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A childhood cancer survivor has qualified as a nurse after being inspired by her own care - and now works with the same medic who helped save her nearly 20 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Clara Markiewicz, 23, was treated her for a rare blood cancer at the age of four and given just a 50/50 chance of survival. Nurse Kate Pye, 50, was in the room with Clara's family when they were given the news, and was by her side while she endured months of chemotherapy and surgery. Kate left the hospital before Clara went into remission - but her care and dedication inspired Clara to study nursing at university.

Near-mint copy of the first Batman comic is set to break records when it sells for well over £1m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A near-mint copy of the very first Batman comic is set to break world records when it sells for well over ÂŁ1m. The issue of Batman No. 1 is the finest known copy that exists and has been in the hands of a private collector for the past 38 years. Bidding is already at more than ÂŁ1.1m, surpassing the current record set for a Batman title last year. The late Billy Giles bought it in 1982 fro the owner of the renowned comic book shop Camelot Bookstore in Florida, US. He paid $3,000 which was a lot of money for a comic at the time. While friends and neighbours teased him for spending that much on a comic his son will now have the last laugh when it sells for a life-changing sum of money. He inherited his father's collection when Mr Giles died in 2019 and has now decided to sell the iconic issue. This is the only one ever to receive a 9.4 grade for its condition. It has iconic images of Batman and Robin on the front and back covers and inside the comic tells 'The Legend of the Batman' - the Dark Knight's origin story - before introducing a now iconic villain, the Joker, and a beautiful young burglar called The Cat (later Catwoman). It is being sold with Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas, who hold the current record after selling a 1939 copy of Detective Comics 27 - which marked Batman's debut - for ÂŁ1.1m ($1.5m) last November.

New exhibition of futuristic ecosphere tanks and the world's best bonsai trees

***EXCLUSIVE*** A world-famous flower artist has created the perfect housing unit to show off the world's best bonsai trees - a futuristic ecosphere TANK complete with a built-in mist machine. Japanese flower artist and botanical sculptor Makoto Azuma, 44, has designed the optimum conditions to preserve the delicate, exotic Japanese trees - all within a two-metre tall, stainless steel container. His 'Paludarium' series, which is currently being debuted in a new exhibition, comes complete with a 360-degree mist machine that shrouds the plants in fog from all sides.

An app developer used a delivery robot to propose to his partner because of their shared love for the technology

***EXCLUSIVE*** The machines usually deliver groceries and takeaways in Milton Keynes but Ben Hogan arranged for one to bring a ring to the home he shares with Sherri Dawes in Kempston on Christmas Eve. The Covid pandemic means the couple, who met just before the first lockdown in England, are not yet sure when they will get married. Mr Hogan said: "Actually, even though I'm a geek, it's Sherri's obsession with these robots."

The white BMW 635 CSI owned by the late Sean Connery between 1989 and 1998

***EXCLUSIVE*** Movie-fans have been given a chance to own 'James Bond's' car as flash motor once owned by Sean Connery goes up for auction. The white BMW 635 CSI was introduced in 1976 and remained in production until 1989, and is an iconic classic car today. Powered by a six-cylinder engine, the sporty coupe was capable of 143mph - a dizzying speed at the time - and could reach 62mph in a respectable 7.6 seconds. And this particular BMW is also part movie-memorabilia, as it was owned by the late Sean Connery between 1989 and 1998.

This trio fell in LOVE after the pandemic led to them being locked down in their apartment together for the whole of 2020

***EXCLUSIVE*** PHILADELPHIA, USA: Tattoo parlour owner Oscar Gonzalez (37) from San Juan, Puerto Rico, first met body piercer Samantha Sewell (22) from Philadelphia, USA, in September 2019 when the duo found themselves attending the same swinger parties in Philadelphia. Whilst they were used to regularly switching sexual partners, Oscar and Samantha soon developed deeper feelings for one another and began a relationship in October 2019. Happy in their new relationship, Oscar and Samantha moved to Oscar’s home city of San Juan to open up a tattoo parlour. Having become accustomed to their swinger lifestyle, they soon decided to seek out a third partner on the dating app Tinder. In January 2020, they found sales associate Amanda Quiles (21) on the app - also from San Juan, Puerto Rico - and were immediately drawn to her colourful hair and alternative style. Amanda was already in a polyamorous relationship when she first met Oscar and Samantha, but with her boyfriend showing insecurities around her being with another man, their relationship soon broke down. After this, she began spending more time with the couple. As the trio started to bond, the COVID-19 pandemic began to cause national lockdowns worldwide and the throuple found themselves stuck together in Oscar and Samantha’s apartment for months on end. After three months of living together without a single quarrel, the triad knew they were meant for each other and began a closed three-way relationship - only swinging with the full consent of the other partners. Fortunately, the vast majority of the trio’s family members have been overwhelmingly supportive of their relationship, despite Amanda’s grandparents being Jehovah's witnesses and Samantha’s mum being a baptist. Due to Oscar having three children from his previous relationships - Andrea (20), Jorge (19), and Kyle (17) - the throuple feared that the age gap would make things a little awkward. Luckily, Oscar’s children have taken the change in their stride and love to shock their friends by saying they have two step-mums. The trio have received unwanted attention from strangers who often accuse Oscar of being Samantha and Amanda’s 'sugar daddy' due to their 15 and 16 year age gaps. They also receive plenty of stares when they are holding hands or showing affection in public and have had strangers tell them that their relationship is 'disgusting' and an 'abomination.' The throuple try to dismiss these comments and focus on the positive reaction they see on their social media pages.

HAPPY FEET: Dancing penguins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Young penguins dance together as they learn to use their limbs. The chicks - six to seven week old - are building up muscles necessary to survive in the harsh colony. This island in the Falklands hosts around 4,000 breeding pairs of gentoo penguins, which are split into 13 sub-colonies. These pictures were taken by amateur photographer David Higgins at Sea Lion Island and the 51 year old said: "Sea Lion Island is one of the best wildlife locations I've ever visited.

An exceedingly rare medal from the 1896 Athens Olympics, the first international Olympic Games held in modern history, is up for auction with an estimate of $40,000 USD

***EXCLUSIVE*** During the inaugural Olympics, first place winners were awarded silver medals, while second place was given bronze and third place received no medal. The second-place bronze medal is one of over 200 items, spanning over a century of Olympichistory, that are up for sale from Boston-based auction house, RR Auction.  “Any winner's medal from the historic debut of the Olympic Games remain exceedingly rare, this being just the second we have ever offered, and they are are among the most sought-after accolades in the realm of sport,” said a rep for RR Auction.

Original animation design of "Havoc in Heaven" is estimated to 1 million yuan

The original animation design of "Havoc in Heaven", which is a part of Chinese first color feature-length movie "The Monkey King", before being auctioned in Hangzhou City, east China's Zhejiang Province, 12 January 2021. It is estimated to fetch in excess of 1 million yuan.

Paraglider floating over rolling sand dunes

***EXCLUSIVE*** This amazing video show a daring Somerset paraglider floating precariously over picturesque rolling sand dunes. The beautiful footage and images show Tim Howell, 31, gliding over the gorgeous location as the sun bathes the landscape with a beautiful orange glow. He made the majestic flight over the seemingly infinite desert in Walvis Bay, Namibia, with his wife Ewa Kalisiewicz. Tim, from Martock, said: “It was our annual big trip for my wife and I and we fortunately bumped into some friends that happened to be in the same area. “Ewa and I always go on remote trips looking for new base jumping locations. This time we visited Namibia. "We visited the famous Spitzkop mountains for most of the trip- the sand dune photos from a dune in Walvis Bay."

Sleep in Gengar's mouth with premium Bandai's Pokémon pillow

***EXCLUSIVE*** While we have witnessed a Metapod sleeping bag and Ditto sofa chair release in the past few months, Premium Bandai has returned with a plush pillow in the shape of Gengar, the final form of Pokémon Gastly. The home accessory sees the fictional creature stick its tongue out to provide users with a soft surface to lay down on. Measuring 47 centimeters in height and 53 centimeters in width, Gengar uses “lick” – one of its early moves – to reveal a 170 centimeter-long tongue, a padded pink surface. The Gengar-shaped plush pillow retails for 250 Dollars at Premium Bandai's web store.

Fish being dried

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands upon thousands of small fish are left out to dry in the sun. The 'puti' fish are caught in a nearby river before being arranged on bamboo mats, covering a vast area, where they lie for three to four days. Hundreds of workers mix them with salt before they are packed and prepared for sale across Asia. These photos were taken in the Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh, by Mohammad Hedayet Sarker. The 25 year old said: "At the end of the monsoon season, many fish are caught across Bangladesh.