Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Meet the male Rapunzel who is constantly hounded for selfies by strangers thanks to his luscious three-feet-three-inch-long locks

***EXCLUSIVE*** MILAN, ITALY: Producer Massimo Volpe (34) from Milan, Italy, turns heads wherever he goes thanks to his stunning three-feet-three-inch-long hair. Massimo made the decision to grow his hair long when he was just 12 years old after he was influenced by the punk, metal, and EBM music scenes - which is where he also got his passion for black clothing from. For Massimo, his hair is a great icebreaker and for the most part, people are intrigued to learn why he decided to grow his hair so long and how he looks after it. Massimo is often stopped in the street and asked to pose for selfies with strangers who admire his hair and he is happy to oblige. When he was younger people would often make sexist jokes about his hair. Massimo never took these comments to heart and doesn’t understand why long hair should be indicative of someone’s gender. To look after his hair, Massimo avoids heat and takes care when he brushes it to prevent breakage. He does a hair mask twice a month to nourish his locks and believes his vegan diet, which he has been following for 15 years, is the secret to his fabulous hair.

Woman was terrified when she discovered a white patch above her eye that has since spread and turned her entire body almost COMPLETELY WHITE

***EXCLUSIVE*** RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL: Radiology technician Stephanie Yashinmura (28) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, discovered a white spot above her eye when she was 14-years-old. Within a matter of months, the white spot had started to spread across her face, arms, torso and legs. After visiting a doctor, she was diagnosed with vitiligo. Those affected by vitiligo have a lack of a pigment called melanin in their skin causing white patches to appear in affected areas. As a teenager, Stephanie was incredibly self-conscious and was scared that her vitiligo would lead to her whole body turning pale white. She began to cover up her skin by wearing long-sleeved clothing and putting on lots of makeup to avoid drawing attention to herself at school. When out in public, Stephanie caught strangers constantly staring at her which made her feel uncomfortable. Despite trying a range of different creams, and even phototherapy in which her skin was exposed to fluorescent light bulbs, nothing prevented Stephanie’s vitiligo from spreading. By the age of 20, 80 per cent of her skin had lost its pigment. Stephanie felt helpless and frustrated that there was nothing she could do to remedy her condition. In October 2020, Stephanie was approached by a local famous makeup artist in Rio de Janeiro who had seen Stephanie in the gym and invited her onto a photo shoot. Wanting to keep a record of her skin condition, Stephanie cautiously agreed. After the photos were posted to Instagram page, Stephanie was bombarded with positive messages from strangers. Many of these messages were from others living with vitiligo who told the radiology technician how inspiring it was to see Stephanie post pictures of her skin.

Meet the woman who started having CONTRACTIONS whilst she was out HUNTING and now takes her MONTH OLD baby shooting - even though trolls accuse her of raising a MURDERER

***EXCLUSIVE*** PENSYLVANIA, USA: Physical therapist assistant, Gabrielle Shaker (27) from Pennsylvania, USA, has always had a love for the outdoors. After doing athletics at high school, Gabrielle wanted to find another sport that would get her outdoors more and couldn’t find one that fitted the bill - until she went out hunting one day with her husband, Cody, in December 2010. She watched her husband and loved how long they were outdoors for and even had the opportunity to shoot her first shot at a pheasant - she was hooked. Since her hunting hobby started, Gabrielle has hunted squirrels, bears, deers, turkeys and pheasants and has since hunted a 150-pound whitetail deer. However, all of this changed in February 2019, when Gabrielle and Cody chose to go through IVF in order to start a family, as they had been unsuccessful for three years - but after one round, they found out she was pregnant and they were over the moon. Gabrielle didn’t want to let her pregnancy stop her from doing what she loved and began prepping for archery season in her first trimester, going on to prep for rifle season just a few days before her due date. Despite everyone telling her that she shouldn’t be hunting, especially so far along in her pregnancy, she didn’t listen and they travelled to the woods to start their hunt. Gabrielle realised that this season would be a lot more challenging than the rest, but didn’t think it would be as taxing as it was - however, Gabrielle had prepared for this moment by hiking two to six miles every night.

A furloughed hair salon worker is on course to become a millionaire in less than a year after starting a £12,000-a-DAY business from his bedroom during lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ben Gulliver has already turned over sales of $1 million (£730,000) at the age of just 20 by flogging high demand goods like exercise equipment and DIY products online. The young entrepreneur decided to follow his dream of starting his own company when he was furloughed as a consultant at a hair studio in Romford, east London. With dentists being closed, he started selling teeth cleaning devices bought from China - and was soon coining in £12,000 a day.  He then sold that business to an American investor for a five-figure sum and continued trading in gym equipment and other items online via Amazon. Throughout his best month Ben made sales of a whopping £200,000 and during another he shifted £100,000 worth of stock in just ten days. The self-taught businessman has managed to turn over huge profits in just 10 months with just a laptop, phone and the internet at his disposal. He has been storing his stock in the garage of his parents' home in Kidderminster, Worcs., but has now opened an office in nearby Bewdley as his business expands.

A walker stuck waist-deep in a bog on an uninhabited island for four hours was rescued thanks to an emergency app – which led ferryman to her using just three words

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alison Winter, 41, became stranded on Shuna, part of the Slate Islands, Inner Hebrides, as she made her way towards a hilltop viewpoint.  But she was rescued after alerting ferrymen to her location using geocoding app 'what3words' which gave Alison the unique location code of ‘escalates, removing, lows’. Writer Alison had no phone signal but had luckily downloaded the app after seeing author Neil Gaiman tweet about it coming to his rescue when his car broke down.

Couple who built floats for the Mardi Gras parade are now creating PORCH FLOATS after the famous carnival was cancelled due to COVID-19

***EXCLUSIVE*** A New Orleans couple who built floats for the Mardi Gras parade are now creating PORCH FLOATS after the famous carnival was cancelled due to COVID-19. Husband-and-wife team Inez and Rene Pierre even created a Dolly Parton-themed float to pay tribute to the country singer's $1million donation to coronavirus vaccine research.  The couple questioned how they would survive when the world renowned February festival was called off in the pandemic.  They decided to adapt their colorful floats to fit around porches, balconies and even on front lawns.

A paddle-boarding Dachshund who was once paralysed now has a new lease of life after months of pilates physiotherapy sessions

***EXCLUSIVE*** Seven-year-old Pip had endured years of pain and operations on her spine and neck suffering from a condition that affects one in four Dachshunds.  But the much loved tiny dog has now recovered from another neck injury after receiving extensive pilates sessions to improve her balance and posture with a little help from her favourite cheese slices.  The black & brown furry friend can now be found paddle-boarding alongside her owner Joanna, wearing a tiny red dog life jacket.  After being paralysed twice due to her condition Pip is now fully recovered thanks to innovative weekly pilates treatments throughout lockdown to help her get back on all four paws.  The seven-year-old Dachshund spent four months going to weekly physiotherapy sessions but after fully recovering in the summer last year took up paddle-boarding whilst on holiday in Dartmouth, Devon.  But the beloved family pet who previously had two spinal surgeries and herniated discs in her neck has undergone a remarkable transformation without having to go under a knife again.  Owner Joanna Day, 35 from Warwick is thrilled to have her loveable best friend beside her once again and pain-free she said: “She’s a very happy, active and busy Dachshund”.

Escaped pet frog smiles at owner after it is found

***EXCLUSIVE*** An escaped tree frog smiles after being sprayed with water. The black-webbed tree frog, called Jhojo, left his cage when his owner forgot to close it, and was missing for five hours. He then looked delighted when his owner, IT worker Agus Fitriyanto, rehydrated him by spraying him with water. Mr Fitriyanto, 40, who also took the photos, said: "I was surprised when I went back to his cage and found Jhojo wasn't there.

Tomato seller sorts his stock

***EXCLUSIVE*** Juicy red tomatoes ripen in the Bangladesh sun as the best fruits are picked out to be sold. In this wholesale market in Shibganj Upazila, Bogra, a tomato seller sorts through his produce so it's ready for market. Thousands of perfectly red tomatoes are packaged up into crates, but each load of 25kg only sells for about £2. Winter is a time various vegetables are harvested in the crop lands of northern Bangladesh.

Giraffes look like they're performing a dance routine as they tussle

***EXCLUSIVE*** These two giraffes looked like they were having a dance as they battled it out in a vicious mating contest. The two males were pictured fighting for the approval of a nearby female next to a water hole in Etosha National Park, Namibia. As their necks intertwined they appeared to be dancing across the African plains, but that was far from the case. Amateur photographer Jenny Stevens warned that, while the giraffes may appear to be friendly with each other, this is actually an example of a vicious fight between rivals - which can sometimes be to the death.

Recovered: $120,000 Humvee stolen from military facility

A military Humvee worth approximately $120,000 stolen from a military facility in Bell, California, has been recovered. The FBI had offered a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the recovery of the vehicle. At approximately 8:15 a.m., last Friday (15 Jan) morning, the military vehicle was taken from a National Guard Armory. The four-door High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle - commonly known as a Humvee - was up-armoured, meaning it had been upgraded and is considered a combat vehicle. The FBI reported Wednesday (20 Jan) „The Humvee stolen from a military facility in Bell was recovered early this morning by the FBI and partners. We continue to seek information about the party responsible for the theft.” A theft from a military facility - government property - violates federal law and carries a statutory maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison.

This capybara was left in the dust by its friends after a JAGUAR launched a deadly attack

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORTH PANTANAL, BRAZIL: In the heart stopping footage, a 200-pound female jaguar crouched amidst the nearby brush after spotting several tasty-looking capybaras enjoying a quick stop further downriver. Completely unaware, a lone capybara inched closer to the jaguar’s hiding spot to snack on the lush green leaves prompting the jaguar to launch its attack. The 100-pound capybara could be heard screeching for help as the jaguar dragged it into the vegetation with its teeth where the capybara then met its untimely end. Photographer and guide Larissa Pantanal (31) from Cuiabá, Brazil, captured the captivating video from just 65-foot away whilst on safari in North Pantanal’s Porto Jofre region. After two hours of sunbathing, a nearby jaguar sprang into action - chasing and killing an unfortunate capybara in less than a minute. Jaguars get their namesake from the indigenous word „yaguar” taken from the Tupi-Guarani languages. The word translates as „he who kills with one leap”. There are thought to be around 64,000 wild jaguars left.

Worker in a sea of cauliflowers

***EXCLUSIVE*** A farmer brings his crop of over a thousand cauliflowers to the Mahasthangarh vegetable market, Bangladesh. Rafid Yasar, 25, said, "This market place is where farmers all over the north Bengal region gathers their winter harvests for export into the capital markets by trucks. This man, Anarul Islam, is a cauliflower farmer and grows different crops in other seasons but during winter these are his main crops." "Before selling these cauliflowers he makes sure to dry out any moisture by using the heat of the sun, because if they are not dried out properly the produce may go rotten during transport. "

Talk to the flipper! Sassy seal has had enough

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sassy Seal...... A seal lifts it's flipper up as if to say "Talk to the hand". The seal was spotted enjoying the sunshine on Horsey Beach, Norfolk. Laura Lake, 36, an assistant manager of a pub in Norwich, said "To me this looks like a grey seal with attitude!" "I would say it looks like he’s tired of someone or something and is holding his 'hand' up to say...”talk to the hand”. I love the fact that this is image really shows the mannerisms and character of a grey seal."