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Couple have created a curfew-free PUB in their back garden using money from their CANCELLED HOLIDAY

***EXCLUSIVE*** DARTFORD, UK: Like so many others, regional facilities manager Vicki Fortune (28) from Dartford, UK, had her Greek holiday cancelled due to lockdown restrictions so alongside partner Steve (32), the pair decided to put their week off work to good use ? building a pub in the garden of their two-bedroom terraced home. Free from lockdown restrictions and curfews, Vicki and Steve can now enjoy a cocktail or a pint from the comfort of their own home. Using their holiday savings, the project came in at a cost of around Ł1,000 but with uncertain months ahead, it?s certainly a worthwhile investment. To transform the old outhouse, suspected to originally have been an outdoor lavatory, the couple used some leftover loft boarding to level the floor, and purchased a new door (Ł180). The exterior of the bar was covered with fence panels (Ł25) although the couple would like to replace this with a long-term alternative. Steve was able to fit many of the electrics himself and together, the couple built the internal bar frame (Ł95), purchased from eBay, upon which they could attach a counter top (Ł20 each). Homemade shelving was created using strip wood (Ł20 per strip) fitted alongside a mirror that the couple already owned. MDF boards (Ł20 each) were transformed into cupboard doors and a new wine rack, and some pre-made panelling (Ł12 each) gave the bar doors an authentic pub look. Vinyl flooring (Ł30) and paint (Ł20 each) were also purchased to complete the overhaul. The couple splurged on a new fridge (Ł300) and a beer pump (Ł130) but otherwise kept decorative costs down by distressing leftover wood to create antique-looking ceiling beams to hide the electrics. With social spaces at home having become work-from-home offices in the past few months, the pub has provided Vicki and Steve with a welcomed retreat - and it has even given them the holiday vibes they missed out on.

Couple spent £10K moving into a VAN to escape the pressures of city living during the PANDEMIC

***EXCLUSIVE*** SURREY, UK: Office assistant Jessica Davies (27) and freelance graphic and product designer Teddy Edwards (27) from Surrey, UK, began to tire of their nine-to-five lifestyle in central London. The couple longed to travel but the jet-setting life they hoped for seemed like an impossibly expensive dream. After coming across the ?van life? community online, travelling suddenly seemed much more doable ? especially if the couple could have their belongings in tow and explore at their own pace. In September 2019, Jessica and Teddy said goodbye to their existing lifestyles and purchased a Ford transit van for Ł4,500. They paid a further Ł3,000 in construction costs including the fitting of solar panels, plumbing, and electrics. Finally, the remaining Ł2,500 was spent on furnishings including wood (Ł500), kitchen fittings (Ł350), fridge (Ł400), a side door window (Ł350) and homeware and kitchenware items (Ł800). The couple credit careful planning as the reason behind the success of the build ? including creating an ample space to carry out the build, thoroughly researching the correct parts, and meticulously measuring during the fitting process. Converting a van during the winter months though proved to be their most regrettable decision. The build was completed in March 2020 but due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the couple didn?t hit the road until August. Since then, they?ve travelled over 4,000 miles visiting France, Monaco, Spain, and Portugal in what they say is a conveniently self-isolating way of travelling during these strange times.

Self-isolating woman spends lockdown creating amazing doll's house mansion

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman with terminal cancer has filled her time in lockdown in an amazing way by creating a doll's house 'MANSION' - inspired by her favourite TV show, Escape To The Chateau. Alyson Billington, 66, has been self-isolating throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, having been diagnosed with lung cancer three years ago, in January 2018. But Alyson has not been short of a lockdown activity - after buying a wooden doll's house kit at the start of last year. She put the four-foot tall house, with its plain, light-blue facade, together last January - but soon, Alyson began to embark on a miniature DIY project of her own, which cost her around £2,000 from start to finish.

Woman suffered third degree burns to over SIXTY-PER-CENT of her body after she was struck by a bolt of lightning

***EXCLUSIVE*** BONN, GERMANY: This woman suffered third degree burns to over SIXTY-PER-CENT of her body after she was struck by a bolt of lightning and says that people avoid her like a LEPER. Psychology student Lena Cornelissen (20) from Bonn, Germany, decided to volunteer with a charity in Bolivia after finishing high school in the spring of 2019. Working on community projects and teaching children in school, Lena was having a fantastic time making a meaningful difference to the lives of those around her. However, her own life changed dramatically on April 22. It was a sunny day and Lena decided that it was the perfect weather to hang out her washing. Out of nowhere a stray bolt of lightning from a storm on the other side of the mountain range leapt across and struck Lena. With her hair wet and her hands fixed to the wire clothesline, she was set on fire. Hearing her screams, her fellow volunteers rushed to her aid, and immediately called an ambulance after putting the flames out. Suffering a cardiac arrest, paramedics raced to restart Lena?s heart, saving her life. On arriving at hospital doctors put Lena in a medically induced coma for eight days. Lena?s parents flew from Germany to be with her and they were told that she was unlikely to ever wake up. Fortunately Lena survived and 10 days after the accident was flown back to Germany where she was supposed to continue her recovery in Cologne. However, during Lena?s 14 hour return flight, her condition worsened, and she was put back into a coma for an additional five weeks as she was suffering from multiple organ failure and sepsis. Lena lost her right toe and both of her outer ears in the accident and neurological damage to the cerebellum in her brain which controls motor skills, balance and coordination, has meant that she now has to walk with a roller. She has suffered from third degree burns which has caused severe scarring to over 60 per cent of her body including her face, neck, back and torso and has since undergone six skin graft operations. Lena will have to have at least 15 more operations to help repair her damaged skin. She also hopes to have cosmetic surgery to restore her left eyebrow which was destroyed in the accident.

Combat Barbie: A former soldier commended for punching an Iraqi insurgent in the face said the prospect of competing in the upcoming Miss Great Britain is much scarier

***EXCLUSIVE*** Katrina Hodge, 33, earned the nickname 'Combat Barbie' after being crowned Miss England whilst serving as a soldier. But 11 years - and two kids - later, despite her beauty pageant titles, she admits even she dodges appearing in photos with her daughters, or uploading pics to Facebook. She said since becoming a mum, her confidence has been knocked and she constantly compares herself to photos from her Miss England days. And in a bid to shake off her hang ups and inspire other mums, she's preparing to compete for the Miss Great Britain competition next year. But she said doing it as a mum - and a decade after her last time on stage - is scarier for her than being a soldier in the British Army.

A mum who lost 10 stone in 15 months was mistaken for her husband's mistress - after a friend didn't recognise her slender new figure

***EXCLUSIVE*** At her biggest, Sarah Buchanan, 33, was morbidly obese - tipping the scales at 24st 11lbs and struggling to squeeze into a size 26.  The mum-of-four was given ‘a kick up the arse’ to beat the bulge when she was told she had diabetes and that she may need to have gastric bypass surgery by her GP in August 2019. Over the next 10 months, Sarah ditched the sandwiches and unhealthy snacks and started cooking homemade meals with fresh ingredients from scratch.

Scientists discover two dwarf giraffes in Africa

Conservation scientists have discovered two dwarf giraffes in Africa, which may be the smallest in the world. The average height of a giraffe is around 18 feet, but scientist stumbled upon two that are half the size in separate populations in Uganda and Namibia. The two giraffes, named Gimil and Nigel, were spotted by conservation scientists working with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. The Nubian giraffe, named Gimil, was first observed in 2015 at Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park. Researchers noticed the male, a calf at the time, had disproportionate limb dimensions relative to its torso and neck. The team returned to the park over the next few years to take photos and measurements as he grew. Gimil was last observed in July 2020, when the last images and measurements were taken. An Angolan giraffe, named Nigel, was living on a private farm in central Namibia and was also monitored in the same fashion as Gimil over the course of a few years. Scientists compared the images and measurements of both giraffes, both mature adults, with that of other giraffes that are similar in age and stem from the same population.

Van Gogh the Chipmunk stuffs its face

***EXCLUSIVE*** A greedy little chipmunk stuffed its face with nuts to save for later. The ravenous rodent - known as Van Gogh - grabbed up to ten nuts at a time to stuff into its cheeks before scurrying off, storing them and rushing back for more. He was photographed by social media manager Ally Calmusky, 33, who often sees the chipmunk in her mother's backyard in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

A Jewish woman living in Britain has turned 102 and revealed she once lived next door to Adolf HITLER - and even saw a coffin being taken from his flat

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alice Frank Stock spent years living in the same apartment block as the evil dictator while growing up in Germany during the 1920s and 1930s. The centenarian's family lived on Prinzregentplatz in Munich - just doors away from the future Führer. Alice said she would sometimes see Hitler being rushed into the building while flanked by towering SS guards.

A family is raffling off their £180,000 home in the Lake District for just £2.50 a ticket to raise funds for a charity dedicated to finding a cure for their daughter’s rare cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Samantha Wilkinson, 36, said her family’s life was turned “upside down” after her then 19-month-old daughter Oonagh was diagnosed with two cancers in December 2018. The brave girl, who is now three, was diagnosed with Stage 1 Neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer that mostly affects babies and children after her nan noticed her belly was swollen. The cause of the cancer is still unknown but it affects around 100 children each year in the UK - mostly under the age of five. She had two MRIs on New Year’s Day 2019 at Furness General Hospital which revealed the tumours which had grown in her kidney and spine.

An exhausted mum has overcome insomnia after two years surviving on less than one hour’s sleep a night

***EXCLUSIVE*** Angel Bendall’s sleep started suffering before she fell pregnant with her fist child and anxiety kept her up at night.  Since giving birth to Archie, Angel, from Coventry, has managed even less sleep while her tot wakes through the night to be fed.  The 18-year-old single mum was so tired she suffered terrifying dizzy spells before turning to hypnotherapy.  After several sessions, Angel is now able to nap when her baby goes down for a sleep, enabling her to claw back hours of precious rest.

A kindhearted 26-year-old woman is helping to keep the homeless warm this winter - by making them blankets and sleeping bags out of old CRISP PACKETS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Caz White gathers thousands of old crisp packets at a time and then pieces them together into the correct shape before using an iron to fuse them together. The warehouse worker then covers the finished product in a coat of protective plastic before taking to the streets of Grimsby, North Lincs., and handing them out to the homeless. 

Baby has resemblance to the UK’s PM Boris Johnson

***EXCLUSIVE*** The parents of a newborn baby boy have nicknamed the tot ‘Baby Boris’ after he bore a striking resemblance to the Prime Minister. Little Roman Thomas stunned his mum Scarlett, 27, and dad Scott, 31, when was born on December 3 last year. The 7lbs 6oz tot was born with a thick mop of unruly blonde hair and even shared the same grimace as Boris when he gives his press conferences.

Policewomen motorcycle team China

FUZHOU: The city's first traffic policewomen motorcycle team was established days before the upcoming first Chinese police day that is set on Jan. 10, 2021. With an average height of up to 1.7 meters, those female motorcyclists in handsome uniforms are well-trained to be able to drive the about 300 Kg police motorcycle to perform duty, never failing to attract attentions wherever they go. One month ago, however, those young girls knowing nothing about motorcycling started just to receive strict heavy motorcycle ride training. Whatever the weather was, they were trained over eight hours a day. Their suffering and tenacity finally paid off and they were granted to perform duty on road. In recent years, many cities across China have built up traffic police motorcycle team due to its better mobility and flexibility in traffic management.

A whole house as a paradise for rodents

Brandenburg, Hirschfelde: Natascha Junker from the Burg Nagezahn association feeds a guinea pig. Guinea pigs or hamsters are popular pets. The attitude in narrow cages or very small enclosures is widespread. The active rodents need a lot of space. In the castle Nagezahn is shown how it goes correctly.

Thousands of bikes lay dumped in a huge pile waiting to be scrapped or repaired

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of bikes lay dumped in a huge pile waiting to be scrapped or repaired. The mound of damaged bikes belonging to rental app firms in Chengdu is one of many across China after dozens of firms swarmed streets with cycles. Photographer Jackie Xie, who captured the scene, said the lack of care people gave them seemed typical of the way people treat many things in life these days. The 45 year old, from Chengdu, said: "These bicycles are broken, so they are sent here to be repaired or destroyed, and this temporary stacking place of bicycles is next to newly built buildings. They are temporary rental bicycles - people can rent them by scanning a code with their mobile phones. After riding anywhere, they can end the rental by locking the bicycle. The price is also very cheap. I use the fitness centre next to these bicycles and for a long time I watched the numbers increase every day. It felt like a graveyard, a shocking scene. This bicycle phenomenon reminds me of how we treat many people and things in our lives."

Workers use traditional methods to fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fishermen draw their boats together so they can help each other lower a large net into the water. This traditional technique, in which they join forces to submerge the bright red net and then pull it up by its corners, has been used for nearly a century. Amateur photographer Ahsanul Haque Nayem watched the men using the 40ft wide net to catch mainly catfish on the Jamuna River in Bogra, Bangladesh.

Wiggliest road looks like ribbon through the hills

***EXCLUSIVE*** A winding road snakes through a steep hillside landscape like a ribbon in Gansu Province, Northwest China. The perilous looking pass was photographed by Jackie Xie, 45, from Chengdu, China. Jackie said, "This road links the popular scenic spots from the top of the hillside to the ones below. The blue and orange colours are actually curbs, and it's a two-way road - it's very steep and gets busy with tourists."

Drying farbics

***EXCLUSIVE*** More than a thousand sheets of cloth create a rainbow of colours as workers lay them out to dry under the sun. A sea of red, orange, pink, purple and yellow can be seen in these aerial shots as the fabric dries in a field in Narayanganj, Bangladesh. Workers can also be seen in the middle of the palette of colour as they unfold each sheet. Once the cloth dries it is used to create traditional Bangladeshi women's dresses. Freelance photographer Azim Khan Ronnie, 34 and from Dhaka in Bangladesh, often visits to watch and take photos of the fabrics drying.

Kestrel with its head in a spin

***EXCLUSIVE*** A kestrel appears to 'spin dry' itself by shaking its head vigorously after getting soaked in a downpour. The bird of prey perches on a thin wire fence and periodically attempts to dry out its sodden feathers. The rare bird was photographed by retired university lecturer Michael Parnwell at a spot overlooking Cragg Vale, in West Yorkshire. Prof Parnwell, 67, who lives in nearby Saltaire, said: "I had noticed that every few minutes the kestrel would have a shake to dislodge the accumulating rain water, so I waited to try to capture this with a modicum of motion blur.