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Karate kid, 12, wins international competitions from bottom of his garden after devoted father built £3,000 dojo so he can carry on sport during lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Karate Kid wins international competitions from his back garden. A devoted father has built a karate dojo in the back garden so his child prodigy son can carry on competing during lockdown. Tom Klemz, 12, is ranked second in the world at under 13 level in the kata (choreographed routine) discipline of the sport. But he is unable to compete in both national and international competitions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

These colourful miniature homes on a once vacant lot in Oakland, California, are part America’s first ‘Tiny House Village’

***EXCLUSIVE*** Vibrant miniature homes now adorn a once vacant lot in California, as part of America’s first ‘Tiny House Village’ created for vulnerable youth. The mural-covered homes, which measure just 8x10 feet, were created by the non-profit Youth Spirit Artworks (YSA) to house at risk youth in Oakland. “The Tiny House Village is important for the community because it provides a space for opportunity and reform,” said YSA’s lead community outreach organizer Sean McCreary, 20, who used to be homeless. “It offers a place where young adults are exposed to help with their goals and resources in a supportive environment.”

Pet coffins in cat and guinea pig shape

***EXCLUSIVE*** A painted animal coffin by the Tutapets company. The graphic artist Arno Ludwig from Lower Franconia, one of the two owners of the company, designed the animal coffins in the shape of cats and guinea pigs. They are made of recycled paper.

Family miraculously survive gas explosion that left house obliterated

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family miraculously survived a gas explosion that left a house obliterated. Darren Cornish, 48, was with parents Alan and Josie last night when the property collapsed around them - but the trio somehow made it out alive. Emergency services rushed to the house in Bude, Cornwall shortly amid fears people were trapped inside the rubble. Photos released by the fire service showed bricks and mortar laying around the garden as the top of the house dangled perilously in the air. Other terrifying images show one of the upper rooms hanging precariously in mid-air, leaving a double bed exposed to the street. Witnesses described hearing a loud bang and a strong smell of gas in the area.

Woman has transformed her home in just NINE months after teaching herself to build furniture simply using wood and a drill

***EXCLUSIVE*** GLASGOW, SCOTLAND: Just nine months ago, graphic designer Susie Lachlan (32) from Glasgow, Scotland, had never tried her hand at DIY but she soon began to tire of taking her morning coffee on the backstep of her two-bedroom ground floor Edwardian period flat. As such, Susie began to scour Etsy for a custom-built garden bench but with each option costing several hundred pounds, Susie decided to have a go at making one herself. Fast forward several months and the self-taught DIYer has transformed her flat - including making a custom bed, transforming an old boiler room into a linen closest, and building an entryway unit. By sourcing materials both locally and second-hand, Susie has managed to keep costs down and swears that the best way to learn is to get stuck in. A new king-size bed could set you back upwards of Ł350 but Susie’s cost just Ł170 - and she even saved an extra Ł50 after selling her old bed on Gumtree. The build required locally sourced timber (Ł112), bed legs which were purchased from Etsy (Ł30), plates to fit the legs (Ł12), and wood treatment (Ł16). One of Susie’s favourite creations is her entryway unit which cost just Ł63 to build providing valuable storage and decorative appeal - all whilst covering a gas pipe box situated on the wall. After carefully planning her design, Susie purchased strip wood to make the doors (Ł4), timber (Ł9), handles (Ł3), cane webbing for the doors (Ł43), and paint (Ł4) in addition to also using some wood from an IKEA CD shelf she had lying around. One of Susie’s most budget-friendly projects has been installing new wardrobe doors. A ready-made shop example could cost you around Ł200 but Susie found reclaimed louvre doors at a local car boot sale (Ł12) and purchased some strip wood and hinges (Ł17) to construct the frame.

Incredibly rare A Team van complete with its own set of guns has emerged for sale at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly rare A Team van complete with its own set of guns has emerged for sale at auction. The 1979 Chevrolet vehicle was one of just six vans to be officially licensed by Universal Studios and is identical to the wagons used in the show. This one was used to promote the cult 1980s show and was displayed at shows all the way across North America.

Rare 17th English coin which was the 'largest ever made' has sold for £115,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extremely rare 17th English coin which was the 'largest ever made' has sold for £115,000. The three pound 'Triple Unite' gold coin was struck by Royalist supporters of Charles I at the height of the English Civil War in 1643. The coin professes their loyalty to the monarch, depicting him as both 'warrior and peace-bringer'.

Tico the parrot singing along to hits from Bon Jovi, The Beatles and Coldplay - while his owner Frank Maglio Jr. plays the guitar

***EXCLUSIVE*** Watch as this melodious parrot sings Bon Jovi, The Beatles and Coldplay - while his owner plays the guitar. Frank Maglio Jr., 55, only discovered his 20-year-old double yellow-headed parrot, Tico, could perfectly carry a tune at the beginning of lockdown. But since then, the duo have recorded dozens of cover songs including ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ - plus tracks by rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and the Eagles.  Maglio, a music marketing and distribution rep, from Florida, said: “We don’t rehearse.

Meet the couple who realised life is too short to be with just one person after getting MARRIED - so they found a THIRD on Tinder

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: Marketing professional, Anna Kuczek (27) from Warsaw, Poland, grew up openly gay since being a teenager, but was only ever in monogamous relationships. At 20, she decided to leave Poland and move to New York City, to become an au pair, which is where she met finance professional, Nikki Lanzaro (26). She met Nikki on dating site, OkCupid, a month after her arrival and they quickly became great friends and lovers, going on to be an official couple within months. After three years of travelling the world together and living life to the full, Nikki asked Anna to be her wife and the two wed in May 2019. Shortly after, Anna suggested the idea of a polyamorous relationship, as she had read about one online and was intrigued by the idea - but wasn?t sure what Nikki would think. Much to Anna?s surprise, Nikki was on board and although they didn?t need an addition, as they were happily married, the two felt that they wanted to explore other people, especially since they settled down so young. After countless conversations, trying to agree on rules and how open they would allow their relationship to be, Anna made a Tinder account and met pharmaceutical professional, Nadya Garcia (28). After a few dates, Anna felt that Nikki might possibly enjoy spending time with Nadya too, as their personalities and sense of humour was the same. She spoke to her wife, who was also seeing other people casually and realised that the dynamic they had created, was causing a lot of jealousy and that it would be easier if they created a polyamorous relationship like they intended instead.

336-year-old silver coin discovered in a shoebox has sold for a world record price of £54,760

***EXCLUSIVE*** An ultra-rare 336-year-old silver coin discovered in a shoebox has sold for a world record price of £54,760. The Welsh silver shilling is one of only four known examples in existence and the only one in private hands. The anonymous Gloucestershire vendor discovered the coin in a shoebox under the stairs while cleaning out their late father's belongings but did not realise how valuable it was.

Woman attended an interview for a part-time job that lasted for HOURS she never expected to fall in love with the BOSS - who is old enough to be her DAD

***EXCLUSIVE*** LAKE JACKSON, USA: Student Suzanna Diaz (25) from Lake Jackson, USA, was looking for a part-time job in 2018 to earn some extra cash during her time at university when she came across a position opening in her local restaurant. Suzanna arrived, eager to begin working and was asked to sit in a nearby booth so that she could fill out a job application. After completing the application, Suzanna received a tap on the shoulder and as she turned around, she caught eyes with an older man. She found him instantly charming and saw a sparkle in his eyes. He introduced himself as Tony Kahanek (55) - the general manager of the restaurant - who was hoping to interview Suzanna for the position. As the two spoke, they realised that their connection was much more than just an employee and boss relationship, so Tony asked Suzanna for her phone number before she left to go home. Later that day, she started replaying their conversation over and over in her head for the whole night. Suzanna received a text the next day from an unknown number, which she was apprehensive to respond to, until she realised it was Tony - a few days later, they met up for dinner after work. As they got to know each other a bit more, they found that they had a lot of similar interests and began sharing personal stories. Just before he dropped her home, they kissed and Suzanna recalled it feeling like a „whirlwind” moment. They kept their relationship a secret, as they wanted to avoid any negativity that could impact their relationship - especially in the early stages. After a few months of working together and speaking every day, Tony asked Suzanna to move in as he wanted to come home to her at the end of the day and the two couldn’t be more excited to start their new chapter together.

Moment a baby MONKEY clung on to its dead MOTHER as it hung out of the mouth of a hungry LION

***EXCLUSIVE*** ZIMANGA PRIVATE GAME RESERVE, SOUTH AFRICA: See the moment a baby MONKEY clung on to its dead MOTHER as it hung out of the mouth of a hungry LION. In one image, the tiny one-pound baby monkey stared forlornly down the camera lens as it gripped on to what remained of its mothers blood-soaked body - both carried by the 400-pound lion. In another, a second lion attempted to join in on the action sending the baby monkey tumbling off its mother before it too met its untimely end. Photographic safari guide Hendri Venter (60) from South Africa captured the images in the country’s Zimanga Private Game Reserve from just 65-foot away. In the space of less than one minute, the lion had both caught and devoured the unfortunate mother monkey - whilst another lion from the pride snatched and took care of the baby. For the most part, the pride’s females hunt for food whilst males protect the young and the pride’s territory, but males are certainly capable of catching their own food if need be. Hendri captured the images on a Nikon D850 camera using a Nikon 300 F2.8 lens.

Otter bit off more than he can chew as he tries to eat a crab

***EXCLUSIVE*** Otter mouthful... An otter appears to have bitten off more than he can chew, as it swims to shore near Rothesay, on the Isle of Bute, Scotland, with it's mouth full with a large crab. Local David Mercer, 59, a Gas Service Engineer said "This young otter was showing off its skills in catching crabs the correct way. I saw this otter make multiple catches" "The otters bring the crab ashore and then proceed to lift the top shell off the crab, discard it, and then starts to feed on the contents." "I spent a couple of hours observing the otters in their habitat and this one would usually clean up around him, leaving just inedible parts like legs and claws, then slide into the water for its next meal." "The images show wildlife in it's true form, to survive in the wild you must eat and not be eaten."

Terrifying six-foot prehistoric WORM with powerful jaws that leapt out of tunnels on the seabed and snapped fish in half 20 million years ago is unearthed in Taiwan

***EXCLUSIVE*** A giant prehistoric worm that leapt from the seabed and could snap fish in half has been unearthed in south east Asia. The terrifying monster was about six and a half feet long - taller than a human. It had dagger snake-like jaws that ripped prey to shreds - and lived more than 20 million years ago. Named Pennichnus formosae, it was identified from its enormous L shaped burrow - that was also over an inch wide.

Book revealing Virginia Woolf's candid thoughts on fellow literary giants

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'confessions' book revealing Viriginia Woolf's candid thoughts on fellow literary giants including Thomas Hardy has emerged for sale for ÂŁ6,000. The writer filled in a questionnaire for the 1915 book where she was asked to listed her favourite exponents of the craft, both living and dead. However, she was also happy to respond to loaded questions about who were in her eyes not up to scratch.

Thrilling moment two female tigers fought it out in the ultimate cat fight over a waterhole

***EXCLUSIVE*** RANTHAMBHORE NATIONAL PARK, INDIA: The incredible images showed the two 350-pound big cats at war as they quite literally „got their claws out” in an attempt to swipe one another to the ground over the ownership of a waterhole. The two six-foot-six-inch-long felines violently launched at each other until one tiger was brutally knocked to the ground. A final image showed the victorious tigress beating a hasty retreat as its victim scrabbled to get itself up off of the ground. The images were taken in Ranthambhore National Park, India, by wildlife tourism professional Aditya „Dicky” Singh from Sawai Madhopur, India.

Woman was called a WHALE by boys growing up but says she's now bombarded by men wanting to DATE her after losing NINE STONE

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, USA: Stay-at-home mum Jackie Campbell (26) from Texas, USA, had struggled with being overweight for her entire life. Jackie comes from a family that loves to eat and as such, she already weighed seven stone by the time she was eight-years-old. To control her food intake, Jackie was put on a diet plan. However, dieting at such a young age had a negative effect on Jackie's mental health and she began eating more and more - developing a fear of feeling hungry in the process. Children at school would call Jackie a 'whale' and cruelly compare her to an 'earthquake.' During her teenage years, Jackie became a hermit and suffered from terrible body dysmorphia that led to her crying in front of the mirror for hours on end. To make herself feel better, Jackie would turn to food - repeating the unhealthy cycle that she had fallen into - with burgers and fries from McDonald’s being her favourite. When Jackie turned 22, she weighed 18st 8lb and wore a UK size 22 resulting in her feeling depressed and disgusted with herself. Jackie had always dreamed of being a healthy and active parent and with a new born son Lance (4) she knew that she had to take immediate action if this vision of her future was to remain a possibility. In 2017, Jackie boarded a plane from Texas to Mexico to undergo vertical sleeve surgery, in which the stomach is surgically reduced in size to restrict a patient’s appetite to help them lose weight. Over the next two years, Jackie lost exactly half of her body weight and now weighs just 9st 4lb and wears a UK size six. Since her weight loss, Jackie’s life has changed dramatically. Where she once struggled with self-image issues, she can now look at herself in the mirror with confidence and pride at what she has achieved.

Dramatic story of lost party of soldiers who were rescued by a heroic British carrier pigeon

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dramatic wartime account by a member of a lost party of soldiers who were rescued by a heroic British carrier pigeon has been uncovered. Lieutenant James Leak was one of almost 700 men who became cut off during a major offensive on German positions towards the end of the First World War. In the six days of being encircled by enemy forces deep in a French forest almost 200 men were killed by constant German shelling and friendly fire from confused Allies unaware of their true position. Runners made repeated attempts to get word back to headquarters of the location of the so-called Lost Battalion but each time they were intercepted by the enemy.

The Lion Spring: Lion leaps over stream to avoid getting paws wet

***EXCLUSIVE*** An enormous lion leaps over a stream to avoid getting its paws wet. The agile predator, which can grow to more than 600lbs, jumps nimbly across the shallow, two metre wide stretch of water. The images were captured by wildlife photographer and guide Grant Atkinson on the eastern side of the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.