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Identical triplets in the police

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is probably unique nationwide: Samira, Lara and Vanessa Boess are identical triplets and all of them in the police. It’s good that the 24-year-olds don’t work in the same office. Then colleagues, superiors and the population would hardly be able to tell them apart. Woman power: Samira, Lara and Vanessa Böß are not only identical triplets but all of them work for the police. This is largely unique. To the police – this is remarkable because the uniform outfit that is mandatory there increases the already astonishing resemblance of these young women almost to the point of disturbing: Samira, Lara and Vanessa Boess are identical triplets. They are 24 years old, their hair is blonde and tied in a ponytail, they have an infectious smile, and the name Boss is on each of the blue jackets. Only those who know them better know about their differences. However, those who meet them for the first time fix their gaze on the police shoulder pieces to distinguish them. There a star shows Vanessa Boess as a police officer candidate, her sister Lara already has the two stars of the police officer. And Samira has three stars: She is the chief police officer.

An Aladdin's cave of unique objects from around the world – including a dinosaur skull, a floating giraffe and a scale model of a 1950s Aston Martin race car – are all being auctioned off for around £2million

***EXCLUSIVE*** The treasure trove of prized artefacts are housed at the Aynhoe Park mansion in Oxfordshire, made famous for hosting Jade Jagger's wedding and Noel Gallagher's 50th birthday party.  Collected over 25 years, the catalogue also includes a £35,000 Kate Moss portrait with with hand applied Swarovski crystals, a huge plaster cast of a section from the Acropolis in Athens and a red chair bearing the Queen's Royal Cypher, thought to have once been owned by a judge.  Every room of the Grade I Palladian country house that has been the family home of James and Sophie Perkins since 2006, is adorned with fascinating artworks, sculptures and curios.  Described as a cross between Downton Abbey and Narnia, the palatial pile has been a playground for celebrities from the music, film, art and fashion as well as hosting weddings and lavish parties.

A ‘miracle baby’ who was born prematurely at the height of the pandemic weighing only 2lb 4oz has shown his fighting spirit once again - after beating coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brave Theo Stobbs was delivered three months early on April 20 and immediately rushed to a neonatal intensive care unit before being placed in an incubator.   The youngster from Burnley, Lancs., needed to use a CPAP machine to keep his airways open and help him breathe and spent a total of nine weeks in hospital fighting for his life.  A few months after finally returning home to mum Kirsty, dad Leon, 36, and baby brother Arlo, Theo was “doing well” and “getting better” when he was struck down with Covid-19.

A kindhearted tech wizz is solving the homeschooling computer crisis by refurbishing old PCs and delivering them to families in his TUK TUK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Good Samaritan Prem Gyani, 62, has distributed more than 20 laptops to needy kids around Helpston, Cambridgeshire, since the new lockdown closed schools. The school governor came up with the wacky idea when he became exasperated at the shortage of laptops for children to study at home.   He repurposed his beloved three-wheeler “Tara”, out of action since the Covid restrictions closed his business carrying wedding guests in the Tuk Tuk.