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This is the adorable moment miracle premature twins held hands while they were being cuddled by their mum for the first time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amanda Thomas, 34, gave birth to Harper and Gunner ten weeks early, and couldn't hold them until they were nearly month old due to their tiny size.  But when they were all finally reunited for a first cuddle, the adorable little ones reached out and grabbed hands.  Amanda, a primary special education teacher from New Jersey, US, said: “They were both such fighters.”

A rare gold coin sold for a record-breaking $9.35million at auction in Dallas, Texas

***EXCLUSIVE*** The New York-style Brasher Doubloon, made in 1787, shattered the previous auction record for a gold coin when a $20 Double Eagle sold for $7.59million nearly twenty years ago. The Brasher Doubloon was part of Heritage Auctions' Important US Coins auction which took place on January 21 2021. “The doubloon is the finest example of its kind and Thursday's sale marked just the third time the coin has been auctioned since 1848,” said a spokesperson for the auction house. “Brasher Doubloons have been popularized in detective novels and motion pictures, such as The High Window, by Raymond Chandler, and the 1946 feature film The Brasher Doubloon.

Take a peek inside America's first freestanding bar made entirely out of ICE

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Ice Bar in Bondurant, Wyoming, was built with 10 tons of ice and more than 30,000lbs of snow. The arctic structure took three weeks to create and owner Joe Ricketts, 79, hopes it will continue serving customers until mid March. The structure is perched at about 6,600 feet of elevation where an average low January temperature is 5 degrees below freezing (-20 celsius). Ricketts was inspired to build the bar after being impressed by ice buildings he saw on his travels.

Two-week-old conjoined twins who were separated successfully in six-hour surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** The twins, girls born on December 21, were joined at the abdomen and shared a liver, lower chest bone and abdominal cavities. Called omphalopagus twins – joined in the abdomen by the belly-button – they are rare with one in 50,000 births and low survival rates. A team of paediatric surgeons, neonatologist, paediatric anaesthesiologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists, cardiac surgeons worked to separate them. They were operated on Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children, Mumbai, India, for a six-hour surgery on January 3.

Nurse who gave birth while fighting Covid finally meets baby after three months

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hero NHS nurse who gave birth while fighting for her life against Covid-19 has finally met her new daughter after beating the disease. Eva Gicain, 30, was so ill that surgeons carried out an emergency C-section when she was 35 weeks pregnant but she was left with no memory of the birth of her first child. She had been rushed to Basildon University Hospital in Essex at the end of October after developing a severe case of Covid-19.

Heartbreaking moment Navy dad saluted his baby son goodbye before his organs are donated to save lives of 3 other kids

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Leopauld Sanchez, aged one, and his family were involved in a horror head-on smash which killed three people in the other car. The toddler and his family were rushed to hospital, but Leopauld had suffered devastating injuries to his spine and brain. Leopauld's skull was detached from his spine and, after risky surgery and nearly three months of fighting, he failed to regain the ability to breathe on his own.

Eczema sufferer who was plagued with red hot rashes and hair loss and dropped 3st due to withdrawal from steroid creams reveals doctors LAUGH at her for blaming medication they prescribed

***EXCLUSIVE*** SWANSEA, WALES: This woman says she can't even look at herself in the mirror after steroid withdrawal caused eczema to erupt over her entire body - and claims doctors LAUGH at her when she blames the medication THEY prescribed. English teacher, Elin Wade (30) from Swansea, Wales, has suffered with eczema ever since she was little, mainly in the folds of her arms, which only lasted a few days and was easily manageable with sudocrem. However, as she began teaching at 25-years-old, she started to experience stress, which triggered a flare up, but only affected her arms and didn’t bother her much - until one of her co-workers pointed it out and she became self-conscious. She sought out treatment and started using topical steroid creams, which cleared up her eczema immediately and she was amazed at how fast it worked. However, after two years of using steroid creams, her eczema started to spread to other parts of her body, such as her chest and face - she continued to visit her doctor, who kept prescribing her more creams, but the problem wouldn’t go away. She tried every diet and natural remedy, but nothing worked, so she decided to research her symptoms and found out about topical steroid addiction (TSA). In February 2019, she stopped using her steroid creams - but shortly after, she developed hot skin rashes, which made her body feel like it was on fire and lost 3 stone, dropping to just 6st 5lb, as well as some of her hair. As her body went into complete shut down, she went to visit her doctor - but none of them believed her and said that she was just suffering with severe eczema - which Elin knew wasn’t the case. At one point, she reached such a low, that she visited a dermatologist about going on immunosuppressants in a bid to relieve her symptoms, but these didn’t work very well.

World's tallest dog dies: Freddy the 7ft 5in Great Dane dies at his UK home

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Great Dane who found international fame when he was named the tallest living male dog in the world has died at the age of eight. Gentle giant Freddy, who stood at over 7ft tall on his back legs, became a superstar when he landed the gong from Guinness World Records in 2016. The beloved pet, who was the runt of the litter when he was born before growing to his massive size, spent his life with owner Claire Stoneman from Essex. She said of the 15-stone animal: 'He was not just the tallest dog but the dog with the most love and the biggest heart.”

Meet the woman who completely self-overhauled her dated 1950s house

***EXCLUSIVE*** GLASGOW, SCOTLAND: Meet the woman who completely self-overhauled her dated 1950s house - spending less than what it would have cost to get ONE ROOM done professionally. When teacher Rachel Bell (25) from Glasgow, Scotland, purchased her three-bedroom 1950s semi-detached home just six months ago, much of the interior was outdated and in need of a serious overhaul. DIY wasn’t exactly something that Rachel was too experienced in but without a budget for endless tradesmen and having been inspired by other female DIYers on Instagram, Rachel decided to undertake transforming the house herself. She began with the bedroom using elbow grease and a spray bottle of washing-up liquid to remove three layers of woodchip wallpaper before tackling sanding the wooden floor. Rachel borrowed a sander from a friend - spending just Ł20 on some new sanding belts and Ł40 on some matte lacquer. With the room prepped, Rachel purchased some timber (Ł30) to create wall panelling that would also double as a headboard. With just a lick of paint to go (Ł40), the dated salmon and navy room was transformed into a modern and Insta-worthy bedroom for less than Ł150. The average price of a new bathroom in Britain is around Ł4,500 but budget savvy Rachel was able to update her suite for less than five per cent of that cost. She painted the existing tiles using some leftover Frenchic paint and purchased extra paint from Decorating Centre Online (Ł20) to cover the walls. Next, Rachel purchased new taps from B&Q (Ł60) and sourced some new vinyl flooring (Ł55) before finishing off with a new shower curtain, bathmat, towels, and faux plant - the decorative items totalling less than Ł50. Rachel swears by YouTube tutorials for helping to keep costs down. They’ve helped Rachel to overcome her fear of using power tools which has saved hundreds of pounds on the cost of getting tradesmen in.

Wildlife photography competition finalists

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wildlife photography competition has picked its stunning winner and runner-up photos - including fighting foxes and an amazing close-up photo of dragonfly wings. Over 800 photos were submitted to the Essex Wildlife Trust Photograph Competition 2020, with more than 1,800 public votes cast to decide the six category winners, and six runners-up. The competition also announced 24 stunning 'Highly Commended' photos - including a striking shot of two foxes in the midst of a fierce brawl in Pitsea, Essex, their teeth bared as they snapped and clawed at one another.

Plucky pet ferret miraculously SURVIVES going through a full washing machine cycle

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young ferret which was given just one percent chance of survival has made a miraculous recovery - after going through a full washing machine cycle. Bandit the ferret suffered severe bruising, a collapsed lung and was on the brink of death when his owners Jackie Redfern and Josh Crosse, both 33, found him in the washer. They were unaware their furry friend had cosied up in a pile of clothes and gone for a quick nap before he was sent whirling and twirling for 100 MINUTES.  The two-year-old ferret was rushed to Vets4Pets in Leeds, the nearest emergency veterinarian practice, where he was placed on intravenous therapy to save his life.

Workers play and work as they drive rice in mesmerising patterns

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers drive mountains of rice in mesmerising patterns as the grains dry under the Indian sun. Villagers in West Bengal use brooms to push the rice into lines and patterns so the grains are rotated under the sunlight until there is no moisture left. Children play amongst the fields of rice as workers create perfect lines and grooves out of the food. The workers, who live near the city of Santipur, start doing this at about 3am every day, carrying on until the afternoon.