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The 8th Continent: award-winning design seeks to clean up ocean garbage

An award-winning concept presents an eye-catching way to rid the world’s oceans of garbage. The jaw-dropping design, called The 8th Continent, is a floating station that restores the marine environment's balance by collecting plastic debris from the water surface and breaking it down to recyclable material. Lenka Petrakova’s concept recently (in Dec '20) won the 2020 Grand Prix Award for Architecture and Innovation of the Sea from Foundation Jacques Rougerie Espace Mer - Institut de France. Lenka explains: „Could you imagine the world without the blue ocean? Today, large surfaces covered in marine plastic pollution equal the size of a continent. The one growing in the Pacific Ocean is called The 8th Continent. For too long, we lived in the delusion that we cannot hurt the ocean by our action onshore. We left hundreds of species to get extinct. But today is time to imagine a cleaner, environmentally more sustainable future and ways to achieve it by architectural and technological creations for better tomorrows. One such invention is the proposed floating station, that is cleaning the ocean and restoring the balance in the marine environment. It collects plastic debris from the surface and breaks it down to recyclable material. The station not only physically improves the water but creates an interdisciplinary platform, to showcase the troubling side of the marine environment.”

Mum thought she had just bitten her tongue in her sleep, but she actually had tongue cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: This mum thought she had just bitten her tongue in her sleep when she woke up with a lump, until it kept GROWING - resulting in her having to have a third of it removed. Nursery worker Jamie Powell (37) from California, USA, woke up with a bump on the side of her tongue in December 2019 and assumed she had bitten it in her sleep. However after two weeks passed, the bump seemed to be getting bigger and had started rubbing uncomfortably against her teeth. Jamie soon started to worry. At a routine dental cleaning appointment in January 2020, she showed her dentist the bump but he didn’t think it was anything to worry about and advised her to continue as normal. Jamie had a gut feeling that something was wrong and scheduled an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor the following month. The doctor did a biopsy by taking a small chunk of tissue out of the bump. A week later, in March 2020, Jamie got a phone call diagnosing her with aggressive tongue cancer. Jamie felt angry after leading a healthy life and felt she didn’t know who she was after her diagnosis. She was quickly booked in for a partial glossectomy - surgery to remove the affected part of the tongue. Her tongue was rebuilt using skin taken from her leg and she also had a neck dissection after a scan showed the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. Jamie spent a week in hospital and couldn’t speak or eat. She was attached to a feeding tube and wasn’t allowed visitors due to Covid-19 restrictions. After testing the cancer tissue they had removed, doctors found the cancer had infiltrated her nervous system and she needed thirty rounds of radiation to her head and neck. Jamie was warned she may not be able to talk or sound the same after the radiation and that she would endure severe burns to the inside of her mouth and neck.

Honda has just invented a mask for its vehicles

***EXCLUSIVE*** This little invention is made to fit over your existing cabin filter and features a surface made up of millions of micro zinc-phosphate thorns/barbs that catch and kill the COVID-19 virus. As the barbs are on a microscopic level, the entire Honda Kurumask is safe to touch. Designed with the team at the Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science, Honda comments that the Kurumask originally was going to take several years to develop, but due to the urgency of the ongoing pandemic, they were able to expedite the project. Priced at around 65 Dollars, the Kurumask can remove 99.8 percent of airborne COVID-19 droplets in roughly 15 minutes, and is good for 9,300 miles.

UK’s biggest breakfast sandwich is 1ft tall, weighs 5lbs and packs 4,000 calories

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 4,000 calorie monstrosity has five pork sausages, five bacon rashers, five eggs, 800g of beans, 800g of tomatoes, 500g of mushrooms and a selection of black pudding, haggis, hashbrowns or all three. Punters who want to attempt the massive meal at the eatery in Bromsgrove, Worcs., will have 40 minutes to chomp it down or they’ll have to fork out £20. 

Panini America signs David Beckham to autograph deal

***EXCLUSIVE*** International soccer superstar David Beckham first appeared on a Panini sticker in 1996 – and although much has changed over the course of the quarter century, one thing remains unchanged: Beckham's undeniable status as a worldwide icon. He's still working with Panini, too. Only now it's official – and much more meaningful. Beckham autographed trading cards and memorabilia being available only in Panini America trading card products and through Panini.

A pair of endangered rhinoceros perfectly reflected in crystal clear waters

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographer Harman Singh Heer, 18, was on a trip to Laikipia, Kenya, when his car got stuck in rhino dung near a waterhole. But as Harman and his companions tried to free the car they spotted the two white rhino lumbering towards the water's edge. He managed to capture the perfect 'mirror-image' shot of the rhinos in perfect symmetry in the water.