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Woman describes the relief she felt after undergoing a preventative double mastectomy that has cut her risk of breast cancer from EIGHTY-FOUR PER CENT to lower than FIVE PER CENT

***EXCLUSIVE*** OHIO, USA: For Bess Jones (34) from Ohio, USA, breast cancer has been an unwelcome presence in her life since she was a young girl. Bess? grandma, Sally, sadly passed away when she was six-years-old from the disease and her own mother, Ronda, fought and beat breast cancer when Bess was 12-years-old - and in turn, she always wondered when would be her turn to battle the same cancer. In September 2019, Bess found a lump in her right breast and immediately went to get it checked out. She was referred for a breast mammogram and ultrasound and was told it was just dense breast tissue and was thankfully given the all clear. Bess’ initial relief was short-lived as in the new year of 2020 she found a different lump in her right breast. After another mammogram and ultrasound scan, she was referred to a surgeon to have it removed. Bess underwent lumpectomy surgery in March 2020 and was told the lump removed was benign. After both of Bess? breast cancer scares, she was reminded by doctors again of her family history and told that she was at high risk of one day developing breast cancer but after her second scare, she had had enough - Bess decided to take action. She decided she didn’t want to be known as the woman who beat breast cancer, she wanted to be the woman who never gave cancer a chance. With the support of her partner Matt, Bess was referred to have genetic testing done. Bess found out she had the BLM gene mutation which puts her at higher risk of breast cancer and raises her risk of colon cancer. Combined with Bess’ history, this gene mutation would raise her own risk of developing breast cancer to 57 to 84 per cent.

A miracle baby who was born 15 weeks prematurely and weighed just 1lb 11oz has defied the odds to beat E. coli, sepsis AND Covid

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Archie Edwards left his parents Sheree Murray and Robert Edwards, both 21, fearing he was going to die after he was born without a heartbeat on Dec 1, 2020. Medics resuscitated the stillborn baby after 40 minutes of chest compressions before they placed him on a ventilator - which Robert said "felt like an eternity". The tiny fighter had yet another scare at just five weeks old when he suddenly caught E. coli, a bacterial infection, which led to sepsis. Further tests revealed the baby had also contracted covid - and is thought to be one of the youngest babies to contract the virus in Britain at just 25 weeks gestation. His terrified parents said they feared they were going to lose their first child and were left “hoping and praying” he would pull through. Sheree said she had "always dreamed" of having a baby and feared the worst.

Meet the woman who still gets called DAD by her daughter after undergoing gender reassignment surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** IOWA, USA: Meet the woman who still gets called DAD by her daughter after undergoing gender reassignment surgery and admits she was JEALOUS of her ex-wife’s ability to carry her. Sales consultant, Rachel Doese (30) from Iowa, USA, had feelings that they were transgender - male to female - ever since they were just six-years-old. However, Rachel knew that the idea of not identifying with their biological gender was considered ?not normal? and a ?taboo?, so they repressed these feelings until they were 28-years-old. After growing up with gender dysphoria - where people whose gender identity differs from their biological gender, experience feelings of discomfort and distress - they found it difficult to live day to day life. In August 2011, they met their now ex-wife, Lindsey Doese-Jaggers (27) and the two got engaged in December 2013, going on to wed in August 2014, which Rachel was so excited about, as she felt it would fill the void that had always existed. After three years, Lindsey gave birth to their daughter, Raelee Doese (3) and they were both ecstatic. However, the two separated in February 2019, due to mutual differences. In a bid to start being her authentic self, she began by taking a hormone prescription in April 2019 and when she started to notice the changes, she told her family, friends and co-workers. She then started wearing make-up and dressing more feminine, which was when her daughter became curious and asked why her dad was now wearing make-up - but Raelee didn?t seem phased by the changes and has accepted Rachel for who she is.

Woman, 33, who feared she would be single forever at 200lbs and spent years avoiding social situations is now happily married after gastric sleeve surgery helped her lose 70lbs

***EXCLUSIVE*** GILBERT, ARIZONA, USA: This woman was worried she'd be SINGLE FOREVER until weight loss surgery transformed her love life - but she admits it's now difficult to tell if men are only interested in HER LOOKS. Head nutrition coach of „Team Fit with Me” Sarah Doehler (33) from Gilbert, Arizona, USA, grew up feeling somewhat like the black sheep of the family. Despite having health-conscious parents and an older brother, Sarah struggled with weight gain and began binge eating in her teens. By her early twenties, Sarah weighed 14st 4lb and would squeeze into a stretchy UK size 16 - unsure of her true size. Sarah was an avid and professional horse rider but her active lifestyle didn’t stop her weight gain. Diet attempts turned into binge eating spirals and debilitating depression and anxiety soon began to take their toll. Fed up of the continually equalising weight gain and loss, Sarah decided that perhaps she would always be single, alone, and overweight. She began to avoid social events and seeing friends and family. Dating became a no-go area and after several years of isolating herself, Sarah was prescribed depression, anxiety, and appetite suppressing medications to treat her devolving mental health. Whilst on a visit to the doctors, Sarah was confronted with her 14st 4lb weight when asked to step onto the sales. Along with her aching joints, it was the wake-up call she needed, and Sarah sat crying with mum Renee, confessing that perhaps lap-band surgery was the answer to her troubles. After just one week, Sarah had an appointment with a bariatric surgeon who recommended vertical sleeve surgery - in which the size of the stomach is reduced by up to 85 per cent to reduce appetite - and Sarah underwent the surgery two months later in August of 2016.

A cyclist was rescued from a flooded river after he dialled 999 from his Apple watch while clinging to a tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** The man was knocked into fast-flowing water while he rode by the River Wye just as it burst its banks in the Rotherwas area of Hereford at 4.30pm last Thursday (21/1).  He was swept a mile downstream by the raging torrent but he managed to grab hold of a branch.  Incredibly, the cyclist was able to tap out 999 on his Apple watch and even managed to speak to the fire service.  He was able to give Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service a rough idea of where he was stranded.  But it was a bystander who happened to be looking through his binoculars and saw the man hanging onto the branch who guided rescue teams to his location.

A personal trainer was rushed for emergency brain surgery hours after opticians spotted an aggressive tumour

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aleksey Metalnikov, 34, had just married his wife pregnant Elena, 34, (both pictured) when he noticed he couldn't see properly to cross the road. The ultra-fit gym fanatic went to opticians who noticed swelling on his optic nerves and ordered him to go straight to A&E. Within hours he was diagnosed with a tumour on the brain and being prepped for surgery to remove it on January 3.

Meet the man who looks after a temple of over FIFTY pythons

***EXCLUSIVE*** OUIDAH, BENIN: Meet the man who looks after a temple of over FIFTY pythons - each let loose every night to bless the city’s inhabitants with a visit. In one image, the two-pound Royal python coiled around temple-keeper Marc’s face forming a living headdress. In another, a sleepy python rested inside the clay temple where tourists can pay to enter and visit the idolised creatures. Photographer Inger Vandyke (50) originally from Australia but who now lives in Clitheroe, UK, captured the incredible images in Ouidah, Benin. Inger spent several hours with one of the city’s python handlers who looks after around 50 of the four-foot-long creatures at the famed Temple Des Pythons. Local legend suggests that during a war in 1700s, the king of Ouidah sought refuge in a nearby forest where a group of pythons emerged to keep the king from being captured - earning the snakes their ongoing respectability.

Scientists hope they have saved the white rhino from extinction - after they made embryos using eggs from one of the last TWO surviving females in the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Some 14 eggs were collected from a female rhino at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya and were immediately transported to Avantea Laboratory in Cremona, Italy. There experts created two more embroyos - bringing the total in the world to five - just a few weeks ago. Artificial insemination of these embryos is planned for March 2021, in order to prevent the otherwise irreversible extinction of this type of rhino. The BioRescue research programme to save white rhinos began in 2018, when Suni, the last male white rhino, died, and the embryos use his frozen sperm. Najib Balala, Cabinet Secretary for Tourism in Kenya, said: "We must do everything possible to save this species from extinction. Remember, extinction is forever.

Intricate detailing of tiny peacock spiders on fingertips

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tiny male 'peacock spiders' perform elaborate dances and show off their spectacular colours to attract a mate. Growing to a maximum 5mm in length, these incredible little spiders seem to have big personalities for such small creatures. Found in Australia, the males show off a peacock-esque flap when trying to entice a female spider. German photographer Jurgen Otto, 55, has been studying the species for 15 years.

An ice effort! Artist spends four hours battling bitterly cold temperatures to hand-mould a 10-foot snow angel in Worcestershire

***EXCLUSIVE*** An artist spent four hours battling bitterly cold temperatures to hand-mould a 10-foot heavenly sculpture out of snow. Ed Elliott, 35, risked frostbite to create the 10ft-wide divine figure on top of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire. He spent four hours sculpting the stunning angel with only his hands and a small knife to carve the wings after heavy snowfall on Sunday.

Cave explorers in Turkey

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photos show students exploring intricate rock formations inside a cave. Geologists often visit the cave in Ankara, Turkey, to explore how the formations were moulded over time. The 'Inega cave', which means 'ox cave' in local language, is 600 metres long and 20 metres below ground. These photos were taken by amateur photographer Ertuğrul Kulaksizoglu, who said: "Although this cave is small, it is rich in geomorphology - the study of landforms - and has plenty of formations.

Battle to save British RAF history as rare v-bomber cockpits go to auction

British war plane history could be lost forever if a man who’s amassed a „museum-ready” collection of rare V-bomber cockpits can’t find someone to pilot his lifetime’s work to a new destination. Nigel Towler, 65, has dedicated 40 years of his life to salvaging and restoring the largest array of V-Bomber cockpits in one private collection. The strategic bombers first flew 70 years ago courtesy of the Vickers Valiant in 1951. It entered service in 1955 and was followed by the Avro Vulcan and Handley Page Victor. They all played their part in the Cold War and the Victor and Vulcan found fame during the Falklands War. Reluctantly Nigel has taken the tough decision to part with his colossal collection, which includes a Victor cockpit that participated in the Falklands War and another which is the only one of its type still in existence. However, if he can’t find a buyer, he may be forced to sell off hundreds of parts individually and scrap the aircraft nose sections - something he dearly hopes will not happen.

Pleased to seal you! Playful seal turns it's head upside down at photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** This curious baby elephant seal was on a South Georgia island off the coast of Antarctica. Wildlife photographer Leighton Lum of Aiea, Hawaii said, "These baby elephant seals are called wieners and at this age they miss their mother so they will curiously go up to pretty much anything looking for comfort and support. We have to keep moving because if we stop these guys will literally come over and try to snuggle with us like a dog looking for attention. " "Most of these postures and looks are of curiosity, very few people get to come and land in South Georgia. These elephants seals are so young that is is possibly their first or second time seeing humans and they are naturally curious." "The animals are just free and wild and able to just express themselves with very little human interference."

Flower cultivation in Jhikargachha

An area of Jhikargachha in Jessore district of Bangladesh has become famous for its flower cultivation. In that village called Gadkhali and in the surrounding thousands of acres of land, various varieties of domestic and foreign flowers are being produced throughout the year with an annual market value of about one and a half thousand crore rupees.