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Chinese super bullet maglev train will travel at 620kmh

A prototype for a train that will reach top speeds of 620kmh has been unveiled in Chengdu City, southwest China's Sichuan Province, 13 January 2021. The super bullet maglev locomotive was rolled off the production line at Chengdu. The designers say this prototype uses high-temperature superconducting (HTS) maglev technology and should be more suited to future vacuum tube or tunnel technology.

Saudi Arabia announces new 105-mile-long city

Saudi Arabia has announced a new 105-mile-long 'zero carbon emissions' eco-city. THE LINE will be a 170km belt of hyper-connected future communities, without cars and roads and built around nature. Walkability will define life on THE LINE, with all essential daily services, such as schools, medical clinics, leisure facilities, as well as green spaces, within a five-minute walk. Saudi Arabia says THE LINE is the first time in 150 years that a major urban development has been designed around people, not roads, and „is a direct response to some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity today such as legacy infrastructure, pollution, traffic, and human congestion.” Ultra-high-speed transit and autonomous mobility solutions will make travel easier and give residents the opportunity to reclaim time to spend on health and wellbeing. It is expected no journey will be longer than 20 minutes. THE LINE’s communities will be cognitive, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), continuously learning predictive ways to make life easier, creating time for both residents and businesses. An estimated 90% of available data will be harnessed to enhance infrastructure capabilities far beyond the 1% typically utilized in existing smart cities. Redefining sustainability, THE LINE will comprise carbon-positive urban developments powered by 100% clean energy, providing pollution-free, healthier and more sustainable environments for residents. Mixed-use communities will be built around nature, instead of over it. A cornerstone of Saudi Vision 2030 and an economic engine for the Kingdom, it will drive diversification and aims to contribute 380,000 jobs of the future and SAR180 billion (USD48 bn) to domestic GDP by 2030.

Rare clear dynasty 12 gold ingot appears hangzhou auction, lowest estimate is as high as 1.5 million yuan

January 14, 2021, Hangzhou, China: Zhejiang, Photo shows the 12liang gold ingot of Hunan Turtle Treasure from Runde in the Qing Dynasty. The lowest estimate is as high as 1.5 million yuan, attracting attention from collectors. The Qing Dynasty ''Runde'' Hunan Turtle Treasure 12 gold ingot weighing 365.6 grams participated in the auction, its shape is complete, ingot surface ripples like ripples from the center to the surrounding layers of the spread, ''Runde'' stamp clear and neat, on both sides of the word ''treasure'' stamp. Qing Dynasty ''run de'' Hunan turtle treasure model 12 gold yuan at present the market only see one, very precious.

Ben & Jerry's launches ice cream desserts for dogs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adding to its range of unusual releases such as space-inspired frozen treats, Ben & Jerry's is rolling out ice cream for your pet dogs. Your canine companion can now enjoy the brand's Doggie Desserts. Doggie Desserts are made in 4-ounce mini-sized cups and are filled with ice cream that’s been formulated to be safe for dogs. The ice cream is reportedly churned with “very limited amounts of dairy” and are sunflower butter-based. Each cup is blended with signature Ben & Jerry’s flavors that are found in the company's human versions, which also makes Doggie Desserts safe for people to try as well if they’re bold enough to sample.

General Motors unveils the eVTOL Autonomous Air Taxi at CES 2021

***EXCLUSIVE*** General Motors has unveiled a series of highly-futuristic electric vehicles over at CES 2021, and taking the spotlight is the new Cadillac eVTOL, a fully-autonomous air taxi. Reminiscent of the drones we so often find now within the camera and photography words, the flying car utilizes electric propulsion via a 90kWh battery and four propellers and is capable of reaching speeds of up to 56 mph. As its name suggests, it can take off and land vertically and supports both air-to-air and air-to-ground communications. As a vehicle of the future, it'll also feature self-driving technology, so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Aside from the revolutionary air taxi, GM also teased a number of other electric transportation options coming in the future, including an autonomous Halo self-driving pod, the Cadillac Lyriq, and Celestiq, the new GMC electric Hummer, and the Chevrolet Bolt EUV.

These stunning drone images show a huge labyrinth inspired by the birthplace of King Arthur - made entirely from unique stone hedges

***EXCLUSIVE*** Work is underway on a unique 56 metre path based on an historic stone carving found at the site in Tintagel Castle - that will take 4,000 years to fully complete. The meandering structure is being built by the Kerdroya Project and consists entirely of Cornish hedges. Will Coleman, 59, who is heading the project, said the Cornish hedge was the oldest manmade structure in the world still being used for its initial purpose.

Amazon went above and beyond by delivering packages on HORSEBACK after snowfall stopped cars

***EXCLUSIVE*** The worker - known only as Shiraz - usually gets around on motorbike but nearly two foot of snow left the roads unpassable. So he took to his horse to deliver his parcels to locals in Srinagar, Kashmir, India A video shows the hardy delivery driver navigating his trusty stead through steep and icy hills in the old city. He dismounts outside a house, gets out a parcel, takes a picture of it for proof of delivery, before placing it on a pile of snow for a surprised customer.

A four-year-old boy is fighting leukaemia after a GP initially diagnosed his discomfort as growing pains

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Jaxson Clark was initially given Calpol to deal with his achy legs but several days later he developed a swollen neck and returned to his doctor. Within hours he was rushed to hospital, where scans revealed he had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. He has since undergone a month of chemotherapy and doctors have warned he could face three years of treatment.

Two miners found an Amethyst crystal shaped like a heart in a mine in Artigas, Uruguay

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of miners were left stunned when they discovered a stunning cluster of shimmering Amethyst crystals - in the shape of a HEART. The miners came across a geode - a spherical lump of volcanic rock with a hollow interior - as they worked a new mine in Artigas, Uruguay, near the border with Brazil. The workers at Uruguay Minerals' Santa Rosa mine were able to smash open the hard rock lump with an excavator and were amazed to find what it had hidden inside. They found a perfect, heat-shaped cluster of Amethyst crystal.

A mum who won a battle to legally source cannabis oil for her epileptic son said they face being cut off from the lifesaving drug – because of Brexit

***EXCLUSIVE*** Murray Gray, aged eight, suffers from Myoclonic astatic epilepsy and relies on cannabis oil which is produced in the Netheraldds to treat his rare condition. His mum Karen, 46, previously had to travel to the Netherlands every few months to the buy oil and smuggle it back into the UK. But in July 2019 a supplier obtained a licence from the Home Office to import the drug legally and sell it to the family through a pharmacy in Glasgow.

An origami addict has spent the last few months creating magical paper sculptures to ease the boredom of lockdown – including a giant pangolin, a dragon and Yoda

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alex Ray, who works at Bristol Children's Hospital, has been practising origami for 20 years but since the start of the pandemic has become origami obsessed. The Hospital Assistant said lockdown provided him the time to create complex models he had been wanting to try for years – including a pangolin that took over a week to fold from a one metre piece of Kraft paper. The 31-year-old said: “During the lockdown I’ve got a bit of recognition for the origami.

Poundland-obsessed boy, 5, sent official uniform & Employee of the Month badge

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Harry Lord loves to go shopping with mum Melanie, 31, at their local branch of the budget store in North Quay Retail Park in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Harry, who is autistic, has a penchant for numbers and mathematics, his mum says - and he will happily add up the total of Melanie's shopping as she goes around the store, picking items off the shelves.

Syria's Covid-19 catastrophe

COVID-19 has been shrouded in secrecy in Syria and official numbers have been consistently low due to the general lack of testing. After months of under reported cases and relaxed lockdown measures, the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic has gripped government held areas. A worrying rise in daily deaths and infections, especially in Damascus, has left Syria facing what could be its biggest challenge yet. For a country battling economic turmoil, widespread instability, and heavy sanctions, the outcome looks increasingly bleak.

Cruel lion toys with squealing baby warthog and LICKS it as it desperately tries to escape before being devoured

***EXCLUSIVE*** MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, KENYA: See the moment a LION was caught LICKING and grooming a baby warthog. In the incredible footage, a 400-pound male lion groomed its latest catch as it licked the fur of a two-pound warthog piglet it held pinned down to the ground. Just seconds later, the lion bit into the unfortunate piglet prompting a short-lived escape attempt but after taking just a few steps, the lion grabbed the piglet between its jaws and secured the kill. Photographer Nili Gudhka (29) from Nairobi, Kenya, captured the stunning video in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, from just 65-foot away. The alternating switch between licking and biting may be familiar to those with domestic feline friends. Oftentimes, it?s a cat?s way of playing and showing affection ? and this lion was more than happy to play with its next meal. Lions are known to have rapid digestive systems and just minutes after consuming a meal, they can be ready for the next one. However as one of the sleepiest predators ? sleeping for up to 20 hours at a time ? lions only need to be energised for a small portion of the day. The images were captured on a Nikon D850 camera with a Nikkor 200mm-500mm F5.6 lens.

Pokémon preps for Valentine's Day with themed chocolate collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pokémon is teaming up with 121-year-old confectionery company Matsukazeya for specials sets of Valentine's Day chocolates. The elegant chocolates come packaged in colorful wrappers and boxes that depict Pokémon like Pikachu, Mew, Dragonite, Ditto, and Eevee and its various evolved forms. There are even Poké Ball, star, and Pikachu shaped chocolates for good measure. Priced from 6.50 to16 Dollars), more information can be found now over at Pokémon.

A pair of cheetahs hunt down a gazelle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hungry cheetahs pounced on their prey in a lightning-fast attack on the Kenyan savannah. The group - or coalition - of cheetahs hunted down and killed a topi on the Masai Mara nature reserve, deciding the antelope-like beast was an easier target than the rapid gazelle they were chasing. Photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee, from Kolkata in India, captured the action while on a safari in Kenya. The 45 year old said: "I was in Masai Mara to photograph cheetahs hunting. There were five cheetahs in the vicinity, and I knew that for them to start hunting I may have to wait the whole day.

This man has shed an incredible EIGHTEEN STONE and TWENTY INCHES from his waist - and he did it WITHOUT ditching beer or chocolate

***EXCLUSIVE*** BLACKPOOL, UK: Personal trainer and weight loss coach Neil Scurrah (40) from Blackpool, UK, had struggled with his weight all of his life and tried various diets to lose the pounds, but went to unsustainable extremes which meant any results achieved were not long-term. Neil hated how he looked and when he reached his thirties, he knew that his weight was holding him back from living life to the full. This left him struggling with his mental health and depression. In July 2013, Neil sadly lost his dad to cancer. In processing his grief, he went on a six-month bender where he ate and drank whatever he wanted to soothe his emotions. A typical day would see Neil consume two to three bowls of Frosties for breakfast, four slices of toast with lashings of butter, four scrambled eggs, a full tin of baked beans and a pack of bacon for lunch, and a Chinese takeaway for dinner which would consist of three starters, and a main course dish accompanied with rice and chips. Neil also snacked on large bags of crisps and chocolate biscuits at night. By Christmas that year, his depression was at its lowest point and Neil physically struggled to get out of bed in the morning as he weighed 36st 10lb, wore 6XL clothing and had a 58-inch waist. Fed up with how his weight was negatively affecting his life, on Boxing Day 2013, Neil decided that it was time to make a lifestyle change - and he hasn?t looked back on his decision since. Neil kickstarted his overhaul by taking part in dry January in 2014 for Cancer Research and then started on his weight loss journey the following month. Initially, he started to eat more healthily and the weight began to drop off.

Aerials show changing colours of a coal tailing pond after rainfall in Australia

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mesmerising lake in Australia changes colour when it rains, transforming constantly as the weather shifts. All of these images are from the Mannering Lake in New South Wales. The scene changes after rainfall, shifting across a whole spectrum of colours. The lake is a coal ash tailing pond, connected to a nearby power station. The power station pumps the ash out as slurry into its purpose built ash dam and the waste and pollutants tint and stain the lake to create these patterns. Photographer Peter Harrison, 58, lives at nearby Lake Macquarie. A qualified commercial pilot, he has been combining his passions for flying and photography by shooting aerials since 1993.

Hilarious scenes as lions use tree as a play park

Kenya: It’s my turn! There were hilarious scenes as a pride of Kenyan lions hustled to use a tree as a play park. Cubs and sub adults jostled to claw their way up the trunk, and one large female had a precarious time negotiating the upper branches - while the youngsters observed from below. The charming images were taken this month (Jan 2021) by Paul Goldstein, a British wildlife photographer and guide. He explains: „I was guiding in the priceless Naboisho Conservancy on the edge of the Masai Mara in Kenya. Lions are generally not known as tree climbers, leaving those arboreal flash ascents to the far more adept leopards. However, this does not stop them trying. With sharp claws but heavy bodies they have little problem climbing up the trunks but then the problems start.”