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Husband, 100, and wife, 98, who 'fell in love at first sight' as teens become one of Britain's longest married couples after celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary

***EXCLUSIVE*** A husband and wife who met in their teens have become one of Britain's longest married couples after they celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. Ron Golightly met his beloved Beryl when he was just 16 when one of his pals wolf-whistled at his future wife's friends as they walked past the group in the street. A 14-year-old Beryl turned round to see what was going on and instantly fell in love with Ron's curly hair and cheeky smile and the pair have been inseparable ever since. Beryl, now 98, said of Ron, now 100: "I just knew as soon as I saw him I was going to marry him. “I was 14 and Ron was 16, it was very much love at first sight. “A couple of days later we spoke again and went for a walk, we were more or less a couple straight away. “I thought he had whistled at me and I just fell in love with his cheeky grin straight away.” The couple tied the knot in their hometown of Harrogate, North Yorks., in 1941 while Ron, who served in the Brigadier Guards, was on leave from the Army during World War II.

Widow, 65, discovers long-lost family she never knew existed after stranger contacted her online to tell her he had purchased her grandfather's WWI medals on eBay

***EXCLUSIVE*** A widow was amazed to discover a whole side of her family she never knew about - after a stranger contacted her to say he had bought her grandad's WWI medals on EBAY. Jocelyn Trent, 65, thought she had no remaining family left, save for her 39-year-old daughter, after her husband died serving in the US Air Force 22 years ago. The social worker, from Peterborough, Cambs., had no idea that her grandfather, Charles Leonard Sharman, had also served in the army during World War One, before being discharged in 1919. So Jocelyn was amazed when a total stranger contacted her on Facebook to say he believed he had purchased her grandfather's wartime medals on eBay. And she was even more shocked to learn that she had 22 second cousins she never knew about - 18 of whom are still living, with some of them living just down the road from her. The two medals - a service medal and a victory medal - were bought on eBay shortly after Christmas by Adam Simpson-York, 35, from Ipswich, Suffolk, for £35 for the pair.

An all-female rowing team have become the first competitors to finish the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in an eco-boat - crossing the ocean in 46 days

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Bristol Gulls rowed into Antigua 46 days, seven hours and 50 minutes after setting off from Gomera in the Canary Islands 3,000 miles away. The four friends from Bristol – Lorna Carter, Sofia Deambrosi, Phoebe Wright and Sarah Hunt – completed the crossing in a boat crafted from a range of sustainable materials including the core which was manufactured from recycled plastic bottle. Chartered accountant Sofia also became the first person from Uruguay to row any ocean. The team raised money for Clean Up Bristol Harbour and the RNLI in Portishead while also hoping to inspire small changes towards more eco-friendly lifestyles.

A woman cannot recognise her own family or even HERSELF after suffering the UK's worst case of face blindness - caused by a cold sore

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hannah Read, 22, suffered encephalitis - an inflammation of the brain - that was triggered by the virus, when she was just eight. She was rushed to hospital in a coma and put on life support - but when she recovered Hannah failed to recognise the faces of her friends and family. Hannah hoped she would get better - but still sees every single face as just "two eyes, a nose and a mouth".

Kiss of death from the KGB: Lipstick gun, umbrella with a poison syringe and a fake tooth for storing cyanide among the Soviet spy relics set to sell for up to $365,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable collection of Cold War relics including chilling Soviet secret weapons has emerged for sale for Ł365,000. ($500,000) The almost 400 items were amassed over 30 years by a European collector who opened a KGB museum in New York in 2019. But they have been forced to close down and sell everything off due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Come dine with me: Giraffe Manor

***EXCLUSIVE*** Guests at this hotel had an unusual hazard at dinner time - hungry giraffes which stole food from their plates.  Giraffe Manor is a safari lodge based just outside the city of Nairobi, Kenya where guests can feed the resident giraffes through windows of the hotel. To stay at Giraffe Manor, guests usually have to book at least a year in advance. however, photographer Leighton Lum, from Aiea, Hawaii, managed to get a last-minute slot thanks to coronavirus-related cancellations.

Track your dog's GPS location with the Fetch smart tag

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tech company Lifekey is bringing pet owners peace of mind with Fetch, a dog tag built with GPS location tracking. Essentially Tile for your pet, the small silicone tag enables anyone who finds your dog to access your contact details with just a tap of their smartphone. Once the tag is scanned with a phone, you'll receive a notification with your pet's GPS location. Using Lifekey's app, you can also store your dog's vaccination information and other health details directly in the gadget. The tiny device arrives in six different colors and, unlike many animal microchips, doesn't require a paid subscription. Fetch retails for 25 Dollars at the Lifekey website. Jackson.

Plate which once belonged to Lawrence of Arabia has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** An RAF mess plate which once belonged to Lawrence of Arabia has emerged for sale after being found in a cottage. T.E Lawrence joined the air force in 1922 after his heroics in the Middle East during World War One which forged his legacy. The white plate, which measures 9ins in diameter, was discovered by auctioneer Richard Bromell during a house clearance at a deceased estate in Dorset.

British Airways becomes the first UK Airline to trial the use of mobile travel health passport

British Airways has announced that it will begin trialling a new travel health app, VeriFLY, with customers who are eligible to travel between London and the US from February 4. The new digital health travel passport, which can be downloaded to a mobile device, is designed to offer peace of mind before travel by checking customers meet the entry requirements of their destination by providing digital health document verification and confirming eligibility. Use of the VeriFLY app will be optional and customers will also continue to be able to evidence they meet the US entry requirements at check-in. The trial follows the recent announcement that American Airlines, British Airways’ joint business and oneworld partner, now allows all customers to use VeriFLY when they are travelling to the US from all international destinations. Since American became the first airline to use VeriFLY in November for selected routes*, thousands of customers have travelled using the app, with many providing positive feedback to the airline on its ease of use. British Airways is the first airline in the UK to trial the use of a mobile travel health passport for customers travelling from London. It will also be the only airline outside the US to offer its customers the opportunity to trial VeriFLY.

Surrey super-home with two swimming pools, tennis court, gym, spa and cinema plus 'the best view in Britain' is for sale for £8.75million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Surrey super-home with an incredible 180-degree view across the South Downs National Park is on the market for £8.75m. Spur Point is the perfect lockdown property with everything anyone could want when stuck at home. It has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a tennis court, gym and spa, wine cellar and tasting room and a cinema, bar and games room.

Elephant dusts itself off as it tries to stay cool

***EXCLUSIVE*** An elephant blows a cloud of dust in its face in a bid to keep cool in the searing heat. The adult African elephant puffs the dirt over its body to form a thick coating which protects it from the sun. The unusual images were captured by wildlife photographer Michael Snedic in the Ngorongoro Crater, in Tanzania.

Trolls face spotted in rockpool

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two rock pools resemble the eyes of a mythical creature. Viewed from upside down the pools on the shore look as though they belong to an angry troll. After seeing a friends' online post about the eyes in Teriberka, on the coast of the Barents Sea in Russia, photographer Mike Korostelev travelled all the way from Moscow with his young son to witness the spectacle.

Multicoloured cloth drying

***EXCLUSIVE*** A patchwork of colourful cloths are left in a field to dry to complete the dyeing process. The material is left for four to five hours in the sun before they are fully dry. The material starts off as plain white sheets having been purchased at a local wholesale market, but once dyed they create this different array of colours. Around twenty workers are involved at this site to create (dye) and dry the material in a field in Narayanganj, Bangladesh. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie, 34, from Dhaka said, "I saw hundreds of sheets of cloth creating a rainbow of colours as workers lay them out to dry. A sea of red, orange, pink, purple and yellow can be seen in these aerial photos I took as the fabric dry in a field. Workers can also be seen in the middle of the palette of colour as they unfold each sheet. Once the cloth is dry it is used to create traditional Bangladeshi women's dresses." "They are dried because these cloths were white when they bought them. After dyeing them they need to be dried being they are sold."