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Man with extreme body modifications knitted toys

***EXCLUSIVE*** GOIAS, BRAZIL: Strangers think this man is the devil incarnate after he splashed out over ten-thousand-pounds modifying his body with tattoos, devil horns and a split tongue - you'd never believe he spends most of his time knitting children's toys. Body piercer Amigurumi Giby (27) from Goiás, Brazil, has undergone six extreme body modifications, inspired by a desire to look unique and find who he truly wants to be. Amigurumi's more unusual alterations include having both of his eyeballs tattooed, having his tongue split in half to look like a snake and more recently, having silicone horns implanted underneath the skin on his forehead. Amigurumi has also had „scarification” procedures on his cheeks where a scalpel was used to permanently mark a three-inch scar across his skin. He got his first tattoo when he was just 15 years old and now has over 75 per cent of his body covered in tattoos - including his face. These include tattoos from the popular Japanese franchise, Pokémon. Amigurumi has also pierced a large hole - measuring one inch in diameter - through his lip and even has his gums tattooed. As a body modification specialist himself and with lots of friends who are tattoo artists, Amigurumi has managed to transform his body without breaking the bank, spending just £10,000 to obtain his unique look. He's become quite used to getting stared at by strangers who are frightened by his look. Online, he's been told he looks like a 'freak' and 'the devil.' More often than not, people are actually fascinated by Amigurumi’s look and are interested in talking and taking selfies with him. Shockingly, despite his extensive inkings and somewhat intimidating appearance, Amigurumi spends his spare time crocheting woollen toys, some of which he gives to the children of friends and family as gifts. His favourite characters to knit are those from the popular Japanese franchise Pokémon. So far, he has knitted over 50 of these which he poses for photos with on his Instagram page.

Billy the postman cat – moggy raises couple’s Covid-19 lockdown spirits by carrying letters to neighbours in his collar

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple have made an unusual pen pal after they started exchanging messages with a mystery neighbour - thanks to their wandering cat who acted as a postie. Cat mum Olga Shipunova, 29, and her partner Zack King, 37, were delivered their first note via their cat, Billy, one evening last September. The curious one-year-old British shorthair returned home with a brightly coloured note which had been tucked under his collar and wrapped in cling film. The note read: “Your cat likes to come visit us when he is outside. He will sit at the door and meow to be let it (sic).

Friendly-faced robots are being used to tackle COVID-19 in hospitals across the US

***EXCLUSIVE*** In Dallas, Texas a socially intelligent, AI-driven robot named Moxi has become an invaluable aide to human healthcare workers during the pandemic. Moxi is capable of delivering PPE, COVID-19 tests, lab specimens and can even keep inventory.  "Normally, tasks like this could potentially pull a nurse away from patient care for ten minutes as they run to the supply closet or the lab,” said Josh Kemph, COO of the Medical City Heart Hospital & Medical City Spine Hospital. “Giving this time back to the care team to be at the patient’s bedside is the ultimate goal.” According to healthcare professionals at Medical City Heart Hospital Moxi has become instrumental in helping remove routine tasks off the plate of their nurses.

A bowl and a set of cutlery used by Mahatma Gandhi while under ‘house arrest’ expected to sell for between £60,0000-£80,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bowl and some cutlery used by Mahatma Gandhi whilst in prison is set to sell at auction in Bristol for sixty thousand pounds. The items were used daily by Gandhi whilst he was under ‘house arrest’ at the Aga Kahn Palace in 1942. His time there represents an important part of his history, as it was whilst imprisoned in the palace that his wife sadly passed away. He was released in 1944 and immediately stayed with his friend Sumati Morarjee at The Palm Bun House in Mumbai. The bowl was retained by Morarjee and sold to the current vendor some years ago.

Man transforms lounge into jungle with rare plant worth £12,000 per leaf

***EXCLUSIVE*** A green-fingered Brit has grown the ultimate collection of house plants including a species worth £12,000 a LEAF - and has already sold three. Tony Le-Britton, 30, turned his lounge into a jungle and transformed his spare room into an incredible greenhouse to nurture his passion. He has collected some of the world's rarest plants - including one previously thought to have been extinct. And Tony, from Cheltenham, Glos., is now flogging the leaves of another rare species for thousands of pounds per leaf to eager collectors.

National Parks Photo Competition finalists

***EXCLUSIVE*** VARIOUS, USA: The twenty finalists of the Nature’s Best Photography National Parks Photo Competition have been announced. One image taken by photographer, Brian Wright of San Diego, California, USA, showed the star trails over the Chesler Park Hiking Trail, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA. Another stunning picture of bison trekking through the snow at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA, was taken by Cindy Goeddel of Big Timber, Montana, USA. Canadian photographer, Thomas Vijayan’s incredible action shot of two grizzly bear siblings having a friendly fight at the Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA, also made the final 20 top images. Other pictures that made the cut were an elk lovingly licking its calf in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA, taken by Susan Propper of Greenwood Village, Colorado USA, and North Carolinian photographer, Steve Alterman’s majestic shot of the currents of the Potomac River, Great Falls Park, Virginia, USA. The finalists are the winners of the first ever annual Nature’s Best Photography National Parks Photo Competition. The 20 top placed images were chosen from more than 3,000 entries from visitors to the US National Parks. Kristin Lindsey of Birmingham, Alabama, USA, was shortlisted for her image overlooking Snake River, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

A heartbroken widow has given a stark warning to those who still ignoring Covid-19 restrictions after her 'fit and healthy' husband died just a few weeks of testing positive

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paul Butler, 59, from Canvey Island, Essex, died on December 6 after a four-week battle with the virus, leaving behind three children and his wife Jane. After coming around from an induced coma, the retired builder’s condition deteriorated and he was once again put back into a coma - only to never wake up again. “The one thing that remains with us was Paul’s consultant,” Paul’s wife Jane, 58, said after her husband died.

British wildlife photographer presents his best of 2020

His lexicon of images would normally include pictures from all around the world, but for 2020 it is an early and late Kenyan offer with a Chilean cameo and the middle months are from the UK. He explains: „2020 has been a challenge for me like it has for millions Travel, wildlife and safaris have all been compromised by the virus but, it has taught me that there is plenty of beauty in the natural world on our doorstep, even if some think not so exotic.” Paul Goldstein is a freelance guide, presenter, award-winning photographer and Kenyan camp owner who lives in SW19, London.

Luchadores brothers during pandemic

Mexico: Lucha libre, meaning "freestyle wrestling" is the term used in Mexico for professional wrestling. Since its introduction to Mexico in the early 20th century, it has developed into a unique form of the genre, characterized by colorful masks, rapid sequences of holds and maneuvers. Lucha libre wrestlers are known as luchadores. The three Olivares brothers Ciclonic, Mister Jerry and Gran Felipe Jr grew up watching their late father luchadores Gran Felipe wrestle at Xocimilco Arena in Mexico City, its been an intergral part of their entire lives. The Brothers became Luchadores in their teens and have been carrying on the Olivares name ever since but all that came to a stand still when the coronavirus pandemic closed down arenas, putting the luchadores in the unemployment line. The brothers have continued to train and devise a new plan for fans to see live streamed exhibitions until restrictions on live sports are lifted. (Pictured) Mister Jerry and Gran Filipe Jr on a Trajineras in the canals of Xochimilco, Mexico City.

First edition William Cowper poem books

***EXCLUSIVE*** Clio O'Sullivan performing a 'condition check' which entails an extensive note taking process of the condition the book arrives in. Chawton house has recently received a set of rare 1st edition William Cowper Poem books, which Jane Austin most likely read extensively during her time staying at the house. This was to thanks to 'Friends of the National Libraries' and the 'Godmersham Lost Sheep Society'. These exact books once belonged to Jane Austins brother, Edward Austen Knight, who inherited the estate. These books contain a bookplate belonging to Jane Austin's great nephew George Montagu Knight, as well as a shelf mark signifying where the books sat in the family library.