Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

This man has spent SEVEN THOUSAND POUNDS covering his entire body in tattoos and has had his eyeballs inked BLACK and HORNS implanted in his forehead - after the idea came to him IN A DREAM

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: Night bus inspector Mattia Muratori (26) from London, UK, wanted to get a tattoo after seeing people with tattoos on TV and thinking that they looked cool. Persuading his parents to allow him to get his first tattoo on his 18th birthday, Mattia was soon hooked on modifying his body. Since then, he has spent upwards of Ł7,000 on tattoos and body modifications which allow the Italian to look and feel unique. Mattia has covered over 50 per cent of his body in tattoos and has even had his eyeballs inked after seeing himself with this body mod in a dream. He has also had his ears surgically modified to look like those of a devil and has had silicone implants embedded under the skin on his forehead to look like horns. More recently, Mattia had a tongue splitting procedure in which the tongue is cut down the centre and then sewn back together to resemble a snake’s. For Mattia, the most painful tattoo, and the only one to make him shed tears, was the one on the back of his head - although he says that the tongue splitting procedure was a close second. Mattia’s extreme body mods have made him feel more confident in his own skin - however, not all of Mattia’s family are as comfortable with his extreme look as he is. With some of his extended family members holding more traditional view points, Mattia has had to contend with family members judging him for his look - believing that his tattoos have made him a worse person. When out and about, Mattia gets constantly stared at but says that people rarely troll him - something he thinks is due to people being scared of the way he looks. He also often has people trying to secretly take pictures of him but finds these unsubtle attempts amusing. Mattia is not in a hurry to find love. Although the 26-year-old is yet to be in a relationship, he firmly believes that his look won’t prevent him meeting someone when the time is right. At work, Mattia has received questions from curious colleagues who have asked him why he is changing his body so drastically, but Mattia says it is purely out of interest and isn’t judgemental. Mattia plans to cover 100 per cent of his body in tattoos with the aim to complete his transformation by 2025. In the near future, the bus inspector hopes to have an additional implant under the skin on his thumb which will give it a spine-like appearance.

Winner of the Miss Mermaid International pageant

***EXCLUSIVE*** SHEFFIELD, UK: Professional mermaid, Laura Siddal - AKA Mermaid Luna Tide-Swell - (35) from Sheffield, UK, has always had a love for mermaids ever since a young age, with films such as The Little Mermaid and TV shows like Aqua Marina being her top watched as a kid. Although she loved playing with dolls and dressing them up, Luna felt most content whilst being in the water where swimming was an active hobby of hers that she practised a few times a week and sparked her passion for aquatics. Despite her love of water and swimming, the idea of becoming a ‘Professional Mermaid’ never even crossed her mind until she opened up her own hand-made clothing and costume shop in 2011. After years of making and selling clothes to cosplayers and Halloween partygoers, in 2015, Luna wanted to challenge herself and made a costume that she had never made before - a fully functional, swimmable mermaid. She watched countless videos on YouTube and tested various materials. After five months she had made a successful mermaid costume out of latex. As she tried on the costume, she instantly fell in love and her passion for swimming, mermaids and being in the water all came rushing back to her - this was when she knew she had to act upon her fantasy. She began searching for places where she could test out her costume and found the Merfolk UK - a London-based mermaid themed convention. As she made the final tweaks to her costume, she was ready to take part and as she arrived, she met professional mermaid, Grace Page of Hire a Mermaid UK, who she was a huge fan of. As the two began talking, Grace was intrigued by Luna’s costume and ability, commenting on how professional and comfortable in the water she looked and soon after, Luna was added to her agency books as a professional mermaid performer. Luna has made it one of her missions to promote ocean conservation. Throughout her time competing in mermaid pageants, Miss Mermaid UK and Miss Mermaid International, Luna has crafted costumes entirely out of ocean waste. During her gigs, she has taken it upon herself to talk about the ocean, how important it is to our planet and what we can do to help. She has also worked with aquariums, such as Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium, who have contributed a lot of time into conservation and rehabilitation work for ocean wildlife and habitats - something which is very important to Luna. Since being the UK’s first and only winner of Miss Mermaid International, she has found a new sense of confidence in her mermaiding journey, as it has taught her that she can do anything, as the world is her oyster. Although being a mermaid isn’t a full-time job for Luna, especially throughout the current pandemic, she believes that being eco-conscious is a full-time role and does whatever she can to promote this through her social media and by making changes in her everyday life. She shares her experience through her Instagram, @thesheffieldmermaid, in the hope that she will inspire others.

Austrian artist creates MORE quirky face masks in every day lockdown challenge

***EXCLUSIVE*** Austria: Austrian artist Matthias Kretschmer has created MORE masks in his challenge to create an eye-catching face mask every day in the lockdown period. He started during lockdown one, then picked up where he left off when his home country of Austria got locked down again. So far, he has made almost 80 new masks - ranging from Baby Yoda to rocker Slash from Guns N’ Roses. Matthias says his masks are inspired by the daily events surrounding the crisis. He says: „We aim to master the entire corona crisis seriously, but with a little humour. Every single mask is unique, inspired by personal impressions on one hand, and the events of the world during the Corona crisis on another. I guess it is a nice contrast to all the bad news these days” he adds.

These incredible images depict 'Berkutchi' - Mongolian hunters who use trained golden eagles to forage food

***EXCLUSIVE*** These bittersweet images tell the incredible story of a photographer who spent time living with a remote tribe in Mongolia - who hunt with eagles.  The tribe have used golden eagles to hunt prey during the bleak winter months for centuries, an extraordinary example of a relationship between humans and semi-wild animals. However, the ancient tradition is becoming rarer and these eagle hunters may very well be the LAST of their kind. There are an estimated 250 eagle hunters in Bayan-Ölgii, which is located in the Altai Mountains, of western Mongolia.

How does your dog see the world? Fascinating images show how your pets perceive their surroundings at home

Fascinating images have revealed the difference between how you and your beloved pet — whether cat, fish or tarantula — sees your surroundings at home. The photos — from US-based digital marketplace HomeAdvisor — show not only life in different colours but through various strengths of vision and numbers of eyes. Understanding how animals view the world can help pet owners to pick toys, beds and food bowls in colours that attract the most attention for their little friends. 

This was the emotional moment an elderly couple married for 70 years were finally reunited after three months apart due to the pandemic

***EXCLUSIVE*** Roger Bulley, 93, was hospitalised back in November after he fell at home and broke his hip. While he was being treated there his wife, Sadie, 91, was put in the Caprera care home in St Austell, Cornwall, as she suffers with dementia. She was unable to visit Roger in nearby Falmouth due to coronavirus.

A beauty queen who lost over three and a half stone and struggled with low self-esteem and confidence has now achieved her dream of competing in the Miss England finals

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jessica Kang, from South Ealing, West London, tipped the scales weighing over 13 stone and was struggling with her mental health and lack of confidence due to her appearance.  But the 26-year-old overhauled her life after meeting her now partner and personal trainer boyfriend and began going to the gym five days a week and eating healthy.  Jessica has now reached the final of the prestigious beauty pageant and hopes to inspire more people to change their exercise and eating habits to help improve their mental health and mood.  Working for the council as a systems officer she was crowned Miss London in May last year after finishing first during the virtual competition.  Losing the weight gave her the confidence to apply for the beauty pageant as it was something she had always dreamed of doing after watching the shows on the TV as a little girl.

A woman has told she was left fighting for her life and in a coma for nearly two months after she caught a flesh eating bug -- from a 'toothache'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kath Hunter, 53, has suffered from an abscess on a tooth for a decade - but it didn't hurt and doctors didn't take action, for fears it might make things worse, she said. She had largely forgotten about it, and when she started to feel unwell with a swollen neck and sore throat, she was given antibiotics. It's the last thing she remembers - until she woke up seven weeks later having been in an induced coma on a ventilator after open chest surgery.

3,400-year-old ancient Egyptian painting palette still contains remnants of paint

A 3,400-year-old ancient Egyptian painting palette astonishingly still contains remnants of paint. Made out of a single piece of ivory, the artist's tool includes six oval paint wells that still contain cakes of blue, green, brown, yellow, red, and black pigments. At one end of the palette is also an inscription of the pharaoh Amenhotep III (ca. 1401-1353 BCE) in hieroglyphics as well as the epithet „beloved of Re”. Amenhotep III's reign was one of the most prosperous periods of ancient Egypt and filled with achievements in art and culture. Despite its age, the design of this painter's palette closely resembles many of the artistic tools we use today. The palette, that dates back to 1390-1352 BCE, is currently being housed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

'Tiber Monsters'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Award winning photographer Luigi Avantaggiato: The 'wels' catfish (Silurus glanis), a large species found in the freshwater rivers and lakes of Europe, from the United Kingdom, all the way east in Kazakhstan. After the beluga sturgeon, it's the largest known species of freshwater fish, thought to grow up to 4 meters long and up to 800 pounds. The catfish was introduced illegally in Italy in the 1950s and this invasive species is destroying the biodiversity of Italian river waters. To catch them you need a lot of physical strength and also a lot of patience. The largest specimens can live up to 80 years and are called ''Tiber Monsters'' by Italy's giant catfish hunters.

Incredible snap shows protective lioness gently carrying her cub in her mouth

***EXCLUSIVE*** Masai Mara, Kenya: There were no flies on this caring lioness mother as she gently carried her cub. Wildlife photographer Ahmed Abu Ganem captured the scene in Kenya’s Masai Mara in November 2020. Lions are able to pick their cubs up by the scruff of the neck and gently hold them in her mouth when transporting to a safe place.

New electric jet ski touted as perfect partner to Elon Musk’s cybertruck

An eye-catching, electric jet ski is being touted as the perfect partner to Elon Musk’s Cybertruck. The Electrojet (GT95) is described as „the world’s most elegant personal watercraft powered by 100% electricity.” Hungarian company Narke’s personal watercraft (PWC) is designed to be an eco-conscious alternative to petrol-powered jet skis. The €39,000 GT95 is powered by an electric engine and high-power battery cells able to produce 95hp. It can hit 43 mph and a single charge allows for 31 miles of riding. Narke say the hull design results in a more comfortable and energy efficient ride, and „provides a softer and quieter driving experience thanks to the unique deflection technology which also reduces friction and thus energy consumption and increases stability even at high speed.” The Narke GT95 will be showcased in summer 2021, at the Top Marques Show in Monaco.

Mum shed 5st in seven months without exercise after beach picture 'disgusted' her

***EXCLUSIVE*** READING, BERKSHIRE, UK: This mum was shocked to see how much weight she had gained when lockdown eased and has since shed an incredible FIVE STONE in SEVEN MONTHS without exercise. Assistant accounts manager and mum of two Kayleigh Janek (33) from Reading, Berkshire, UK, has never been happy with the way she looked and lacked confidence. Kayleigh has a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) that affects the way her ovaries work and has meant that her weight has fluctuated for most of her life. Kayleigh, who is mum to Mischa (9) and Tommy (1), was busy looking after her newborn son and opted for easy to grab and make meals to keep her energy levels up through the sleepless nights that come with a new baby. As the coronavirus lockdown started to ease in May 2020, Kayleigh and her family enjoyed a well-deserved trip to the beach. Whilst there, Kayleigh’s husband Marek (42) took a picture of her and Kayleigh was „disgusted” at what she saw and immediately wanted to cover up and go home. At 15st 4lb and whilst wearing a UK size 18, Kayleigh decided that it was time for her to do something for herself and so she joined Slimming World a few days later. Kayleigh hasn’t looked back since and in just seven months, she has lost an incredible five stone and now weighs 10st 4lb and is a super svelte UK size 10. Before her weight loss, Kayleigh didn’t exercise and consumed around 3,000 calories a day which consisted of a fresh pastry and iced coffee for breakfast, a foot long Subway sandwich with a cookie and fizzy drink for lunch, and an oven pizza for dinner and a large bar of Lindt chocolate as a snack. Now Kayleigh has yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, a tortilla wrap pizza with salad for lunch, and steak with chips, coleslaw and blue cheese sauce for dinner - totalling 1,300 calories. Whilst Kayleigh didn’t exercise during her weight loss journey, she now enjoys some light exercise like hula hooping a few times a week. Kayleigh now loves what she sees in the mirror, she has more energy to play with and home-school her children whilst working from home herself and her PCOS symptoms of mood swings, skin outbreaks and cramps have disappeared.

This swanky former artist’s residence could be yours for just over £2M

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: This swanky former artist’s residence could be yours for just over Ł2M. The apartment in London, UK, features a mezzanine bedroom, shower room, entrance hall, reception room and kitchen. The eccentric apartment featured in the Homes and Antiques magazine and was formerly used as watercolour artist Frances E. Nesbitt’s studio.  Despite the living space only equalling 1,002 sq ft, the property boasts 14ft ceilings and hidden storage. There is potential to expand the apartment and create an additional bedroom and bathroom, subject to planning permission. The beautifully designed apartment is situated in the sought after location of South Kensington and sits on the raised ground floor of a Victorian period building. The property is currently on the market with House Partnership for Ł2.075 million.

Granddad, 84, who became actor at 63 says parents told him 'get a proper job'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Forget the rocking-chair and slippers – today’s grandparents are more likely to be rocking out to Guns N’ Roses and going to the gym. A study of 2,000 grandparents found six in 10 remember the ‘Swinging 60s’, with 43 per cent admitting they try to live their life as they did then. And for the ‘golden oldies’ weaned on rock throughout the 60s and 70s, age is definitely not mellowing their musical tastes. Heavy rock acts like Deep Purple, AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses trampled over easy listening and pop acts like Jess Glynne when it came to the most popular artists. One man to live life to its fullest is 84-year-old actor and great-grandfather Jack Warner. After getting his first agent at 63, he has gone on to have minor roles in films such as Phantom of the Opera and Wimbledon, as well as appearing in music videos for Robbie Williams, Jamie Cullum and The Hoosiers. Jack, from Alton in Hampshire, enjoyed acting as a youngster, but after his parents urged him to get a ‘proper job’ he spent 35 years working in the automotive industry before retiring at 60.

Vulture and jackel fighting

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photos show ferocious battles between jackals and vultures as they fight over food in a South African wildlife reserve. The frenetic scenes were shot by 60-year-old photographer Charlaine Gerber at the Zimanga Private Game Reserve. Despite there being several jackals and around 20 vultures, with wingspans of up to 10ft, in the frenzy, she managed to get up close and personal. Ms Gerber, from Witbank, South Africa, said: "Because the vultures and the jackals are so busy with feeding and fighting, it is possible to get quite close. It was a bit overwhelming, because of all the action.

Flowers appear to be submerged in smoke

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ghostly-looking flowers appear to be draped in a thick smoke - but it's actually milk. The blooms are submerged in water and treated with milk and paint to create the haunting images. They were taken by photographer Robert Peek in his studio in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Mr Peek first submerges flowers in a small fish tank, and weighs them down to stop them floating.

Dinosaur genitals are reconstructed for the first time — revealing that they likely used their colourful 'openings' to attract mates before rubbing them together

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dinosaurs had colourful genitals that they likely used to attract mates before rubbing their 'openings' together — having sex just like modern crocodiles — a study found. Experts from the UK and the US reconstructed the nether regions of Psittacosaurus, a Labrador dog-sized dinosaur, from around 145–100.5 million years ago. The fossil specimen was unearthed from Sihetun, in northeast China's Liaoning Province and is held in the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt, Germany. The 0.7-inch-long opening, known as the 'cloaca' or 'vent', would have been used by the dinosaur for defecating, urinating and also mating. While most mammals have different orifices for each of these functions, they are combined in most vertebrate animals — including birds and amphibians. When birds mate, they bring their genitalia together for a few seconds to exchange reproductive fluids in a process experts have dubbed a 'cloacal kiss'.

World's oldest-known starfish dating back 480 million years is unearthed in Morocco and provides the 'missing link' between modern crinoids and their ancestors

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fossil starfish unearthed in Morocco that dates back 480 million years is a 'missing link' between modern day crinoids and their ancestors, a study has reported. Experts from Cambridge said that the fossil — uncovered from within the so-called Fezouata shale of the Anti-Atlas mountain range — is the oldest-known starfish. It dates back to a period in Earth's history — the so-called Ordovician Biodiversification Event — when the life suddenly expanded. The previous contender for the oldest starfish specimen on record was 50 million years younger, the researchers said. Given the scientific name 'Cantabrigiaster fezouataensis', the ancient species has an intricate design, with feathery arms still visible in its fossil specimens. The beautifully-preserved remains will allow palaeontologists to map out the new species' body in detail — and shine a light on how starfish evolved.