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Traditional Levant coffee

Gaziantep, Turkey: Coffey beans and traditional cups of coffee in a Syrian cafe in the southeaster Turkish town of Gaziantep. Coffee is an important part of Middle Eastern culture, and some Syrians who moved to Turkey because of the conflict in their home country have set up coffee shops in Gaziantep and other Turkish towns. In these cafes, coffees are made and served according to the Syrian brewing method, which is a variation of the Levant coffee. The coffee is served in cups where the ground coffee sink to the bottom of the cup and settle. Customers can also enjoy handmade sweets alongside the coffee.

Lioness carries freshly caught gazelle calf

***EXCLUSIVE*** Masai Mara, Kenya: Nature isn't always cute - as a lioness carrying a freshly caught gazelle calf shows. Wildlife photographer Ahmed Abu Ganem captured the scene in Kenya’s Masai Mara.