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A near-mint issue of a Batman comic book has shattered records after selling for an incredible $2.2million

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 1940 Batman No. 1 comic easily broke the $1.5million world record set for a Batman title a full week before the live auction took place. A copy of 1939's Detective Comics 27 sold for $1.5million in November but the Batman No. 1 comic fetched $700,000 more [14 Jan] at the Comics & Comic Art event hosted by the Dallas-based Heritage Auctions. “The book shattered estimates and expectations long before it was sold during the first session of the four-day event,” a spokesman for Heritage Auctions announced. “It has seen more than two dozen bids since Christmas and accrued tens of thousands of page views worldwide. I am certainly pleased but not surprised the Batman No. 1 broke the record,” said Heritage Auctions’ Senior Vice President Ed Jaster.

Photographer captures beauty of albino skin in people across the globe

***EXCLUSIVE*** BERGAMO, ITALY: This woman has spent the last two-years photographing ALBINOS in a bid to highlight their social exclusion from society. In one image, Namira (18), who serves as the inspiration behind the project, is captured as she studied her reflection in a mirror. In another, a young Kurdish boy named Arya posed amongst the pristine white décor of his family’s home. Photographer, Silvia Alessi (44), from Bergamo, Italy, spent two years creating the „Skin Project” - a photo project highlighting the beauty of those socially excluded because of their skin. In search of albino subjects, Silvia travelled to New Delhi and Mumbai in India, and Sulaymaniyah in Iraq. The project was inspired by a young girl named Namira who Silvia spotted on Instagram. Albinism is a genetic disorder characterised by the complete or partial absence of melanin in the skin, hair, and eyes. It is thought to affect around one in 20,000 births. As well as having a sensitivity to light, those with albino skin are also susceptible to sunburn and skin cancers.

The Viking-inspired superyacht that can sail itself by smartphone

January 13, 2021: A new superyacht inspired by Viking longships sails itself by smartphone. The 85-foot, electric Drakkar S concept is the brainchild of yacht design studio Max Zhivov. Thanks to advanced A.I., those renting the yacht would be able to select a destination and it would sail there autonomously. The vessel has already been described as the „Tesla of the sea”. The yacht can approach a berth at the right distance for mooring and identify surface and underwater obstacles. Max Zhivov explains: „The Drakkar S is a concept of a smart yacht that is controlled by autopilot on the basis of artificial intelligence, without a captain and with possibility of remote control. For example, customers can rent a yacht for some period and control it with help of smartphone. They can choose the place in the app where they want to go and the system will set a route. It is a solution for new yacht charter for short journey of 1-4 days.” The Drakkar S is equipped with an electric power engine and 80 m2 of solar panels located on the roof. The interior space consists of a salon kitchen, two master cabins and two guest cabins. In the salon it is possible to open the roof like in a cabriolet. The vessel is named after drakkar, which were dragon-headed longships used by Vikings.

Guy from Shaanxi breaks 8 Guinness World Records

A 29 years old guy named Xia Yan who is known as "the fastest man in the world" breaks eight Guinness World Records in Xi'an city, north China's Shaanxi province, 14 January 2021. In addition to trying for another 10 Guinness World Records, Xia Yan also attempts to speed up in sovling a magic cube. Xia Yan, a 28-year-old guy from Xi’an, is a senior Rubik's Cube player. With his amazing hand speed and memory, over the past few years, he has broken the three-order Rubik’s Cube and restored the Three Kingdoms Huarong Dao with one hand. „I got the first world record on December 1, 2018. Then in the following two years, I won the second, third, fourth, and fifth world records, a total of five world records.” In recent years, he has also focused on the field of fast typing. On February 20, 2020, Xia Yan was officially certified by Guinness as the "record holder for the fastest alphabet typing on a mobile phone keyboard" with a score of 3.91 seconds.

World’s most expensive piece of art

New York, United States: Natty Light's the „World’s Most Expensive Piece Of Art” exhibit is seen at Grand Central Station in New York City. The installation was created using 2,600 authentic, physical diplomas provided by real college graduates across the country.

Wheelchair climber hauls himself 250 metres up Hong Kong skyscraper for charity

Hong Kong rock climber, sport climber, and motivational speaker Lai Chi Wai, who is paralyzed due to a traffic accident in 2011, poses for photo before climbing the 320-meter-high Nina Tower to raise donations for patients who hurt their spine cord, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China, 16 January 2021. Lai Chi-wai has become the first in Hong Kong to climb more than 250 metres of a skyscraper while strapped into a wheelchair, as he pulled himself up for more than 10 hours on Saturday to raise money for spinal cord patients. The 37-year-old climber, who was paralysed from the waist down in a car accident 10 years ago, could not make it to the top of the 300 metre-tall Nina Tower on the Kowloon peninsula. The event raised HK$5.2m ($670,639) in donations.

A schoolgirl who was forced to flee the country after being bullied over her striking looks has had the last laugh - by reaching the finals of Miss England

***EXCLUSIVE*** The machines usually deliver groceries and takeaways in Milton Keynes but Ben Hogan arranged for one to bring a ring to the home he shares with Sherri Dawes in Kempston on Christmas Eve. The Covid pandemic means the couple, who met just before the first lockdown in England, are not yet sure when they will get married. Mr Hogan said: "Actually, even though I'm a geek, it's Sherri's obsession with these robots."

Clearbot: new robot collects trash from water

A newly launched robot is designed to autonomously collect garbage from waterways. Clearbot uses „AI-Vision” to detect and collect trash from water bodies. The robots are fully autonomous, solar-powered and work as a team to remove trash. Any floating waste is collected through a front entry point, and an upgrade, announced January 2021 will see the addition of a conveyor belt and larger entry frame to overcome limitations of physical capacity. The device can currently hold up to 200 litres of waste per robot per session, and is able to cover an area of 1 sq km. When full of garbage, or if battery is low, Clearbot returns to its docking station to prepare for its next outing. The battery is recharged thanks to a solar-powered charging system and lasts eight hours. Hong Kong-based developers Open Ocean Engineering Limited say Clearbot identifies up to 64 classes of waste (eg. battery, drink carton, plastic straw), and is able to operate in waters with high sedimentation, water hyacinth, as well as calm and rough waters. Rental of the units is proposed at US$2,000 per month per robot.

Wedding photo fail

***EXCLUSIVE*** The hilarious moment a group of groomsmen failed spectacularly at achieving the perfect wedding snap has been caught on camera. The video featured nine groomsmen running towards the groom on his big day as they hoped to surprise their newly-wedded friend with a fun and candid mid-action snap. Unexpectedly, the slippery marble floor proved to be a major hazard and two of the groomsmen lost their footing and ended up on their backsides with one suffering a nasty bang to the head. The amusing footage was captured at the wedding of dental student Josh Williams (29) outside of the Knotting Hill Place wedding venue in Texas, USA, in December 2020. Slippery-footed groomsman Tanner Anglin (29) was able to quickly get back up to his feet and laugh off the embarrassing gaff. Fellow groomsman Nathan Williams (29) was not so lucky and suffered a nasty bang to the head - although this was no more bruised than his ego.

Unlucky egret gets blasted with rhino urine after standing in the wrong place at the wrong time

***EXCLUSIVE*** NAIROBI, KENYA: This little egret picked the worst possible place to stand when it got blasted with urine from a massive rhino. The small snowy white egret, which weighs less than one-pound, could be seen exploring the long grass behind a huge 2500-pound black rhino. All of a sudden, the male rhino decided to relieve itself and in doing so, it showered the unfortunate bird in gallons of urine but despite the nasty surprise, the egret continued to follow the rhino - seemingly unfazed by the surprise shower. The amazing image was captured by photographer Nagaraj Tilakraj (40) from Nairobi, Kenya, who was visiting Nairobi National Park with his family when he witnessed the hilarious event unfold from just 30-feet away. Much to the egret's shock, male rhinos pee behind them as they have a curved penis. Rhinos are notorious pee-ers and can shoot their urine over 16-feet away allowing them to show off in front of viable female mates.  Rhinos also share a special connection with egrets - allowing them to sit on their backs as egrets eat ticks and other insects that would otherwise be pests to the large horned creature. Nagaraj captured the photos on his Canon 7D Mark 2 camera with a 400mm F5.6 lens.

Family build 10ft snowman

Catterick Garrison, N. Yorks, United Kingdom: A family have built a ten-foot snowman in Catterick Garrison, N. Yorks, UK. Mum Gemma Younger explains the socially-distanced fun also saw the neighbours join in. They named the hilarious snowman Willy - and also built a smaller female one called Bertha. Gemma explains: „This is our 10ft snowman called willy. We have measured him 10ft tall! This must be the tallest snowman in North Yorkshire. This was made while socially distancing and they only took their masks off for the photo.”

Explorers get a lucky escape as an inquisitive bear tries to clamber onboard

***EXCLUSIVE*** A curious polar bear surprised a ship's crew by trying to clamber aboard. Fascinated by the boat, the bear walked away from a walrus carcass he was eating to investigate. But after it attempted to climb on board, the ship's captain sent him on his way by lightly touching him on the nose. Pictures of the curious incident were captured by photographer Franco Banfi at Svalbard, who was on board the vessel in the Norwegian Arctic.

Orangutan with a mouth full of bananas

***EXCLUSIVE*** An orangutan with its mouth full of bananas escapes up a tree to enjoy his spoils in private. The greedy young male escapes up the 40ft tree with nine bananas in his mouth - as well as two more in his free hand. The ape lives in a rehabilitation area of the Tanjung Puting National Park, in Indonesia, which caters for orphaned, injured and rescued orangutans. These photos were taken by professional photographer Leighton Lum, 32, who said: "Every morning, park rangers come and leave fruit for the orangutans to collect. "This one was probably trying to take as much as he could before being chased out by the larger males in the area.

Bright threads left to dry

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colourful threads hang to dry in the Indian sun. Hundreds of pieces create a palette of colours as workers hang the dyed sheets out to dry in Santipur, West Bengal. Pictures show weavers making traditional Indian dresses called saris, popular for their design, variety, textures, and colours. They use the fibres of the jute plant to create these dresses, and they are dyed and dried to create eye-catching patterns and bright colours.

Workers hand stitch intricate patterns into cloth

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colourful patterns are intricately weaved as villagers embroider quilts with traditional Bangladeshi needlework. The women create ornamental designs as they practice the centuries old tradition of Nakshi Kantha, where women use old saris as fabrics to make their creations. Journalism student Rafid Yasar, 25, took these pictures with a drone above the village of Alampur in Joypurhat. He said: "This is a tradition which has been going on for many centuries. The people of Alampur are keeping this tradition alive.