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Meet the Edinburgh man who goes on walks topless to deal with lockdown stress

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rambler who stuns walkers by going out for a stroll TOPLESS but wearing hiking boots and a wooly hat says exposure to cold is the best way to cope with stress. John Carstairs, 55, lived in Germany for nearly two decades and became accustomed to nudity in spas and appreciated the health benefits of cold water.  Dad-of-four John returned to Edinburgh after 15 years abroad in December, and turns heads when he goes for walks dressed in boots, a wooly hat and gloves, and a pair of shorts. The fitness instructor trained in the Wim Hof Method, which promotes being 'happy, healthy and strong', and uses cold exposure and breath work as being central to achieving those aims.

Marathon man to embark on latest epic challenge

***EXCLUSIVE*** Marathon man Gary McKee, a stalwart of the National Conference League club Wath Brow Hornets, will embark on his latest epic challenge in Cumbria next month. In 2017, he ran 100 marathons in 100 days, which raised more than £120,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Now from February 1, he has set himself the challenge of running a marathon every day for 110 days in aid of Macmillan and Hospice at Home West Cumbria. Gary, who represented Wath Brow at Wembley in 2009 when they were invited to attend the Challenge Cup Final by the RFL after reaching the fourth round with wins against Millom, Egremont, Hull Dockers and London Skolars, has completed several fundraising challenges for Macmillan over the past 18 years, raising more than £400,000 for the charity. He started fundraising in memory of his father Victor, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1997 and died in 2003 from an unrelated illness.

A group of penguins going for a walk around the zoo - including meeting the neighbouring polar bear

***EXCLUSIVE*** Watch the adorable moment a group of penguins go for a snowy walk around the zoo - and make friends with the neighbouring polar bear. A group of penguins were taken on a ‘field trip’ in the snow to meet their neighbours - a polar bear and two grizzly bears. Seven penguins at Saint Louis Zoo went on a snowy field trip with zookeepers to visit a neighbouring polar bear and two grizzly bears on January 27. The video shows the adorable troop of penguins enjoying exploring the snowy zoo before introducing themselves to their neighbours.

After overcoming alopecia in her teens this British woman developed a compulsive hair-pulling disorder, but Instagram has become a safe place for her to share pictures of her bald patch without judgement

***EXCLUSIVE*** TORQUAY, DEVON, UK: Former care assistant and cleaning operative Keyleigh Prowse (25) from Torquay, Devon, UK, first noticed small bald patches appearing over her head when she was just 15 years old. Embarrassed about these, Keyleigh tried to ignore and hide her problem but it got too much and she eventually went to her doctor who diagnosed her with stress related alopecia. Keyleigh was victim to sexual assaults and physical and mental abuse when she was growing up and knowing her background, the doctor prescribed her the anti-depressant citalopram to address her mental health with the hope that in turn, her alopecia would subside. Soon Keyleigh had lost 50 per cent of her hair and she started to wear wigs but people were cruel about Keyleigh’s wigs and girls even tried to pull them off her head when she was out with friends. Around the age of 17, the hair that Keyleigh had lost through alopecia had grown back which she was ecstatic about. In summer 2014, Keyleigh was with a friend who noticed that she had been touching her hair all day and Keyleigh realised that she had been pulling her hair out from the back of her head. Keyleigh was devastated that she had been pulling out the hair that had grown back from her alopecia but after doing her own research, she discovered a condition called trichotillomania - also known as trich - a hair pulling disorder where someone can’t resist the urge to pull out their hair. Keyleigh, who also pulls hair from her crown, went to the doctor and they agreed that she was suffering from body-focused repetitive disorder (BFRD) and trichotillomania.

Couple discover perfectly preserved wartime letters from 80 years ago under floorboards

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple renovating their home were shocked to discover a collection of fascinating letters beneath their floorboards dating back 80 YEARS. Georgia Walker and her partner were decorating their property when they found the hand-written letters detailing a family fallout from 1943. They were penned from a woman named "Gatt" who demands her brother's ex-fiancee return her engagement gifts following a relationship breakdown. The letters, addressed to a Betty Rowe “Roda” in Hayslan Green, Malvern, Worcs., were all sent from Derby during the Second World War. One correspondence talks about upcoming wedding preparations before they take a more disagreeable tone once the engagement appears to be called off.

Married couple with five kids form a polyamorous throuple with a woman they met on Facebook after 16 YEARS together - and she is now pregnant with their sixth child

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: This couple invited ANOTHER WOMAN to join their marriage and now she is PREGNANT. Stay-at-home mum Jennifer Armstead (34) from California, USA, has been in a relationship with her husband Larron Armstead (33) for 16 years and the couple have five children together - Austin (9), Aydon (7), Aerolynn (5), Alarra (3) and Aria (2). After nine years of being happily married, Larron met Amia Munningham (29) online through Facebook and after two weeks of the two being in contact, he introduced Jennifer to Amia and the three built a close friendship. Although the idea of being in a polyamorous relationship - where two people begin to date the same person outside of their current relationship – hadn’t been considered at this point, they had discussed being in an open relationship but quickly realised this wouldn’t have been right for them. Amia had recently been in a polyamorous relationship and discussed the idea with Larron and Jennifer who quickly took to the idea and after four months, two became three. Since then, the trio have discussed their future together with plans for Amia and Larron to have their first biological child already in the works as she is now five weeks pregnant. Although they have had their struggles - especially since this is the first romantic female relationship Jennifer has been in - such as jealousy, insecurity and conflict, the throuple have found that communication and understanding, as well as self-development, has helped them maintain a healthy relationship.

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Dior has unveiled a new collection of homeware items

***EXCLUSIVE*** Designed by Dior Maison's artistic director Cordelia de Castellane, the range boasts the house's iconic „Toile De Jouy” motif in a blood-red shade „the color of life” as Christian Dior once called it. Delicate tea and coffee dishes come with illustrations of wild animals against an enchanting landscape backdrop. Standout pieces include the side plate and teacup made out of extra fine Limoges porcelain featuring hand-painted details throughout. Dior Maison's „Toile De Jouy Rouge” collection ranges from 55 to 390 Dollars and is now available online.

Lover – the 'most romantic village in the world'

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 'most romantic village in the world' is appealing for people to spread love on Valentine's Day and send cards to missed loved ones and friends. The village of Lover, in Wiltshire, has launched a "send a little love" campaign to broaden the appeal of Valentine's day on February 14. People are being urged to send cards to much-missed friends, family and lonely neighbours. Volunteers will be working from home to stamp cards with Lover's own postmark. The campaign is being supported by the Royal Mail.

Meet the tabletop wargamer whose hobby is enjoying an unexpected revival

***EXCLUSIVE*** These photos show a toy-mad 54-year-old man inside the incredible shrine he has built in honour of his favourite game.  Richard Harris has played 'wargame' since the age of 16 and says it has been a "long-held dream" to have a dedicated space to play. Wargame is a type of strategy game comprising pieces and a board which is designed to simular warfare realistically. Players like Richard can immerse themselves in real moments of history such as the Spanish Civil War or the Second World War.  His love for wargame runs so deep that he has now dedicated an entire room in his house in Bradford, West Yorks., to it.

Eagle is on the recieving end from an attack for once by both a bird and a wildebeest

***EXCLUSIVE*** An unlucky tawny eagle is twice told to clear off from a watering hole - first by some secretary birds and then by a wildebeest. The territorial secretary birds ganged up on the bird of prey and one kicked it in a bid to drive it away. The eagle refused to budge, however, and was then stormed by a wildebeest which trod on it. Downtrodden but not disheartened, the eagle limped back towards the water with its pride and feathers damaged. Photos of the bizarre encounter were taken by wildlife photographer Anja Denker at the Polentswa waterhole in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Botswana.

Workers surrounded by mountains of bricks at factory

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers are surrounded by millions of newly-created bricks at a factory. The staggering amount of bricks were lain in long rows which stretch as far as the eye can see at the factory in Bangladesh. Aerial photographs show workers sorting through the grey bricks before they are taken to kilns to be finished.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall! Giraffe survives after lions spend five hours climbing over it in a bid to drag it to its death

***EXCLUSIVE*** GREATER KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, SOUTH AFRICA: Witness the moment a giraffe defied DEATH after it survived being dragged down by a pride of SIX lions for FIVE HOURS. After a tense stakeout, three lions launched their attack on a nearby giraffe - one hitched a piggy-back whilst the other two clung onto each of the giraffe’s back legs. The three remaining lions soon joined in as they bit at the giraffe to provide back up. Despite weighing around 375-pounds each, this was no match for the 1,750-pound giraffe who plodded along until the lion’s tired of their attempts. Photographer Francois Pienaar (29) from Hoedspruit, South Africa, captured the footage for Latest Sightings at Klaserie Private Nature Reserve in Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa. Francois stood around 100-feet away as he watched the giraffe’s five-hour ordeal. Giraffes are susceptible to attacks from lions, hyenas, leopards and wild dogs but what they lack in ferocity, they make up for in strength - using their legs to kick predators away. Receiving a single kick from a giraffe could be lethal prompting predators to be cautious with their attacks.

Red-billed oxpecker on head of Kudu

***EXCLUSIVE*** Red-billed oxpecker sat on the head of the Kudu. Zoologist Rudolph van Aarde, 69, was lucky enough to capture an unlikely friendship between this red-billed oxpecker and Kudu in the Mapungubwe National Park, South Africa. According to Rudolph, the reason the oxpecker decided to perch itself on top of the Kudu is “to clean it of external parasites, which are a favourite food for the oxpeckers”.