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Toddler born with white streak in hair loves dressing up as Cruella to celebrate her unique look

***EXCLUSIVE*** JERICOACOARA, BRAZIL: Meet the little girl with TWO hair colours who’s embracing her DISNEY lookalike. Events manager Talyta Youssef Aziz Vieira (43) from Jericoacoara, Brazil, gave birth to daughter Mayah (2) in November of 2018 and whilst many parents would be shocked to see their child born with two different hair colours, Talyta was well prepped for this. Like many others in her family, Mayah was born with piebaldism - a genetic condition causing areas of skin to hair to appear lighter than usual due to a lack of melanocytes in the skin which produce melanin. It’s a condition that Talyta also has as well as her grandfather, mother, auntie, and several cousins. From the moment she was born, Mayah was encouraged to love her vibrant white patches of hair. It’s a lesson that Talyta learnt the hard way. During her teens, Talyta would hide her white streaks behind the rest of her hair, constantly worried that she would be judged by her peers. However, Talyta soon realised that others saw beauty in her differences. Although still very young, Mayah is already recognising that she too has a unique look and has taken quite a liking to Disney’s 101 Dalmatians - dressing up alongside her mum as Cruella De Vil who also sports a similar two-toned hair style. Through embracing her confidence-exuberating lookalike, Talyta hopes to encourage Mayah to never shy away from what makes her beautiful. With the iconic character Cruella set to feature in her own Disney film slated for release in May 2021, Mayah will soon be able to see her lookalike on the big screen again.


Meet the woman with incredible SIXTEEN-INCH biceps

***EXCLUSIVE*** BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA, USA: Meet the woman with incredible SIXTEEN-INCH biceps who is often mistaken for a MAN and has been labelled „DISGUSTING” by trolls online. Personal trainer, fitness model, entrepreneur and professional bodybuilder Theresa Ivancik (37) from Butler, Pennsylvania, USA, has had an interest in lifting weights since she was a teenager but because she didn’t know where to start, Theresa worked out using fitness tapes instead. When she was 20, Theresa opened a fitness magazine and told herself that she wanted to achieve the same muscular physique as the incredible women within its pages. In 2007, Theresa trained for her first bodybuilding competition. After this, she met her now-fiancé Jeff Haran (50), a trainer who specialises in fitness and bodybuilding competitions, to help elevate her training. Jeff told her that she would have to increase her calorie intake from 800 to 1,800 if she wanted to thrive in bodybuilding and fearful of eating more, Theresa put her dreams on hold for several months. In 2008, Theresa started working with Jeff to achieve her dreams of becoming a personal trainer and IFBB professional athlete. Theresa learnt that food was vital for fuelling her body and stopped the disordered eating that was holding her back from achieving her goals. Since then, Theresa has competed in countless bodybuilding contests including the Olympia contest. In 2020, Theresa’s enviable physique earnt her seventh in the world at the Rising Phoenix World Championships. At 10st 10lb, Theresa trains three days in a row in a push, pull, legs split in which she focuses on a different area of her body before taking a day off.


Homes on world's first floating city go on sale - with prices between $25,000 for a studio and $1.5BILLION for a mega-mansion

Homes on the world's first floating city went on sale today - with prices ranging from £14,000 to £1billion.  Properties on the man-made Blue Estate island, which will float in the Caribbean Sea, start at £14,600 for a budget 'Ring Level' studio apartment, but increase up to £1.1billion for its 'Signature Estate' mega mansions. The island, which is to be built from 'ultra-high performance' concrete modules, will measure 4921ft by 3280ft in total, an area half the size of Monaco. Though homes are on sale from today, construction of the island won't begin until 2022 with full completion expected in 2025. Some of the properties will be available for hand-over by 2023.

Priceless Leonardo-school 'Salvator Mundi' painting of Christ stolen from Naples basilica two years ago is found in a local flat

A copy of the world-famous Salvator Mundi oil painting stolen from a basilica in Naples (Italy) two years ago has been found in a flat in the southern Italian city. Italian news agency AGI reported that the 15th-century artwork, widely attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci, had been stolen from the Muscettola Chapel in the Basilica di San Domenico Maggiore in Naples two years ago. Police found the painting in a room in a flat in Strada Provinciale delle Brecce in Naples. The owner of the flat, a 36-year-old, was tracked down near the property and arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen goods.

Meet the world's best travelled DOLL who has visited eight countries and six US states - taken a helicopter tour over a glacier, boozed her way through a bar crawl in Bratislava, Slovakia, and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge in California, US

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the world's best travelled DOLL who has visited eight countries and six US states - taken a helicopter tour over a glacier, boozed her way through a bar crawl in Bratislava, Slovakia, and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge in California, US.  Avid explorer Stephanie McDonald, 37, jetted the world with her barbie companion in tow - a doll she bought before setting off on her solo trip through Europe in May 2018. The backpacker was keen to document her travels - and decided instead of taking landscape pictures or selfies - that she would snap photos of the doll in her favourite places.  Stephanie named the doll 'Felicia' after joking with fellow travellers about the phrase 'Bye Felicia' - because she is always on the move.

This man decided to have weight loss surgery after spending over a HUNDRED pounds on Uber rides in one day because he was too fat to walk

***EXCLUSIVE*** FLORIDA, USA: This man decided to have weight loss surgery after spending over a HUNDRED pounds on Uber rides in one day because he was too fat to walk - but after losing over TWENTY STONE he's unrecognisable. Audio Visual Technician, Dalton Musselwhite (27) from Pensacola, Florida, USA had struggled with his weight since his childhood. By the age of 12, Dalton weighed 21st 6lbs and was enrolled in weight loss programs throughout his childhood. But with Dalton suffering from an addiction to snacks and fast food with his favourites including muffins, burgers and fries, the weight never stayed off for too long. At school, Dalton was always the biggest kid in his class and was bullied relentlessly as a result, with children calling him „fatty” on a daily basis leaving Dalton feeling depressed. Despite being desperate to lose weight, Dalton’s depression led to him feeling sad and unmotivated. Dalton used food as a comforter which inevitably led to him to pile on more pounds. To try and combat the bullying, Dalton would often make fun of himself to pre-empt the taunts. Dalton became known as the „funny fat guy” at school which alleviated some of the bullying, but he was dreadfully unhappy. By the age of 25, Dalton weighed 36st 11lbs and barely fitted into 8XL shirts and 68 inch trousers. He suffered from sleep apnea, meaning he stopped breathing throughout the night and would wake up gasping for air. Dalton even had to use a CPAP machine to pump oxygen into his lungs and was told by doctors that his weight would kill him if he didn’t make immediate and drastic changes to shed the pounds.

A mum who was diagnosed with cancer after not wearing suncream as a child has released a comic book for kids to raise awareness of skin cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Maggie-May Hughes, 46, was diagnosed with skin cancer after she noticed a waxy lump on her lip just weeks after her 30th birthday whilst studying at university. The lump steadily grew over three years before the mum of three had it removed and subsequent tests revealed that Maggie-May had basal cell carcinoma. It is believed that the damage was done to Maggie-May's skin back when she was a teenager and chose not to wear suncream. Since having part of her lip removed, author Maggie-May is now fighting to raise awareness of skin cancer and has released a comic book to educate kids. Maggie-May, who lives in Coalpit Heath, Bristol, said: "If I can prevent one person from experiencing something like this then it is my moral duty to do so.

Eerie remains of WWII defences reappear on Northumberland beach more than 80 years after they were built to repel a Nazi invasion

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie remains of World War Two anti-tank defences have reappeared on a Northumberland beach 80 years after being buried in the sand. Low tides and heavy storms shifted tonnes of sand to unearth the ghostly military hardware and rusted shells. Back in 1940, anti-tank sea defences were installed on coastlines across Britain to protect against a potential Nazi invasion. Luckily, the steel defences were never needed with most being left to rust in the sand.

A disused signal box near Torquay, on England's world famous Riviera coast is coming up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The imposing Grade II listed, three floor, rectangular brick and glass fronted signal box, is right on the platform at Great Western Railways, Torre Station.  The unique property, which dates back to when the railway station opened in 1848, is being offered for sale by Newport-based Paul Fosh Auctions.  The former signal box, which has full planning for conversion to a holiday home, is being offered with a guide price of £54,000 plus.  The accommodation comprises three floors with proposed plans to have a snug ground floor living area, first floor bedroom with en suite and the third floor, having an open plan dining room and kitchen.  Torre railway station, which has two platforms in use, is a suburban station on the Riviera Line in Torquay, Devon. The railway station is 219 miles from London Paddington and is managed by Great Western Railway. Its ornate main buildings and intricate designed passenger footbridge was designated a world heritage site in January 1975.