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Couple sold everything they owned in order to travel the world full time - only to get locked down in a pandemic for NINE MONTHS

***EXCLUSIVE*** COLORADO, USA: Marketing and advertising professional Enes Ozekin (28) and teacher Weslie Finnerty (29) grew up just two minutes away from each other in their hometown of Aurora in Colorado, USA. Despite this, they never met each other throughout their childhood despite attending the same high school, having mutual friends, and even going to the same swimming classes as children. It wasn?t until December of 2017 that the couple finally met over 4,800 miles away from their home in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Enes saw that Weslie had posted a picture on Facebook of herself in a famous spot in the red light district of the city. Enes decided to message Weslie to ask if she would like to meet up for a coffee. The pair spent the next three days together exploring the city as friends. Returning to the United States, the duo continued to see each other and soon found they had romantic feelings for one another. Enes moved to Las Vegas to be with Weslie and the pair settled into a working routine, but always knew that exploring the world was their true passion. In July 2019, after months of saving and selling the vast majority of their possessions - including both of their cars for Ł7,360 ($10,000) and Weslie donating her eggs for an additional Ł7,360 ($10,000) - the couple left the United States for New Zealand on a temporary work visa. Weslie convinced Enes to buy a van and the couple travelled the picturesque country for over six months in their new mobile home. To fund their adventures, Enes works remotely as a contractor for a marketing company whilst Weslie has found work teaching English as a foreign language. The couple use their savings for additional expenses such as buying camera equipment and a drone in order to capture their travels on film. Since leaving New Zealand, Enes and Weslie have continued on to Malaysia where they spent the majority of 2020 due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. With these restrictions easing in the Autumn of 2020, the couple journeyed on to Egypt where Enes popped the big question to Weslie in front of the great sphinx of Giza. More recently, the newly engaged couple have travelled to Turkey - all whilst sharing their adventures with their 10,000 followers on Instagram. The duo have managed to travel 18,000 miles so far visiting five countries. With their greatest adventures so far being unplanned, Enes and Weslie will decide where they go next on a whim.

I nearly lost my LEG after catching a flesh-eating bug from cut-price thigh gap surgery in Turkey

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British woman claims she nearly had to have her leg amputated after she caught a flesh eating bug when she had cut price 'thigh gap' surgery in Turkey. Sian Elliott, 29, had full body liposuction last year but said it left her with saggy skin on her inner legs, so she forked out around £2,000 to have it removed on both legs. She woke up from the three hour operation in agony and was horrified when some of her stitches popped open on the flight home, she said. Bedbound Sian said the wounds on both legs started to weep - and eventually UK doctors discovered she had necrotising fasciitis.

A kind-hearted plumber has spent £57,000 during the pandemic helping more than 10,000 vulnerable families fix their heating and plumbing for FREE

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Anderson, 53, was left completely shocked and disheartened when he learned how elderly and disabled people were being scammed by rogue traders for thousands of pounds. Since launching his non-profit community interest company Depher in 2017, he has worked a gruelling 70 hours a week without taking a single day off in more than three years. The devoted man pledged to help disabled and elderly people with their plumbing and heating “whatever the cost”. But has since branched out and is now providing food parcels, PPE, and even paying bills for more than 10,000 families in need. The dad-of-six said they’ve spent £57,000 during the pandemic alone but added it was “worth every penny” if it kept people alive and warm. Last year more than 17,000 people in the UK died because of cold homes and fuel poverty, and James has promised to do his part to reduce that number each year. He is now raising funds in order to help thousands of households through the cold winter months. James, from Burnley, Lancs., said: “When I first realised that these vulnerable people were being taken advantage of it broke me.

An eight-year-old boy whose migraines turned out to be a brain tumour the size of a ping pong ball had life-saving surgery just in time as he was “days away from dying”

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brave Riley Quinn from heffield, South Yorks, went under the knife on Christmas Eve as the tumour had grown dangerously large and was potentially fatal as it increases the pressure in the skull.  Following the successful surgery, where most of the tumour was removed, the young lad lost the ability to speak as the operation left him with temporarily diminished cognitive abilities.  His parents Emily, 30, and Marc Brook, 28, said the young boy was “completely healthy” and almost never ill until last November when he began to develop severe headaches. On December 18, their pediatrician told them that Riley was suffering from migraines and booked him in for a CT scan sometime in January at the earliest.  But by the following week alarm bells were raised as he had suddenly lost 3-5lbs as he was sick every time he ate, which left him “looking like a skeleton”.  He was rushed to hospital on Dec 23 where a CT scan revealed the parents’ worst nightmare as doctors found the brain tumour.  He had an MRI on Christmas Eve, and was rushed into the operating theatre for 12 hours as the tumour was blocking fluids in his brain.

Woman has received a hi-tec ‘Michelangelo’ hand, the first NHS patient in Britain to be given the life-changing bionic hand

***EXCLUSIVE*** A gran who lost her limbs after she got sepsis from a paper cut has become the first NHS patient in Britain to be given a life-changing bionic hand - and can't wait to eat a burger with it. Marguerite Henderson, 57, received a hi-tec ‘Michelangelo’ hand, and can't wait to be able to eat a burger using two hands. She lost both legs and her left arm to sepsis three years ago, and her right hand was partially saved. The prosthetic was fitted last month and has already given her vastly more independence.

Early humans had the skills and tools to combat climate change...two million years ago, reveals new research

***EXCLUSIVE*** Excavation at Ewass Oldupa uncovered the oldest Oldowan stone tools ever found at Oldupai Gorge, dating to ~2 million years ago and fossils of mammals, reptiles and birds. They used a wide range of habitats amidst regular environmental crises - spanning an extraordinary 200,000 years, say scientists. They stayed there pretty continuously throughout - despite having to cope with global warming, wildfires, droughts and volcanic eruptions. It shows migrations "out of Africa" were possible even then as our ancestors possessed the ability to expand into novel ecosystems.

Incredible video showing how the moon "wobbles" in different moon phases

***EXCLUSIVE*** This amazing video clip shows in dramatic detail just how much the moon "wobbles" in the sky during each 27-day orbit. Lunar photographer Andrew McCarthy spent hundreds of hours over 22 consecutive nights, taking thousands of photos of the moon as it waxed and then waned through nearly a full orbit. Andrew, based in California, USA, wanted to show for the first time the exact movement of the moon in the sky over the course of a lunar month.

Mysterious object spotted in Area 51 Fly-By

Nevada, United States: These intriguing photographs show a mysterious shape in an Area 51 hanger. They were taken Christmas Day by private pilot Gabe Zeifman as he flew near the U.S. Air Force's secretive flight test centre in Nevada. Zeifman shot the images from his small Cessna 150 plane, while flying with permission of air traffic controllers supervising the tightly controlled airspace. His route took him in sight of the Nevada Test and Training Range.

The 1939 Peugeot 402, which involved in the Battle of Normandy, is up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A WW2 Peugeot shot up in the battle of Normandy is up for sale - after being restored back to it's condition while in the hands of the Nazis. The 1939 Peugeot 402 was originally built for the French army and would have been painted in a khaki colour before coming into the hands of the Germans after the Nazis occupied France. The restoration is being done by David Carson MBE and his good friend Bob Whittaker, who have spent the last two years working on the car. Sadly due to Covid and limited finances, the pair are now putting their military project up for sale - seeking upwards of £20,000.

NASA to launch new telescope in 2024 to unlock mysteries of the Big Bang

NASA is set to launch a new telescope into space to help shed light on The Big Bang. The space telescope will launch some time between June 2024 and April 2025, before setting off on its two year-long mission. The Spectro-Photometer for the History of the Universe, Epoch of Reionization and Ices Explorer (SPHEREx), has three main goals: its first is to look for evidence of the Big Bang and map the resulting pattern of galaxies that came from the expansion, which could give physicists more information about the formation of our universe. Its second aim is to study faint glows left by all the galaxies in the universe in order to understand how said galaxies were formed. Its final aim, and arguably the most important, of the spacecraft is to look for water ice and frozen organic molecules, which could help scientists better understand how often life sustaining materials form in other bodies, and therefore give a better idea of where alien life could develop.

Cave dwellings - living like the hobbits

Saxony-Anhalt, Langenstein: In Langenstein in the Harz Mountains, people are literally waiting for a hobbit to come around the corner smoking a pipe. In the small town near Halberstadt, there are still a good dozen well-preserved cave dwellings that are reminiscent of the Shire from the two bestsellers "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" by author J.R.R. Tolkien. The dwellings were carved into several sandstone rocks with hammer and chisel by farm workers' families starting in 1855. Today, an association takes care of the preservation of the cave dwellings.

Ice freeze fail

***EXCLUSIVE*** PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, USA: This student was left with BURNS after she failed to recreate a VIRAL trend in which boiling water is thrown in the air to form ice. In the hilarious footage, the college student ventured outside into the minus one-degree Celsius winter weather armed with a saucepan full of boiling water. As the boiling water was launched into the air, it failed to freeze and splashed back onto the student?s face much to her shock and misfortune. College student Lauren Roccio (20) recorded her roommate Anastasia Maystrych (19) attempting the viral internet trend in the garden of their university accommodation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The ?boiling water challenge? became a popular online trend when a polar vortex brought sub-zero temperatures to the US. Those who succeeded with the challenge were rewarded with an incredible icy display forming above their heads. According to National Geographic, when the hot water droplets hit the cold air, they begin to vaporise before then condensing again ? this time as ice crystals. As such, the water briefly appears to freeze in mid-air before it then falls to the ground as crystalised snow.

Thailand: Art in Paradise in Bangkok

Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand: The latest AR Application of Art that is ready for everyone to experience in ''Art in Paradise'' in Thailand which is situated in the captial city of Bangkok. The new experience of 3D drawings with the technology of AR (Augmented Reality), the technology that makes drawings realistic It also increases the imagination of photography and creates fun for everyone who comes to experience this experience as well. In this album, all the photos describe the Augmented reality of Art in Paradise which all had been taken by my camera.

Deer smiles for camera

***EXCLUSIVE*** Smile Deer! A roe deer appears to pause in the snowy landscape to smile for a photograph. The amusing image was captured in Glen Coe, Scotland by photographer Kristen Brodie, 22. Kristen said, "I went up to Glen Coe for a hike, planning to do part of the West Highland Way, when I came across a pack of deer in the car park. I got my camera out and this little one walked up to me, curious, and posed for the photo!" "It was very friendly and seemed to like the attention."

Worker makes traditional fish sauce in brightly coloured clay pots

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers harvest traditional fish sauce from thousands of colourful clay pots in a Vietnamese village. They follow a meticulous seven step cycle to complete the recipe. It can take up to two years for some batches to fully mature. Photographer Ngoc Diem, 42, lives in Ho Chi Minh City but often visits the village in the Ham Tien ward of Phan Tiet City, in the Binh Thuan province, as he is so inspired by the smells and colours of the production process.

Two loved up swans come together to form a romantic heart shape

***EXCLUSIVE*** Witness the moment two loved up swans come together to form a romantic heart shape on the idyllic Gloucestershire waterways. The picture, captured by Helen Watson shows the two cygnets gracefully floating on the Stonehouse Canal. Mute swans usually pair for life and are known to form the classic image of love with their curved necks creating a perfect heart shape. This symbolic act of coming together forms part of a courtship ritual in which pairs face each other and, with a ruffle of feathers and lifted wings, bow gracefully.