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A four-year-old girl has become one of the youngest members of Mensa after learning the alphabet - aged just 14 MONTHS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dayaal Kaur was accepted into the high IQ society on her fourth birthday after her parents recognised she was exceptionally smart.  She scored an IQ of 145 - just below genius Einstein's - when she passed the Mensa admission test at the age of just THREE.  Dayaal was counting to 20 before she was 16 months and learnt the alphabet when she was just 14 months old.  Dad Sarb Singh, 39, a health and wellbeing pastoral leader, from Great Barr, Birmingham, said: “I knew she was an exceptional child.”

Woman risked BLINDNESS to have her eyeballs inked purple

***EXCLUSIVE*** SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA: This woman risked BLINDNESS to have her eyeballs inked purple but has since been REFUSED service in restaurants and told to GO TO HELL by strangers. Exotic dancer and model Devon O’Kelly (25) from San Diego, California, USA, fell in love with tattoos and piercings as a form of self-expression when she was just 11 years old after she realised that she needed other ways to convey her true self beyond clothes, hair and makeup. After her first piercing to her septum when she was 13, followed by her first tattoo of cello F-holes on her back when she was 15, Devon knew that she would like to decorate her whole body with beautiful tattoos one day. Since then, Devon estimates that she’s had more than 23 tattoos in total all over her body including castles, skeletons, blackout work, phrases like „Trust No One” and „Fear No Evil” and tattoos to honour her family members. One of Devon’s favourite tattoos is her eyeball tattoos which she had done in 2018. Devon had her eyeballs inked purple after researching the procedure for almost five years and was aware of the risks that include headaches, blurry vision, sensitivity to light and even blindness before going under the needle. Devon travelled to Los Angeles to have the procedure done by Luna Cobra, an esteemed tattooist who invented the eyeball tattoo. It took approximately two weeks for Devon’s eyes to heal afterwards and she hasn’t had any vision issues. As the years go by, Devon’s purple eyeballs have become more noticeable and sometimes her tears are tinged with lilac. Over the years Devon has spent approximately 115 hours under the needle and Ł4,026 ($5,500) on her tattoos.

Glamour in Afghanistan - Models fight against prejudice

***EXCLUSIVE*** Afghanistan, Kabul: War, terror and poverty often shape the image of Afghanistan. The first model agency in the country wants to change that. But the dreams of young and creative minds are repeatedly called into question. Murtasa Safi and Huma Sarfarasi, up-and-coming models at Afghanistan's first model agency "Modelstan", and their founder Hamed Vali (l-r) stand in a garden. The agency wants to change the image of crisis-ridden Afghanistan and show that not only war, terror and poverty characterize the country.

Museum puts road legal replica of the BATMOBILE up for sale for £30,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning road legal replica of the classic Batmobile has been put up for sale for Ł30,000 by a British car musuem. The custom-made vehicle is an exact copy of the one driven by Michael Keaton in the two movies in which he played Batman in 1989 and 1992. It was built in 2016 by a specialist company in the UK who used a vintage 1965 Ford Mustang as a base.

Birmingham schoolboy, 13, follows in the footsteps of his hero Eddie The Eagle and converts his back garden into a ski jump in hope of competing at 2026 Winter Olympics

***EXCLUSIVE*** After switching from gymnastics to skiing, George Brown (13) is dreaming of becoming the best - by training at home like Winter Olympics' ski jumping legend Eddie the Eagle. George Brown from Moseley, Birmingham, is enthralled by legendary ski jumper Eddie the Eagle and seen the movie of his daredevil exploits.  Now he is drawing inspiration from the Winter Olympics' star who learned to ski jump in his garden.  George grew up using gymnastic rings but is now using that agility and strength conditioning to dream of becoming the World's No 1 skier.  He has devised his own 'ski whiz' lockdown programme in a bid to become the best.

More than 50 shades of grey! Luxury five bedroom home boasting a cinema, gym and outdoor party area decorated almost entirely in silvery tones goes on sale for £850,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An Edwardian mansion in Liverpool, which is decorated almost entirely in shades of grey, has gone on sale for £850,000. The luxurious home is the perfect property for a footballer with everything for top flight living with a gym, cinema and lavish outdoor entertainment area. The five-bedroom house is in the city’s leafy West Derby area, former home to both Liverpool FC and Everton’s training grounds.

Banknote accidentally printed with a Del Monte banana sticker on it has sold for almost £290K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A one-off banknote accidentally printed with a Del Monte banana sticker on it has sold for almost £290,000. The multi-coloured foreign object somehow made it into the printing process for the $20 bill. It became stuck on the note before the application of the overprint was made without it being spotted.

Journey through time! Rare colour 1950s photos reveal Britain's bustling streets 70 years ago as new book explores UK's historic buses, trains and taxis

***EXCLUSIVE*** UK: Rare retro photographs of busy Brits catching a ride on iconic vehicles including the red London bus have been revealed in a new book. In one image, an RT 775 red double-decker bus travelled along Ludgate Circus towards Fleet Street in central London in 1949. In another, a Thames Valley Traction Company coach transported tourists from Bristol to London’s Piccadilly Circus where a newspaper van sat parked up selling copies of the now-defunct Evening News in the 1950s. Other images featured a 1945 Daimler CWA6 bus sat outside of Coventry Cathedral ? now a pedestrianised area ? in November 1940, and a series of FX3 flat-backed cabs parked up near the Glasgow & District Subway Railway headquarters in the mid-1950s. The incredible photographs have been compiled by authors Martin Jenkins and Kevin McCormack for their new book, A Transport Journey in Colour: Street Scenes of the British Isles 1949 ? 1969, which is available for RRP Ł36.50 from publisher Pen & Sword Books. Combining their transport expertise, Martin and Kevin have sourced previously unpublished photographs which offer a rare glimpse into Britain’s mid-20th century streets - a time when colour photography was in its very infancy. Photographers began painting photographs shortly after the invention of the form in 1839 but it took until the 1890s for colour-developing images to come into circulation. By the early 20th century, brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere had invented the commercially successful autochrome plate. Images taken with the plate were reverse processed to produce a „positive” coloured image. This revolutionary technique formed the basis of further colour photography developments.

Jetty and boats create the perfect flower surrounded by polluted water

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tiny boats look like the petals of a flower as they are tied up together at the end of a jetty. The wooden vessels are used to transport people across the heavily polluted Buriganga river, which flows on the outskirts of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Photographer Rakibul Alam Khan, who took the aerial pictures, said: "These boats are used to cross the river by people on both sides, and their owners tied them up together as they rested.