joshua Cobb had been struggling to hear in class and was referred to a clinic for tests but an MRI revealed he had a cancerous tumour growing in his brain.  He said his life “changed forever” after he was diagnosed with pilocytic astrocytoma, an advanced form of brain cancer, in September 2018.

Sleepy big cat

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lazy leopard takes a snooze on a branch 30ft up a tree. The big cat was sleepy after a heavy meal and dozed off draped over the Indian laurel tree in India's Nagarahole Tiger Reserve. Keen amateur photographer Mohammed Shujath took photos of the lethargic male after visiting the park, in the Kabini region.

Bicycle graveyard

***EXCLUSIVE*** This bicycle 'graveyard' is full of thousands of broken bikes waiting to be be repaired or destroyed. They all belong to bike rental companies and have been stacked on top of each other in the Chinese city of Chengdu as they await their fate. Before being dumped they had all been cheap to rent by scanning a code with a mobile phone to unlock them. Photographer Jackie Xie, who captured the scene, said the lack of care people gave them seemed typical of the way people treat many things in life these days.