Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A British couple have miraculously managed to dodge the entire coronavirus pandemic - by becoming the only inhabitants of a tiny island with no electricity, gas or running water

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adventurous Luke and Sarah Flanagan moved to far-flung Owey Island off the west coast of County Donegal in Ireland on March 14, just two days before the UK went into lockdown. The pair had no idea about the impending pandemic and say the purpose of their stay on the 300 acre rocky chunk of land was simply to take 12 months out to enjoy a slower pace of life.  While taking scenic walks, going fishing and tending to homegrown crops, Luke, 34, and Sarah, 36, have easily managed to remain isolated and keep themselves clear of Covid-19.

Time to check out your attic! Chinese vase valued at £450 by auction house sells for £1.36million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Chinese vase valued at Ł450 has sold for a staggering Ł1.36million. The 20ins tall celadon vase had been in the ownership of an Irish family for the past 82 years. An ancestor of the unnamed vendor bought it for a modest sum at an auction in 1938, with its earlier provenance remaining a mystery. The vase has rare 'double dragon' handles and carries the six-character mark of the Chinese Emperor Yongzheng.

Model home - An animator turns his eye for detail into creating perfect replicas of people's homes

***EXCLUSIVE*** A film animator has turned his eye for detail into a new business creating picture-perfect replicas of people's beloved homes. William Davies spends up to 14 hours a day crafting the three-dimensional models out of cardboard, Styrofoam, sponges, wood, old plastic bottles and even bits of Biro. William, 28, uses photographs of people's houses, taking approximate measurements and making rough sketches to help him turn the 2D pictures into a 3D model.

Remarkable recovery of boy who made worldwide headlines when he was left to starve by his family because they thought he was a WITCH

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hope was aged two when he was found starving by the roadside in the state of Akwa Ibom in Nigeria, where he had been abandoned.  It is thought his community blamed bad luck on the devil possessing him - turning him into a witch - so he was abandoned.  Emaciated and fighting for his life, he was taken in by Anja Ringgren Loven, now 42, and a photo of her holding a water bottle to his lips went viral.  They feared the skeletal toddler wouldn't survive the day or the journey to the hospital.  Five years on, he is living with the charity Land of Hope and the now seven-year-old is unrecognisable.  New pictures show he’s healthy - and even a budding artist nicknamed 'mini Picasso'.  Land of Hope founder Anja and her partner, David Emmanuel Umem, 30, led the rescue mission in 2016 which saved Hope’s life.

Entrepreneurial 13-year-old has set up his own farming business raising a flock of sheep

***EXCLUSIVE*** An entrepreneurial 13-year-old has set up his own farming business raising a flock of sheep to sell for meat. Will Banham rented a patch of land from his neighbour and has raised, fed, watered and wormed eight sheep before taking them to the slaughterhouse. He sold his lambs for £180 each (or £90 for a half), so far making £1,440 from his business.

A couple rearranged their entire wedding in just THREE hours so they could marry before new coronavirus tier restrictions came into force

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rhiannon Robertshaw, 29 and husband Joe, 26, were able to hastily reorganise their big day just before their area was plunged into tier 4.  The pair, of Burton-upon-Trent, Staffs., had been due to tie the knot on New Year's Eve on the third anniversary of when they first met.  But on 3pm on Wednesday (30/12) Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Staffordshire was moving up from tier 3 to tier 4 putting their plans in jeopardy.

5G powered buoys which monitor sea conditions will be deployed off a notorious beach

***EXCLUSIVE*** High-tech 5G powered buoys which monitor sea conditions will be deployed off a notorious beach in a bid to save lives. The flotation devices which use the new wireless technology will be placed up to 1,000ft off Durdle Door in Dorset, from next spring. The data they collect - including wave height, current strength and water temperature - will be made be displayed on digital 'warning' signs which will be installed along the Jurassic Coast.

In safe hands - A silver 'pomander' worn by Elizabethan royalty to ward off diseases is up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A silver perforated ball carried by Elizabethan Royalty to cleanse the air and ward off contagious diseases has been uncovered. The tennis-ball sized object has six segments that open up like a Terry's Orange. These six compartments would have been filled with perfume, spices and herbs like lavender and sage. The ball, called a pomander, was attached to the wrist or waist and it wafted aromatic fragrances that cleansed the air around people as they walked the dirty streets of London.

Living room lamp sells for £36,000 after it turned out to be a rare Chinese vase

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Chinese vase that was turned into a lamp has sold for over £36,000 after it emerged to be a rare 18th century relic. The 20ins crackle glazed moonflask was purchased as a lamp from a shop in west London over 40 years ago. It sat on the windowsill in the living room of a family home for decades with the owner unaware of its true value.

Methodist chapel that has undergone a heavenly home conversion is now on the market for £695K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A former Methodist chapel that has undergone a heavenly home conversion is now on the market for Ł695,000. Chapel House is a beautifully converted three-bedroom home in the rural setting of Chale on the Isle of Wight with breathtaking countryside views. It was built in 1874 and the Gothic-style Wesleyan Methodist chapel was capable of holding 132 worshippers. The chapel remained in use until the early 21st century. The current owners bought it in 2015 and carried out an extensive ten-month refurbishment project to transform it into an elegant home while retaining original architectural features. The stained glass windows underwent a full restoration too.

Caviar covers the Sony PlayStation 5 in gold and crocodile leather

***EXCLUSIVE*** Caviar covers the Sony PlayStation 5 in Gold and Crocodile Leather. Caviar is taking the Sony PlayStation 5 and adding 20 kilograms of gold to its exterior. Made from eight individual casting sheets, the gold is formed in a textured, geometric pattern to mimic the outlines of a rock, hence the name „Golden Rock”. The team has even gone as far as to cover the PS5's controller in crocodile leather while adding gold inserts. While we are not sure on pricing or the purity of the gold used in the „Golden Rock” PS5, we do know that if the gold was 24K, it would be worth over a million USD. Those interested in owning this one-of-one PlayStation 5 can head over to Caviar for more info.