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Couple doubled their family when they adopted four siblings at once - creating a bumper family of TEN

***EXCLUSIVE*** A big-hearted mum has told how she doubled her family in one go when she adopted four siblings at once - creating a bumper family of TEN. Tabitha, 38, and Andrew Goldsmith started fostering when they had three kids, looking after a little girl before she was able to return to her family. They decided they wanted to help one more child following the birth of their fourth son Ezra - and took in little Kamberlynn, now aged four. But later, three of Kamberlynn's siblings needed support, so the loving couple welcomed them all into their home - eventually adopting all four in September this year.

Let it snow! Stunning wonderland built entirely with ice is illuminated by neon lights as the world's largest winter festival opens in China

CHINA, Harbin: The world's largest winter festival has quietly opened in China amid the COVID-19 pandemic as the country grapples with coronavirus flare-ups in several regions. A sprawling 'Kingdom of Ice and Snow', a theme park built entirely with local ice chunks, was illuminated by neon lights as the 37th Harbin Ice and Snow Festival officially kicked off on Tuesday. As the main tourist attraction of Harbin, which is known as China's 'City of Ice', the wintry carnival usually draws hundreds of millions of visitors a year. But this year, the number of visitors has dropped and the organiser said it had to cancel the festival's opening ceremony to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Despite an EIGHTEEN YEAR age gap and only meeting ONCE in real life because of the pandemic, this couple are engaged

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIANA, USA: Ecommerce worker Goodness Mbaeri (25) from Imo, Nigeria, and telecommunications technician Titus Goff (43) from Indiana, USA, met on an international Christian dating page on Facebook in September 2019. The divorced dad of four liked what he saw on Goodness’ profile and messaged her saying „Message me if you’re interested in finding a good Christian man to get serious with.” Goodness was immediately attracted to Titus’ direct manner and wanted to learn more about him, despite him only being divorced for one month and being a dad to four children, Cade (18), Carter (16), Clara (13) and Brock (11). However, their relationship was almost over before it began. With Titus being shy and not wanting to show his face on camera, Goodness believed that Titus might have been catfishing her and threatened to block him if he wasn’t willing to show himself. Fortunately for the lovebirds, in October 2019, Titus plucked up the courage to reveal his face and disaster was averted. After speaking everyday online for six months, the couple made plans to meet in person. But a lack of funds and the pandemic made this impossible for most of 2020. However, in December 2020 Titus was finally able to make the 20-hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean to meet Goodness and her family in Nigeria. On the night of his arrival, Titus asked Goodness to marry him and without hesitation, she said yes. They then had a traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony with all of Goodness’ family there to celebrate. The ceremony included a blessing of the couple, followed by a party which included lots of music, dancing and eating. After two blissful weeks Titus had to return home but the couple now hope that their engagement will allow Goodness to obtain a K1 visa so that she can visit the USA to marry her fiancé. Titus admits being concerned that their age gap could become an issue for Goodness in the future when he reaches old age but for her, his age, life experience and maturity is what she finds the most attractive. Titus two eldest children Cade and Carter have found adjusting to the thought of their dad marrying a woman less than a decade older than them difficult, but Goodness hopes she will be able to connect with them when she arrives in Indiana. Goodness is apprehensive about becoming a step mum to so many kids, but is incredibly excited about the prospect of having a large new family. Trolls on Facebook have accused Goodness of being a gold digger and only using Titus to enter the USA. Whilst this upset her at first, she now isnt bothered by these messages, knowing that their love is true.

Couple invited their friend to stay with them and their children after the breakdown of her marriage - and within weeks formed a THROUPLE

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIANAPOLIS, USA: Entrepreneurial husband and wife Sunny (40) and Speetie (36) Singh from Indianapolis, USA, are childhood sweethearts.  After growing up in Punjab, India, Sunny moved to New York aged eight. Sunny met Speetie on a visit to India years later, and the pair continued to write to one another throughout their teens. When she was 18 years old, Speetie moved to the USA to be with Sunny and the pair settled in Indianapolis - getting married in 2003 in a traditional Indian ceremony.  Six years later in 2009, Speetie attended the arranged marriage of Piddu Kaur (31) to her then-husband. Unfortunately, just months after the ceremony, Piddu’s marriage broke down. Her husband had only agreed to the marriage due to pressure from his parents and on the terms of them buying him a new Mercedes. After her divorce, Piddu moved to Indiana, far away from her ex-husband in California.  Being family friends, Sunny and Speetie invited her to stay with them while she got her living arrangements in order. However, Speetie and Piddu immediately connected on an emotional and physical level.  In their first year of marriage, Speetie had revealed hesitantly to Sunny that she had a relationship with a girl in the past, something that Sunny was perfectly fine with. Sunny also found himself with feelings for Piddu and was excited about fulfilling his fantasy of being with two women. Piddu’s week-long stay turned into a decade-long throuple relationship. Sunny and Speetie already had two daughters together, Cookie (16) and Kissie (15). Since starting their relationship, the throuple have had two more children together, with Speetie giving birth to their third girl Toska (9) before Piddu had their youngest named Bab (4). Feelings of insecurity and jealousy have taken Speetie years to overcome as she feared for many years that Sunny could leave her for Piddu. The trio have rules to minimise feelings of jealousy which include intimate time having to involve all three partners or none at all, no secrets between them, and no separate date nights. With their families coming from a traditional Indian background, the throuple have had to cut ties with some extended family members who were unable to understand their decision to form a throuple. Men tell Sunny he is the 'luckiest or unluckiest man in the world,' since he has double the number of partners in the bedroom, but he also has to deal with twice the trouble.

Brutal moment jaguar sinks its teeth into a flailing 80lb caiman before dragging it into the undergrowth

***EXCLUSIVE*** A jaguar battles with a thrashing caiman in the Cuiaba River of Brazil in an attack that only lasted a minute. The brief but dramatic battle was observed in the Pantanal in Brazil, which is the largest wetlands in the world. The jaguar had the adult Yacare Caiman, which was around 8ft long, by the neck before dragging it back to land. Photographer Leighton Lum, 32, said "This jaguar attack was over in minutes, all we saw was a big splash. From the time we got there it had already made its first strike and had the caimen up by the neck. Their jaws are so strong! The jaguar bit through the caimans thick skin and snapped its neck in less than a minute. It then took another 2 minutes to drag the carcass out of the river and up the bank out of sight from us." "It seemed as if the caiman was held helpless once the jaguar got ahold of its neck. It tried to roll out of it but was no match for this jaguar."

A dad who died of Covid despite shielding has been praised for leaving behind the ultimate legacy - six children who ALL work on the NHS front line

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ahsan-ul-Haq Chaudry came to the UK in the late 50s as an impoverished teenager after fleeing partition violence in India, but worked hard and raised an ITU doctor, two GPs, a junior doctor, a paediatric consultant and a pharmacist. The siblings have all been at the sharp end of the fight against Covid-19 and had to sacrifice time with him last year, so they could care for others battling the virus. But despite abiding by all government guidelines and staying at home since March last year, he caught coronavirus himself and passed away on December 28 at the age of 81.

This stunning lighthouse perched on the edge of a perilous precipice with breathtaking views out to sea was converted into a home and has now hit the market for just under £1million

***EXCLUSIVE*** The unique eight bedroom property is positioned above the Irish sea on the edge of Wales’ dramatic Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, 15 miles from county town Haverfordwest.  Named St Anne’s Head Lighthouse, the building was erected in 1844 and remained fully operational for 150 years until 1998 and since then it has been converted into a residence.  It now presents as a cosy and warm family home with a whole host of bedrooms, spectacular views, ample living space - and even an indoor heated swimming pool.

It's a miracle they got built! The incredible twin temples perched atop a breathtaking rocky spire

The fact that these twin temples were built was nothing short of a miracle. They are perched atop a 330ft (100m) tall column of rock over 7,600ft (2,336m) above sea level, separated by a crevice that's spanned by a bridge. This jaw-dropping spire is called Red Clouds Golden Summit and sits on a ridge on Mount Fanjing, or Fanjingshan - an other-worldly Unesco World Heritage Site - in China's Wuling mountain range. The Buddhist temples date back over 500 years to the Ming Dynasty, according to Oddity Central, although they have since been rebuilt using sturdier materials - it gets quite windy at the top. To reach the temples, visitors must climb over 8,800 steps, which takes around four hours, though there is the option to ride a cable car part way up the side of the ridge.

Basketball team of disabled palestinian boys

Gaza City, Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territory: Palestinian Disabled player Ahmed Abu Daqin, 17, who lost his foot, practice parkour in Gaza City on January 6, 2020. According to official statistics from the Palestinian Census Bureau, about 48,000 people in Gaza, or about 2.4 percent of the population, have a disability, more than one-fifth of whom are children. A United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) official estimates that the actual figure is much higher. The World Health Organization estimates that about 15 percent of the world’s population has a disability. Some people acquired a disability following injuries stemming from the Israeli authorities‚Äô use of force.

Chilli pickers

***EXCLUSIVE*** RED HOT CHILLI PICKERS. More than 5,000 female workers spend every day sorting fields of bright red chillies on farms in Bangladesh. They sort the rotten and broken chilli peppers out across several chilli processing farms in the Sariakandi Upazila region. While most of these workers are women, the men are responsible for transporting and sailing the chillies to brokers. These vibrant images were captured by professional photographer Abdul Momin. The 29-year-old is based in Bogra, Bangladesh and took these striking shots using a drone.

Deer at dawn as sun breaks trough the trees

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rays of dawn sunlight break through the trees, illuminating a herd of deer at a nature reserve in India. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India lies Rajaji National Park and Tiger Reserve, the beautiful location where these photos were taken. Nature and wildlife photographer Trikansh Sharma, 22 and from Rishikesh, India, made the most of the golden hours to capture the deer against a backdrop of forests and blue mountains.

A polar bear sleeps on a frozen lake in Manitoba, Canada

***EXCLUSIVE*** This adorable photo shows a polar bear out cold - as it takes a nap on the ice with its head resting on its front paws. Although the peaceful bear doesn't look to be in the most comfortable position, with its back legs upright as if it is sitting - it certainly seems to be enjoying its snooze without a care in the world. The bear's head is resting serenely on its fluffy white front paws, with its nose balanced just inches above the thick ice beneath it.

U.S. Air Force demonstrates semi-autonomous robot dog

Illinois, United States: U.S. Air Force Col. J. Scot Heathman, 375th Air Mobility Wing commander, examines a Ghost Robotics Vision 60 during a demonstration at Scott Air Force Base. The robot dog is capable of covering seven feet per second and an estimated range of 7.5 miles.