Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Woman spent 20 weeks dressing up every Wednesday to take out the bins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who spent nearly six months donning a different posh frock and heels every week to put her wheelie bin out. Film make-up artist Nicola Matthews, 49, wanted to cheer people up during Covid so, inspired by Amanda Holden, she dressed up with props, full makeup and hair. She was initially photographed by neighbours pushing the bin outside her home. But what started as  a one off became a regular photo shoot at 8pm each Wednesday evening, outside her home in Waltham Abbey, Essex. As the weeks progressed, Nicola embellished the idea with more props, including rubber gloves to match the dresses.

A Celine Dion super fan who changed his name whilst drunk to match his idols has no plans to change it back

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thomas Dodd now known as Celine Dion has been a lifelong fan of the singers and during the Christmas holidays after one too many glasses of wine officially took her name.  The 30-year-old hospitality manager from Clifton Campville, Tamworth drunkenly paid £89 over Christmas whilst watching one of the singer's concerts in Vegas on Youtube after not being able to see his idol due to COVID-19 restrictions. But the manager who is currently working on a COVID testing site whilst furloughed forgot all about his drunken name change until a large white envelope arrived at his door this week (30/12).

A dad has been hailed for the 'best present ever' after a huge two tonne dinosaur he bought for his young son by mistake became fully operational

***EXCLUSIVE*** Architect Andre Bisson, 45, wanted to surprise five-year-old Theo, who is obsessed with the prehistoric creatures. When the Tamba Park attraction in Jersey closed, he enquired about a sale of old items and was thrilled when they had his son's favourite Carnotaur in stock. But Andre, who was expecting a much smaller model, was stunned when a delivery company said it wouldn't fit in their van - as it was around 20ft high.

A Brit couple have spent months trapped in Mexico through the coronavirus pandemic - because they can't bear to abandon their rescue CAT

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lee Hodges, 33, and his partner, Willow Rolfe, 29 set off for America in August, 2019, and headed south to Mexico in February when their visas were nearing their end. While in Washington DC, the pair of teachers from Birmingham rescued a cat, Aimee, from an animal shelter, and spent the rest of their trip tending to their new pet. When the pandemic began to spread they wanted to return home but they couldn't bare to leave their cat behind, so decided to stay.

A photographer is inspiring people to retell amazing memories and stories with his extraordinary pictures of ornaments on thatched rooftops

***EXCLUSIVE*** During lockdown, Martin Bond photographed 50 different finials atop thatched roofs in Cambridge's twee villages. His stunning collection depict straw ornaments atop thatched roofs including a stretching cat, a playful pup, four pigs in a row, a kangaroo and even a Stirling bomber. Finials, which date back as far as the 1600s, are used to decorate rooftops but old country beliefs were that they would keep away witches.

A 49-year-old man thought to be one of the UK’s longest-fighting Covid patients after going into hospital in March is in a battle for survival his wife has described as ‘nothing short of miraculous’

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jason Kelk was admitted to St James’ Hospital in Leeds, West Yorks., on March, 31 - just one day after TV presenter, Kate Garraway’s husband, Derek Draper.  Three days later, on April 3, Jason was moved to an intensive care unit (ICU) where he has remained ever since.  His devoted wife Sue Kelk has paid tribute to Jason’s strong will and strength of character as he continues to fight the effects of the virus which have confined him to a hospital bed and hooked up to a ventilator for nine months.

A company that makes face masks for PETS has reported a 500% increase in sales since the coronavirus outbreak

***EXCLUSIVE*** New York City-based Pet Masks began making their products to protect our furry friends from air pollution – but sales rocketed once COVID-19 spread across the USA. “Our sales have increased by about 500 percent,” said Pet Mask’s founder Salitia Henwick, 27, who lives in NYC with her husband and their border collie Cookie. “It used to be people would just buy them if they stay in very polluted cities or as a novelty accessory.” The masks, which can be fitted to cats or dogs, cost $25 USD each and come in three sizes. According to the Pet Masks website small would suit a Maltese, medium would be great for a corgi and large would fit a Labrador. The World Health Organisation initially suggested that canines could not contract COVID-19, but on March 19 the Hong Kong government released a statement saying that two dogs had tested positive.

A woman was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer just days after giving birth to twins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lorna Whiston, 26, was forced to give birth prematurely in order to have scans and get treatment for Stage 4 breast cancer. But just five days later she was told there was nothing more they could do for her. Lorna is now undergoing treatment whilst looking after her now five-week-old twins, Reuben and Arya, as well as her first son Mason, three, but does not know how much time she was with them. This is Lorna's second battle with cancer after undergoing gruelling six-month chemotherapy treatment in August 2019, just before her fiancée Jonny Parkes, 30, popped the question.

A Kazakhstan man turns nature into art with his intricate leaf cuttings featuring anything from ballerinas to flamingos to Dobby the elf from Harry Potter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kanat Nurtazin, 29, uses a sharp razor to cut his drawings on to leaves and his unique art has even caught the attention of Disney. Kanat began making leaf cuttings in 2013 as a hobby and he now estimates he has created around 500 of the foliage cut-outs. “I was searching for work and my place and I started experimenting with different things: writing poems, creating music and I stopped on drawing,” said the senior manager at Nazarbayev University. He had seen cutouts on paper before and returning home in autumn when there were plenty of leaves on the ground, he decided to use them instead of paper.

Caviar designs $108K USD Gold Apple AirPods Max Headphones

***EXCLUSIVE*** Despite many people being unhappy about the exorbitant price of the AirPods Max headphones, Russian custom brand Caviar has now designed an even pricier take on the Apple audio devices. Available in „Gold White” and „Gold Black”, the luxury take on the headphones blends high-quality sound with eye-catching expensive style. Caviar put its design together to emphasize „the status of the owners and their impeccable taste”. The expensive upgraded AirPods Max headphones are crafted with 750 grams of 18 Carat yellow gold accented by crocodile leather.

Hiker dwarfed by cave

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hiker is dwarfed by the opening of a huge ice cave. The ice cave in Iceland formed inside of an iceberg which was locked into a frozen lagoon as temperatures dropped to -12 degrees Celsius. Professional photographer Mark Andreas Jones captured these shots looking out of two caves in Hoffellsjökull as his friend Oskar Arason walked by.

A man has built a 7ft tall Dalek out of snow in his back garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paul Cullen, 48, spent four hours constructing the infamous Doctor Who villain in his garden in Mow Cop, Staffordshire, on December 29. The trainee maths teacher thought "it was just something do do and good exercise!" His competitive spirit got the better of him on Monday when a neighbour marvelled at a snowman in the garden next door. Ex-skydiver Paul spent two hours building a 7ft tall cowboy to compete with his neighbour's, and the following day scaled-up by transforming him into a Dalek!

Prada launces lunchbox

***EXCLUSIVE*** Having released logo jackets for dogs last month, Prada has now returned with a lunch box set featuring its iconic logo. Created in collaboration with Black + Blum, a London-based brand known for its sustainable food storage products, the collection is the perfect balance between luxury and utility. The Stainless Steel Sandwich Box and Steel Lunch Box retail at 140 Dollars each, the Glass Lunch Bowl at 120 Dollars and Cutlery Set at 75 Dollars at Prada's online store.

Earn your bounty with Theory11's 'The Mandalorian' playing cards

***EXCLUSIVE*** Following a massively successful Star Wars collaboration with The Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams last year, Theory11 is back again with another deck of cards from a galaxy far, far away, this time tapping the Internet's hottest bounty hunter right now: Din Djarin aka the Mandalorian Each card features intricate designs of the show's beloved characters, including Mando himself, Baby Yoda (Grogu), IG-11, a Dark Saber-wielding Moff Gideon, the gunslinger Cara Dune, and more. The box itself spotlights an embossed Mandalorian helmet in Beskar silver foil alongside space black and striking red tones to encapsulate the show's magnificence. Price at 10 Dollars a deck, available on this website: https://store.theory11.com/products/mandalorian-playing-cards